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Synchronization and Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems M tech thesis on ofdm

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, shubhasri (2011) control of real mobile robot using artificial intelligence technique., truptishree (2014) global maximum power point tracking (mppt) technique in a solar photovoltaic array under partially shaded condition. , santosh vishwanath (2015) di-octyl amine mediated transport of lignosulfonate using bulk liquid membrane technique., neeti (2007) assessment of small interactions and structural gradient at the interface of frp composites by ftir-imaging and dsc techniques. , swagatika (2013) modelling of geotechnical structures using multi-variate adaptive regression spline (mars) and genetic programming (gp)., munjpara priyesh (2014) implementation of multi-tier authentication technique for single-sign on access of cloud services., ganesh kumar (2009) synthesis and characterization of batio3 prepared by molten salt synthesis method., bommena pruthviraj (2015) proposed technique for cooperative spectrum sensing optimization through maximizing the network utility and minimizing the error probability.

Wireless Communications Coding and Cognitive Radio Laboratory

chaudhuri, rajib (2009) synthesis and characterization of s@agbr core-shell nanoparticles., snehasis (2015) separation of chromium (vi) by bulk liquid membrane technique., surajit (2014) analysis of groundwater potential zones using electrical resistivity, rs & gis techniques in a typical mine area of odisha. (2014) effectiveness of feature selection and machine learning techniques for software effort estimation., saroj kumar (2015) efficient wavelength assignment technique for the reduction of blocking probability in wdm/dwdm network., n (2014) synthesis, sintering and characterization of al2o3-13 wt., jitendr a kumar (2014) design of pulse generator in 180nm technology for gpr applications., nilakanth prajnaranjan (2015) location management techniques in cellular network: a novel approach.

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Evaluation of Channel Coding in OFDM Systems Nishar Ahamed

, r k (2014) power system harmonics estimation using different signal processing techniques. r , dhruva (2013) an in silico approach to analyze epicatechin gallate and its derivatives as effective antifibrotic agents during wound healing. , amit kumar (2013) application of clustering techniques in defining level of service criteria of urban streets., vishwesh (2007) development of compact copper-stainless steel heat exchanger using diffusing bonding techniques., ram narayan (2007) sonoelectrochemical synthesis of ultrafine copper deposits at ambient and sub-ambient temperatures., adireddi (2015) navigation of real mobile robot by using fuzzy logic technique., a k (2014) an approach for shaped-beam pattern synthesis with spherical antenna array., gyanti prakash (2011) effect of catalyst on the synthesis of sic from rice husk.

Wireless Communications Coding and Cognitive Radio Laboratory

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, bhaskara (2015) assessment of spontaneous heating susceptibility of indian coals by experimental techniques., abhijeet (2016) application of soft computing techniques for prediction of slope failure in opencast mines. , ranjan (2014) fault diagnosis of inclined edge cracked cantilever beam using vibrational analysis and artificial intelligence techniques., guguloth (2014) intensity based image registration of satellite images using evolutionary techniques., shalabh (2015) synthesis of nano-structured duplex and ferritic stainless steel powders by planetary milling: an experimental and simulation study., meghansh (2013) optimization of test data for basis path testing using artificial intelligence techniques., sure (2013) compression efficiency for combining different embedded image compression techniques with huffman encoding., venkata rajesh (2009) semi blind time domain equalization for mimo-ofdm systems.

Evaluation of Channel Coding in OFDM Systems Nishar Ahamed

Performance of turbo coded ofdm in wireless application

, manish (2013) prediction of adhesive strength, deposition efficiecny and wear behaviour of plasma spray coating of low grade mineral on mild steel and copper substrate by soft computing technique., seemanjali (2014) fpga implementation of circularly shifted pts technique for papr reduction in ofdm., s (2014) synthesis, characterization and mechanical properties of (al, cu)3ti powder blend by mechanical alloying. , thadela (2013) effect of process parameters on conversion and selectivity for the synthesis of dibenzyl sulfide using hydrogen sulfide and solid reusable tri-phase transfer catalyst. murthy, r (2015) an investigation on the optimisation technique of graphene oxide synthesis for biomedical applications., amit (2015) super resolution technique for gpr detection of layered media., ashish kumar (2013) performance enhancement of ds-uwb short range communication system using equalization techniques., anuj (2013) performance enhancement of power line communication using ofdm and cdma. The perfect cv cover letter and Thesis on invistigative reporting

Enhancement of Power Efficiency in OFDM System by SLM with

, alankar (2014) computational and mathematical analysis of dynamics of fused deposition modelling based rapid prototyping technique for scaffold fabrication., c (2014) application of fractional frequency reuse technique for cancellation of interference in heterogeneous cellular network., anita (2013) classication and clustering using intelligent techniques: application to microarray cancer data., p p (2015) implementation of time reversal technique for energy efficient wireless communication., suravaram seshagiri (2014) fpga implementation of spectrum sensing techniques for cr standards., suprabha charjren (2013) synthesis and characterization of pulsed- electrodeposited cr and cr-zro2 coating., rajneesh (2015) electrochemical synthesis and characterization of copper indium gallium selenide (cigs) absorber layer for solar cells., p (2014) power system contingency ranking using newton raphson load flow method and its prediction using soft computing techniques.

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Implementation of Pulse Shaping Techniques in OFDM System

, raj kumar (2014) blind estimation of carrier frequency offset for ofdm systems using maximum likelihood technique., avinash (2014) development of digital half toning techniques for grayscale image., s (2014) performance evaluation of ofdm based wireless communication systems using graphics processing unit (gpu) based high performance computing., sunil (2009) synthesis and characterization of and lanthanum doped by auto-combustion technique., hareesh (2013) spectrum sensing techniques for cognitive radio sensor networks (crsn)., ashwini bhujangrao (2016) assessment of winding deformation in power transformer using sfra and numerical techniques., amit kumar (2015) mppt technique for partially shade photovoltaic module: graph laplacian approach., dondapati suneel (2013) synthesis of multi-constraint adaptive antenna array employing harmony search and differential evolution techniques.

performance of turbo coded ofdm in wireless application

M. Tech. Thesis

, e s (2014) synthesis and characterization of ods-304l steels by mechanical alloying., a k (2013) development of a limb prosthesis by reverse mechanotransduction., sailaja (2010) new approaches to pulse compression techniques of phase-coded waveforms in radar., d s (2014) synthesis and upgradation of castor seed bio-oil using catalytic cracking., praveen (2007) a study on fingerprint image enhancement and minutiae extraction techniques., b balaji (2008) performance analysis of turbo coded ofdm in wireless application., akalabya (2009) design and synthesis of h3 receptor inverse agonists with ache inhibitor activity and qsar study of h3 receptor antagonists. , rahul (2015) study and comparison of various digital control techniques for dc-dc converters.

Enhancement of Power Efficiency in OFDM System by SLM with

A novel channel equalisation technique for mimo–ofdm

, sunil (2015) sensor modeling and linearization using artificial neural network technique., v k r (2009) soft computing approach to channel estimation for mimo ofdm systems., rakesh kumar (2008) sonoelectrochemical synthesis of metallic multilayer nanocomposite and their characterization., himanshu bhusan (2012) papr reduction of ofdm signals using selected mapping technique., deepak kumar (2013) diagnosis of damages in beam structures using vibration parameters and artificial intelligence techniques., b venkata subba (2009) fgpa implementation of low-complexity ica based blind multiple-input-multiple-output ofdm receivers., mukesh (2013) effort estimation for object-oriented system using artificial intelligence techniques., pankajini (2010) synthesis and characterizations of copperbased nanostructures developed by mechanical milling.

Implementation of Pulse Shaping Techniques in OFDM System

, shankar (2007) a study of adaptive beamforming techniques uising smart antenna for mobile communication., alok kumar (2012) analysis of partial discharge signals using digital signal processing techniques., dorothy (2014) synthesis of aromatic dibenzyl disulfideusing h2s and solid reusable resin as catalys. , sreedhar kumar (2013) modeling of breakdown voltage of solid insulating materials using soft computing techniques., k r (2014) phase-only image synthesis using fast generalized fourier family transform (fgft)., pankaj (2015) digital forensic technique for multiple compression based jpeg forgery., sukromony (2007) load balancing techniques for i/o intensive tasks on heterogeneous clusters., s venkateswara (2007) modeling and analysis of ofdm with adaptive clipping technique for papr reduction.

M. Tech. Thesis

, ranajit (2015) synthesis and characterization of starch based biocomposite films and their degradation behavior--an alternative to the conventional polymer., sai krishna (2015) object tracking using kalman and particle filtering techniques., ankit (2015) application of multi-objective optimization techniques to geotechnical engineering problems., vedavrath (2009) classification of synthetic aperture radar images using particle swarm optimization technique. (2013) fabrication of green and sintered al: al2o3 composites using gel-casting and powder metallurgy technique., hrudananda (2009) block turbo code and its application to ofdm for wireless local area network., ishita (2013) implementation of a single ifft block based partial transmit sequence technique for papr reduction in ofdm., sangharatna (2013) improved modified condition/ decision coverage using code transformation techniques. Thesis on macbeth and lady macbeth, , deepak (2012) secure data collection and critical data transmission technique in mobile sink wireless sensor networks., mukesh vijya (2015) optimization of software project risk assessment using neuro-fuzzy techniques., ankit (2015) classification of sentimental reviews using natural language processing concepts and machine learning techniques., rajesh kumar (2013) an investigation of the breast cancer classification using various machine learning techniques., shivaraju (2015) classification of sentiment analysis on tweets using machine learning techniques. , atchuta ravi kumar (2009) an efficient ici cancellation technique for ofdm communication systems. by: creators | item type | no groupingjump to: thesisnumber of items: 1908., poloju (2011) synthesis and characterization of zno nanostructures and synthesis of zn/al2o3 nanocomposite by mechanical alloying route. Write a congruence statement for the pair of triangles.

, shivin (2015) condition assessment of power transformer using polarization and depolarization current measurement technique., aishwarya rani (2015) synthesis and characterization of α-al2o3 by sol-gel process and development of zn-al2o3 composites by powder metallurgy route., veera leela (2016) artificial intelligence techniques based modeling of bicycle level of service for urban road segments., ram shankar (2015) analysis of mammographic images for early detection of breast cancer using machine learning techniques., n (2014) power system frequency estimation using linear and nonlinear techniques., srinivasa v s sarma (2010) improved techniques for high performance noise-tolerant domino cmos logic circuits., subhankar (2013) study the effect of co-channel interference in stc mimo-ofdm system and mitigation of cci using beamforming technique., s (2014) power quality disturbance detection and classification using signal processing and soft computing techniques. Write a thank you letter for scholarship

, ch h s ravi (2013) analysis of grid synchronization techniques for distributed generation system during grid abnormalities., vijay ramya (2011) side lobe supression techniques for polyphase codes in radar., debasis (2013) characterization of power quality disturbances using signal processing and soft computing techniques., ravi (2014) developing and optimizing the artificial limb prosthesis based on ph change at neuromuscular junction., prateek (2014) dynamic system identification and sensor linearization using neural network techniques., j (2014) optimization of conical antenna array synthesis using modified cuckoo search algorithm. kumar reddy, m v (2015) cosecant square pattern synthesis with conformal antenna arrays., pawan (2014) formulation and synthesis of hexagonal prism array using nature inspired algorithm.

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