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Window tint business plan

Starting a Window Tinting Business

banks usually require a business plan, as will sophisticated business partners. the most important part in most businesses, i would say 99% of all businesses, not just window tinting business, fail. apply for a business license to start a window tinting business. [body wrap business] | starting a body wrap business [car wash business] | how much money is needed for a car wash business? of a business plan as the blueprint for your cleaning business. Vehicle window tinting is a popular way for customers to update .. greeting card store)","id":10011},{"desc":"hardware\/home improvement","id":10012},{"desc":"health & beauty products","id":10032},{"desc":"housewares, home décor, window treatments and art","id":10003},{"desc":"jewelry store","id":10039},{"desc":"luggage or leather goods","id":10014},{"desc":"music, books, video, or media","id":10015},{"desc":"musical instruments","id":10049},{"desc":"office equipment, supplies or stationery","id":10016},{"desc":"optical goods (opticians & optometrists)","id":10017},{"desc":"paint, wall coverings & wall paper","id":10018},{"desc":"pets or pet supplies","id":10033},{"desc":"pool supplies","id":10034},{"desc":"school supplies","id":10050},{"desc":"shoes","id":10026},{"desc":"thrift store","id":20014},{"desc":"tobacco shop","id":10052},{"desc":"toy store","id":10040},{"desc":"trophies and awards","id":10035},{"desc":"vision centers (opticians & optometrists)","id":10028},{"desc":"other","id":10038}]},{"desc":"salons and personal care services","id":25000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"aesthetician\/esthetician","id":25006},{"desc":"barber shops","id":25001},{"desc":"beauty shops","id":25002},{"desc":"day spa","id":25003},{"desc":"massage therapist","id":25005},{"desc":"nail salons","id":25004},{"desc":"other","id":25003}]},{"desc":"schools","id":34000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"accounting school","id":34032},{"desc":"beauty, cosmetology, hair dressing or barber school","id":34013},{"desc":"business & secretarial school","id":34014},{"desc":"business school or college","id":34015},{"desc":"ceramics school","id":34011},{"desc":"commercial art school","id":34010},{"desc":"computer operator & data processing school","id":34016},{"desc":"computer repair training school","id":34017},{"desc":"computer software training school","id":34018},{"desc":"continuing education programs","id":34009},{"desc":"cooking school","id":34008},{"desc":"correspondence school","id":34019},{"desc":"court reporting school","id":34020},{"desc":"dance studios or fine art school","id":34001},{"desc":"language learning center","id":34002},{"desc":"language learning center (franchise)","id":34003},{"desc":"medical and dental assistants and technicians","id":34031},{"desc":"modeling school","id":34007},{"desc":"practical nursing school","id":34021},{"desc":"preparatory, academy or military academy school","id":34022},{"desc":"private academic school (not elementary, jr. for a more detailed explanation of how to build a successful business plan, see this guide by the us small business administration. He covers the step-by-step process of tinting a car, cutting tinting film, security laminates, marketing, and more. the color of the tint is derived from the metallics that are used to manufacture the film, and the advantage is it rejects a little bit more heat, and it will never turn purple, so it comes with a lifetime warranty., from your experience, what are the biggest mistakes people make when they start a window tinting business?: course updated again on 31st of october 2016> we added a full section on tinting doors!

How to Start a Profitable Window Tinting Business |

each state has it’s own set of rules, some don’t allow you to tint the front windows for example, but you can tint the back windows. this space should be large enough to store equipment and supplies, and provide a safe place to complete tinting on cars, trucks, boats and rv's. do i get the stickers with my business info on them for tinting? so yes, all the other services are just natural, the person getting in the business needs to be careful that they’re marketing correctly, and then they can add these other services to their customer base.. actually the learning curve for doing flat glass work such as businesses and residences is one day. think that learning to tint is all they need to do to make a lot of money. what kind of window tinting equipment and supplies will you need? are some of the more reputable window tint film and equipment suppliers?’ve seen window tinting that has bubbles or has faded or even turned purple. have been in love with the car window tinting business for the last 12 years and it still gives me a buzz working on high-end cars and producing great work that i can charge good money for. so we teach how to cut patterns, you need to know how to clean the glass, and then you need to know how to squeegee the tint onto the windows so that there’s no bubbles and it doesn’t peel off. Your Business Tinting Car Windows From Home With This Comprehensive Training.

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How to Establish a Business Tinting Car Windows from Home | Udemy

a good understanding of the steps needed to work in the window tint business. but i think if you were to average it out, about 0 to tint most vehicles. can be a sign of a bad tinting job, but most often it’s cheap film or the wrong kind of film for a certain region of the country, and so a person who’s getting in the business needs to know what the different options are and educate the customers and let the customer choose. window tinting be done outdoors right at the customer’s home or office, or does it have to be done in a garage somewhere? use the ein on tax forms, business registration forms or other business documents. if you have a full-time job or another business, set aside so many hours each week where you’re going to devote to practicing so that you get it down. when a person’s starting out, if we use the average of 0 to tint a car, it takes about in materials, so you can make 5 doing one car. rossignol is the author of how to easily start a window tinting business and generate up to 0 per day. plans: how they work and why you should build one. average tinter like myself can tint 3-4 cars per day. people call me and say well, great, i want to start a window tinting company and there’s no competitors in my area, that’s when i think there’s a red flag to be thrown up. planning requires significant thought about your company's goals and research into your market.

A Sample Mobile Window Tinting Business Plan Template

Creating a Business Plan for Your Small Cleaning Services

getting some kind of training is the best way to get into this business.: employer id numbers (ein's) photo credits medioimages/photodisc/photodisc/getty images suggest an article correction related searches more articles [auto detailing business] | how to start my own auto detailing business [small auto-cleaning business] | how to start a small auto-cleaning business [car accessories business] | starting a car accessories business [home based office cleaning business] | how to start a home based office cleaning business also viewed [car detail] | how to start a car detail & wash business [car audio store] | how to start my own car audio store [tire shop] | how to open a tire shop [car wash business] | starting your own car wash business [mobile detailing service] | what do you need to start your own mobile detailing service? your business plan will be a reflection of what your cleaning service is and what you expect it to become. things needed business license tip increase sales by offering to perform window tinting services for vehicles at the customer's home. there’s these machines out now that will cut the tint for you, and i personally think they’re a complete waste of money. medioimages/photodisc/photodisc/getty images related articles 1 [car-detailing business] | how to start a mobile car-detailing business 2 [vehicle wrap] | how to start a vehicle wrap & graphics business 3 [broken windshield business] | how to start a broken windshield business 4 [tree cutting business] | how to start a tree cutting business start a profitable window tinting business by offering tinting services for vehicles and windows in homes and commercial locations., how does a professional window tinting job differ from the results obtained with a do-it-yourself kit?, i am looking to start a cars window tint business. there’s really no advantage to the machine, other than it sounds cool to have a machine that pre-cuts your tint, because even when it’s pre-cut you still have to shrink it with a heat gun to make it fit the glass, and you still have to go through all the other steps, so really it’s just an expensive way to do something a human being can do in the same amount of time or less. of your specific cleaning service, you owe it to yourself to make sure you're building your business from a proper blueprint. if a person can clean a window with a scraper and use a little razor blade and a squeegee, you can do that business without putting out that kind of money. not knowing how to market effectively, and that’s where i think people need to spend a lot of time while they’re learning the tinting business.

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How To Easily Start Your Own Lucrative Money Making Window

everyone who’s been in the business for any amount of time who knows what they’re doing cuts their own tint. tinting training and window tinting school | Get an automotive career window tinting classes http://bestcbstore. hire employees who have the skills to apply window tinting professionally and quickly. to easily start your own lucrative money making window tinting business. other than the window film you’ll spend maybe 0-0 for film, so to really get started right about 0-0 is all it takes to get into a business that makes an hour. of all, the do-it-yourself kits that are available out there don’t use the high-quality tint, and when a person’s doing it themselves you’re going to see all the mistakes that a person who’s learning this business is going to make. when really, just like any other business, knowing how to market and acquire customers, how to build your profit base, is really the most important thing a person needs to learn. warning contact your local department of motor vehicles to learn more about vehicle window tinting regulations as some states only allow light to medium tinting applications. there’s a process for making sure that’s very limited and it’s invisible once you’ve completed the tint. market window tinting services to local businesses, such as car dealerships, auto detailing shops, repair shops, home improvement stores, home remodeling companies and commercial retailers. like i said, they can get into that same business, the same products, for five or six hundred bucks total outlay. vehicle window tinting is a popular way for customers to update their vehicle without having to spend a lot of money.

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TintPro Is Software For Your Window Tinting Business

are some effective ways to get new business and market your window tinting business? sure, they might have years of experience in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work, but if they were building your house, wouldn't you want them to have planned out construction ahead of time? in fact, we used to do almost all the different automotive services, and we shrunk back to just concentrating on a core group of services, but anyone getting in this business, they might already be in the alarm business, and they’re going to add window tinting, or vice versa. there other services such as car alarm installation, paintless dent removal, or maybe even windshield repair that could complement a window tinting business? am in botswana and need to know were i can buy these window films even training to get into the business ? create a website, fliers and business cards that include your contact information and hours of operation. if your business is seeking some formalized credential, a business plan proves your professionalism and may even be required by the licensing body. some places have laws that prohibit or limit the amount you can tint a car window?% of the time it should be done in an enclosed area, although there are days that you can tint outside. this business, a person can get started with as little as - for their initial supplies. so i see a lot of people in this business come and go, constantly, even in my area, that’s usually where it is, though. (for more information on getting bonded, please see our blog post, "how do surety bonds work for cleaning businesses?

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after viewing the course in its entirety, i am beyond confident that i can successfully tint windows as a profession - from harley sitner. for example, in oregon, we’re allowed to tint cars to a 35% degree of tint, but the suvs, minivans and trucks we can tint much darker. can you take the skills you’ve learned while tinting vehicle windows and expand your business into these other areas? this is the first impression your business plan makes, so the executive summary is often the most important part of the document. Rossignol, author of How To Easily Start a Window Tinting Business and Generate up to 0 Per Day, talks with us about how to start an automotive window tinting business. we take a look at the tools, cleaning materials and spray bottles that will be used in the process of tinting car windows. a lot of these manufacturers require, though, that you are licensed as a window tinting business, or you’re in the car business and window tinting is one of the services you offer.[{"desc":"accounting & finance professionals","id":2000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"accounting & auditing","id":2001},{"desc":"bookkeepers","id":2002},{"desc":"financial planners and registered investment advisor","id":2004},{"desc":"tax preparers","id":2003},{"desc":"other","id":2001}]},{"desc":"advertising, graphic design and other media services","id":3000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"advertising agencies","id":3001},{"desc":"broadcasting radio & tv","id":23068},{"desc":"cable or subscription tv company","id":23071},{"desc":"direct marketing","id":3005},{"desc":"graphic designers","id":3002},{"desc":"newspapers – local (no printing operations)","id":3003},{"desc":"public relations","id":23067},{"desc":"publisher with printing","id":23069},{"desc":"social media\/social networking","id":23070},{"desc":"other","id":3001}]},{"desc":"associations & clubs","id":33000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"alumni association (non profit)","id":33001},{"desc":"business association (non profit)","id":33002},{"desc":"chambers of commerce","id":33008},{"desc":"charitable organization","id":33011},{"desc":"civic association (non profit)","id":33003},{"desc":"clubs - civic, service or social - no owned or leased building except office purposes","id":33010},{"desc":"clubs - civic, service or social - owned or leased building","id":33009},{"desc":"political club","id":33006},{"desc":"professional associations (non profit)","id":33005},{"desc":"recreation club (non profit)","id":33007},{"desc":"trade association (non profit)","id":33004}]},{"desc":"auto services & dealers","id":28000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"alarm, stereo or navigational system","id":28001},{"desc":"auto body shop","id":28002},{"desc":"auto detailing","id":28003},{"desc":"auto dismantling \/ salvage","id":28004},{"desc":"auto maintenance or repair incl bedliner","id":28007},{"desc":"auto painting with ul\/nfpa approved spray booth","id":28008},{"desc":"auto painting without ul\/nfpa approved spray booth","id":28009},{"desc":"auto parts sales (uninstalled) ","id":28010},{"desc":"automotive repair","id":28005},{"desc":"boats - other than jet skis dealer","id":28037},{"desc":"brake install\/repair","id":28011},{"desc":"bus dealer","id":28038},{"desc":"butane, propane or other liquefied gas sales","id":28012},{"desc":"car wash - full service","id":28013},{"desc":"contractors mobile equipment dealer","id":28039},{"desc":"convenience store","id":28014},{"desc":"driveaway contractor or wrecker service","id":28015},{"desc":"electrical repair (auto)","id":28016},{"desc":"emergency or public livery dealer","id":28040},{"desc":"frame or unibody straightening","id":28017},{"desc":"fuel conversion","id":28018},{"desc":"gasoline station - full service","id":28019},{"desc":"gasoline station - self service","id":28020},{"desc":"golf cart dealer","id":28041},{"desc":"handicap vehicle modification","id":28021},{"desc":"heavy truck (over 26,000 gvw)","id":28043},{"desc":"heavy truck (under 26,000 gvw) dealer","id":28042},{"desc":"jet skis dealer","id":28044},{"desc":"kit cars or other auto manufacturing","id":28045},{"desc":"mobile auto repair \/ roadside assistance","id":28022},{"desc":"mobile home (non-motorized) dealer","id":28046},{"desc":"motorcycle, atv, scooter, snowmobile dealer","id":28047},{"desc":"oil\/lube service","id":28023},{"desc":"parking lots & garages (self park)","id":28024},{"desc":"private passenger (used) dealer","id":28049},{"desc":"private passenger (new) dealer","id":28048},{"desc":"recreational vehicles, motorhomes and camper dealer","id":28050},{"desc":"rust proofing","id":28025},{"desc":"semi trailer (5th wheel coupler) dealer","id":28051},{"desc":"tire dealers - new (no used)","id":28026},{"desc":"tire dealers - used, retreads or split rims","id":28027},{"desc":"trailer (utility, and horse trailers) dealer","id":28052},{"desc":"trailer hitch installation or repair","id":28028},{"desc":"transmission repair","id":28029},{"desc":"tune-up\/emission testing","id":28030},{"desc":"upholstery\/sunroof work","id":28031},{"desc":"valet parking","id":28032},{"desc":"van conversion","id":28033},{"desc":"vehicle impound yards","id":28006},{"desc":"vehicle welding","id":28034},{"desc":"window tinting","id":28035},{"desc":"windshield installation\/repair","id":28036}]},{"desc":"cleaning services","id":15000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"carpet or upholstery cleaning","id":15003},{"desc":"chimney cleaning","id":15004},{"desc":"cleaning or renovating - building surfaces","id":15005},{"desc":"janitorial services","id":15001},{"desc":"maid services","id":15002},{"desc":"property preservation","id":15010},{"desc":"septic tank systems - cleaning","id":15006},{"desc":"street cleaning","id":15007},{"desc":"swimming pool servicing","id":15008},{"desc":"window cleaning","id":15009},{"desc":"other","id":11029}]},{"desc":"computer, web, it services & it staffing","id":1000,"services":[{"desc":"all computer, web & it professionals","id":1001},{"desc":"information technology consulting","id":1001},{"desc":"programming \/ application development","id":1001},{"desc":"it project management \/ business consulting","id":1002},{"desc":"it staffing","id":1003},{"desc":"computer installation & repair","id":1001},{"desc":"system & network design \/ admin","id":1001},{"desc":"web site \/ web application development","id":1001},{"desc":"hosting","id":1001},{"desc":"it training","id":1001},{"desc":"computer retail store","id":1005},{"desc":"technical writing","id":1004},{"desc":"other","id":9999001}]},{"desc":"construction & contracting","id":14000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"appliance repair - household","id":14039},{"desc":"appliance repair- commercial","id":14040},{"desc":"carpentry services","id":14025},{"desc":"ceiling or wall installation","id":14006},{"desc":"concrete","id":14004},{"desc":"debris removal - construction site","id":14007},{"desc":"drywall","id":14032},{"desc":"electrical work","id":14008},{"desc":"excavation","id":14009},{"desc":"general contractor","id":14028},{"desc":"glass\/glazier","id":14029},{"desc":"grading of land","id":14010},{"desc":"handyman","id":14011},{"desc":"hvac and refrigeration","id":14027},{"desc":"interior construction","id":14012},{"desc":"logging and lumbering","id":11042},{"desc":"masonry","id":14013},{"desc":"painting","id":14033},{"desc":"painting - exterior","id":14034},{"desc":"painting - interior","id":14035},{"desc":"paperhanging","id":14036},{"desc":"paving or repaving","id":14014},{"desc":"permanent yards contractors","id":14015},{"desc":"plastering or stucco work","id":14016},{"desc":"plumbing - commercial","id":14017},{"desc":"plumbing - residential","id":14018},{"desc":"prefabricated building erection","id":14019},{"desc":"property preservation","id":14031},{"desc":"roofing - commercial","id":14020},{"desc":"roofing - residential","id":14021},{"desc":"sheet metal work","id":14022},{"desc":"sign painting - inside","id":14037},{"desc":"sign painting - outside","id":14038},{"desc":"snow plowing\/ice removal","id":11035},{"desc":"tile\/stone\/marble\/mosaic\/terrazzo installation","id":14030},{"desc":"tree trimming","id":11038},{"desc":"other","id":14028}]},{"desc":"consultants—management & marketing","id":4000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"education consultants","id":4010},{"desc":"human resources consultants","id":4002},{"desc":"it project management & consulting","id":4001},{"desc":"management consultants","id":4003},{"desc":"market survey and research","id":4004},{"desc":"marketing consultants","id":4009},{"desc":"research consultant","id":4011},{"desc":"other","id":4003}]},{"desc":"design professionals","id":7000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"architects","id":7003},{"desc":"building inspection","id":7009},{"desc":"construction project manager","id":7011},{"desc":"control systems integration\/ automation","id":7010},{"desc":"draftsmen","id":7002},{"desc":"engineers","id":7001},{"desc":"interior design","id":7004},{"desc":"landscape architect","id":7008},{"desc":"other","id":7001}]},{"desc":"home based business","id":29000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"abstracting and indexing service","id":29021},{"desc":"adjuster - independent claims adjuster","id":29022},{"desc":"adjuster - public claims adjuster","id":29023},{"desc":"administrative support service","id":29001},{"desc":"answering service (home based)","id":29002},{"desc":"antique gallery shop","id":29042},{"desc":"antique gallery\/art studio","id":29043},{"desc":"appraisal service","id":29024},{"desc":"background check\/screening service","id":29003},{"desc":"balloon art","id":29004},{"desc":"car detailer (home based)","id":29025},{"desc":"cell phone\/pager sales","id":29044},{"desc":"ceramics","id":29026},{"desc":"clowns, magicians, entertainers (excluding bands)","id":29005},{"desc":"compliance consultant","id":29045},{"desc":"cosmetic sales (avon, mary kay, etc)","id":29006},{"desc":"costume jewelry (home based)","id":29013},{"desc":"crafts, handicrafts, candle sales ","id":29007},{"desc":"damage appraiser","id":29027},{"desc":"dance instructor","id":29008},{"desc":"disc jockey","id":29009},{"desc":"dry food products\/mixes vendor","id":29046},{"desc":"editorial service - proofreader","id":29028},{"desc":"embroidery","id":29010},{"desc":"engraving","id":29011},{"desc":"expediting service","id":29012},{"desc":"food supplements\/vitamins","id":29047},{"desc":"furniture refinisher","id":29029},{"desc":"games puzzles vendor","id":29048},{"desc":"gift delivery service (balloons, gift baskets)","id":29049},{"desc":"household products (amway, fuller brush, etc. if providing tinting services for windows in homes and commercial locations, choose a space that allows you to comfortably meet with customers to discuss tinting options. your business involves housekeeping, commercial janitorial work, or a specialized service such as carpet steaming, power washing, or cleaning delicate artwork and fixtures, your business plan offers key benefits for your company:Efficiency. much like architectural plans, your business plan is an important coordinating and goal-defining document that helps you comply with licensing requirements, secure loans and investments, and grow your business. register your window tinting business as a limited liability company, partnership or corporation through your state's secretary of state's office.

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this includes balance sheets, expected payroll, cash flow estimates, and capital expenditure plans for the next five years. your plan gives you the best shot at running a successful business. so a person who’s looking for a good business and wants to make the same income as these franchises, this is the way to go. these simplified teaching methods break down the techniques you will need to practice and master to capitalise on the massive business opportunity that awaits the victorious! a profitable window tinting business by offering tinting services for vehicles and windows in homes and commercial locations. my brothers are three hours north of me and their business is doing between -60,000 a month, and they have no shop and no overhead. us through the process you use to install window tint on a car. you need to have employees, or can you do this business by yourself? are your thoughts on window tinting franchises like ziebart and alta mere? if you’re out on a mobile installation and you brought pre-cut tint and you’ve messed up that window, you have to re-cut a piece, so if you’re out there tinting this window and you waste a piece and you need to re-tint it, if you don’t know how to cut your own patterns manually, well, then you’re going to waste your time, you’re going to have to go back and cut out another pattern, and then install it. you offer your customers a financial incentive to refer business? - you are on the pathway to making money tinting car windows.

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you cut the film yourself, or do you buy pre-cut window tint film? two business plans are alike because no two companies are alike. apply for a business license to start a window tinting business by contacting the county clerk's office or small business administration office in your area. a person literally can go out and start tinting those types of windows the same day that they get their tools and their materials. to start a window tinting business - the ultimate guide. are these signs of a bad tint job, or cheap tinting film? but there’s films for that entire market, doing these security films, and these laminates, the same films have been available for several years, and a person that, once you’re in the business and you have contacts with all the suppliers, you can buy that film yourself, and go out and start installing it. final piece of advice would you give someone looking to start an auto window tinting service? i made a plan, took out my camera and dug deep learning new technologies and after months of hard work, late nights and lots of frustrations i am delighted to share with you this entry level training showing you how to get started car window tinting. lot of good information through out the video about open up a small tint business. provide customer testimonials and photos of tinting services during the consultation. a business plan is an efficient and compelling way to demonstrate your viability.

your business tinting car windows from home with this comprehensive training. and wouldn't you demand to see those plans before they started? so there’s people in this business that work as employees that are making -50,000 a year, and there’s owners making six figures a year. your plan means you know exactly how you're planning to leverage your assets to grow the business or how your market dynamics affect your pricing, marketing, and service offerings., without beating down those great companies, in my personal opinion if someone wants to get into this business, why waste tens of thousands of dollars to invest in a company when you can invest several hundred dollars to get the same business, and you never have to pay ongoing royalties like you do with franchises? us a little bit about how the window tinting business works. many cars can you do from one box of tint? much does a window tinting service typically charge to tint the standard size car or suv or minivan?"fantastic window tinting course"this course is exactly what i needed to get started in tinting windows. it’s much easier to learn to apply to houses and businesses. grab this training today right here on udemy and watch as this seasoned pro, guides you through the process of how to tint car windows. he covers the step-by-step process of tinting a car, cutting tinting film, security laminates, marketing, and more.

rossignol, author of how to easily start a window tinting business and generate up to 0 per day, talks with us about how to start an automotive window tinting business. when seeking small business insurance or attempting to get bonded, your insurer or bonding agency will need extensive information on your company. you have a question or comment about this interview or about starting this kind of business? to tint residential flat glass like a pro by: best reflections window tinting. there’s what we call the automotive side of the business and the flat glass side. do you have experience in this business that you would be willing to share with others? business advice - donald trump dispenses 24 great business tips for entrepreneurs. a look at some of the tools needed to get started car window tinting. i’ve been tinting for 16 yrs and i agree with your opinion on the sign machines. what i need to ask is… where can i buy the pre-cut window tint film? 5 mistakes most business owners make and how to fix them - run a successful business!)","id":29031},{"desc":"loan origination service","id":29050},{"desc":"mediator","id":29032},{"desc":"model","id":29014},{"desc":"monogramming","id":29033},{"desc":"other - home based business","id":29064},{"desc":"paralegal","id":29015},{"desc":"pay telephone provider","id":29051},{"desc":"personal image consultant","id":29052},{"desc":"pet sitter (home based)","id":29034},{"desc":"picture framing (home based)","id":29016},{"desc":"prepaid calling card vendor (no machines)","id":29053},{"desc":"religious goods (home based)","id":29054},{"desc":"retail toy sales","id":29055},{"desc":"rubber stamp business","id":29035},{"desc":"scrapbooking","id":29017},{"desc":"shoe repair","id":29056},{"desc":"sign painting","id":29057},{"desc":"stenciling","id":29018},{"desc":"tailoring, alterations, seamstresses","id":29036},{"desc":"taxidermist","id":29058},{"desc":"teachers\/tutors (except sports)","id":29059},{"desc":"toner cartridge recharging","id":29060},{"desc":"tv\/dvd\/vcr player repair","id":29061},{"desc":"upholsterer","id":29037},{"desc":"videotaping, dubbing, editing","id":29062},{"desc":"vinyl\/leather repair","id":29063},{"desc":"wedding & party planner (home based)","id":29019},{"desc":"wedding cake and\/or cookie sales (home based)","id":29020},{"desc":"wood furniture crafters","id":29038},{"desc":"writers & authors","id":29039},{"desc":"other - home based business","id":29064}]},{"desc":"insurance professionals and stock brokers","id":5000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"actuarial services","id":5005},{"desc":"claim adjusters: independent or public","id":5003},{"desc":"life & health insurance agents","id":5008},{"desc":"property & casualty insurance agents","id":5004},{"desc":"stock brokers","id":5006},{"desc":"other","id":5008}]},{"desc":"laundry","id":32000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"industrial laundries","id":32005},{"desc":"laundry & dry cleaning - pick-up station","id":32001},{"desc":"laundry & dry cleaning - self service\/coin-operated","id":32003},{"desc":"laundry & dry cleaning - stores & plants","id":32004},{"desc":"linen supply services","id":32002}]},{"desc":"lawn care\/landscaping","id":18000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"general lawn care, landscaping and grounds maintenance","id":18001},{"desc":"landscape design & installation","id":11030},{"desc":"lawn care","id":11039},{"desc":"lawn irrigation\/sprinkler system installation","id":18002},{"desc":"other","id":18001}]},{"desc":"lessor's risk","id":31000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"building owner","id":31001}]},{"desc":"manufacturers","id":26000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"apparel manufacturing","id":26009},{"desc":"electrical equipment and machine manufacturing","id":26008},{"desc":"food and beverage","id":26001},{"desc":"glass","id":26005},{"desc":"housewares and home\/office furnishings manufacturing","id":26007},{"desc":"jewelry manufacturing","id":26010},{"desc":"media duplication","id":26011},{"desc":"metal products","id":26003},{"desc":"mold and industrial pattern manufacturing","id":26006},{"desc":"plastic products","id":26004},{"desc":"wood products","id":26002},{"desc":"other","id":26003}]},{"desc":"medical offices & health professionals","id":6000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"acupuncturists","id":6001},{"desc":"ambulatory surgery center","id":6020},{"desc":"art therapist","id":6022},{"desc":"audiologist","id":6002},{"desc":"chiropractors","id":6003},{"desc":"dance therapist","id":6023},{"desc":"dentists","id":6004},{"desc":"dialysis centers","id":6018},{"desc":"dietician","id":6005},{"desc":"doctors","id":6006},{"desc":"drama therapist","id":6024},{"desc":"eeg technician\/technologist","id":6025},{"desc":"faith based counselor","id":6026},{"desc":"first aid\/cpr training","id":6027},{"desc":"fitness instructor","id":6028},{"desc":"health education","id":6030},{"desc":"home health aide (non-medical)","id":6031},{"desc":"home health\/homecare\/hospice","id":6047},{"desc":"hypnotherapist","id":6056},{"desc":"laser eye surgery center","id":6046},{"desc":"marriage and family therapist","id":6052},{"desc":"medical spa","id":6019},{"desc":"mental health counselor","id":6032},{"desc":"music therapist","id":6008},{"desc":"nurse","id":6033},{"desc":"nutritionist","id":6009},{"desc":"occupational therapist","id":6010},{"desc":"ophthalmologist","id":6051},{"desc":"optician","id":6034},{"desc":"optometrist","id":6035},{"desc":"other medical – offices","id":6011},{"desc":"personal trainer","id":6029},{"desc":"pet\/animal assisted therapy","id":6036},{"desc":"phlebotomist","id":6037},{"desc":"physical therapists","id":6049},{"desc":"physician","id":6040},{"desc":"physiotherapists","id":6012},{"desc":"podiatrist","id":6041},{"desc":"psychiatrist","id":6038},{"desc":"psychologist","id":6039},{"desc":"radiology labs","id":6016},{"desc":"recreational therapist","id":6042},{"desc":"rehabilitation counselor","id":6043},{"desc":"school guidance counselor","id":6044},{"desc":"social worker","id":6055},{"desc":"speech pathologist\/therapist","id":6013},{"desc":"substance abuse counselor","id":6057},{"desc":"wellness counselor","id":6045},{"desc":"x-ray or imaging laboratory","id":6050},{"desc":"other","id":6032}]},{"desc":"nonprofit \/ social services","id":20000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"adoption agency","id":20018},{"desc":"adult shelters\/transitional housing","id":20013},{"desc":"animal shelter\/kennel","id":20001},{"desc":"big brother\/big sister","id":20002},{"desc":"botanical gardens\/horticulture societies","id":20016},{"desc":"charitable organization","id":20028},{"desc":"child day care center (not for profit)","id":20006},{"desc":"child day care centers (for profit)","id":20007},{"desc":"child overnight camps","id":20019},{"desc":"churches & other houses of worship","id":20003},{"desc":"community centers\/youth centers","id":20004},{"desc":"counseling & referral services (not for profit)","id":20005},{"desc":"credit debt counseling (non profit)","id":20024},{"desc":"food bank\/soup kitchens","id":20008},{"desc":"foster care center","id":20020},{"desc":"group homes","id":20009},{"desc":"health care centers (non profit)","id":20010},{"desc":"historical societies","id":20017},{"desc":"hospices\/caregivers\/home companions","id":20011},{"desc":"nursing home ","id":20021},{"desc":"reading programs","id":20025},{"desc":"senior activities center (non medical)","id":20012},{"desc":"sleep disorder","id":20026},{"desc":"speech therapist (non profit)","id":20027},{"desc":"suicide hotline or prevention center ","id":20022},{"desc":"vocational workshops (not for profit)","id":20015},{"desc":"abortion clinic ","id":20023},{"desc":"other","id":20028}]},{"desc":"pet services","id":27000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"animal hospital","id":27001},{"desc":"animal shelter","id":27007},{"desc":"dog walker","id":27009},{"desc":"kennels - pet boarding","id":27002},{"desc":"mobile pet grooming","id":27004},{"desc":"pet grooming","id":27003},{"desc":"pet sitter","id":27008},{"desc":"pet training","id":27005},{"desc":"veterinarians","id":27006}]},{"desc":"photography\/video services","id":16000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"photography studio","id":11034},{"desc":"video production and editing studio","id":11033},{"desc":"videography & photography - freelance","id":9006},{"desc":"other","id":9006}]},{"desc":"printing and copying","id":17000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"commercial printing","id":17001},{"desc":"linotyping","id":17003},{"desc":"lithographing","id":17004},{"desc":"photocopying & blueprinting","id":11013},{"desc":"printers - copying & duplicating","id":17002},{"desc":"other","id":17002}]},{"desc":"professional & specialty services","id":9000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"agricultural consultants","id":9012},{"desc":"answering service","id":9066},{"desc":"appraiser\/antiques and art valuer\/equipment appraiser","id":9060},{"desc":"appraiser\/auto","id":9070},{"desc":"appraiser\/personal property","id":9069},{"desc":"auctioneer","id":9053},{"desc":"author","id":9008},{"desc":"benefit plan consultant","id":9052},{"desc":"business manager","id":9068},{"desc":"career coach","id":9034},{"desc":"corporate trainer","id":9036},{"desc":"court reporters","id":9013},{"desc":"disc jockey","id":9073},{"desc":"document preparation","id":9065},{"desc":"document storage","id":9046},{"desc":"employment agency","id":9002},{"desc":"energy consultant","id":9042},{"desc":"energy efficiency consultant\/green building verifier","id":9061},{"desc":"event planner","id":9048},{"desc":"executive coaching","id":9035},{"desc":"forestry consultants","id":9014},{"desc":"fundraising consultant","id":9054},{"desc":"genealogy\/heritage consulting","id":9058},{"desc":"grant coordinator","id":9056},{"desc":"handwriting\/document analysis","id":9051},{"desc":"industrial noise consultants","id":9075},{"desc":"interior decorator","id":9041},{"desc":"lawyers","id":9001},{"desc":"medical billing","id":9040},{"desc":"notaries public","id":9003},{"desc":"organic consultant","id":9045},{"desc":"outsourcing","id":9062},{"desc":"process server","id":9049},{"desc":"professional organizers","id":9038},{"desc":"public speaker","id":9033},{"desc":"publishing offices (no printing operations)","id":9009},{"desc":"recruiting","id":9064},{"desc":"resume typing service","id":9050},{"desc":"risk management\/insurance consulting","id":9059},{"desc":"sign painting - inside","id":9030},{"desc":"talent agency","id":9063},{"desc":"technical writer","id":9043},{"desc":"telecommunications consulting","id":9047},{"desc":"telemarketing offices","id":9011},{"desc":"telephone equipment installation w\/office only","id":9015},{"desc":"ticket broker","id":9057},{"desc":"traffic management consultant","id":9044},{"desc":"translators","id":9007},{"desc":"travel agents","id":9005},{"desc":"trucking\/freight hauler","id":9032},{"desc":"tutor","id":9039},{"desc":"wedding chapels","id":9023},{"desc":"wedding consultants","id":9004},{"desc":"other","id":4003}]},{"desc":"professional installation","id":13000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"appliance - installation or inspection","id":13015},{"desc":"cable or subscription television companies","id":13001},{"desc":"door\/window installation","id":13002},{"desc":"dry wall or wallboard installation","id":13003},{"desc":"exterior insulation finishing systems (eifs)","id":13004},{"desc":"fence installation","id":13005},{"desc":"floor covering installation","id":13006},{"desc":"furniture or fixtures installation","id":13007},{"desc":"garbage, ash or refuse collecting","id":13008},{"desc":"heating and air conditioning","id":13009},{"desc":"house furnishings","id":13010},{"desc":"insulation work - organic","id":13011},{"desc":"insulation work - plastic","id":13012},{"desc":"metal installation - decorative","id":13013},{"desc":"metal installation - nonstructural","id":13014},{"desc":"septic tank systems","id":13016},{"desc":"siding installation","id":13017},{"desc":"sign installation","id":13018},{"desc":"other","id":14028}]},{"desc":"real estate, title & mortgage","id":8000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"mortgage brokers","id":5001},{"desc":"property managers","id":23133},{"desc":"real estate agents","id":8002},{"desc":"real estate appraisers","id":8001},{"desc":"title abstractors","id":8003},{"desc":"title agents \/ closing agents","id":8004},{"desc":"other","id":8002}]},{"desc":"restaurants and bars","id":19000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"bakery","id":19010},{"desc":"banquet hall","id":19005},{"desc":"bar\/tavern","id":19008},{"desc":"caterer","id":19006},{"desc":"coffee shop","id":19002},{"desc":"concessionaire\/food vendor","id":19004},{"desc":"delicatessen","id":19003},{"desc":"mobile food truck (motorized)","id":19011},{"desc":"nightclub","id":19009},{"desc":"restaurants","id":19001},{"desc":"other","id":19007}]},{"desc":"retail","id":10000,"services":[{"desc":"select your service","id":99999999},{"desc":"art, hobby or party supplies","id":10002},{"desc":"athletic apparel or equipment","id":10031},{"desc":"bridal shops","id":10036},{"desc":"clothing store","id":10037},{"desc":"computers","id":10006},{"desc":"drug\/convenience stores","id":10007},{"desc":"e-cigarettes","id":10054},{"desc":"equipment, fixtures & supplies for bars, hotels, etc.

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