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, while most people don’t care, anyone who puts it in their instructions for how to apply definitely does care, and you should follow those instructions to the letter. had one applicant who scanned it into the same file – his is the only one i have seen without forcing the issue. i used to hire for internships, and would get 100-150 resumes for 3 positions. in the body of the email, you can explain what documents are attached and also highlight any special qualifications or differentiators about your background. sometimes when your cover letter is embedded in the body of an email, the formatting is not ideal and then the printed version is less than attractive. want to be able to save all resumes and cover letters and then easily review them all at once (so yes to putting your name in the file name too).’ve always had the cover letter be the body of the email. usually put the cover letter content into the e-mail, and then just attach a single file that includes everything requested for the application – including the cover letter. they don’t state a preference, i attach the cover letter – different email programs can mess with formatting, and it’s not just “what did my email program do” but how does their email program interact with that.

Should Cover letter & CV/Resume be in same file?: Job Related

other option is to attach both a cover letter and a resume as separate documents to your email. this requires a bit more work for the receiver but it fully complies with a company’s request to submit both a resume and a cover letter., i found out later that when i scanned the cover letter and resume in separate files to attach to the electronic application, my current employer’s recruiters do *not* forward the cover letter – only the resume. if someone sent me a cover letter in the body of an email, i’d copy and paste it as is into a document to forward to others, and would probably lose formatting and it would look less good than if you did it yourself. if the receiver plans to print the documents, there will likely be fewer formatting problems and both documents will appear more polished in printed form. especially if they asked you to send them an email with your cover letter and/or resume. once applied for a position, putting the cover letter in the body of the email. one has to attach a resume also, it makes sense to attach a cover letter (and retain desired formatting).” (don’t write more than that, or now there are two separate letters that you expect me to read, which is also annoying.

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(and if you are thinking “well, my cover letter is just a letter with no fancy formatitng” – this includes things like not rendering em-dash or smart quotes the same way you see them on your screen, and things like inserting gratuitous blank lines or carriage returns in the middle of a paragraph, in the middle of a sentence even. if the company has requested all resumes and cover letters be submitted by a deadline, email your information before the deadline. if the company has requested that documents be sent in a certain format, send them that way. i had been attaching them as pdfs like my resume, but this will save me a step here and there. use your first and last name rather than “resume2011” or something similar. they only read the e-mail that said “please find attached my application for blah blah blah,” and didn’t bother looking to see the cover letter attached. paragraph is written poorly:There is likely a formal application process for a government position, and you should submit your cover letter through that instead of via email. don’t know how common this is, but i would recommend keeping them together and making it a little harder for someone to not deliver the cover letter. a company may not consider this a “real” cover letter.

Should you attach your cover letter or put it in the body of the email

attaching the cover letter, you can attach it as a pdf, which allows you to keep the formatting, so that what you send is what they see. applying to a job via email, should you attach your cover letter or paste it in the body of the email, or both? generally attach both my resume and cover letter as a single pdf file unless the job posting makes it clear they want it a certain way. are two different approaches with submitting a resume and cover letter via email. reason for this is that the cover letter will have to be pulled out, attached to the application, and printed anyway. i agree with alison that it’s not going to make or break you, attaching a cover letter just makes way more sense:1. when people just put their cover letter in the body of the email it was very annoying, as i’d have to copy the text in to a new word document in order to store it in the folder with my other docs. i received a phone call asking where my cover letter was. if the hiring manager wants the cover letter in the email, then of course it goes in the email.

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    100% of the time, unless you are specifically instructed otherwise, put the cover letter in the body of the email, and then attach a pdf labeled with your name that contains all of your materials. i attach the resume and cover letter (one file) because i assume it’s going to be printed off and/or forwarded and saved somewhere. previously worked in hr and at the company i worked for we really preferred the cover letter be sent as an attachment. – totally a member of team put your last name in the document name! if it says “attach your resume and cover letter as a single file” or “pdf format only, no word documents” and you don’t do that, you almost immediately go into the “can’t follow directions” pile. seems weird to me to not just have the cover letter be the body of the e-mail [and the resume attached], but maybe that’s just me. hire a lot of freelance writers, and i strongly prefer having the cover letter as the body of the email., at one point i had a boss who would send resumes/cover letters on to others to be considered. but my organization switched to online systems (finally) a few years ago, and it bundles the resume and cover letter together in one place, so the email is moot these days.

    Is it a bad idea to attach your cover letter to the same file as your

    honestly though, i don’t care if cover letter is in body or attached.(also, as a related separate issue, your email is a public record but your cover letter might not be one. the cover letter gives me a huge indication of whether the person applying can write, so it’s much easier to have that right in front of me than to open an attachment individually for every applicant. if you choose to cut and paste your cover letter in the body of the email, it should still be professionally written and free of errors. the “two attachment” approach is probably best for senior-level positions or when applying to larger, more formal companies or when a company specifically requests a cover letter. this is the one place where cover letter in the body of the email makes sense, because hr people will generally be willing to take that much risk (assuming they are willing to take the time in general. if the cover letter was a part of the file, i would have seen it. with the first approach, you can cut and paste your actual cover letter into the body of the email. so, i’m team “attach the cover letter” and also team “put your name in your document names” – not that i won’t see it when i open the file, but it’s a tiny but handy help.
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      asked if my resume exaggerates, office is weirdly secretive about hiring, and more. if the cover letter was in the body of the email it would have to get copied into a new document so that i actually got it. always do a single attached pdf with my cover letter as the first page and my resume as the subsequent two pages. tip that is a simple yet often overlooked detail is the title of an emailed resume. started adding the cover letter content into the e-mail after two places in a row rejected my application for not sending a proper cover letter (their words)…. then i started putting the cover letter in the body of the email, unless there were explicit instructions in the job posting. this approach is probably acceptable when applying for many positions, especially for smaller, entrepreneurial companies or when a company does not request a cover letter. someone who gets a ton of requests for internships, i actually prefer it when the cover letter is in the email body and not attached. also state clearly in the ads that the cover letter should be the body of the email, and i absolutely do penalize people who send it as an attachment instead, because they haven’t followed the instructions that were specifically spelled out in the posting.
    • When I'm applying for a job over email, is it better to attach the cover

      things get lost in email forwards, formatting gets messed up, documents get detached from each other, etc. if you cannot submit your cover letter there, then send it as an attachment to an email. i can then save the pdfs and a i have an easy reference for which version of my resume i used and exactly what i said in my cover letter.! i’ve always done both, letting them know in the closing that a copy of my cover letter the body of the email/cover letter is attached. attaching a cover letter to an email, in addition to the language you used above, will hiring managers find it annoying if you ask them to confirm that they have received your application and to let you know if they have any questions or if they need any additional information? i always thought that was helpful – you can read my email with the cover letter right now, or you can download it and the resume and save it for later (or send just the attachment without my email, etc., i was receiving just resumes from hr even though the candidates were referencing their cover letters. or an applicant must submit a resume and cover letter via email.: When you are applying for a job where you have to send an email with your resume and cover letter, what do you say in the actual body of your When applying to a job via email, do you attach your cover letter or do you paste it in the body of the email, or both?
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