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Requesting a copy of the PhD thesis from an author? - Academia

first thing to do is to check whether a version of the thesis has been published in some other form (for example, as a book). photocopying of specific pages or sections must be done in person in the reid library. however, it may be possible—and even more so for a humanities thesis—that the author is currently preparing it for publication, and may therefore be reluctant to share it via electronic means.

Requesting a copy of the PhD thesis from an author? - Academia

Q. How can I obtain a copy of a Harvard thesis? - Ask a Librarian

for thesis or other publications is an accepted behaviour in academia. staff and postgraduate students can request a copy of a non-uwa thesis through get it, if the full-text is not available through the resources listed. name is bill bloggs, i am a phd student at the university of stuff.

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am writing to you today to request an electronic copy of your thesis. phd thesis is usually a published work, and is normally archived in a university's library. these book projects take much longer to complete (often will take a whole 4-5 years more), many phds working on books request a "dissertation embargo" with their school library so that their dissertations will not be made public immediately.

Obtaining a copy of a UWA thesis - askUWA

as anonymous mathematician suggests in his comment, you can ask for a copy of the thesis, but you should definitely explain why you're interested in the thesis. purchase requests require a thesis request form to be submitted. don't think it is a big deal, unless as discussed in other answers they have reasons not to respond, however "hello i am a phd student in your field, can i please see your thesis?

Thesis Collection : Library

browse other questions tagged phd thesis or ask your own question. firstly, you will need to complete a store request form for the thesis that you wish to access. you are looking for a specific dissertation or thesis, you may be able to access it through your library’s subscriptions.


i have seen your thesis referenced by xx and i was. you allowed to copy text from your master's thesis into your phd thesis?@anonymous mathematician it does not show up in author searches (amazon etc) and on the the author's university page it is listed as a thesis but not as a published book.

Get copy phd thesis-Q. How can I obtain a copy of a Harvard thesis? - Ask a Librarian


thesis layouts from around the world78should i report an accepted phd thesis in which the literature review is copied verbatim from sources?* march 2012 forward: most phd dissertations submitted from march 2012 forward are available online in dash, harvard’s central open-access repository. most countries once the dissertation is submitted to the university it comes into the public sphere (still copyrighted but its existence and content can no longer be thought of as private) so there should be no problem with contacting either the author or the library of his or her phd institution and requesting a copy politely.

Theses | Imperial College London

theses can be read and photocopied in the reid library or in special collections depending on the age and/or vulnerability of the thesis. should the student just email the author and say "hello i am a phd student in your field, can i please see your thesis?  check the hollis catalog to see where a thesis is housed.

How do I find a masters thesis or PhD. dissertation? | University of

american studies1agriculture23alumni3anthropology2appraisals12archives1art4art in harvard libraries32articles4arts and architecture1asian studies2audio books1awards5bibliography5biography1biology2book preservation1book reviews78books18borrow direct45borrowing2buildings8business3calendars5carrels16catalogs1celtic4chemistry10citation of sources9citation tools5classes3clickers1climate change1computer science26computers1contact information5contemporary legends10copies15copyright2courses11crimson cash1criticism19data19databases2dictionaries12digital collections10dissertations4distance learning1donations116e-resources7economics3education17electronic books3employment1encyclopedias1energy2english2environment5equipment2exams3extension school10films12fines and fees1folklore3foreign study9forms2gender studies6genealogy1geology2german literature17get it10google10government6government documents1h index5harvard depository1harvard open-access publishing equity10harvard studies3harvard university archives89harvardiana9history4holds1holiday28hollis5hollis+34houghton9hours6id5images32interlibrary loan5internet access26journals1judaica8lamont8language resource center10languages1law40libraries10library history4library science6library services6library statistics1library student4literature1lost & found33manuscripts5maps5microfilm44miscellaneous5mit2museums6music32newspapers5off-campus1overdue7permissions5phillips reading room13photographs5pictures2plagiarism1pleasure reading4poetry1policy2polls6primary sources7printing24privileges3prizes5psychology1public libraries5purchase requests8quotations1radio10rare books17recalls19reference5religion9renewals7reproduction request64research assistance1research guides13reserves2restrictions1returns2safari books online10scan & deliver17scanning15services14software11special borrowers7special collections12statistics5studies1study abroad5study spaces3summer5summer school1sustainability5technology1television1tests & measurements4theatre9theses3tours1united nations1vacation8videos13visitors3weather4web of science18widener2writing.  for example, the museum of comparative zoology and tozzer library house theses written by students in the departments they support, many of which are not in the university archives, and lamont library houses most phd dissertations since 1982 on microfiche, so checking hollis is important. permission of the author is usually required to copy theses within the last five years.

ProQuest - Dissertations

. how can i obtain a copy of a harvard thesis? the document delivery staff will copy entire theses on request for a fee:7. when the thesis has been retrieved, you will receive an email outlining options for viewing, copying and scanning.

Obtaining a copy of a UWA thesis - askUWA

download instantly for your research, or order a scanned copy quickly and easily. search to items available for immediate download from ethos or the institution:Can't find the thesis you want? theses in the university archives, patrons can submit photocopy orders of up to thirty pages of undergraduate honors theses that were written before the last five years and phd theses that were written before 1982.

text from co-authored paper into thesis6copy/paste from the phd thesis into my future publication3writing phd thesis by copying and pasting paragraphs from publications i authored or co-authored: is this plagiarism? but suppose a humanities phd student has seen a thesis title (2008, so presumably in electronic format), that is relevant to their phd subject and they want to read the thesis but unlike most theses it is not available in the student's libraries or online etc, probably due to the author's geographical location. however, i suggest you explain a little bit of your research work and why you are interested to his/her thesis.

thesis to me so that i can read it as it seems relevant to my own. affiliates with harvardkeys can access the full text of most harvard phd theses since 1990 from the database dissertations and theses full text. whether you would be willing to send an electronic copy of.

you are worried about contacting the author directly, the proquest database might be a place to start if the person whose dissertation you are looking for has already graduated and submitted to the final copy the their university, which appears to be the case in the scenario you mentioned.  for scholars off-site, photocopies of undergraduate honors theses older than five years and most phd dissertations from 1981 and earlier, can be ordered from the imaging services division of the harvard college library. so you could ask your own library how to order a copy of the thesis.

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