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Letter of Recommendation: Looking Out the Window - The New York

most mornings i’ll see my elderly neighbor as he drinks his coffee and smokes his cigarette on the terrace next to mine.#singapore, singaporefrom my window i can see many others, and each window has a story to tell.#baraolt, romanialooking through my window i can see my roses, i love to throw the windows open so i can hear the birds singing and bring the fresh air inside. your students to link their college board and khan academy accounts. this is my first day in the city, and i am anxious to go out and see what it has to show me. the only thing i do not like is that these windows don’t open. my window faces east and every morning i feel like i'm looking at the best scenery ever and it's never going to be any better than this. i love to see the sunlight, hear the birds sing and smell the roses, this is what makes my day.

Window – an undecided sound essay

window has loaded - a process that on a slower internet connection generates a short sequence of texts on listening to help pass the time - the participant encounters a window view and sounds. my apartment is situated in a mini market, which is semi residential, semi commercial area.#niš, serbiawhen i get up, the first thing i do is look out at my beautiful city. in spring i watch the ice break and the stream take it to the sea and trees next to my windows blossoming. it is on the back of my well-thumbed copy of his book of essays, empty words. to my mind, sound study succeeds when it contextualizes aural experience in the rest of life, where sensory priorities constantly fluctuate according to need.#koprivnica, croatiai live at the very edge of the city and all my windows face west, to the last few buildings. but then the night comes, and the view just pulls you in with a million colors and its new york-like soul.

  • The View From My Window 2000 - 2010 - The Atlantic

    #dhaka, bangladeshfrom my window i can see the rooftop garden of my neighbor’s house. this sound combined with the twinkly lights makes me feel serene as the tempting aroma of their food wafts up to the open window. really dislike the mobile phone tower that sits directly in front of my building, if i were just 5 floors higher in this building, then it wouldn’t disrupt my view. by default, window loads the current month, but that’s about it when it comes to direction. my window i see the top of a plaza which is still being developed, some houses, and minaret of a mosque. there is lots of construction happening in my area, and i hate the noise it creates. it is about 800 meters wide at the point where my building is located, so all i see is a vast amount of water and a mixed tree forest on the other side of the river. i can see my neighbors’ houses from above, the lemon tree, the grapevine next to my house, a variety of trees and a telecommunications tower in the background.
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    #easter island, chilefrom my window i can see ahu tahai, the island’s sunset spot in the distance. still, i could stand by my window all day long without getting bored. my hope is that every participant makes her own listening environment, so forming a self-constructed “place” in which to engage with the texts and the visual images, but without necessarily prioritizing sound. i love everything about it, this secret window and the unique view. my challenge was how to recreate that immersive experience of quotidian experience without drawing attention to it. my view is very lush, it’s as if the plants want to make up for the lost time in winter and autumn. the only thing that i hate is that our unit is on the side where the sun rises, so i got myself some blinds and blackout curtains to prevent me from getting woken up too early - i’m definitely not a morning person. view does not make me think or feel anything good.
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  • Out the Window - The New Yorker

    just some of the “window” photographs are used in this piece.#cochabamba, boliviawhen i was a little girl, this view was of trees and grass, but now i see house, after house, after house, and far away the buildings merge into each other.#salento, colombiafrom my window i can see the colombian mountains laid out before me. for a while, even a year after collecting the materials and several months after completing window, i glanced out of the window each morning and found ears, eyes and memories tracing those inscribed journeys - tree, sky, window, garden, view - with a more appreciative gaze. the building opposite is close enough that i can see there are flowers in almost every apartment window.#murray, utah, united statesfrom my window i can see into many others. my street is always windy and most of the time it smells like the ocean. however there’s also a sad feeling: i ask myself why is time passing so quickly.
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The view from here | Somfy

Photo Essay: View From My Window

this view always makes me feel happy because it’s quiet and peaceful, it was actually one of the reasons i moved here. approached people across the world and asked them to share the view from their window. it gives me energy and a really good feeling to be looking at this view. also, most of those small houses in the view are heated by the stove or fireplaces, so in cold seasons you can see smoke rising. the mornings i see the housewives washing clothes through the windows opposite me, and i hear the sound of dealers opening up their shops and cleaning vigorously. often we close the curtain on this window or obscure the view with our laundry - we put our wet clothes on a bamboo pole to dry outside.#dhaka, bangladeshlooking out on this view i feel i am home; i love everything about it. will only be my home for a few days as we’re on the road at the moment.

Free rear window Essays and Papers

out of my window i can see most of the suburban part of the city.#iligan, philippinesthis is the view from our 7th floor condo unit. conversely, the backyard below my window is filled with chickens and ducks, so it’s often possible to see new chicks and ducklings, and to see them growing over time. away, on the left i can see concordia's christ, the biggest monument in my country. after a quick shower, i sit on the bed and watch the lights flick on in windows across the city as the dusk comes. and certainly the experience of spending a sustained time engaged in this particular small ritual has in a subtle manner “changed” my mind. sometimes i see a person cooking, other times opening or closing the window, but mostly i just hear them chatting and laughing. the evening is the best time to enjoy the view, especially during june when the linden trees are in full bloom.

Letter of Recommendation: Looking Out the Window - The New York

First photograph, View from the Window at Le Gras, Joseph

#prague, czech republiceach morning, colorful boxes of panel-buildings greet me when i look out my window. winter can be just as amazing with the view of the snow-covered trees, grass, the road, with the beautiful sunset in the back. if i turn my head to the left, i can see the mediterranean sea. love to spend my time near the window especially on a sunny day, but sunny days are few and far between here. all i can smell is fresh country air, and the fragrance of fruit trees and flowering bushes around my room. i love taking comfort in this window after a long stressful day. enjoy people watching from my balcony, especially at night when cool breezes occasionally come along.#uberlândia, brazili love the view from my window because i can see my neighborhood evolving.

Window – an undecided sound essay

Donald Hall: A Poet's View 'Out The Window' : NPR

#utena, lithuaniathe first time i stepped into this room with heavy boxes full of books, letters and memories, i was impressed by this view: it seemed to me that the window goes through an entire wall.#novo selo, serbiafrom my bedroom window, i can see the house of the most important person in my life, my uncle. as time passes and the afternoon comes, i get a glimpse of the sun through the windows. the courtyard is more quiet, people are relaxed, clinking of cutlery can be heard through open windows. 8 pm in the summer, the sun settles down to the left of my window, creating stunning sunsets. however, i really like my view, it lets me see the children play, their laughter and joy, and this makes me happy too. view from my window is very beautiful in the morning, and at night the light shimmers into our house from the outside, it makes me feel inspired and relaxed. the end of each day there’s another beautiful view of my city, the sky turns dark blue and the clouds turn pink or red.

The View From My Window 2000 - 2010 - The Atlantic

i’m low enough that i can still see and hear everything going on in the street, and high enough that there is always a breeze on my balcony, and there’s no mosquitoes. this part of town is growing very fast, and there’s a lot of changes every year, but i like those changes because they make my city look better. i am reminded of one of my favourite photographs of john cage, that great forager in perception and everyday experience. this view represents my childhood, home & love - my girlfriend lives right across the street. my window i can see the center of my town and many different buildings, ranging from old abandoned houses to new modern office buildings and flats. it’s dark, finally a cool breeze enters my apartment and brings in the smells my neighbors cooking their dinners.#bangkok, thailandmy view makes me feel connected to a bustling, lively city, even though i live in the suburbs. this view make me feel peaceful and i am happy to live here.

both the interface and the premise of window are deliberately non-directive, trusting that useful results will come from individual exploration and even mild confusion, initially. my window i can see the adjacent houses situated on the north side, i can hear my neighbors talking, the dogs barking, and there are birds that sing. it is such a delight to eat what we grow and it fills my heart knowing that i can live from the land.#aveiro, portugali can see the salt fields from my window. my wife and i hate the noise from the cars, lorries and motorcycles, however, the sound disappears when we close the windows. i'm not sure anything except seasons will ever change here - the view is just the same as it was ten years ago. view makes me feel alive, like i am free from the normal restrictions of modern suburban life. my neighbor takes good care of it, as he wants to sell it; the land prices have been rising in the last few years.

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but in the end i fell into the unplanned ritual of taking a sequence of photographs each time: the window, the tree, the garden, the sky, and the distant view. sadly, when i look through the same window today i feel the biggest killer in this world is loneliness. the view at night is breathtaking, as the city lights shine in the night sky. i am in this room, i can't help but think about my childhood because this is the room i used to share with my brother.#reus, spainbecause the buildings neighboring me are lower, from my window i have one of the best views of the city. they have a lot of linden trees in the yard to make the view more pleasant.#cali, colombiamost mornings i get a spectacular view of the lush green mountains that cascade around my house. to be honest, it feels rather strange now to be writing this backstory about how window came to be, which at the end of the day (week, month and year) is not about my window - it’s about yours.

Out the Window - The New Yorker

and interestingly, having since moved house, i have retained that journey in relation to a new tree, a changed view and a different sky. but, in truth, i would rather you try window yourself before you read on:For a year, i spent a few minutes each day looking out of my bedroom window, usually in the morning, as i got ready for work.#kharkiv, ukrainethis view reminds me that people never completely conquer nature, as the houses sink in the green of the trees and plants., when i look through my window, i see life; the way it goes: so easily, but at the same time so unpredictably. these windows face west i get to see pretty gorgeous sunsets.#manila, philippinesfrom my window i can see the typical urban kaleidoscope of structures which are sprouting up in my area. across the roofs of my neighbors (where cats frequently play at night), i see the tall, lean building which has recently been constructed. but it smells of dogs, as there are 9 dogs living in the gap between my house and the house next to mine.

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’s always a lot of sounds, i hear birds, i hear traffic, i hear my neighbors, but the view from my window always makes me feel better. if i turn my head to the right, i can see a mountain ridge which reaches more than 1000 meters. have the great fortune (for london standards) of having an extremely large floor to ceiling window, with a door leading out on to the balcony. i come back home by the end of the day, before sunset, the view is very relaxing, as the orange sun illuminates the street. it was no accident that i chose my room to be the one that faces his house. my row of boxes greets them back, though not so cheerfully since the tenants can’t seem to agree to renovate them, and our row has remained a washed out green.#bucharest, romaniai live in a block of flats on the sixth floor, this is a view you get used to if you live in bucharest. the view is relaxing, the blue sky and the pine dancing slowly with the wind makes me feel calm.

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