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PhD in Information Assurance | CCIS

technical university’s master of science in management: information systems security degree program reviews security management and network security principles.. in computer science program at idaho state university can focus on information assurance by following the curriculum outlined by the center for secure and dependable systems, housed in the college of engineering.. in computer science where students may focus on information assurance. 30-credit-hour program features nine credits from advanced communications and information systems electives. of information technology - information assurance and securitydoctor of philosophy in information technology - information assurance and securitylooking for online programs? on your area of interest, you may be able to apply even if you don’t have a degree in cs or cyber security. university, a private research university with a liberal arts focus, is a nonsectarian, co-educational institution.. applicants must submit gre or gmat scores, an essay discussing their motivation and areas of research interest, and three letters of recommendation. information:Accredited by the commission on colleges of the southern association of college and schools. students can earn up to 30 credits in coursework, and between 30 and 60 credits for research work.  up to 15% of the total budget can be applied in the us to defray student research costs, preparing manuscripts for publication or finalizing thesis/dissertation. it often examines technical and theoretical concepts of computer science and information security. explosion of cyber threats and computer hackers has significantly increased the demand for information assurance and security professionals among companies and government agencies. master of science in computer, information, and network security degree covers the theory of information security and teaches students to design, implement and manage secured it infrastructure and risk in a company. master in management-information systems degree core courses include:Information technology & business strategy.

PhD in Information Assurance | CCIS

About the U.S. Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security Grant

., students must complete at least 72 credits beyond bachelor’s level, including at least 18 credits of dissertation research. the degree program focuses on cybersecurity, information analysis, and information science training. note, all research centers of the cgiar consortium are eligible partners; if you are interested in working within an iarc or narc outside of the cgiar system, or in multiple countries, please contact us at borlaugfellows@purdue. the curriculum for this specialty covers cybersecurity, physical security, and homeland security, and allows students to conduct multi-disciplinary research. assurance goes beyond traditional information security; information assurance professionals also create safe environments to access information.. phd program is two years of graduate classes and qualifying exams, followed by 3-5 years of independent research culminating in a detailed, scientific account of your work (i. ism 6124 (3) advanced systems analysis and design ism 6218 (3) advanced database management bul 5842 (3) risk management and legal compliance acg 6457 (3) accounting systems audit, control and security ism 6137 (3) statistical data mining for the additional elective in the information assurance concentration, students may take: ism 6145 (3) seminar on software testing ism 6316 (3) project management acg 6688 (3) forensics accounting and the legal environment or any other elective pre-approved by the muma college of business information assurance concentration program director. we welcome research projects in any developing country that has a significant food insecurity problem. more information, contact the master of tourism administration program at (202) 994-9326. required for the master in information assurance include:Legal aspects of computer security and information privacy. students at iowa state university who are interested in cybersecurity have three options. in the master in computer information systems degree program with a concentration in security include:Database design and implementation for business.. borlaug fellows in global food security program graduate research grant is an overseas research grant; however, in extenuating circumstances and with adequate justification, the borlaug grant may also support up to one semester (no more than four months) of student support costs in the u. university, a private, non-profit research university, consists of seven colleges. options in the 52-credit-hour computer, information and network security master’s degree program include:Foundations of network technologies.


phd is not required for most corporate cyber security careers. institute of technology (florida tech), a private research university, has five academic divisions with an emphasis on mathematics, science, engineering and technology. online master of science in information systems and security degree program covers subjects such as database management, computer network security, systems analysis, and information assurance. university offers a master of science degree in information systems with a cognate in information assurance. present information on a weekly basis, and students can log on at a time convenient for them.  grant funds can be used to support a variety of research needs including student travel to the research site, research materials and supplies, living expenses while abroad, and travel for the faculty advisor and/or research center mentor to the iarc/nars or the student's u. university’s online master of science degree in information assurance teaches students how to evaluate and manage information security risks. nyu is home to the center for interdisciplinary studies in security and privacy (crissp), a collaborative organization that takes an interdisciplinary approach to information security and privacy in a search for innovative solutions. they will decide whether:Your dissertation topic is original and will make a significant contribution to the field of cyber security. you are working on your dissertation, you may be required to write progress reports, teach undergraduate classes and present talks on your research. college, a private, non-profit, nonsectarian university, offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in computer science, information technology, engineering, and business. the program is offered in collaboration with carnegie mellon silicon valley, home to the mobility research center, and students in this program can live in silicon valley while working on the degree. to date, a number of students are pursuing their bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees with federal funding from the national science foundation and the defense department./iae- national centers of academic excellence in information assurance education (national security agency and department of homeland security). they can focus on information assurance while pursuing a ph.

M.S. in Cybersecurity

. in information assurance is an interdisciplinary program that is presented by the college of computer and information science, college of engineering, and college of social sciences and humanities. must choose from four specializations: computer forensics, ethical hacking & pen testing, health information assurance, and information assurance and security policy. additional requirementsapplicants also must submit the following with their application:official transcripts with confirmation that the applicant has received a bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited university a 250-500 word essay in which the student describes her or his academic and professional background, reasons for pursuing this degree, and professional goals pertaining to cybersecuritytwo letters of recommendation, at least one of which should come from a faculty member familiar with the applicant's academic performance and potential. major research areas cyber, cybersecurity, cyber security, information assurance, secure software, information, analytics, intelligence, computer, network, it, software, testing, security, analytic communication, data communications, cryptography, information security, risk management, business continuity, disaster recovery, digital forensics, national security. state university, a public land grant and space grant research university, is the flagship of the iowa university system. students in the computer science program have access to well-equipped labs where they can take part in real-world research on cybersecurity conducted for agencies such as the u.. students may be eligible for fellowships, teaching assistantships, or research assistantships. opportunity is applicable to graduate students in the field of information systems technology management. criteria: applicants to the graduate research grant program must be a u. master in information security and assurance degree can lead to a position such as chief security officer, security administrator, security architect, information assurance specialist, it security consultant, network security consultant, and management information systems director.. in computer science from stevens institute of technology can have a computer security focus. all doctoral students must conduct original research and write and defend a dissertation. here for free information about anonline master’s in cybersecurity from wgu! your search for a degree heremore infocapella universityminneapolis, mncapella university has been designated by the national security agency (nsa) and the department of homeland security (dhs) as a national center of academic excellence in information assurance/cybersecurity (cae ia/cd) for academic years 2014-2021. click here for more information on flas academic year and here for flas summer.

The 25 Best Online Master of Information Assurance and Security

the doctoral program requires students to complete at least 60 credits of graduate-level coursework, including credit for seminars and research. university, a private, nonprofit research university, offers a variety of bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs through nine colleges and schools.. in order to carry out data analysis or writing a thesis or dissertation stemming from overseas research. can complete the online master of science degree in information assurance fully online. university, a private research university, offers more than 200 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs. in the information systems security specialization include:Project management concepts. university of new orleans offers a doctor of philosophy in engineering and applied science that allows students to concentrate in information assurance. programs cover important subjects such as data protection, network security, data storage, data distribution, ethics, policy and legal issues, software security, systems security, cryptology, and computer forensics. engineering students also work with faculty in conducting research for federal and private organizations. in the information assurance concentration include:Contemporary issues in homeland security.. in electrical and computer engineering can take a cybersecurity focus at worcester polytechnic institute. courses in the master in information security online degree program include:Computer & network forensics. current research areas at the mobility research center include resilient networking, sensor platforms, and next-generation network architecture. applying for 1-year long research grants may split the year into two, 6-month long stays over a period of no more than 18 months. in information assurance and security degree program ranking guidelines:We selected the degree programs based on academic excellence, types of available classes, faculty strength, rankings, and reputation.

PhD Programs in Cyber Security | Find Top Schools

instead, most universities choose to offer a phd in computer science or computer engineering with the option to focus on security-related issues. program requirementstotal minimum hours: 30 credit hours core requirements 12 hours concentrations 15-18 hours practicum 3 hourscore requirements - 12 hours eel 6936 (3) special topics: data networks, sys & securities (proposed eel 6808; pending scns approval) mat 5932 (3) special topics: applied cryptography ism 6328 (3) basics of information security and risk management ism 6930 (3) decision processes for business continuity and disaster recovery concentrations - 12-18 hours students select from the following concentrations:digital forensics - 15 hoursarea of emphasis on forensics following attacks on critical infrastructure systems. students in either program join in faculty research and conduct independent study. studying on a full-time basis can earn their online master in information assurance degree in as little as four semesters. master’s degree in information security assurance core courses consist of:Hardware and operating systems. phd in cyber security is rigorous, research-focused degree where you can devote yourself to a particular area of interest (e. applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree and must submit gre or gmat scores, transcripts, three recommendations, a personal statement of research experience and interest, and a resume. the program is sponsored by the departments of communication and philosophy, college of technology, and program in linguistics, which all have a master’s level major in information security..An online master in information assurance and security degree prepares you for leadership roles in the vital it security field. information below applies to all concentrations in the program:comprehensive exam during the semester in which the student is scheduled to graduate, the student will be required to submit an electronic portfolio demonstrating completion of core program competencies in cybersecurity and in the area of concentration. for example, in additional to technical puzzles, phd students could be investigating what kinds of effects law, policy and human behavior have on security measures. 30-credit-hour master of science in management—information systems, completely online degree program, features advanced concentrations in it management, information security, and web & mobile development.. in computer science from the university of california davis can choose a focus in information assurance. university of minnesota has a concentration in computer and network security that is open to students working towards a ph. can find our comprehensive directory of online phd programs in cyber security here.

Dissertation research funding information assurance security-About the U.S. Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security Grant

A doctoral program with specialization in information security

can choose to complete either the computer information and network security capstone course or a master’s research project. fully online master of science in information assurance and cybersecurity degree covers subjects such as systems security, cryptography, biometric technologies, data mining, and other subjects. please see our website for a list of iarcs and their contact information. who do not hold an undergraduate degree in a technical area can attend the university’s cyber security boot camp, which meets all prerequisites for the master’s degree program.., agriculture, nutrition, ecological resources, poverty) and are linked to the research strategies of the feed the future initiative are admissible. courses for the information assurance specialization include:Foundations of information security and assurance. click here for more information on the daewoo vietnamese scholarship. applicants must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a stem field, homeland security, or a closely related field. who need assistance in making contact with international mentors should contact a representative at the various international agricultural research centers (iarcs). this is a research-centered program and candidates are expected to perform advanced research in engineering or science.. borlaug fellows in global food security graduate research grants are intended to support students interested in developing a component of their graduate research in a single, developing country setting by supporting the student’s work in-residence at an international agricultural research center (iarc), or a qualifying national agricultural research system (nars) unit. for information assurance: ism 6905 independent study for computer security fundamentals: cap 6940 it graduate practicum for digital forensics: ccj 6905 directed independent study for cyber intelligence: lis 6946 supervised field work. are made on a competitive basis to students who show strong scientific foundation and possess leadership potential, propose a well-coordinated research plan that clearly articulates concepts and objectives that are innovative and feasible, and project a commitment to international development. 33-credit-hour online information assurance and cybersecurity master’s degree program includes courses in:Computer & information security. seeking an advanced degree in information assurance can earn a ph.

Online Information Assurance and Security PhD Programs - 2014

the curriculum combines technical classes with courses that focus on policy and social science aspects of cybersecurity. the department of computer science and engineering offers a variety of core courses in information assurance and other related courses doctoral students can take. to the college section of thegraduate catalog for college requirements and information. master in information assurance degree courses, offered in an eight-week format, include:Information technology concepts. required for the master’s degree in information systems security concentration include:Computer systems security foundations. department of software and information systems at the university of north carolina at charlotte offers a ph. applicants are required to describe in detail how their proposed research leads to a significant impact on food security. 36-credit-hour master of science in information assurance program features electives credits in information assurance management, network security engineering or wireless security. for more information and application materials go to the csia scholarship information page. university’s master of science degree in computer information systems with a concentration in security teaches students to identify, develop, and implement highly secure networks that support company objectives. specifically, based on the design of the concentrations and the core of this program, the program is also expected to prepare students for 1) intelligence positions that require innovative, analytical, decision-making, and technical skills for providing cyber security intelligence, 2) information assurance positions that require secure management of information and data transferred, used, stored, and processed in information systems, 3) law enforcement positions that are required to deal more and more with cyber-crimes, and 4) cyber security positions that require deep technical skills in the security domain. grant funds are not intended to cover all costs of the proposed research, and applicants are expected to leverage outside funding in support of their work plans. university’s 35-credit-hour online master of science in information security provides the technical skills required to secure data and create plans to prevent security breaches. can earn their online master in information security degree in as little as 18 months. the national cae designation program promotes higher education in information assurance and cyber defense.

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university’s online master of science in information assurance degree provides two specializations: cyber security and policy management. please visit cash accounting, controller's office, for information on tuition and fees. 100 percent online 36-credit-hour master of science degree in information technology: information assurance provides a practical understanding of the principles of data protection, computer forensics and network security. online 36-credit-hour master of science in information security degree prepares students to design, program, enhance, and develop cyber security technologies which secure information and systems.. program, and earn at least 72 credits in coursework and research beyond their bachelor’s degree. the doctoral degree requires students to complete 60 credits, including a research project and paper, comprehensive exam, and dissertation. national security agency (nsa) and the department of homeland security (dhs) have designated select institutions as centers of academic excellence (cae).. in computer science that allows students to choose a specialization in computer systems and security as an area where they will develop a depth of understanding. additionally, applicants must submit gre scores and material demonstrating research ability, such as a copy of their master’s thesis. can choose a concentration in computer forensic investigation/incident response team management, or project management, with more options available soon in critical cybersecurity areas. is the most common phd degree for cyber security researchers. more information, contact the school of business graduate programs office at (202) 994-1212. master in information systems and security degree program’s required courses include:Principles of information assurance and security. at a minimum, research must be carried out in countries supported by a usaid mission. security is a relatively new field, so it’s rare to find a degree explicitly called “phd in cyber security”.


instead, it is tailored towards students who are interested in research-based jobs such as:Corporate researchers. who are interested in information security can enter the interdisciplinary ph. university created its institute for assured information through a partnership with global security leader harris corp.’ve listed some sample courses for those first 2 years of study, but your individual curriculum will be unique to your research concentration.. in computing and information sciences that is a use-inspired basic research degree. you’ll learn to take a proactive approach to protect the confidentiality and integrity of a very valuable asset; a company’s information. students are expected to have a faculty advisor at their home institution and a research center mentor from the iarc or nars that is serving as host for the student’s international fieldwork. here for free information about anonline master’s in it security. university offers the master of science in information security & assurance program in three six-month semesters, each consisting of two 11-week courses. borlaug funds cannot be used to pay tuition, taxes of any type, equipment, research/teaching salaries (assistantships), general university fees not associated directly with the borlaug overseas research program, or research outside the borlaug program. complete the 30-credit-hour online master in information assurance and computer security degree program, students must choose from two specializations: banking and financial security, and cybersecurity. doctoral students may be eligible for a teaching or research assistantship. who do not hold an undergraduate degree in an information technology systems-related field must complete a six-credit bridge program. crissp offers scholarships to doctoral students who want to work on interdisciplinary projects focusing on cybersecurity. best online master of information assurance and security degree programs.

M.S. in Cybersecurity

all students must complete 30 dissertation credits and complete a three-month operational security experience (alternatives to an internship are accepted). select from the following options to complete the 12 hour requirement: eel 6764 (3) principles of computer architecture cop 6611 (3) operating systems cot 6405 (3) introduction to the theory of algorithms cis 6930 (3) special topics: computer systems security (new course number pending) for the remaining 3 hours students may select a course from the other concentrations. master of science in cybersecurity and assurance online degree teaches students how to protect networks, communication, and data., as a national security agency (nsa) and department of homeland security (dhs) center of academic excellence in information assurance education, offers full scholarships for u.. program in computer science where students can concentrate in computer security, which is a major focus of research for the department. grants have a maximum value of usd 15,000 for students applying for 6-month long international research stays; usd 20,000 for 1-year long international research stays; and usd 40,000 for 2-year long international research stays. state university’s college of information sciences and technology offers a master of professional studies degree in information sciences—cybersecurity and information assurance degree. also choose a concentration such as web management, information security management, enterprise systems and human-computer interaction. courses in the master’s degree in information assurance include:Information security planning. the program requires full-time, on-campus study and prepares students for a career in computer science research. university’s online master of science in cyber security and information assurance degree prepares students to ensure the confidentiality, security, integrity, control and utility of computing, and information systems infrastructure. master of science degree in information and communications technology with a concentration in information systems combines management, technology, and business skills./r – national centers of academic excellence in information assurance research (national security agency and department of homeland security).. nova southeastern university, graduate school of computer and information sciences. online master in cybersecurity and assurance degree program includes the following areas of study:Current and emerging technology.

the program prepares students for leadership, managerial and domain-specific roles in cyber security and for employment in managerial and operational positions that require quick analytical thinking, decision-making under uncertainty regarding critical resources, and domain-specific technical skills for managing secure operations. the state names below to see a list of the doctorate in cyber security programs offered by schools in that state. master in information assurance and security program teaches students how to design and develop systems that safeguard a company’s information, as well as how to implement, operate, and troubleshoot these vital systems. click here for more information on the daewoo china scholarship. please note that we do not match students with mentors, but the purdue center for global food security staff is able to provide recommendations and to provide contact information for potential centers and mentors. students must complete foundations of information assurance and a capstone project. another option for students interested in cybersecurity is to enter the regular ph.. that allows students to choose an area of emphasis such as information assurance. state university’s master of science in information assurance and computer security degree program teaches students how to develop and implement security strategies to improve the security of companies. are awarded in a wide range of disciplines including the sciences, mathematics, computer and information sciences, and the humanities. can choose from three concentrations—computer security, network security and governance, risk management, and compliance. at iowa state, information assurance research is being conducted in areas such as artificial intelligence and data mining, cryptography, identity theft, intrusion detection, and cyber warfare.. government's global hunger and food security initiative – feed the future (ftf). in computer science (may elect computer systems and security specialization). master of science in information security assurance degree prepares students to recognize and combat information systems threats and vulnerabilities.

master of science degree in information systems with an information systems security specialization covers information systems methodologies with an emphasis on design, implementation, and evaluation of software application, as well as theoretical models. applicants should have experience in research and be interested in conducting research in areas such as hardware, application security, embedded systems, and how these relate to human factors. 6688 (3) cybercrime and criminal justice cje 6623 (3) digital evidence recognition cje 6624 (3) introduction to digital evidence cje 6625 (3) network forensic criminal investigations cje 6626 (3) digital forensic criminal investigations  computer security fundamentals - 15 hours area of emphasis in operating secure critical infrastructure systems. in consequence, phd programs in information assurance may (but don’t always) have an interdisciplinary feel to them. must complete a capstone course to earn the master in information systems degree. 6261 (3) professional and technical communication lis 6700 (3) information strategy & decision making lis 6703 (3) core concepts in intelligence lis 6702 (3) advanced intelligence analytic methods lis 6709 (3) cyber intelligence lis 6670 (3) advanced cyber intelligence  information assurance - 15 hoursarea of emphasis in securing critical information and systems.. in cybersecurity is to train highly skilled practitioners for the workforce, the degree does not include a research thesis requirement. university, a private research university, offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees through its 18 schools and colleges.: the center for education and research in information assurance and security. master of science in cyber security is an interdisciplinary program that utilizes talent across the colleges of business, engineering, arts & sciences, and behavioral and community sciences. 36-credit hour online master of science degree in information systems technologies with an information assurance concentration includes a field experience/internship and an integration capstone component. we encourage students to seek guidance from both their faculty advisor and research center mentor(s) as they develop their project. assurance is concerned with every aspect of protecting information systems – from the legitimate use of system resources to the impact of regulatory changes. more information, contact the department of international business at (202) 994-6116. the university offers doctoral students a variety of funding options.

. program in electrical and computer engineering that focuses on the areas of mobility, security, wireless sensors, and networking. candidates are particularly encouraged to conduct research in feed the future focus countries (www.. in computer science-information assurance through the college of engineering at the university of arkansas. to earn the degree, candidates must complete at least 51 credits beyond a bachelor’s degree (up to 30 of those credits can come from a master’s degree program), and they must research and complete a dissertation. university’s master of science degree in information security & assurance covers the technical theories and methods pertaining to information assurance, best practices in information security technology, the regulatory environment and compliance, organizational structure and policy development, and management strategies.. and are in information systems management, management of science, technology and innovation, procurement and contracting, and international business.. in computer science from arizona state university can have a concentration in information assurance. must complete the master in information systems technologies program in five years. earn the 30-credit-hour master in information assurance degree, students must either complete a capstone course for a degree without thesis, or six credits of research for a degree with a thesis. students in the program have access to a wide variety of research opportunities. available for those phd students invited to present at a national or international conference related to their academic area or dissertation research. university’s master of science degree in information assurance prepares students to protect technological security for any company.. borlaug summer institute on global food security participants who meet eligibility requirements. 30-credit-hour master in information security online degree program includes required courses such as:Foundations of information security. university offers a master of science degree in information security through its division of graduate professional studies.

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