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End of Life Issues and Care

[2] it was gould who coined the term "punctuated equilibria", but the idea was first presented in eldredge's doctoral dissertation on devonian trilobites and in an article published the previous year on allopatric speciation.

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levitt had already worked in his father’s construction business back home, and he held an option on a thousand acres of potato fields in hempstead, new york, out on long island.

Computers in Education: A Brief History -- THE Journal

likewise, the homebuilding business, severely depressed during the war, revived abruptly at war’s end, going from 114,000 new single-family houses started in 1944 to 937,000 in 1946—and to 1.

Why College Isn't for Everyone - Bloomberg

those majoring in some subjects, such as education or one of the humanities, can sometimes improve their job situation by double majoring or earning a minor in, say, economics.

Stephen Jay Gould - Wikipedia

[28] in this book he emphasized the process of heterochrony, which encompasses two distinct processes: neoteny and terminal additions.

Rethinking the American Dream | Vanity Fair

as a consequence, we have a new phenomenon: underemployed college graduates doing jobs historically performed by those with much less education.

Global Population Ageing: Peril or Promise?

a general rule, i would say graduates in the top quarter of their class at a high-quality high school should go on to a four-year degree program, while those in the bottom quarter of their class at a high school with a mediocre educational reputation should not (opting instead for alternative methods of credentialing and training).

The interpretation of cultures: selected essays, Geertz, Clifford

because life is constrained to begin with a simple starting point (like bacteria), any diversity resulting from this start, by random walk, will have a skewed distribution and therefore be perceived to move in the direction of higher complexity.

The Network Society: From Knowledge to Policy

anti-evolution petition a scientific dissent from darwinism spawned the national center for science education's pro-evolution counterpart project steve, which is named in gould's honor.

accounting, computer science, and engineering majors, for example, almost always make more than those majoring in education, social work, or ethnic studies.

“for a century and more,” adams wrote, “our successive ‘wests’ had dominated the thoughts of the poor, the restless, the discontented, the ambitious, as they had those of business expansionists and statesmen.

American business but dissertation education higher in phenomenon terminal unfinished

"[1] indeed, although gould characterizes his critics as "anonymous" and "a tiny coterie," nearly every major evolutionary biologist of our era has weighed in a vain attempt to correct the tangle of confusions that the higher profile gould has inundated the intellectual world with.

terminal addition is the process by which an organism adds to its development by speeding and shortening earlier stages in the developmental process.

rather than direct adaptations, he considered many higher functions of the human brain to be the unintended side consequence of natural selection.
years of education, tops in the world and a length of time in school once reserved solely for the upper class.

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