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Beige book report 2009

How's Business? The Role of the Beige Book in Fed Policymaking

the boston, chicago, cleveland, and dallas reports suggested that prices were largely unchanged from the previous period. contacts in richmond reported that demand for health-care services remained strong, particularly for outpatient care. contacts in several districts reported strong yields for corn and soybeans. in contrast, contacts in the kansas city district reported an uptick in the number of active oil and gas drilling rigs in response to an anticipated increase in oil prices. contacts in chicago reported that the tourism industry continued to perform well, and demand for air travel in the san francisco district remained strong.

The Fed - 2009

in the manufacturing sector was flat to slightly up in general, with chicago in particular reporting a moderate pace of growth. upward wage pressures increased further and were moderate on balance, with more rapid gains reported for workers with selected specialized skill sets. in kansas city, bankers reported that, while agricultural loan delinquencies remained low, requests for loan extensions increased and loan repayment rates weakened. contacts in the atlanta district also observed fewer international arrivals relative to the previous reporting period and were monitoring the potential impact of the zika virus on international travel. several transportation equipment and industrial machinery manufacturers reported plans to expand facilities in the st.

The Beige Book

contacts in atlanta reported that the supply of natural gas remained elevated and demand declined further. most districts reported a "modest" or "moderate" pace of overall growth. however, kansas city and new york reported no change in activity, and philadelphia and richmond noted that, while still expanding, activity slowed from the previous period. contacts in minneapolis reported moderate wage pressures, while contacts in st. in philadelphia, wage pressures were modest, but contacts reported upward pressure to employee benefit expenses from rising health-care costs.

FRB: Beige Book 2009

The Fed - Monetary Policy Report

" this report--called the monetary policy report--is submitted semiannually to the senate committee on banking, housing, and urban affairs and to the house committee on financial services, along with testimony from the federal reserve board chair. in the san francisco district, financial institutions in states with a legal marijuana industry reported increased operational costs related to regulatory constraints. Beige Book, a summary of current economic conditions in the Eighth District is information gathered via business contacts, economists, market experts and others. respondents in boston reported a pickup in retail sales due in part to increased customer traffic, while contacts in the philadelphia district reported that decreased foot traffic did not reduce sales volumes. growth in the price of agricultural products was flat to declining in many districts, and contacts in chicago reported that ample supplies of wheat, dairy, and some meat products resulted in price declines.

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U.S. Federal Reserve Sept. Beige Book Summary (Text) - Bloomberg

, wages, and pricesemployment expanded at moderate pace since the previous report. louis reporting an elevated level, while dealers in richmond kept inventories of new vehicles tight. federal reserve act requires the federal reserve board to submit written reports to congress containing discussions of "the conduct of monetary policy and economic developments and prospects for the future. tourism activity was flat from the previous report but above year-earlier levels..Reports from the twelve federal reserve districts suggest that national economic activity continued to expand at a modest pace on balance during the reporting period of july through late august.

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Beige Book Archive | Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

employment gains were only modest in cleveland, and contacts in philadelphia reported an increase in part-time employees and longer workweeks along with a reduction in full-time hires. bankers in san francisco reported strong demand for loans, while demand for loans in dallas remained soft. on balance, wage pressures increased for highly skilled workers in many districts, and contacts in san francisco reported continued strong wage growth for technology specialists. recent house price appreciation was reported to be modest in general. beige book is a summary of current economic conditions in the eighth district.

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Beige Book, June 1 - Business Insider

activity was mostly flat relative to the prior reporting period, although the reports suggested that it was above year-earlier levels. only the new york district reported a broad decline in demand for services. in boston, contacts reported an unusually high number of job openings, and in the richmond district turnover rates increased for entry-level positions. growth in residential construction activity was moderate across many districts but robust in san francisco, where contacts reported that contractors are bumping up against capacity constraints for new projects. this online-only publication links to the full document, which includes similar anecdotal reports from the 11 other fed districts.

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servicesthe pace of demand growth for nonfinancial services picked up slightly from the prior reporting period, and contacts generally expect moderate growth to continue in the sector. transportation firms in the atlanta district reported mixed results, with contacts in the rail industry reporting no change in volumes, but port contacts noting a year-over-year increase in shipping volumes. staffing services businesses in most districts reported a moderate increase in activity, with boston contacts reporting revenue increases of 3 to 30 percent over last year. in many districts, businesses reported trouble filling job vacancies for high skilled positions, especially those aimed at technology specialists, engineers, and selected construction workers. contacts in dallas reported that demand for low- to mid-priced homes remained strong, while demand for higher priced homes softened in dallas and new york, and was flat in chicago.

How's Business? The Role of the Beige Book in Fed Policymaking

Beige Book

spending and tourismretail sales volumes appeared little changed since the prior reporting period, although the boston, cleveland, and san francisco districts suggested modest gains on balance. louis district reported that creditworthiness was largely unchanged for most loan applicants but declined somewhat for commercial and industrial lending. growth ranged from flat to strong across the districts, but most reported that wage pressures remained fairly modest. businesses in the atlanta and kansas city districts reported slight increases in input prices, while reports on selling prices were mixed. in the atlanta district, construction activity expanded moderately, but contractors reported tight supply conditions, with construction backlogs of one to two years.

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and natural resourcesagricultural producers faced mixed conditions during the reporting period, as contacts in many districts reported that lower prices pushed down revenue despite growth in volumes. commercial and industrial lending activity slowed in some districts, but philadelphia reported that most loan categories grew at a faster pace than in the previous report. contacts in the minneapolis district reported a slight uptick in mining activity, and noted that an idled iron ore mine resumed production and broke ground on an expansion. pharmaceutical manufacturers in the san francisco district reported that sales continued at a strong pace despite increased regulatory burdens and negative media coverage around industry pricing decisions. overall, employment declined in the carbon extraction industry; however, contacts in the atlanta district reported an uptick in hiring at petrochemical refining companies.

the prices of finished goods rose at a somewhat slower pace in richmond, compared with the previous reporting period. vehicle sales in the philadelphia district were unchanged from last period, and contacts reported narrower profit margins. by contrast philadelphia reported slower growth in staffing demand since the prior reporting period. retail sales declined in the dallas and kansas city districts, and chicago reported that consumer spending "slowed notably. according to the dallas and kansas city districts, some oil and gas companies reported challenges obtaining credit.

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