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experience:Chief nuclear medicine technologistjanuary 2007 – presentst therese general hospital, new york responsibilities:Coordinated with the medical scientists in the evaluation of nuclear programs and development of new techniques and procedures. speak directly with a nuclear medicine technologist and arrange for a visit.

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nuclear medicine procedures are safe, they involve little or no patient discomfort and do not require the use of anesthesia./organizationsamerican registry of radiologic technologists, secretaryamerican society of radiology, member.

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than 100 accredited nuclear medicine technology programs currently offer instruction and clinical internship. with colleagues and other professionals on the activities and services in nuclear medical science in order to be updated with regards new technologies and information.

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information about or a complete list of nuclear medicine technology programs, contact:Or contact your guidance counselor or local library for the allied health education directory (isbn 0-88970-186-8). medicine technologists work in a wide variety of clinical settings, such as.

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the future outlook and educational requirements for "chief technologist, nuclear medicine". the technologist:Gains the patient's confidence by obtaining pertinent history, describing the procedure and answering any questions.


medicine combines chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer technology, and medicine in using radioactivity to diagnose and treat disease. nuclear medicine technologistmay 2004 – december 2006st therese general hospital, new york.

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medicine technologistmarch 1999 – may 2004st therese general hospital, new york responsibilities:Coordinated with the medical scientists in the evaluation of nuclear programs and development of new techniques and procedures. medicine will continue to be a field at the forefront of modern clinical medicine and technological development.

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being a "chief technologist, nuclear medicine" your very best career choice? have a wide variety of alternative career paths available, including:Senior staff technologist.

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though there are many diagnostic techniques currently available, nuclear medicine uniquely provides information about both the structure and function of virtually every major organ system within the body. for entry-level salary information for your region, contact a nuclear medicine technology training program in your area.

your own professional looking resume for free using our resume builder! successful completion of a nuclear medicine program, qualified technologists can be certified through examination by one of the national certifying agencies.

degree in nuclear medicineuniversity of arizona, 1999bachelor of science in nuclear medicineuniversity of arizona, 1996. your local hospital and ask for the nuclear medicine department.

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medical practitioner and expert who is completely involved with nuclear medicine practices, principles, diagnosis of patients and equipment operations; has worked closely in collaboration with the neurosurgeons in caring for his patients; provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment services for all patients; aims at promoting optimal wellness, shares a sense of duty and enthusiasm towards our goal to keep a professional atmosphere; has a strong dedication to research and training, provides post-graduate and continuous medical education for the future technologists and other health care professionals; is trained to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations and complies strictly to quality, safety, and infection control standards. it is this ability to characterize and quantify physiologic function which separates nuclear medicine from other imaging modalities, such as x-ray.

you have a keen interest in the health sciences and computer technology and are looking for a people-oriented career, consider nuclear medicine technology! an imaging procedure, the technologist works directly with the patient.

) supervises and coordinates activities of nuclear medicine technologists engaged in preparing, administering, and measuring radioactive isotopes in therapeutic, diagnostic, and tracer studies: assigns workers to prepare radiopharmaceuticals, perform nuclear medicine studies, and conduct laboratory tests, and monitors activities to ensure efficiency and accuracy of procedures. some of the technologist's primary responsibilities are to:Prepare and administer radioactive chemical compounds, known as radiopharmaceuticals.
nuclear medicine technologistmay 2004 – december 2006st therese general hospital, new york responsibilities:Implemented programs to design education and training of nuclear medical staff. nuclear medicine technologist is a highly specialized healthcare professional who works closely with the nuclear medicine physician.

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