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reading, football, and the beach are just a few of the featured highlights in this update. the second week of the bridges summer institute helps students answer that question. homework culture is a complex mix of moralistic views, puritanism, and behaviorism. welcomes two new advisory board members nov 8: bridges is excited to announce the addition of jack wilen jr. media and technology have helped to accelerate the growth of the anti-homework movement. tutoring year three sept-dec: click here to check out some photos of this fall's high school tutoring program at loyola university's writing center. mentoring goes tricky tracking at oregon ridgejanuary 28, 2012: the bridges sixth grade and their weekend mentors meet at oregon ridge to explore its nature center and to learn how to identify animal tracks in the wild. the critical role that children played as workers in the household, it was not surprising that many families could not afford to have their children continue schooling, given the requisite two to three hours of homework each night (kralovec & buell, 2000). click here and see where members of this class will be entering high school in the fall of 2012. cleanstream april 14, 2012: 80+ members of the bridges community spent the morning cleaning the green spaces and waterways of armistead gardens in east baltimore. kralovec and buell (2000) said it best: "the belief in the value of homework is akin to faith" (p. schoolsschool bedfordbedford nsbeloved communitiesallen highhalifax regionalterrific placeregional municipalitynova scotiaforwardcharles p. in 1998, the american educational research association conducted a symposium on homework practices. every year, around back-to-school time, the media buries us with books, magazine articles, and television segments that reinforce a blind acceptance of homework as a good thing, endorsing the importance of homework and offering parents the same stale tips for getting children to do homework "without tears. these are just two of the photo highlights in this recap of baltimore week. many school districts across the united states voted to abolish homework, especially in the lower grades:In the 1930s and 1940s, although few districts abolished homework outright, many abolished it in grades k–6. there's a growing suspicion that something is wrong with homework. freelance writers have learned that writing that is too anti-homework will probably not be published in the mainstream media. begins partnership with junior league of baltimore, inc oct 9: bridges at st. fall after school program pilot at sps sept-nov: bridges at sps added a fall after school program, which means that fourth and fifth grade students now have full year-round bridges activities. - may 2013bridges 3+ inducts eleven new members may 17: bridges inducted eleven high school students from the st. holiday dinner with special guest matt birk of the baltimore ravensnov 20: on nov 20, bridges welcomed over 200 community members to the ward center for the 8th annual bridges holiday dinner.

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right here, in this summary of bridges' outdoor week activities. visits university of maryland incentive awards program apri 5, 2012:  twenty five bridges high school students venture to the university of maryland to tour the campus and learn about the university's incentive awards program. and technology have broadened the homework debate to be more inclusive than in the past; more people are participating in the conversation. but is a lack of virtue the reason many children don't do homework? paul’s school for girls volunteer nearly 500 hours in the bridges winter after school program. the availability of online media has allowed us to access that homework story on today or that homework article in the. for many parents, the mantra has become "do whatever it takes" to get their child accepted at the best college—all of this with a tacit acceptance of the premise that admission into harvard equals a high-paying career, which equals happiness. his writings were instrumental in the growth of the anti-homework movement of the early 1900s, a harbinger of the important role media would play in the homework debate in the future. yet we know that some very good teachers don't give a lot of homework or give none at all. work ethic is obvious in views that homework is a way to train students how to work—that homework trains students how to study, how to work diligently and persistently, and how to delay gratification (bempechat, 2004). progressive educators questioned many aspects of schooling: "once the value of drill, memorization, and recitation was opened to debate, the attendant need for homework came under harsh scrutiny as well" (kralovec & buell, 2000, p. who feel strongly about the need for balance are concerned about both immediate and long-term effects of homework engulfing their children's free time. the article also cited a university of michigan study showing that homework for 6- to 8-year-olds had increased by more than 50 percent from 1981 to 1997. summer volunteer training may 12 & 19, 2012: this summer, 35 high school students from the st. mentoring gets wild at the maryland zoomarch 17, 2012:  the bridges seventh grade and their weekend mentors meet at the maryland zoo for an afternoon of animal fun. "whenever you come across a particularly savage attack on the state of public education, it's a safe bet that a call for more homework (and other get-tough messages) will be sounded as well" (kohn, 2006, p. annual bridges holiday dinner november 21, 2011:  bridges welcomes 230+ community members to the st. moment september 2009: bridges graduate, dominic thomas, wins five out of six matches at the vex robotics championship in dallas. with increasing frequency, articles critical of traditional homework practices were published in educational journals. welcomes 2nd class of 3+may 26, 2011: bridges welcomes six students from the st. bridges kickball tournament raises koctober 5: this year's tournament included 13 teams and raised k for bridges. 2015january - may 2015  bridges at gilman's first after school program  nov '14-feb '15:  bridges at gilman's fourth and fifth grade students returned to campus in november for weekly after school sessions with high school volunteers from gilman school and bryn mawr school.

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    today the homework debate is played out on ivillage and other parenting web sites, as well as on radio and television and in the print media. read the attached bulletin and see how we help students answer these questions in week three of  the bridges summer institute. related topicsbridgesschoolshigh schoolsfirebirdhubleyfirebirdshalifax schoolsbridgesjunior highhigh schoolsfuturechildrenschoolforwardecole five bridges junior high school - hubley - firebirds - fbjhsean sladesean o'prythe new schoolnew school yearascd directoryears centreyears resolutionsschool yearsoutreachforwardascd director of outreach sean slade offered this resolution for the new school year." mass tutoring has the same potential to affect the difficulty of homework assignments in wealthy communities while widening the gap between those wealthy students and disadvantaged students whose families can't afford tutors. the soviet union launched the sputnik 1 satellite in 1957, the trend toward less homework was quickly reversed as the united states became obsessed with competing with the russians. mary's college 
 april 20, 2008: stephon dingle, who entered bridges in the third grade, commits to attend and play baseball at st. parents complain that homework is now routinely assigned in kindergarten and 1st grade. click on the link above for highlights from the first few weeks of the program. school jobs – irvine nature center july 2011: four bridges high school students have paid summer jobs at irvine nature center coordinated through the youthworks summer jobs program. the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise for children were widely accepted, and homework had the potential to interfere. school summer jobs - downtown sailing center june - aug: seven bridges high school students spent the summer working at the dsc. national education association issued this statement in 1966:It is generally recommended (a) that children in the early elementary school have no homework specifically assigned by the teacher; (b) that limited amounts of homework—not more than an hour a day—be introduced during the upper elementary school and junior high years; (c) that homework be limited to four nights a week; and (d) that in secondary school no more than one and a half hours a night be expected. this diversity of attitudes requires not only a critical examination of homework practices but also a rethinking of the school-family relationship. paul's school for girls are participating as after-school tutors to bridges fourth and fifth grade students. homework does not reinforce time management if adults have to coerce children into doing it; if children are coerced, they are not in charge of scheduling the time or making decisions about the use of the time. - august 201010% day at charm city run august 7, 2010: charm city run, timonium donates 10% of its sales for the day bridges. one of the most resilient beliefs is that homework promotes responsibility and discipline./midd summer – outdoor week june 21 – 25, 2010: highlights from outdoors week includes a wonderful presentation by rob mardiney from irvine nature center, and trips with the chesapeake bay foundation, outward bound, oregon ridge nature center, and the downtown sailing center. only way to find out is to read this recap of the final week at the bridges summer institute. january - may 2014 bridges 3+ honorees may 9: bridges inducts 11 high school students from the st. in january 1999, time magazine's cover story, "the homework that ate my family" (ratnesar, 1999), generated considerable media buzz. the true believers hold homework in such reverence, many educators are afraid to recommend that we eliminate it completely.
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      bridges holiday cardnovember 25: a huge holiday thank you to our friends, partners, and supporters! the media has also been an enemy of the anti-homework movement. their concern, as stated by alfie kohn, is that homework may be "the single most reliable extinguisher of the flame of curiosity" (2006, p.  2013september - december 2013jacoby jones recognizes excellence at bridges sept-dec: this fall, baltimore ravens star wide receiver jacoby jones provided bridges with six tickets to every ravens home game. diversity among learners in our schools at levels that are higher than ever, many teachers continue to assign the same homework to all students in the class and continue to disproportionately fail students from lower-income households for not doing homework, in essence punishing them for lack of an adequate environment in which to do homework./midd summer - baltimore week recap  july 5: check out the highlights of this year's baltimore week activities, including a trip with the chesapeake bay foundation and the student-staff basketball game. they go to get good grades, which brings them to college, which brings them the high-paying job, which brings them happiness, so they think. although never proven by research, parents assume an automatic relationship between homework and future success. highlights include: bridges at gilman launch, increased one-on-one support at bridges at st. what complicates today's debate is the diversity of attitudes about the value of homework. if some homework is good for children, then more homework must be even better. when we say homework promotes discipline in students, does that mean being self-disciplined enough to do something they hate to do because it's their duty? teachers are fixated on homework as the way to teach responsibility, as though we have no other avenues. researchers recommend that schools review homework policies to reduce the necessity of carrying textbooks home (moore et al. if 10 math problems for homework are good, then 40 problems must be better. to learn more about it, click on the link above and check out our trip highlights. it's as if the tradition of homework has been so romanticized as to be accepted as truth. pediatricians and counselors report many stress-related symptoms, such as stomachaches and headaches, related to children's anxiety over their inability to complete homework. along similar lines, homework is also viewed as practice for being a worker:Homework is work, not play. this belief is born from both the belief that homework teaches responsibility and discipline and the belief that "lots of homework" equals "rigor. a nation at risk explicitly called for "far more homework" for high school students. in the lower grades, school focused on reading, writing, and arithmetic; in grammar school (grades 5 through 8) and high school, students studied geography, history, literature, and math.
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    paul's campusmarch 3, 2012:  the bridges eighth grade spends an afternoon at st. this mindset is so ingrained that teachers apologize to other teachers for not giving homework!" indicative of the times, a new debate emerged over homework and other educational activities. bridges receives ,500+ in registration fees and contributions from the day’s events. this belief, more than any other, is responsible for the piling on of hours of homework in many schools today. child labor laws were used as a justification to protect children from excessive homework. many people remain staunchly in favor of homework, a growing number of teachers and parents alike are beginning to question the practice. parents will often brag: "my child goes to a really good school—he gets lots of homework. history of homework and surrounding attitudes is relevant because the roots of homework dogma developed and became entrenched over the last 100 years. the arguments today are strongly reminiscent of the earlier arguments for and against homework, yet something is different. paul's schools, is now housed at bridges' new offices in ordeman hall. as a result, a discussion of homework stirs controversy as people debate both sides of the issue. one teacher said she thought not doing homework was a sign of disrespect for the teacher! shots of reading, sports, and homework help are all included in this update. about the inherent goodness of homework are so entrenched, so unshakable for many parents and educators, they seem almost cultlike." if good teachers give homework, it naturally follows, then, that teachers who don't give homework are too easy. mentoring taps into the fun at irvine february 26, 2011: bridges seventh graders and their mentors from rbc wealth management gather at irvine nature center for their second meeting of the year.) they wrongly assume that if it takes hours of homework in high school to guarantee admission to college, so be it. in educational circles, discussion almost exclusively focuses on short-term achievement or passing the test, not on what the practice of homework does to a child's long-term learning, attitude about learning, or attitudes about the intellectual life. in grades k–3, condemnation of homework was nearly universal in school district policies as well as professional opinion. they complain about the stress homework brings to children, the battles over the dinner table, and the disruption to family life, yet at the same time they are worried about their child's ability to compete for entry into the best colleges. and even where homework was not abolished, it was often assigned only in small amounts—in secondary schools as well as elementary schools.
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to use a 1970s metaphor, "if you drank the kool-aid," you may not realize how the cult affects your attitudes about homework. a few short years, public opinion had swung back to the pro-homework position. moralistic, puritanistic, and behavioristic foundations are so firmly entrenched in homework culture, traditional homework practices may be accepted without question by both teachers and parents, as if a sort of brainwashing has occurred. three faulty assumptions actually feed this trend: (1) the ivy league is the only route to success; (2) advanced placement (ap) classes are essential to get there; and (3) excessive homework is an inevitable part of ap or honors classes. more homework gives the appearance of increased rigor, and "difficulty is often equated to the amount of work done by students, rather than the complexity and challenge" (williamson & johnston, 1999, p. bridges high school students and high school students from the st. the anti-homework arguments were reminiscent of the progressive arguments of the early 20th century—again, homework was seen as a symptom of too much pressure on students to achieve. - august 2011high school jobs – college and career preparation july 2011: in addition to working in paid summer jobs, bridges high school students meet every monday afternoon at govans elementary for a series of college and career preparatory classes. of the potential negative effects of the tutoring craze has been the possibility that mass tutoring may "raise the bar" for homework assignments. mentoring visits pumpkinfest at irvine nature centeroct 13: click here to see highlights from the seventh grade's trip to irvine's pumpkinfest with their weekend mentors. school jobs – city halljuly 2011: this summer, three bridges high school students have paid summer jobs in the city council president’s office coordinated through the youthworks summer jobs program. - may 2012bridges 3+ induction ceremony may 23, 2012: bridges inducted 13 volunteers into bridges 3+, the bridges volunteer honor society. spring after school program comes to an end may 11, 2012: the bridges spring after school program ended on friday, may 11.. department of education published what works, which also recommended homework as an effective learning strategy. mentoring class 2 gets underway december 4, 2010: the bridges sixth grade meets and begins getting to know its weekend mentors. the general media reaction was dismissive; the story was handled as cute and quirky, as if the idea of abolishing homework were just plain crazy. people equate lots of homework with a tough school, regardless of the type or length of assignments (jackson, 2009). homework has generally been viewed as a positive practice and accepted without question as part of the student routine. paul’s schools into “bridges 3+”, a program honoring high school students that volunteer as mentors in three or more bridges programsa morning of service april 2, 2011: 50 bridges students, parents, mentors, and volunteers brave 4 hours of cold and rain to participate in project cleanstream, a statewide effort to preserve the greater chesapeake bay watershedweekend mentoring swings by patterson park march 12, 2011: bridges seventh graders spend a day at patterson park with mentors from rbc wealth managementweekend mentoring makes soap march 5, 2011: bridges sixth graders and weekend mentors travel to irvine nature center in baltimore county for a day of games, exploring, and soap making. pediatrics grew as a medical specialty, more doctors began to speak out about the effect of homework on the health and wellbeing of children. the culture has changed, and as schools and families have changed, homework has become problematic for more and more students, parents, and teachers. 2014june - december 2014  jacoby jones donates tickets (again:) sept-dec: jacoby jones opened the door for 40 bridges students to attend ravens games this season.

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youtube hosts a now famous 911 call from a 4-year-old preschooler who needed help with his "takeaway" math homework..Ecole Five Bridges Junior High School - Hubley - Firebirds - FBJHHome > <<  about us > bridges updates. homework advocates have believed it for years, never questioning whether it might not be true. the concept of homework has become so ingrained in u. even though there is no research to support this belief, many people continue to tout homework's nonacademic virtues (kohn, 2006). some photos are provided here, though you will have to visit our facebook page for a shot of last week's gingerbread man activityninth annual bridges holiday dinnernovember 25: on november 25, bridges welcomed 250 of its students, parents, and volunteers to st. elementarysackvillehalifax schoolsfuturechildrenforwardsackville centennial elementaryautumn scavenger hunt for kidsfall scavenger hunts for kidsautumn scavengerkids nature outdooroutdoor autumnkids kidsmoveandtalkfun autumn5 fallfall daysautumn colorsforwardautumn scavenger hunt for #kidssee moreettingerhalifax schoolsburtonhomesfuturechildrenforwardburton ettinger homejunior highrobert ri'chardrobert bordenbulldogslets gohalifax schoolsfamilyfuturechildrenforwardsir robert borden junior highsee morewomen’s fashionweddingstraveltechnologytattoosquotesphotographyoutdoorsmen’s fashionkids and parentinghome decorhealth and fitnesshair and beautygardeningfood and drinkeducationdiy and craftsdesignartarchitecturepicked for yousign uplog inpinterestsearchlog in with googleprivacy. a commitment to heavy homework loads was alleged to reveal seriousness of purpose in education; homework became an instrument of national defense policy.. was losing the cold war because russian children were smarter; that is, they were working harder and achieving more in school … the new discourse pronounced too little homework an indicator of the dismal state of american schooling. they have bought into the cult of beliefs about homework and accepted a connection between hours of homework and acceptance to an elite college. during this period, many schools overturned policies abolishing or limiting homework that had been established between 1900 and 1940. in 1998, harris cooper's latest research about homework (cooper, lindsay, nye, & greathouse, 1998) garnered much more public attention, catapulting the topic of homework into the popular press and landing him on oprah and today. they bear a striking similarity to the arguments waged in today's debate over homework. many homework advocates believe that intellectual development is more important than social, emotional, or physical development. in an acknowledgment of the stress experienced by high school students, stanford university now sponsors a program called challenge success (formerly called stressed out students [sos]) that works with school teams composed of the principal, students, parents, counselors, and teachers or other adults (pope, 2005). the winter program, which involves 32 of our youngest students and 32 high school volunteers from the st. fearful that children were unprepared to compete in a future that would be increasingly dominated by technology, school officials, teachers, and parents saw homework as a means for accelerating children's acquisition of knowledge. the internet and bookstores are crowded with books offering parents advice on how to get children to do homework. school program at the downtown sailing center winter 2009: a short article explaining bridges’ expansion into the high school years and its partnership with the downtown sailing center that provides summer jobs and college preparation for bridges students. we see the origin of belief #4, that more work equals rigor, and belief #5, that "good" students do their homework and "good" teachers make students work hard. baltimore city april 10, 2010: bridges families, staff, and rbc weekend mentors come together for a morning of service as part of project clean stream. by 1930, the anti-homework sentiment had grown so strong that a society for the abolition of homework was formed.

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holiday card nov 20: a special thank you to friends and supporters from the bridges community. these critics are reexamining the beliefs behind the practice, the wisdom of assigning hours of homework, the absurdly heavy backpack, and the failure that can result when some students don't complete homework.    climb the hill for bridges 5k july 10: click on the link above for the climb the hill for bridges 5k and 1 mile fun run. school summer jobs - pierpoint restaurant june - aug: in the summer before high school, tyrin expressed an interest in a career in the culinary arts. as one high school student put it:People don't go to school to learn. - may 2010inaugural class of bridges 3+ may 13, 2010: this is an exciting day for bridges at st. behaviorism is most evident in the use of late policies and zeros for uncompleted homework (more about that in chapter 4). catchment area mapfive bridges junior high school english boundaryfive bridges junior high school early french immersion boundaryfive bridges junior high school late french immersion boundarythis data is for informational purposes only. through the partnership, seventeen loyola students provided weekly one-on-one tutoring to seventeen bridges high school students this fall. the justification for this probably has more to do with philosophy (students should work harder) and with the ease of implementation (increased homework costs no extra money and requires no major program modifications) than with new research findings. as noted earlier, this was not the first time homework became the scapegoat for the perceived inadequacies of public education:Whenever reformers attempt to improve the academic outcomes of american schooling, more homework seems a first step. goes to the ravens game november 22, 2009: bridges’ day at m&t bank stadium, recognition for community service commitments made by bridges students in the summer of 2009. in the 20th century, in concert with the rise of progressive education, an anti-homework movement would become the centerpiece of the progressive platform. paul’s student, wes hughes, gives a glimpse of his volunteer counselor experience at bridges during the summer of 2005. children sacrifice fresh air, exercise, or sleep to toil over hours of homework. and finally, parents are concerned about the effect of excessive homework on the overall physical and psychological health of children. he recommended the elimination of homework for all students under the age of 15 and a limit of one hour nightly for older students.  jack and doug have hit the ground running, already lending valuable insights on our upcoming 20th anniversary and the development of our high school / college program. students without supportive parents (or with single parents overburdened trying to make ends meet), with inadequate home environments for completing homework, or with parents intellectually unable to help them are less likely to complete homework (vatterott, 2007). holiday gathering november 19, 2009: the 2009 bridges holiday gathering brings together 200+ members of the bridges community for a night of fun, service, food, and entertainment./midd summer - view into the future week july 5-8, 2011: week two at bridges offers students a view into a variety of careers and opportunities for advanced education." the tenets of the puritan work ethic most evident in homework culture are the following:Hard work is good for you regardless of the pointlessness of the task.

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as 100 years ago the ladies' home journal writings sparked a movement, over the last decade the media have been a friend of homework reform. the two organizations are also exploring volunteer opportunities for jlb members to support and assist bridges. homework increased, especially for the youngest students, and parents began feeling overwhelmed, stories detailing the struggle appeared widely in the popular press. since the release of cooper's 1998 comprehensive study, major news magazines and talk shows have conducted a national dialogue about homework and have brought increased attention to the anti-homework movement. danger in the belief that good students do their homework. it portrayed homework as an intrusion on family tranquility and as just one more stressor in an already overstressed life, especially for two-career families. we believe that good students do their homework and lazy students don't, then it becomes morally defensible to give failing grades for incomplete homework, thereby punishing the vice of laziness and rewarding the virtue of hard work. yet the historical arguments for and against homework are familiar. in 1989, harris cooper (now considered a leading expert on homework research) published an exhaustive synthesis of research on homework (1989a) that seemed to have little effect on popular practice and received little media attention. homework problem was reconceived as part of a national crisis: the u. bridges at gilman program-launch june-july: bridges at gilman formerly opened its doors and welcomed 24 students to its inaugural summer institute. instead of being apologetic, teachers who don't give homework should simply explain that they do such a good job of teaching that homework is not necessary. the traditional practice of assigning homework in every subject every night and the antiquated reliance on textbooks as curriculum have led to a physical problem. inherent in this belief is the assumption that teachers have the right to control children's lives outside the school—that we have the right to give homework and that students and parents should comply with our wishes (more about this assumption in chapter 2). paul's school ward center for th 7th annual bridges holiday dinner., or change december 2008: bridges graduate, aaron bell, a freshman at the baltimore school for the arts, receives the role of jackie thibodeaux in centerstage’s production of caroline, or change. annual bridges kickball classic fundraiser october 2, 2010: bridges holds the 2nd annual bridges kickball classic. mentoring visits roha farm october 9, 2010: the bridges weekend mentoring project kicks-off the school year with a fall themed trip to roha farms in hydes, maryland. most journal articles and popular books about homework took the safe position of being pro-homework and focused on strategies for getting children to complete homework. at the same time, they are left frustrated when the students who most need more time to learn seem the least likely to complete homework. so it's no surprise that teachers believe rewards and punishments are the way to make students do homework. the internet has given the public more information, served as a forum for many pro-homework and anti-homework blogs, and given us a window to similar debates in other countries.

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but parents are worried about the potential of excessive homework to dampen their child's natural curiosity, passion, and love of learning. pro-homework trend continued into the 1990s, as the push for higher standards resulted in the conclusion that more homework was a remedy. understand the culture of homework and how it developed over the last 100 years, it is necessary to dissect the dogma, which can best be summarized by five largely unexamined beliefs about children and learning. in addition to these short-term effects, parents are also concerned about homework's long-term effect on children. an exploration of these philosophies will illuminate the foundations of the dogma that is homework culture.   2013-2014 mid-year update february 24: a mid-year report on bridges programs and operations. the pressure to meet standards has never been more intense, and homework is seen as a tool for meeting those standards. annual bridges kickball classic sept 29: the fourth annual bridges kickball classic raised ,500 for bridges programs and services. paul's schools provided weekly tutor mentoring to 40 bridges fourth and fifth grade students.), and round-the-clock cable news coverage, issues affecting families—including homework—have received more coverage. - august 2013high school summer jobsjune-august: 13 partner organizations provided 39 jobs to bridges high school students this summer. many teachers claim that homework keeps children out of trouble and that homework is better for children than television or video games. by the 5th grade, many students left school for work; fewer continued to high school (kralovec & buell, 2000). mentoring sports a new look at patterson parkmarch 30, 2012:  the bridges sixth grade spends a day at patterson park playing soccer, tennis, and golf with their weekend mentors. while some are recommending children's yoga and meditation as a way to cope with stress, others are targeting the sources of stress, and homework is a major culprit. accepted to gates millennium scholars program april 15, 2008: sherella cupid, a member of the first class of students to graduate from bridges' elementary and middle grades program, accepted to the gates millennium scholars program from the bill and melinda gates foundation. probably the most disturbing belief is the belief in the inherent goodness of homework, regardless of the type or length of assignment./midd summer - grade nine graduationjuly 16: fourteen of the sixteen students that will graduate from the bridges summer institute on july 27, 2012 entered bridges in elementary school. paul’s schools into bridges 3+, the program’s volunteer honors society. mentoring visits rodgers' farm corn mazeoct 27: highlights of the eighth grade's weekend mentoring trip to rodgers' farm, including a 2 mile long corn maze. to fully understand today's debate, we must first examine the beliefs about homework that have developed over the last 100 years and the cultural forces that have shaped them. - december 2012winter after school program fall/winter: this fall / winter, 29 high school students from st.

but the flawed belief system that homework is grounded on has yet to be adequately challenged. if we are using homework to teach time management, don't long-range projects that require scheduled planning do a better job of that than daily assignments? homework means business, and the student should expect to buckle down. the late 1980s and the early 1990s, an occasional journal article would question whether more homework was necessarily better, but those voices were few and far between. therefore, it follows that it is necessary to use homework to teach responsibility. awarded ravens honor rows for 2nd year october 10, 2010: 50 bridges teachers and students spend the day at m&t bank stadium cheering on the baltimore ravens to a 31-17 victory over the denver broncos. in 2000, etta kralovec and john buell's book the end of homework: how homework disrupts families, overburdens children, and limits learning received massive media attention and spawned an ongoing debate between the anti-homework and pro-homework contingents." homework began generations ago when schooling consisted primarily of reading, writing, and arithmetic, and rote learning dominated. in 2006, two popular-press books kept the debate going: kohn's the homework myth: why our kids get too much of a bad thing, and bennett and kalish's the case against homework: how homework is hurting our children and what we can do about it. the movement is less an anti-homework movement than an anti–excessive homework movement, based on the idea that children should not have longer than an eight-hour workday (vatterott, 2003). the office's proximity to bridges families and schools gives the program a wonderful space for academic check-ins with high school students, school guidance sessions with bridges families, and college readiness workshops.' goal is to help children develop skills july 25, 2002: baltimore sun writer, linda linley, visits bridges in july of 2002 and profiles the growing elementary and middle grades summer program. the late 1990s, however, the tide would begin to shift back to an anti-homework focus. paul’s school, as the program welcomes its inaugural class of “bridges 3+”. 1900, the editor of the ladies' home journal, edward bok, began a series of anti-homework articles. in the fall of 2010, he will enter jhu through its baltimore scholars program, which awards a full-tuition scholarship for baltimore city public high school students accepted to johns hopkins university. the beliefs that underlie the homework dogma have been fed by our moralistic views of human nature, the puritan work ethic that is embedded in our culture, and behaviorist practices that still reside in our schools./midd summer - outdoor week packet june 24: sailing with the downtown sailing center, team activities with outward bound, and the annual bridges sporting combine are just a few of the highlights of outdoor week./midd summer - view into future week recap july 6: catch a photo of the eighth grade's trip to wjz-tv and other view into the future week highlights right here. surprisingly, by the late 1960s and during the 1970s, parents were arguing that children should be free to play and relax in the evenings, and again the amount of homework decreased (bennett & kalish, 2006). parenting magazines and newspaper articles accept without question that homework is part of school life and then continue to give advice on how to help kids complete it (kohn, 2006). thanks to these volunteers for their extraordinary commitment to bridges and to our students.

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premise of corno and xu's article is that "homework is the quintessential job of childhood"—as though children need a job. this year, that program provided 34 of bridges fourth and fifth grade students with weekly homework help, sports, and group reading. graduate accepted into johns hopkins university december 2009: dominic thomas, who graduated from the bridges elementary and middle grades program in 2006 is accepted into the johns hopkins whiting school of engineering. frequently, the advice for parents is to "remain positive," yet only a handful of books suggest that parents should have the right to question the amount of homework or the value of the task itself. after school programwinter 2011:  this winter, 27 high school students from the st. to children who don't complete homework, we often attribute the vices of laziness and noncompliance. even in the task of homework itself, children are rarely given responsibility for choosing how they wish to learn, how they might show what they have learned, or how they might schedule their time for homework. 2014-2015 mid-year update march: a report on bridges programs and operations from july 1 - december 31, 2014. students, a bridge to hospital careers 
 july 14, 2008: baltimore sun photographer, monica lopossay, documents the bridges fifth grade’s career week trip to st. homework is, in part, an exchange of performance for grades. we are using homework to teach responsibility, won't 10 minutes of homework work just as well as 60 minutes? presents at hathaway brown's education innovation conference oct 4: bridges director rob paymer travelled to cleveland to share the bridges story with independent school educators from around the country. to children who dutifully complete homework, we often attribute the virtues of being compliant and hardworking. kickball tournament october 24, 2009: the first ever bridges kickball classic held on the campus of st. but the arguments both for and against homework are not new, as indicated by a consistent swing of the pendulum over the last hundred years between pro-homework and anti-homework attitudes. mentoring glazes and blazes january 29, 2011: 16 bridges sixth graders join their adult mentors for a morning to design mugs and at amazing glaze, a pottery design store in mt. although some are recommending that homework be abolished, many more are suggesting that excessive homework is interfering with family life and not worth the loss of a carefree childhood. mentoring searches for owlsnovember 19, 2011:  the bridges seventh grade started its second year of bridges weekend mentoring searching for owls at oregon ridge nature center. however, homework in the early elementary grades was still rare (gill & schlossman, 2004). in 1994, a board member in the school district of half moon bay, california, made national news by recommending that the district abolish homework. #4: lots of homework is a sign of a rigorous curriculum./midd summer – outdoor week june 27- july 1, 2011: the first week of the program provides bridges’ 122 students with a study diet of language arts, math, and art instruction, as well as opportunities for special programs like yoga, swimming, and health.

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annual bridges kickball classic fundraiser  october 1, 2011: bridges holds the third ever “bridges kickball classic”, an afternoon-long kickball tournament on the lower fields of st. before a child could continue his or her schooling through grammar school, a family had to decide that chores and other family obligations would not interfere unduly with the predictable nightly homework hours that would go into preparing the next day's lessons. as a country, the united states is so diverse economically, culturally, and in parenting styles, it is not surprising that not all would agree on a practice that bridges both school and family life. annual holiday gathering november 22, 2010: 185 bridges parents, students, teachers, and volunteers kick-off the holiday season with the sixth annual bridges holiday dinner. elem/midd summer - outdoor week info pack june 22: bridges kicks off its summer program for elementary and middle grades students on june 25./loyola university tutoring partnership, year 2 fall: this fall, bridges continued its partnership with professor lisa zimmerelli's class "writing center practice and theory". click on the link for highlights from the evening's festivities. in 2000, piscataway, new jersey, received national attention for implementing a homework policy that limited the amount of homework, discouraged weekend homework, and forbade teachers from counting homework in the grade (kohn, 2006). it's a high-stakes game, with your child's future on the line. this thursday evening run is a great way to support the bridges community. supposed virtue of homework is that it teaches time management. part of the common vernacular, as exemplified by statements such as these: "do your homework before taking a trip," "it's obvious they didn't do their homework before they presented their proposal," or "the marriage counselor gave us homework to do. after all, if most students are getting adult help with homework, it gives teachers the misperception that the students know more than they really do. mentoring explores the maryland science centerfebruary 4, 2012:  the bridges eighth grade spends an afternoon at the maryland science center with its weekend mentors from rbc wealth management. teachers, overwhelmed by an already glutted curriculum and pressures related to standardized tests, assign homework in an attempt to develop students' skills and to extend learning time.-shirt helps kids, commemorates history january 2009: baltimore sun writer, sara neufeld, makes a blog post about the bridges obama shirt which raised ,000 for bridges and helped start a college fund for the shirt’s student artist. parents often remark that, because of excessive homework, children are "losing their childhood" and "don't have time to be kids. - december 2011bridges / loyola university tutoring partnershipdecember 2011:  this year, with the help of loyola university and its center for community service and justice, bridges has partnered with loyola professor lisa zimmerelli, whose 10 students are providing weekly one-on-one tutoring to a select group of bridges high school students. more critical look at homework represents a movement away from the pro-homework attitudes that have been consistent over the last two decades (kralovec & buell, 2000). off to india for life lessons july 27, 2008: bridges graduate, lakeisha johnson, featured in a baltimore sun story about three students going to india to help build a school. the american educational research association stated,Whenever homework crowds out social experience, outdoor recreation, and creative activities, and whenever it usurps time that should be devoted to sleep, it is not meeting the basic needs of children and adolescents. homework was viewed as a culprit that robbed children of important opportunities for social interaction.

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arte doing the "wiggalo" and more highlights in this update. click here to learn about this event and to read what one bridges high school student had to say about the relationship built with his favorite st. like religion and politics, the arguments for and against homework stir intense emotions among parents, teachers, and administrators. it ratcheted up the standards, starting what has been called the "intensification movement"—the idea that education can be improved if only there is more of it, in the form of longer school years, more testing, more homework. teachers are afraid not to give homework, for fear of being perceived as "easy. - may 2011bridges 3+ ceremony speech may 26, 2011: bridges graduate, stephon dingle, speaks to high school volunteers and welcomes them into bridges 3+. the event raises ,000 for bridges and brings together 250 people for a day of kickball fun. welcomes its third class of weekend mentorsdecember 3, 2011:  bridges welcomes its third class of weekend mentors, who spent a fun-filled morning meeting the bridges sixth grade. check out this recap and how they helped students reflect on their first quarter grades and prepare for bridges summer job interviews. stress is cultural—absorbed by parents and then fed to their children, creating a hypercompetitive attitude for both parents and children:Parents receive the message that if their children are not well prepared, well balanced, and high achieving, they will not get a desired spot in higher education. - december 2010elementary after school program winter 2010: snapshots from the first few weeks of this year’s bridges after school program. elem/midd summer - outdoor week recap  june 28: check out the highlights of the first week of this year's summer institute for elementary and middle school students. click here to see how we prepare them for the 90+ hours each will give to bridges this summer. attitudes toward homework have historically reflected societal trends and the prevailing educational philosophy of the time, and each swing of the pendulum is colored by unique historical events and sentiments that drove the movement for or against homework. at a time when demand for accountability has reached a new high in its intensity, research fails to prove that all that homework is worth all that trouble. after school programs serves 34 students winter/spring: three years ago, bridges expanded its winter after school program into the spring months. trend has led many parents to have a somewhat schizophrenic attitude toward homework./midd summer - giving back week recap july 13: service trip with bluewater baltimore and team sports event are among the many highlights in this week's recap. community day at whole foods market june 23, 2009: a glimpse into bridges’ 5% community day at whole foods market mt. homework was blamed for nervous conditions in children, eyestrain, stress, lack of sleep, and other conditions. recent alarming news about the level of childhood obesity, the negative effects of sleep deprivation, and the established connection between sleep deprivation and obesity add strong arguments to the move to reduce homework to allow for more exercise and sleep. paul's schools will volunteer their time as counselors in the bridges summer institute.

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