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Causes and Effects of Refugees Essay Example | Topics and

refugees are a group of people that have fled their homes into another country in order to escape war, conflict or some other tragedy.(m) development projects aimed essentially at repairing or improving a host country's economic or social infrastructure to help it cope with the presence of refugees, but which do not directly benefit significant numbers of refugees, should as a rule be handled by undp and/or other developmental organizations including ngos. send the so-called afghan refugees making their way to our shores back. this solution, through integration in the country of origin or of asylum, will only be lasting if it allows the refugees or returnees to support themselves and participate in the social and economic life of the community on an equal footing with the surrounding population, and this should therefore be the ultimate aim of assistance to refugees (see annex ii, principle (c)). ironically, some of these staff were former refugees who had contributed to the development of those very services. 200+ writers available 24/7, we can help with any written assignment (from simple essays to dissertations). this stimulus takes place, inter alia, through the local purchase of food, non-food items, shelter materials by agencies supplying relief items, disbursements made by aid workers, the assets brought by refugees themselves, as well as employment and income accrued to local population, directly or indirectly, through assistance projects for refugee areas. indeed, on occasions, unhcr appears to have been over-legalistic in the application of its mandate, with local residents having been treated as second-class citizens in relation to the refugees. such action must recognize that the impact and legacy of hosting large numbers of refugees sets new and unforeseen challenges that have to be met largely by developmental, not emergency assistance, yet rarely fit within development aid cycles. the chilling effect also hit the refugees who were exempted from the benefit restrictions for a certain period following arrival.. the heavy price that host countries have to pay in providing asylum to refugees is now widely recognized. the massacre of refugees in zaire stems from the rwandan genocide of 1994 which witnessed the deaths of 200,000 to 1 million ethnic tutsi and moderate hutu. subsequently, roads and airstrips have been damaged by relief traffic, and water sources over-burdened by refugees and their cattle.

Causes and Effects of Refugees Essay Example | Topics and

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million under the mandate of the united nations high commissioner for refugees (unhcr), around 2. social work and social advocacy in response to the plight of unaccompanied child refugees in the united states. for the refugees it is essential to free themselves from dependence on relief, and reach a situation where they can take care of themselves, as soon as possible. the european union is facing a major surge in the number of refugees arriving at its doors and shores. the provision of free health services for refugees undermined the local cost recovery approach. over 80% of refugees are in developing countries due to the country being less able to help.- the unjust deportation of cambodian refugees a policy that has made it possible for the deportation of refugees back to their homeland has already affected 1,400 cambodians. the presence of refugees, and demands on the already severely strained economy, services and infrastructure add to the extreme hardship affecting the local populations. easily cooked foods should have been distributed to the refugees in ngara (e. this is compounded by the fact that the eu remains utterly paralyzed and incapable of sorting out a formula for dealing with fewer than 350,000 syrian refugees (as of july 2015). on other side, there is kind of people who are called internally displaced person (idp) who have been defined by the un high commissioner for refugees (unhcr) as a people who have as same as refugees conditions except that they still remaining in their own country and they can't across an interna. most of refugees can't return back their home or afraid to do so. america, being the number one choice of destination, intercepts thousands of refugees every year.

UNHCR - Social and economic impact of large refugee populations

(i) unhcr, while being the focal point for durable solutions, should not assume the role of a development agency, and where developmental initiatives are needed to help refugees support themselves, the high commissioner's role should be essentially that of a catalyst and co-ordinator: he should initiate suitable projects, promote their development by a competent organization and the host government, and then promote their financing and monitor the results for the refugees. imbalance between the level of international support designed to meet refugee needs and the level of support designed to meet the needs of the host community, and the delay in actual provision of the latter, has caused tensions between local people and refugees in both tanzania and zaire. although refugees have existed throughout human history, the problem has assumed more importance in the 20th century.. while it is recognized that there may be some "positive" aspects to the impact of a refugee influx on the economic life of a host country, the large-scale presence of refugees invariably constitutes a heavy burden for receiving countries, particularly ldcs. their negative aspects may be felt long after a refugee problem is solved; for example, the damage to environment is a process and does not end with the repatriation of refugees. this act to eliminating discrimination was successful because of; the introduction of the point system, the introduction of new immigration acts/policies, and finally the changes made in accepting refugees.- taking refuge works cited not included the difference between refugees and immigrants is significant.. the presence of refugees, as a focus of attention, can also attract development agencies to the host areas. indeed, providing sanctuary to refugees who would otherwise experience significant hardships ranging from blatant discrimination and racism to torture and genocide, has very much become an institutionalized aspect of canadian society. generation stories of war, revolution, flight, and new beginnings” by sucheng chan described the history of vietnam; the vietnamese refugees’ experiences and sufferings they had gone through while on boat to go out of vietnam, and their settlements outside of vietnam. two specific issues remain at the core of the inability to obtain a final peace agreement-the issues of jerusalem and the question of palestinian refugees. in addition, it has long been suggested that a more restrictive immigration policy would vastly reduce the economic costs associated with caring for the thousands of refugees residing in canada under false pretenses (jiwani, 2011, p. it does not seem very likely that women had more roles than thought originally during the civil war, such as spies, nursing, refugees, and a few were soldiers.

Why 100,000s of Syrian refugees are fleeing to Europe | Brookings

-regime rebellions also lead to the emergence of refugees due to persecution. they have benefited from a huge surge of business activity associated with the emergency, with wfp transporting the bulk of the foodstuffs for the refugees in goma and bukavu, as well as for those in ngara and karagwe, through the port of dar-es-salaam, and then inland by rail. an additional range of skills that can be brought by refugees may include an enterprise culture which can stimulate the local economy or offer innovative agricultural techniques previously unknown to the host areas., term papers, research papers (related):communications in observation essay term papercolor essay term paperclassless america essay term paper. in the short-term, however, fuelwood needs to be trucked in, not only to the refugees themselves, but to the local residents who are now in the same position as the refugees.(h) the projects should be consistent with existing and planned development schemes for the area; wherever possible, these schemes should be extended as appropriate to include refugees.- conservation refugees conserving the environment is no easy feat and some tough decisions are definitely going to be made along the way.(k) under its normal programmes unhcr should continue, in close co-operation with other organizations of the un system, governmental organizations and ngos, to seek durable solutions through projects planned specifically for the refugees, even though local people also may eventually benefit from some of them. in malawi, a refugee influx which began in 1986, had led, by 1993, to one million mozambican refugees in the country, some 10 per cent of the national population.- the impact of refugees on a society the argument that refugees have a negative effect on society has been a topic of great debate for many years, both in the uk and across many other countries.- united states foreign policy toward jewish refugees during 1933-1939      in reviewing the events which gave rise to the u.. on the other hand, refugees can bring assets to the hosting area. unfortunately, long beach was not included on this database; on the other hand refugees were given the opportunity to relocate to a different city or destination.

The Rohingyas Refugee Crisis: A Regional and International Issue

moreover, in many refugee situations, problems are aggravated when refugees are a substantial proportion of the local, if not national population. as developments took place over time in relation to each of these three components, so did the emphasis on readdressing the impact of refugees on host countries also change. indeed, providing sanctuary to refugees, who would otherwise experience significant hardship ranging from blatant discrimination and racism to torture and genocide, has very much become an institutionalized aspect of canadian society. an ilo study shows that unemployment has significantly increased in jordan since syrian refugees began to arrive in 2011. had a quick-disbursing fund been available it could have been used to repair the initial damage rapidly and reduce the tensions between the refugees and the host population. in addition, a conflict in any given area triggers massive migrations of refugees across national borders and towards other countries considered to be safe. these migrants could be seen as economic refugees because they are often unable to feed their families and must immigrate for work opportunities. arrival of the refugees has also led to increased volatility in the prices of basic commodities, with the prices of some products tripling or quadrupling in the months following the influx. however, it is possible that much of the wood collected by refugees is used for social fires in the evenings - for light and companionship and for warmth and protection against biting flies. a detention camp can hold twenty to forty people at a time, but because of the growing number of refugees, these "camps" are usually over crowed and unkempt. furthermore, like lebanon, jordan is also host to large numbers of palestinians—the public in jordan is anxious about the domestic political implications of additional waves of refugees.(p) governing bodies of development agencies should consider the presence in a country of substantial numbers of refugees of returnees as one of the relevant factors in their programme planning. however, it is also true that in some areas local businesses have suffered as a result of direct competition from newly-emerged refugee enterprises while in other areas local residents have had more difficulty in finding casual labour as a result of the presence of many refugees prepared to work for lower wages.

IELTS refugees essay

(d) where voluntary return is not immediately feasible, conditions should be created in the country of asylum for temporary settlement of the refugees and their participation in the social and economic life of the community, so they can contribute to its development. no government of a low income country is prepared to contract loans or reallocate its previous development funds to programmes designed for, or required because of, large numbers of refugees on their land. another principle (m) addresses more directly the subject of this conference room paper:Development projects aimed essentially at repairing or improving a host country's economic or social infrastructure to help it cope with the presence of refugees, but which do not directly benefit significant numbers of refugees, should as a rule be handled by undp and/or other developmental organizations including ngos.- in this essay i am going to look at the reasons why many palestinians became refugees in 1948-49. for example, in nepal, in the district of jhapa, 90,000 refugees represent over 13 per cent of the local population; in ngara, in the united republic of tanzania, the recent refugee influxes meant that the local population was outnumbered by a ratio of approximately 4: 1; i.. host governments expect, at the very least, that the international community will help compensate for the costs incurred in providing asylum for the refugees. it is true that unhcr has funded the provision of extra police officers in tanzania, as well as the presidential guard in goma, and has supplied office equipment to some local government departments, these initiatives have been designed essentially to support local structures in their work with refugees, and the primary beneficiaries have not been the local communities. refugees were not allowed to leave the confines of the camp, which meant they could not work, hunt or gather food, or leave for health or educational reasons. the book attempts to clarify why there have been so many refugees emerging recently from the developing world, why they leave in varying volumes, where they end up, and why they go back or not. of refugees to third countries is one widely recognized manifestation of burden-sharing. three countries are carrying a huge burden and are deeply affected by the presence of the refugees. ethnic campaigns are also major contributors to the presence of refugees in the world we live in (salehyan, 2008). the presence of refugees compounds the already prevailing economic, environmental, social and, at times, political difficulties in these countries.

Causes of refugees essay-Free Refugees Essays and Papers

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on the other hand, refugees, as an "out" group, can be blamed for all untoward activities. in many instances, refugees become an added impediment to, or risk jeopardizing, the development efforts of the host country.. a common source of discontent for a local population, especially one that is poor, is to see refugees receiving services or entitlements which are not available to them. million palestinian refugees are registered with the united nations relief and works agency (unrwa). also some of the stateless can be refugees, these two groups of people is care by unhcr (united nations high commissioner for refugees). these refugees often fled to surrounding arab countries such as lebanon, syria, jordan and egypt. in spite of numerous appeals by antonio guterres, the united nations high commissioner for refugees, to the eu and the united states to make resettlement available, as of august 2015 there were only about 100,000 spots available, which is less than 3 percent of the overall number of syrian refugees.. examples of the devastating impact of large refugee populations on the eco-systems and on the infra-structure of a host countries can be found in the experiences of the islamic republics of iran and pakistan in hosting afghan refugees.- "you go to schools where syrian refugees are and you see that their drawings are mostly of houses being bombed, or people being killed or bodies on ground," "this trauma by violence is the biggest threat for the future of syria,” says guterres. there are enormous numbers of refugees in north america from all over the world, due to their unfortunate circumstances in their own countries.. the economic impact of refugees on host areas, however, is not necessarily negative. very substantial amounts of funding have been readily available for the refugees, with unhcr able to implement construction and other activities literally within hours of the influx. refugees in nepal have introduced new techniques of cultivating cardamom, an important cash crop in the south-east of the country.

Europe Refugee Crisis: Europe's Man Problem - POLITICO Magazine

- refugees according to un high commissioner for refugees (unhcr) definition, "refugee is some who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence" (“the un refuge agency”). the war that ensued was won by israel, creating a large number of arab refugees. due to disruptions before, during and after flight (or whatever means of travel), the traditional family structure of many refugees is upset..'s foreign policy toward jewish refugees, we must identify the relevant factors upon which such decisions were made.- refugees and migrants represent not merely a problem but also a solution in the sense of global capital infrastructure.(r) proper co-ordination of refugee-related development projects with other development projects, in the context of the host country's development strategy, should take place on a country basis, through existing consultative mechanisms such as consultative group or consortium meetings or round table conferences where they exist; where a country has received substantial numbers of refugees so that their presence affects its development, refugee-related development assistance would be reviewed as a regular part of these consultative processes. ultimately, only the dispersion of refugees to smaller, more physically-separated camps offers a sustainable long-term solution and in tanzania and zaire this has not proven acceptable to the local and national authorities.(c) in either case, the solution will be lasting only if it allows the refugees or returnees to support themselves and participate in the social and economic life of the community on an equal footing with the surrounding population, and this should therefore be the ultimate aim of assistance to refugees. in addition, the strategy sought to compensate for some of the adverse economic and social impacts of refugees on the host country. or was its aim simply to ameliorate the situation of refugees and local people, pending the day when the former could return to their homeland and thereby benefit from the solution of voluntary repatriation?- in the poem refugee mother and child written by chinua achebe and refugees written by kapka kassabova, an important idea of loss is conveyed by using interesting language techniques such as simile, alliteration and metaphor. according to unhcr, turkey became the world’s largest recipient of refugees (total, including those from iraq) in 2014. according to the united nations high commissioner for refugees, the outstanding world refugee total exceeded twenty-six million in 1996.

The Roots of Europe's Refugee Crisis - Carnegie Europe - Carnegie

. there are commonly complaints that refugees have added to security problems in general and crime rates, theft, murder etc. there are approximately 12 million refugees and idp within africa and almost two-thirds, or 7. even in a situation where temporary measures are necessary pending a durable solution, the emphasis should be on freeing refugees from dependence on relief (principle (d)) and on productivity though self-help activities, participation in local works to improve economic and social infrastructure etc. although, the articles lacks of evidence from the other side, but it had a well organized structure and logical supporting evidence; however, the writers did create a remarkable view at the illegal refugees’ benefits on the economy for the others. it is true that advanced countries around the world such as canada, united states, also non governmental organisations (ngos), and united nations high commissioner for refugees (unhcr) attempt to help those asylum seekers. the presence of refugees also contributes to the creation of employment benefiting the local population, directly or indirectly. this depressing picture is compelling syrian refugees to take the ultimate risk of trusting their self-resettlement to the hands of human smugglers, rather than the eu, the united states, and international agencies. for example, refugees have introduced swamp land rice in guinea, making use of previously vacant land and introducing new agricultural techniques. the report recognized that a key to the success of this project was the extraordinary level of donor support for the project, which, in turn, was a tangible recognition of pakistan's "open door" policy with regard to afghan refugees. host country national and regional authorities divert considerable resources and manpower from the pressing demands of their own development to the urgent task of keeping refugees alive, alleviating their sufferings and ensuring the security of the whole community./consequences and cause of refugees term paper 5407issues term papers. with the displacement of so many people, it is difficult to find countries willing to accept all the refugees. for instance, in pakistan, over two million refugees contributed to accelerated wear and tear of roads and canals, and a significant increase in the consumption of fuel and fodder resources.

UNHCR - Social and economic impact of large refugee populations

eu refugee crisis needs to be seen against the background of the failure of the international community to help share the burden with these neighboring countries that are hosting the bulk of the syrian refugees. elements ilustrated in chinua achebe's poem, refugee mother and child and in kassabova's refugees.- refugees are people who have been forced to leave their home country for fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, politics, civil war or due to environmental disasters. refugees are also faced with the problem of what country to migrate to. some having lost land, livestock and crops, have been reduced to as precarious a state of survival as the refugees themselves.. from the moment of arrival, refugees compete with the local citizens for scarce resources such as land, water, housing, food and medical services. deprived of the protection of their state, often detached from their families and communities of origin, refugees are, by any definition, particularly vulnerable to violence. refugees indeed bring skills and knowledge with them that can be utilized to the benefit of local people. hosts more than 630,000 syrian refugees, on top of iraqi and palestinian ones. a genuinely durable solution means integration of the refugees into a society: either re-integration in the county or origin, after voluntary repatriation, or integration in the country of asylum or country of resettlement. when intercepted, these refugees are placed in a detention camp and held until they can be sent back to their country of origin. a situation of such protracted displacement, syrian refugees are increasingly recognizing that hospitality for them in lebanon, jordan, and turkey has maxed out and “la barque est pleine.. maize flour rather than whole grain), and refugees should have been encouraged to use fuel-saving cooking devices (e.

Why 100,000s of Syrian refugees are fleeing to Europe | Brookings

their principal interest in the refugee aid and development approach was to be compensated more adequately for the costs they were incurring by admitting refugees onto their territory. it is such events that, following tribal clashes between the hutus and tutsis, led to massive migration of refugees from rwanda to neighbouring countries.- for years refugees have come to america from all over the globe coming from syria, vietnam, iraq, and even australia. and other agencies such as unicef, care and gtz did commission environmental and economic assessment reports on areas around the camps in both tanzania and zaire after the arrival of the refugees. addition to the refugees themselves having had an impact on the local community, so too have the relief programmes themselves. an economic stimulus may be generated by the presence of refugees and can lead to the opening and development of the host regions. in some cases, the presence of one (ethnic) group of refugees may affect ethnic balances within the local population and exacerbate conflicts. while the international emergency aid in response to such an emergency does have some positive effects on the host society, this hardly compensates for the negative consequences of such large concentrations of refugees. since 1975, the united states has welcomed more than 3 million refugees from all over the world. refugees do not include displaced persons who are people who have been forced to move within their own country.- cultural transition of the hmong refugees humans have always demonstrated a remarkable ability to find comfort amidst adversity.- when we talk about the vietnamese, most people will think them as refugees because of their history.- in the literature about refugees and the effects of displacement upon them, certain themes are unmistakably persistent.

. committee for refugees states that this harsh law has made it easy for the immigration and naturalization service, the u. the cultural affinity between afghan refugees and their hosts, and the government's policy on refugee employment were recognized as a key factors in igpra's success and would be significant factors should replication be attempted in other countries.: free essays on issues posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. where such projects provide durable income-earning opportunities for refugees, unhcr could contribute to their financing in proportion to the number of refugees among the beneficiaries. the mass movement of refugees is an example of a situation where the impact on the ecology is not fully under control, because the emergency character of the movement normally does not allow for early and proper planning of the new habitat. particularly unsettling effect of the refugee presence has been the large increase in the incidence of violent crime in the areas around the camps, even though the violence has mostly been between refugees, and has not involved local people. their ability to serve refugees’ needs is simply overstretched, especially in lebanon and jordan. the book tells the stories of refugees that come from different background and countries in which they are connected together by an american- educated jordanian woman called luma mufleh. unhcr could provide its good offices for the financing of such projects, and would need to follow them to ensure that the refugees benefit as planned. refugees also cost the government millions of dollars every year in labor, transport and food. such a response would be a tangible expression of solidarity and burden-sharing aimed at alleviating the burden borne by states that have received large numbers of refugees, in particular developing countries with limited resources. while most host governments generally have demonstrated a willingness to bear many of these costs, they are understandably reluctant to pay, as a price for giving asylum, the cost of additional infrastructure that may be needed to accommodate refugees. it also recognized that it had a catalytic role in enlisting the assistance of the international community and development agencies to help with environmental rehabilitation in the host country after the departure of refugees.

- this literature reviews the refugees’ in their countries and also situations in adopted countries of those who have moved from their own countries, their human rights and problems. undp, fao, unicef and other agencies have been helping the tanzanian government draw up project proposals to reduce the impact of the refugees on the local environment, the overall response in regard to problems amongst the host population can only be compared unfavourably with that for the refugee population. it is also important to be aware that many of the benefits will cease once the refugees go home, or once the relief programme winds down, while the costs, particularly environmental, will last well into the future. the karen refugees would go through the daily routines of life, but had no hope for the future to work towards.- merging social work and social advocacy in response to the plight of unaccompanied child refugees in the united states introduction more than any country in the world, the united states has been a haven for refugees fleeing religious and political persecution in their home countries. enter the title keyword:Free Refugees papers, essays, and research papers. assuming that the wood consumption of refugees would be modest, say half the normal consumption, a camp of four thousand refugees would consume approximately 10,000m of wood a year for cooking. migratory individuals, refugees and asylum seekers are finding it physically easier and less costly to move between countries and continents.(l) where the need is for developmental projects conceived for the benefit of both refugees and substantial numbers of local people with similar needs, unhcr should, in consultation with the host government, invite a developmental organization - intergovernmental, governmental or non-governmental - to provide its services for the formulation, appraisal, negotiation and supervision of appropriate projects. in addition, trading opportunities have grown up around the camps - the buying of excess food commodities from the refugees and the selling, in return, of cloth, soap, radio batteries, etc. however, the refugees in the camps had to completely rely on the charity of others and zoya expressed how “accepting handouts felt so abnormal” (114).. the addition of a sizable group of refugees to an existing population creates a sudden and massive demand for scarce natural resources such as land, fuel, water, food and shelter materials, with long-term implications on their sustainable re-generation. refugees migrate for reasons of safety or civil rights from their own country.

unhcr, in a newly formulated policy on refugees and the environment (see ec/sc.(f) in low-income areas, the needs of the local people should also be taken into account; in such areas initiatives may therefore be needed which would permit both refugees and local people to engage in economically productive activities to ensure them a decent livelihood. the free issues research paper (consequences and cause of refugees essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. over 400,000 refugees have been housed with family or friends in the federal republic of yugoslavia.. the close relationship between what refugees need to help them support themselves and what the disadvantaged local people need, should be reflected in the structures and/or co-ordination procedures for addressing these issues at the national level, both in the host countries and in the assisting countries, as well as within and between the international organizations concerned. john is a wonderful book about a community of refugees who live in clarkston, georgia and their struggles to adapt with foreign environment of the united states. after all, the international refugee system was set up on the shared understanding that refugees are an international responsibility, not just the responsibility of the country where they happen to arrive. if we really consider the plight of these people, such as, the bosnians, who are unable to safely return to their homes and remain stranded in germany and croatia; the russian jews who face a rising tide of anti-semitism; the burmese, who for years languished in camps along the thai border; the afghan women, along the border of pakistan who fear repression under the taliban; the iraqis scattered throughout the middle-east following iraq's invasion of kuwait; somali bantus who have been confined for as many as ten years in camps in kenya and the vietnamese, who worked with the american government during the vietnam war, we would realize that refugees are victims of many circumstances and that we should help them in any way we can.- it does not seem very likely that women had more roles than thought originally during the civil war, such as spies, nursing, refugees, and only a few were soldiers.- the united nations high commissioner for refugees announced, “somalia's drought and refugee crisis is the most severe humanitarian emergency in the world, (unhcr, 2011).(g) initiatives of this kind will be necessarily in low-income areas where significant numbers of refugees (by comparison with the local population) need income-earning opportunities: in these areas development-oriented projects are required that would generate work opportunities and - where local integration of the refugees is feasible - long-term livelihoods for refugees and local people in a comparable situation, through activities which create assets of a continuing economic value with a good rate of return, so that they contribute to the overall development of the area.- refugee women during the 21st century refugees face governmental turmoil, political prosecution and natural disasters; however, women are further burdened by their female status, biological functions and lack of attention to the needs of women in refugee camps.. if refugees are from the same cultural and linguistic group as the local population, there is often identification with and sympathy for their situation.

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