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mobile phones are also very useful if there is an emergency whilst the child or ‘young’ person needs to communicate with the emergency forces or their parents. however mobile phones have always been instigating debates among the people about their merits and demerits. in 1960 bell laboratory was introduced the cellular concept, with the development of the newer concept and the better technology cellular phones getting more popular in worldwide (mitra, 2009). cell phones are great to have but not using them correctly could be dangerous.- the possible danger of mobile phones to our health ever since the price of mobile phones dropped, resulting in a huge increase in the number of people owning them, the question has always been asked as to whether they are safe and if they pose a danger to our health. cell phones, for example, have now become part of a broad category. they can be classified as feature phones, media phones, and smartphones. apart from the instant access they give us, mobile phones have multipurpose uses ranging from business work, means for entertainment and ensuring security. cell phones and other forms of hand-held digital technology have made their way into the classroom and has become a common accessory among high school and middle school students. it differs from cordless telephones, which offers telephony service only within a limited range i.- mobile application were designed to be used on smart phones, tablets and any other hand held devices. independent surveys show that it has the best signal quality with excellent call clarity. mobile phone radiation and health concerns have elevated, especially after the enormous increase in the use of mobile phones. but, with that comfort and convenience, there often comes a price; and the technology of the cell phone proves no exception. mobile communication has integrated so much in our lives we almost feel incomplete if we were to leave our cell phones at home. actually, it is not necessary to ban mobile phones in schools.- nokia phones at the beginning of 2002 when i use to commute from des moines , i was driving up i-235 heading to school in the breakdown lane at about 70 mph, with my donuts coffee, trying to tune in that static filled sports radio channel that never comes in right, while i was trying to look for my friends phone number from an isu web directory in my hp, and dial that number on my cell phone then i started asked myself “have the mobile device geeks integrated all these features in one unit yet? in an attempt to curb the number of people taking such risks, tac launched a campaign to bring awareness to the problem of distracted drivers, many of whom are distracted by hand held mobile phones, commonly used to talk or text while driving. out of the recent advances in portable electronics, cell phones seem to be the product people rely on the most.

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- the negative effects of mobile phones voice mobile telephony has become widespread since the 1990s. classification essay opens with an introductory paragraph that introduces the broader topic. they can be classified as feature phones, media phones, and smartphones.- the use of mobile phones to support science teaching and learning outside the classroom is also becoming more common.- cell phones have crept into an owner’s possession at all times. interestingly, , one of the three versions of windows mobile 6 is called windows mobile 6 standard for smartphones. the radiofrequency signals produced by mobile phones are transferred as electromagnetic radiation (emr). i don’t think so, and this is why i think mobile phones can be a really distracting, and in this case, an offensive tool, despite being a powerful form of telecommunication. several specialized committees comprising independent parties that have been formed to look into plane accidents normally blame the usage of phones during flights. cell phones are a huge part of people’s everyday lives.- mobile phones should be banned every sixth person in the world has a mobile phone. progress with the insertion of mobile phones into the infrastructure.- cell phones are quickly becoming a child and teenager’s new best friend. today, mobile phones and similar devices are equipped with customized software, internet access, digital cameras, portable music players, gps functions and many more options.- a cell phone is a long-array, electronic device that is been used for mobile telecommunications, data transmission (text messaging or mobile telephony) over a cellular network of particular base station which is known as cell sites. keep both of these elements in mind when writing a classification essay. the conclusion should successfully wrap up your essay by connecting it to your topic initially discussed in the introduction. organizing strategy of a classification essay is dictated by the initial topic and the subsequent subtopics. moreover, the current cell phone offers a lot of services which include sms for text messaging, packet switching for internet access, email, gaming, infrared, mp3 player, gps, radio, television, bluetooth, camera with a video recorder and mms for receiving and sending videos and photos.

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- africa, often seen as a third-world continent, has had dramatic developmental progress with the insertion of mobile phones into the infrastructure. the increasing number of teenagers who use a cell phone in schools which disrupts classrooms orders has become a major concern. smartphone is considered to be the combination of the traditional pda and cellular phone, with a bigger focus on the cellular phone part.- “an 8-by-10 foot cell no human contact, no chance to see the moon or the stars or the sun, or hear the birds for years and decades. in a way, coming up with a strong topic pays double rewards in a classification essay. in a way, coming up with a strong topic pays double rewards in a classification essay. an example maybe a student who uses a cell phone in class has no intension in listening or paying attention to the teacher.- with the blooming development of science and technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of life. cell phones have become more of a necessity more than a need nowadays. not only have they increased in technology, but also the number of people who use them has skyrocketed and the importance of mobile phones has become greater than ever all around the world. body paragraph of a classification essay is dedicated to fully illustrating each of the subcategories. i will also talk about different mobile phones and what kind of risks they contain.” although many people have accepted the thought of carrying a telephone wherever they go, others have not taken the onslaught of cell phones quite so easily.- computers, ipads, and cell phones are just some of the advances in technology. cell phones can be very disruptive; they can invade people’s privacy and can also be used as harassment or bullying. if you can now decide for yourself if a mobile device is simply a cellular phone, a smartphone, a pda or pda phone, the fine lines between these types of mobile devices are about to get blurred again as we add in new terms to the mix like pocket pc, and smartphone (with a capital letter).- website management - i'm making a website on mobile phones the website will include mobiles from different manufactures. over the years, mobile phones have evolved and as of today, they have spectacular features that are useful to its users.- the research paper gives an account of the usage of mobile phones on aircrafts.

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there was a time where only people of wealth had these types of mobile phones. a possible health effect of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones is male infertility. see chapter 15 “readings: examples of essays” to read a sample classification essay. the theory is quite simple, basically combining a cell phone and a digital camera into one gadget. management - i'm making a website on mobile phones the website.- a cell phone is an electronic device used for the mobile telecommunication i.- research has shown that use of hand held mobile phones while driving can increase the risk of crash by up to 23 times (vic roads, 2009). classification essay opens with an introductory paragraph that introduces the broader topic. presentation of the issue cell phones usage is increasing to a point that now, 96% of usa population has a cell phone.- many teachers believe that cell phones don’t belong in a classroom because there are several disadvantages. there is no industry standard for what defines a smartphone, so any mobile device that has more than basic cellphone capabilities can actually be filed under the smartphone category of devices.- when i got the assignment, i sat thinking about which technology i felt was most important in my life and became amazed about how popular, of all the technology, cell phones have become.- in today’s world the vast majority of the population owns a cell phone. the purpose of this research paper is to present how the mobile phones have affected people’s lives and the future use of them.- cellular phones cellular phones are a phenomenon that has engulfed people in the nineties.- introduction as everyone knows we are surrounded by the new technology called cell phones. this essay will focus on using mobile phones in elementary and high schools. by the late 1990s, cell phones became progressively accessible to the overall population. in fact, escalation of the pure power and speed of mobile processors, advancements in mobile operating systems, and the overwhelming attractiveness of mobile broadband make cell phones and tablets the best candidate for mobile computing devices (wong, 2010).

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due to so many facilities provided by mobile phones nowadays, the abundant part of users becomes sightless about the history, the effects in the future and diseases it might cause in our health. society has influenced students to feel that they need to own a cell phone to be “cool”, thus making the issue of cell phones in the classroom society context vs. cell phone users need to be more aware of the potential consequences of improper usage. with the inception of the iphone the world witnessed a subsequent shift towards “smartphones” while leaving behind traditional cellphones.- over just the past decade, mobile phones have developed and advanced very quickly.- introduction electronic devices, particularly cellular phones have become a mainstay in our society. the first cell phone manufactured was the motorola brick this phone was just a simple operating system whereas it was only use for calling and the only application was the contact list. on the other hand, they have some disadvantages like initiating violation of privacy, unnecessary wastage of money, talking on mobile phones while driving and emission of radiation from the handsets which is allegedly harmful for health. despite this, mobile use in australia has rapidly grown to rate of almost 130 phones per 100 people (mno directory, 2011), one of the highest in the world. keep both of these elements in mind when writing a classification essay. years ago, cellular phones, also called cellphone or mobile phone, served one purpose only: they let you send and receive voice communications. this essay argues that mobile phones will bring more negative than positive effect for students. today, it is also possible to pay with your mobile phone and some people think that mobile-phones will replace credit-cards or loyalty-cards in a next future. body paragraph of a classification essay is dedicated to fully illustrating each of the subcategories. website management assignment 1 i'm making a website on mobile phones the website will include mobiles from different manufactures, these will be nokia, motorola, erickson, siemens and samsung and through these u will be able to access the different models these will all be on separate pages and i will also include a separate page on mobile phone accessories, their will also be a separate page so the users of this website can e-mail me with any complaints, suggestions and compliments on the site. organizing strategy of a classification essay is dictated by the initial topic and the subsequent subtopics. increasingly, consumers are purchasing smart phones, which have the same capabilities as computers in terms of internet access and processing power (macmillan, 2007). the last scene wouldn’t have happened if it was one decade ago, because cell phones were not popular in schools then. theoretically one can contact a person carrying a mobile (cell phone) anywhere, anytime.

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    cell phone usage in the us has increased from 34 million to 203 million in the last ten years.- the mobile revolution rakesh mohan hallen by march 2004 the total number of cell phone users in india exceeded 3 crores. cell phone sales have sky rocketed at an alarming rate, and many of the consumers are under the age of 18, meaning they are still in elementary and high school. statistics have demonstrated that on average, users check their smartphones every 6. i agree with the latter opinion for the following reasons: cell phones are an efficient way to communicate when emergencies occur in school; cell phones can be a great tool for learning during school hours; and the current prohibit. first cellular call was placed on april 3, 1973 by martin cooper who was the general manager of motorola's communications systems division. Devices Discussed: The difference between a cell Phone, smartphone and PDA.- mobile phones are reaching whole around the world and will dramatically change to express the new lifestyle of people (friedrich et al 2009; xinze, 2008). smart phones and similar mobile computing devices have led to an unprecedented surge in mobile data usage which is a double edged sword as it generates more revenue for carriers, however the rapidly increasing number of devices and the way they operate, most wireless networks today are heavily congested which reduces the quality-of-service and will have detrimental effects in the long run if not curbed swiftly. arguably, as a communication tool, the cell phone has no equal in how it has changed and affected our lives.- the recent popularity of camera equipped mobile phones have sparked anew field of use for machine-readable 2d bar codes.- chairperson, adjudicators, members of the opposition, fellow team mates, ladies and gentlemen, i have great pleasure in proposing the motion today that mobile phones should be banned in schools. this paper examines the effects smart phones have had on wireless cellular networks, their cause and what strategies will mitigate these adverse effects. many people cannot go without looking at their phones for more than a couple minutes. mobile phone is more frequently called a cellular phone or cellphone. now people from all social classes own a cell phone. most mobile phones provide voice communications, short message service (sms), multimedia message service (mms), and newer phones may also provide internet services such as web browsing, instant messaging capabilities and e-mail. and make sure that your essay is organized into paragraphs that each describes a subtopic.- forty-one years ago on april 7, 1973, motorola engineer martin cooper changed the world by making the world’s first cell phone call.
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    “exercise 2”, write a five-paragraph classification essay about one of the four original topics. firstly, through implementing some campus rules and some technological means, the negative impresses of using mobile phones will be eliminated properly.- there is no doubt that almost all people in developed country using mobile phones, from teen until old peoples. it is used over a cellular network of specialized base stations. through this classification essay, the writer hopes to show his or her readers a different way of considering the state. the usage of cell phones is creating a huge problem particularly when they are used in school. seventy-five percent of the world population has a cell phone, and that number will only increase.- objective: i will be searching about the security risks of mobile phones, expanding on them, how they affect us and what we can do to prevent them. there are many disadvantages of using mobile phones in school such as, students use mobile phones for cheating, as well as that can destroy concentration while study in classroom. one can find advertisements related to cell phones anywhere: roads, newspapers, and television. mobile subscribers have been left unsure by the shocking announcement, wondering how their pockets and cellular services will be affected. in the recent past, flight accidents have been on the increase with a number being pegged on hijackers, who use their mobile phones to communicate. they show how mobiles can contribute to gendered identity formation firstly via understanding the historical use of landline phones. eileen green and carrie singleton in their article ‘mobile connections’, published in 2009, show how mobile phones, when paired with friendship and intimacy, help form gender identities. lg prada is a cellular phone with a touch screen — but its not a smartphone. as prices drop, the more expensive “smartphones”, such as the blackberry, have been increasing in popularity, bucking the market trends in north america and europe. the conclusion should successfully wrap up your essay by connecting it to your topic initially discussed in the introduction. cell phones hinder unity of relationships and a person's concept of actuality.- comparative analysis between local and imported mobile phones in terms of feature and functionality mobile phones are abounded in the philippines.
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      research published in november 2003 shows that 96% of 15 to 24-year-olds own a cell phone and cannot function normally without one. major cellular companies like nokia, samsung and sanyo observed how popular digital cameras were becoming, and decided to integrate it with one device most americans find a necessity and not a luxury; the cell phone. almost 90 million people subscribe to wireless telephone services, and 85 percent of those subscribers use their phones while driving to conduct business, report emergencies, stay in touch with loved ones, call for assistance, and report aggressive or drunk drivers.- recently, there has been a reported surge in smartphone ownership, in the uk 51% of the population owning a smartphone[1] [2], while in the us data show that about 95 million americans used their mobile phones either as healthcare tools or to find health information. everywhere you look there is someone talking, playing a game, paying a bill or browsing the internet with their cell phones. cell phones started out with motorola first and now have many carriers that provides cell phone service. when it comes to cell phones, some people think they should not be permitted in schools, and other people think they should be permitted in schools. through this classification essay, the writer hopes to show his or her readers a different way of considering the state.- camera phones trigger controversy when catherine zeta jones appeared in a television commercial, she was one of the first to advertise one of the newest additions to a cell phone: the camera phone. there are a number of things to consider in deciding whether the trade off in convenience is worth the potential risks associated with the distraction created by a cell phone. although past generations seem to have been able to cope with the slapstick communication, mobile phones have made it a lot easier for parents or guardians to get in touch with their children. enter the title keyword:Free mobile phones papers, essays, and research papers.- cell phones are a remarkable piece of technology, and they’re used all over the world and for communicating with one another.- abstract: apple’s iphone initiated the popularization of smart phones in 2007.- the tela-tel company is a telemarketing organization that mainly deals in the production and sale of mobile phones. on “exercise 1” and “exercise 2”, write a five-paragraph classification essay about one of the four original topics. with ofcom revealing 49% of 8-11 year olds now have their own mobile phones and 82% of them are regular texters, it seems the craze is fixed on an upward trend and humphreys’ culprits are now starting younger than ever before. nowadays, most filipinos, rich or poor, are hooked in mobile phones.  despite the fact that the manufacturer calls this product a smartphone, the generic term for a pda oriented device with cellular phone capabilities is called a pda phone.
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      - the advent of mobile phones has squeezed this large world and brought it into the palm of human being.- although cell phones appear to be harmless devices, they are proven to be detrimental and unsafe to prolonged users. they are using mobile phones for business communication, keeping contact with family and friends, and even just followed the trends. cell phones, for example, have now become part of a broad category. and, of course, a cellular phone is more phone than anything else. a typical pda can function as a cellular phone, fax sender, web browser and personal organizer. since the beginning of smart phones, high school students have felt the need to have their media open on their smart phone in front of them so they do not feel empty. however, cell phones nowadays are used more hours than needed and now people say “i use my cell phone all the time” or “i can’t live without it” (peopleinthenews, 2011) consumers, cell phone and wireless industries, don’t consider the possibility that the increase in cell phone usage can cause health problems. since the 1940’s when mobile phones became available for automobiles, phone companies have made huge strides in making mobile phones more efficient, much smaller, and more available for anyone to use. additionally, using mobile phones in schools has some positive influences. and make sure that your essay is organized into paragraphs that each describes a subtopic. cell phones started booming in the late 80’s and have sky rocketed since then with their cool sleek designs, stylish colors, and the capability of using the internet. study of sar from mobile phones with and without headset. what are the effects of mobile phones and how serious are they.- mobile phones seem to help ‘young’ people a lot in today’s society. yet it is undeniable that utilizing a cell phone while driving can affect driver performance as it relates to the overall safe operation of a vehicle.- in their relatively short period of widespread use since their introduction in 1978 (agar, 2003), handheld mobile telephones have had a significant impact across the globe on a social and economic level, however the long term impact of their use is difficult to predict. see chapter 15 “readings: examples of essays” to read a sample classification essay. smartphones allow users to store information, e-mail, install programs, along with using a mobile phone in one device.

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