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often get discouraged when i think about where i want to be in my career and how far i am from that point. it is my dream to build my successful philanthropreneurship business which provides a revolutionary approach to learning and living well – the interactive teaching method – for people to reach their dreams and realize their potential – one next best step at a time. if i could create a safe place or program in schools or even meet ups so that any child, mother, father going through this doesn’t have to go through it alone, that would b e my dream. i wasn’t successful in my attempts to end my life (yes, it’s scary to let the whole world know this happened, but it did, and i’m trying to be brave and transparent here!!I don’t know how you do it but 4 weeks out of 5, your marietv episode is exactly what i’m thinking about that day! i then decided to move out to san francisco and jumped into an equally corporate job at a very famous social medial company (take a guess ;)) where i found myself still wondering how i’m meant to make a mark on the world. world changed when i divorced four years ago, leaving my husband and business partner of 28 years. a few of them traveled with us and our daughter to nigeria a few months ago to start gathering information from the local community. my wildest dream, i will set up fund (called the star-boy foundation) to help families in ontario (where we live) seek out therapies and education programs which support the neurodiversity model for their asd children, rather than the disability module that most, government-funded programs here are aligned with. has been a journey and will continue to be, but i feel alive and i know there are so many people i know i could help.! my impossible dream is to change the world’s vibration and lifting the world to a new level of consciousness. as we all connect with our purpose and do what our spirit calls us to do, we heal the world with our warrior spirit! already registered to a course of writing for comedy at second city, to create a web series. and i certainly talk about the importance of feeling your feelings, but not letting yourself dwell in the sadness. believe in changing the world and the lives of people around me in the small gestures of everyday living and loving. i can’t wait to start making a difference and making this world a better place! my oh my how i love revolutionaries and world changers like adam and yourself marie! i’m starting small with just the three kids over the summer break, but given that me and my spouse are blessed with resources, maybe it could expand to something great. have been trying since 2008 to follow my dream of making this world a healthier place. i felt the tingle run through my body when i told myself i had the resources to build the school and i didn’t need to stoke my ego with the watch. i always felt less about not being able to make a difference in this world towards the areas where i could be of some use. when we stop making ourselves small and finally live big. the acronym for our students homelessness initiative partnership is ship. during that time i also was able to gain a much different perspective of the world outside north america. how you willed yourself on,Still unable to leave what you had outgrown. my impossible dream is to travel the world embracing all cultures and building schools and communities so that all people can embrace their true selves. next step is to venture further afield and make the material available as downloads in the rest of africa and eventually every third world country on the planet. adam is an inspiration, living a dream that so many of us have in our hearts to succeed in making a magnificent change in the world. dream and my purpose is to teach parents and adults how to talk with kids rather than at them. my "live your dream" moment happened in the emergency room when a tech name pete came to take me down to. am the multi-passion type, and when i discovered you are too, it encouraged me to pursue my new venture. and this episode reminds me to keep up my work, as i am founding an organization called, real food: real stories, to use storytelling to strengthen our local food community. you for sharing so beautifully from your heart about your experiences, and how this interview resonated with you (i was there during the filming and i have to tell you that i had to make sure marie couldn’t see me because i was crying so much). 2009, a bell 206 helicopter operating joy flights on behalf of dreamworld crash landed in the carpark near the park's main entry. you for using your platform to bringing forth such amazing souls as adam…. favorite one was, and still is, i remind myself of this quite often, “you have the blood of warriors and kings and artists and pirates in your veins! my dream is to use my gifts to help others realize their dreams. we’ve decided as a family of 4 to travel to a different country for a month or more per year with the intent of finding out what our life purpose is. am truly moved by this video, and the message it conveys to all those who wish to accomplish greatness in the world. i feel all over the place, have so many ideas but then they die out, they seem too impossible, not innovative enough, or not world changing enough or simply just bad ideas. later that year in april, big brother australia commenced broadcasting following the redevelopment of dreamworld's amphitheatre. to bring that to the world–that’s my dream. being trained in deep energy healing modalities, learning to work with our subtle bodies and really help other beings ascend. you both are incredible individuals, really living your purpose in life. oodles to “do”… and how to segue from my 35 year business of interior design where i (and husband partner) continue to earn our living, into being able to work full-time rather, on my ‘spirit work’. dream is to help people find strength and community through creativity. “change your words, change your worth” what, life changing… “for purpose”, love it! have always been in constant struggle with myself about my own purpose in life, and it’s refreshing and so encouraging to listen to people who have this deep sense of service like i do since i have a memory. 🙂 i just listened to my friend, lewis howes’ interview with adam and was blown away by adam’s passion and authenticity to create global impact and social transformation in the world through education and opportunity. now…today… i am without a house & maybe somewhat too extreme with the “minimalism”, yet after this trip west to “follow my dreams” momentum has picked up & am currently volunteering my work for the adult center here in hood river, or. there’s a local rehabilitation centre for abused and malnourished horses that a friend of my father’s runs, and she runs this organization without any support except from volunteers and donations. we share empowering, self-love and hope-building workshops with kids and adults, where these ideas are wrapped in an easy and fun art project, like affirmation paintings and dream boards. i feel strongly about volunteer work, i believe giving back is a part of our purpose. so i moved to washington, dc and worked on issues i considered would change the world. sometime around mid-college, i started losing myself to ambition and what the world was telling me defined “success. the “for pourpose” definition is awesome and opens so many possibilities! grateful for this exchange of vision and energy from you and your team marie, from adam, and from all the bright lights participating in actualizing big dreams of meaning and purpose. this quote reminds me exactly why i work so hard day in and day out to make my dreams come true. i thought i’d share one of my favorite episodes about making any big idea a reality, as it shares some overarching concepts that you might like to keep in mind as you’re working on your idea:I hope you enjoy checking that one out for a few helpful tips, and we’re wishing you tremendous success in reaching those in need!* take them by the hand & provide a way for “them” to “change the world for the better”. a place to teach how to start a food related business, whether it be to package a new kind of cookie, or roast your own brand of coffee, or create a great new chocolate bar. impossible dream is to travel the world and inspire people to wake up to the true potential within themselves.! i’d love to read your book and meet you one day! i am also a cancer survivor (given one more year of “monitoring”) and share your belief in the big job and blessing of healing. i work late in the evening after the kids bedtime and work into the early parts of the morning hours to succeed in my ‘lil’ business. marie and adam, thank you both for your heart-felt courage and for sharing it with the world. it was the first of many wiggles worlds to be installed at various theme parks around the world (although it is the only one that remains). long-term vision, and one with seeds already planted, is to work with common hope (an organization in guatemala we’ve been working with for 15 years) to create a ground up “train the leaders” program to combat, village by village, the malnourishment rampant in the country.’ve always wanted to change the world in some way. love to have a copy of this book, and one day, have one of my own to share that all dreams are possible! my dream is to continue to work with people to see that their “one” does make a difference to another “one”. you asked to share one dream we have and a first step in making it a reality. you marie & keep going because the world needs a special gift that only you have . i was spellbound and charmed by adam, and by your connection to each other. brought tears to my eyes, our eyes and the teachers of this special state school for the disadvantaged children, and the teachers were shocked, as they had never seen this little girl speak, yet alone ask, nor articulate to tell a story of herself. have already taking action on my dreams and live them everyday. am a performer, songwriter, and storyteller and my “impossible dream” is to heal individuals and groups from the mental and emotional chains of their illness through theatre. thank you sooooooo very much for being your authentic, loving, smart ass-self and making a platform that has given me greater direction towards my own dreams of change and transformation., many thanks to you marie, and to adam, for dedicating yourselves to transforming the world. marie – you’re a genuine goddess, as usual – and adam, your humble, sensitive and genuine spirit was a pleasure to meet! don’t have plan for my organization (it’s hard to do overnight 😉 but i’m working on that with my heart… and of course with marietv! she gave me a deep sense of faith in the potential of this dream. impossible dream is to create a successful and profitable for-purpose business while still having the time and freedom to be actively engaged in my children’s daily lives. i would like to contribute to the world and help people is by encouraging them to connect their health to their happiness. is nothing more stunning and alive and worth celebrating than a woman who loves herself, inside and out, and recognizes the value and purpose she brings to her life, her family, and the world. impossible dream is: change our world’s perspective on life (nature, animal life, human life) which we need to value and understand more, because it is magical, amazing, inspiring. wonder how many people will donate just from your newsletter and marietv today? i built up that muscle and was able to get back to football, and even became captain of one of our school teams! this could generate work for the husbands, support the environment and mother nature (which will of course affect us all in the end…). although, i feel so hypocritical in saying that as i am just starting out on my our journey in taking back control. the one thing in this world we can’t live without (other than water) is food. i want to be the counterpart to what food babe is up to for ingredients, and start talking about what plastic wrapped everything is doing to our health and the planet. it sounds like you’re doing some terrific things and following your heart. impossible dream is to end global poverty and create a safety net for children. i started a seed library in our local book library called “the mother lode seed library. what we eat has a lot to do with how good our skin looks; as well as the importance of exercise. am constantly praying and asking for direction, but what adam said hit home for me “find your purpose by stepping out of your comfort zone, then follow the signs…”. dream is to heal the planet by healing people, and to use storytelling as a means of doing it. are many online resources to find out more about grant-writing, starting a not for profits etc. i wish i could say that i have an amazing awesome dream, but i don’t. i know one thing for sure, when you follow your purpose in life unexpected opportunities are open to you. i hope that the execution of this dream is already in play, ready to go to the next level – to reach more people – with the right “it moments,” coupled with my on-going commitment and fullness of heart. right on, thank you for having this brilliant world-serving amazing being share his stories and inspire us all . dream is to help women, men and their families take home an experience of a time in their life that i helped capture or made them feel radiant and proud to be in their own skin. i’ve also learned to look for inspiration when i need it (thanks marie & adam for today’s daily dose:) and, i will never stop following my dreams. and my impossible dream is to help unveil and inspire the (re)emergence of the authentic sovereign female into a rightful place in the human throng across cultures – through books, films, events, online programs, and whatever creative, effective participatory initiatives we can ignite…. this message comes precisely as i am coming out of the closet to live the life of my dreams…. buy the book — you’ll love it –plus all proceeds go to pop) but do realize that by investing in yourself via b-school you’re also supporting pop as we will be building even more schools with him 🙂 xoxo. love, gratitude, mindfulness, acceptance, forgiveness, surrender, faith, and hope… these have been my sustenance for the last four years. i realized in that moment that i didn’t want to work for anyone else, and i don’t truly believe in putting my dreams and purpose off until it seems okay to go for it.… (breathe)… my bold step into my i’m possible dream is to follow the many, many signs in this amazing video (and leading up to it) that impacted me deeply for so many reasons: a) my friend kari inspired me to watch it, because she said it holds a great confirmation that i am so on sphere with my mission to make magical being mainstream… because you, adam, said that one of the kids said that it would wish for ‘magic’ if anything was possible. i am currently re doing b-school for the second time and i hope to realise my dream. of course, i am gonna build it with education programmes and create a secret sauce element to ensure that the loans r not for gambling and illegal means. this is my dream and my destiny for philadelphia and beyond. my dream is by doing even a small thing for someone, a chain of events occurs and causes people to do service to others. impossible dream is to get people to realize they have a choice about what media they “consume”. the money i (am going to) make i want to support school systems, not like in “building schools” but inventing and developping new schooling systems as i don’t believe that the current systems works in order to educate self-determined people who can dream and follow their dreams. need your help and intelligence to discipline myself to succeed, step by step, to fulfill my dream-promise to realize, and become reality. i am step-by-step moving towards building this dream wellness-centered community in hopes it can be an archetype for hospitals transforming into wellness centers around the world. doesn’t happen often as i’m a copywriter and i know my way around words, but when i saw your video it was like you two tackled down something i’d always believed in. in december 2006, dreamworld expanded its offerings by opening whitewater world next door. crazy dream is to be able to live off my songwriting & not have to go back to a day job. i will certainly aspire to live “for purpose” as i find out what i can do to help the world slowly but surely. then, i heard the dalai lama quote:“if we taught all 8 year olds to meditate, we would eliminate all violence from the world within one generation. i really like “change your words, change your worth” how true is this statement so much so i tweeted it. impossible dream is to travel the world and photograph it and do it by slowly embedding myself in the culture, not just the tourist sites.!My first step towards my dream is to remove the i and m from impossible to read possible. no matter how difficult it is to imagine the point of confluence – when faith, hard work, “it” moments, human connections and the timing of the universe will make it possible to move forward with my dreams – b-school in general and this video in particular make it easier to relax into the imperfect now, knowing that if i can, i will be able to create the perfect future.” i had a lightning bolt moment and without hesitation- almost without any control over my body, i eagerly wrote down:“i want to change the world with art! we have a dream to empower women in this way around the globe and have recently committed to partnering with a wonderful charity to get girls in developing countries through school as our “for purpose” business arm. this is how i am working towards my ‘impossible dream’; working to help others change the trajectory of their live, with the skills i already have, and in the process learning the skills i need to change the trajectory of mine. my other dream (which i’ve had for years) is to be a full-time etsy seller. i not coincidentally (as your interview was a sign) seen adam on jonathan field’s glp that morning and after seeing it (not unlike adam’s moment at the symphony ~ it hit me like a ton of bricks). can see why we have chosen a different path for our star-boy. dream of being a refuge for the people of this world. dream is to help others to find what i have found: inner peace and happiness. i specifically choose the spiritual body to focus on, because it’s a core element to integrative care that we sorely miss attending to in our day to day clinical lives and i believe it’s a human right to have access and care for spiritual health to impact our overall health. envision a world where everyone has access to good health care. we, most of us humans, need this aspect of mutual sharing, in so many different ways, throughout our lifetimes. impossible: create an online graphic design course based on principles found in nature. i hope you don’t mind, but i printed out your post. along with that the bigger part is impacting the youth of our world.’m just about to start my program big dreams bootcamp, i’ve got a feeling this book is going to be perfect for my students. should you or adam need any ot advice to help you build a curriculum that incorporates therapeutic/ developmental goals, i’m your girl! what happens when you are not only looking but actually searching for your purpose and how to make a difference in the world and nothing is showing up?”) to our world’s popultion has the potential to provide nourishment from a radically different angle. 10 november 2011, dreamworld announced a three-stage plan to incorporate dreamworks animation films and characters into its theme park at a cost of million. the first step i am taking to increase the scale of the work i’m already doing is to purchase a video camera, so that i can begin sharing content online about mindfulness-based practices that can promote physical and mental health among youth around the world. the issues that fuel poverty in the developing world involve the complete subordination and exploitation of the vulnerable adolescent girl child — i’ve befriended countless 11 and 12 year old girls who’ve gotten pregnant, been raped, dropped out of school, and lost their dreams and or their lives because their voice is not important — they are voiceless. to help us all remember that we have everything we need inside us, in our bodies, if we are willing to learn (or re-learn) how to listen and take action from that place. you see, i was raised with a lot of family lore poured into my brain.…sooo may ideas on how i want to serve the world. dream is to build a company in puerto rico that will create lots of well-paid jobs and also give away all of its profits (hopefully there will be a lot of profit) by donating to local “for purpose” organizations while also creating programs relating to teenage pregnancy, environmental awareness/litter prevention and drug abuse. her unexpected and miraculous arrival into this world was my sign that it’s time to do big and wonderful things…together. dream is that everyone in the world has a deep and rich love for themselves and deep compassion for everyone else in the world. i’ve been going over and over my ‘impossible dream’ in my mind since the beginning of the year. we have big, hairy, audacious plans to expand our mission globally as our company revenues and resources grow. like you and adam, too, i want to make a difference in the world. then i will also create a ‘for purpose’ division of this and travel around the world bringing love, light, and dance to villages across the world. what a beautiful way to share your message on a wider scale and to a broader audience. i am an artist so i could trade your expertise for some art of mine if you like any : ). from my heart to yours, with lots of love, shona. from this day, i have made it my goal to continue this journey to help make fashion more sustainable both physically and mentally. pray to god for a slap-in-the-face, burning-bush obvious sign i have something to offer the world (enter marie and adam’s interview). i’ve always felt like i’m supposed to be doing more to help the world but haven known how. has been my dream forever and i just take the next step when the opportunity presents itself. the amazing heart-felt dreams from other commentors is making me reach even deeper and tap into even more passion. all best wishes and blessings to everyone out there with a little dream…. dream is to bring emotional freedom technique to theatres of war, like syria and teach it to children in the refugee camps. we opened our first orphanage in india this past august. i adore your work and b-school is a goal of mine for 2015! you can truly tell that both of you are doing what you need to be doing in this world. in 2012, dreamworld also saw the return of big brother[39] as well as the addition of the big red boat ride to wiggles world. an incredible interview about survival leading to an impossible dream. it’s not so much impossible, as it is going to be a long journey because i don’t know what my place in this abolitionist movement is.

How To Live Your Impossible Dream And Change The World

i started by adopting a local creative women with no to little resources (but an amazing creativity and willing to work hard on her dream) and have been guiding her into starting her own small business. i’ve always believed that when you find your purpose, it will fall in place and just happen for you, but in six years it hasn’t for me. my dream is to empower all women: women of color; women in poverty; women living with abuse; women with mental health issue and/or drug addiction; women with poor body image. many people are discouraged and need someone to take an interest in them to show them their true potential. would be so much easier to drift through my life not noticing and not dreaming, but i realize now that part of me will never change. ‘impossible dream’ is to become a spiritual inspiration for high-end professionals with my fine art prints that include inspirational quotes. also in 1998, four bengal tiger cubs were born: rama, taj, sultan and sita. dream is coming to fruition…after committing 10+ years of my life to caring for patients as a registered nurse and now a nurse practitioner i am ready to fulfill my dream of giving back and educating new nurses. husband is on his 5th deployment overseas and we know first hand that our veterans and their families are “falling through the cracks” when it comes to medical and health care, vocational job training, housing, education, etc. as part of this business i would like to set up a structure to encourage the schools to allow children to bring some items to collections points at the schools to help eliminate what go to the landfill. have already started on my book but had slacked off for the past few weeks, this video along with the alchemist has revived and motivated me to stay the course once again. i wish to be a voice of hope to all the hispanic people, to all latin american people, my message is simple, no matter what if you have a dream go for it now. i started b-school this year because i want to take my true purpose in life and do it up the marie forleo way 🙂 i am wanting to bring medical grade essential oils to the world, to move past pharmaceuticals that are harming people and the environment and to take what nature has provided us and heal. as i watch this video – which was fantastic – marie, i cried too – i am on a mini vacation trying to gain some clarity and strong belief in my impossible dream. adam really is amazing, and still so relatable at the same time, and it means the world to us to hear that this episode really resonated with you. i long to find that spark, that thing that ignites my soul into a wild earthquake to send my vibrations out into the world! i have a dream that i can help heal the world. my world had turned upside down too and i know with every loss there is a miracle waiting to happen.!I’ve actually launched myself already into my big impossible dream! my dream is to provide beautiful story books in spanish for children in mexico, starting with the state of puebla where i live, and to help all children to allow their imaginations to fly beyond the limits that their own society has drawn up for them, and to inhabit other people’s minds, hearts and lives, so developing empathy, compassion, and new standards to live by. while it was a tough time, we were both left with the opportunity to evaluate the life we were living, consider what our goals were, and create a new plan for the future. would love to help spread your touching and inspirational story to non-english speakers. i’ve created a personal development program called breaking your chains that is designed for at-risk teens. is probably my favorite of favorite episodes (and i love all of your episodes). all your tv shows are very informative and exciting to watch. i adopt a little girl who looks like me and gets the chance to be loved and have her dreams realized the way she would never have with her biological parents. your commitment to giving back and having a passion to share your gift with the world resonated with me because its not just about making money and what this can do for me. (i’m also in b-school right now) so, my impossible dream…? my dream is to continue doing this, but on an even larger scale. amy, thank you so much for your inspiring post as well as all that you and your group have done. recently became a viewer of yours marie and love everything i read that you send me! this song inspires you to be consistant every single minute, hour, day, and week of your life. dream might seem impossible to some, but to me, it feels like giving birth. he is working at a job that just is not fulfilling for him and he is an hour drive from home each way on top of it. i recently discovered that i am a healer and like you, marie, i am a multi-passionate entrepreneur… (think journalism school, time spent in se asia, hip-hop/house dancer, barbara streisand impersonator at age 11, etc. then i learned it was about someone who started school in third world countries., i’m about to send her the link to this video and buy her your book adam…i would love for her to be at a place where she is as fulfilled and accomplished as you are. video with adam is a huge dose of soul nourishment and fuel for the inner fire. so, we have decided to go back to our home country japan after 2011 feberuary’s christchurch earthquke. branding and my dream of a festival of creativity, play, science, and spirituality called brain circus. this is your goal, i have no doubt you will fully blossom in this “garden” you are striving to create for yourself and your family as i do not doubt the spiritual teachings out there which tells us that it is our fundamental, what i will call here “primary purpose,” in life to fully blossom, to raise our consciousness to be fully in tune with the universe. i have the passion for the subject, and yes i’m a muktipassionate enterprenur but all my ideas pretty much revolve arround dogs, raising awarness and changing the way animals are treated and seeing in our world. idea of “living love” came originally from a quote, “may you live all the days of your life,” which i heard back 12 years ago when i was still in high school. your video was used as a segway in conversation, an inspirational tool, a topic of discussion, a playground of ideas, and the basis of the first project in my curriculum. i was lucky to speak to my grandfather three days before he passed and he was in high spirits and excited for the wedding and everything else going on in our lives., at least confirm to them that there is beauty in this world hidden just in front of their eyes. so, how can i make a difference in our world? i think humans are “huge” right now, and we need this symbol to remind us how to act with compassion and love in the world. want to guide others through the process of a passion project or an impossible dream project, or a for purpose project. i have just done to get me closer to my dream of service by way of building furniture – just contacted a local woodworking artist who teaches classes to develop skills and know-how to get this party started.[37] the second phase was the dreamworks experience precinct (the retheming of the existing kid's world area) which opened on 31 march 2012. i tell people all the time what your mother told you., i offer person life coaching for young, christian, depressed women (between ages 25-34) that are in need/want spiritual fulfillment to live great lives in their god-given purpose and enjoy the value of their existence and their capability to effect positive change on others in their world.!During the last 3 years i’ve dedicated my life to learning and understanding the true nature of our psychological experience and i truly believe that if every person on this planet tapped into these simple yet profound principles that are already a part of us, then we will all move into the next evolution of our humanity in an enlightened way. we work most effectively when we feel it and are likely wasting company time and decreasing productivity by pushing through our days to make the hours count. aspect that adam shared about a six year old carrying a four year old is what i’ve experienced on the roads of mumbai,felt curious and frustrated after knowing the truth about,that it is a run “business” in big cities by some guns to make money under the act of begging sympathy,for lack of a better word! your true promise(potential) whatever your reason or circumstances, does greatest disservice to our world and the message of god to humanity. you – both of you for again placing your story in front of many people and thus encouraging such brave thoughts from those who had feared ever really thinking honestly about what they want. it’s basically like carrying around the ideal wise women in your pocket. this interview rocked my world, popped the bubble i’ve been safely sitting in, and is an eye and heart opener! we launched youth empowered action (yea) camp with one session and 15 kids at our pilot program, and 5 and hundreds of campers later, we are going strong and have supported so many teens in getting active on issues they care about. love that melissa – we don’t have to change the whole world but by changing someone’s world, we do in fact change the world. park is made up of several themed lands: ocean parade, dreamworks experience, wiggles world, gold rush country, rocky hollow, tiger island and the dreamworld corroboree. moreover, as a mom, i’ve made a promise to myself to teach my children to look at the world with equality, openness, and love in mind. i’ve worked in ngos all my life and i’ve studied the impact of violence on people and i believe that physical activity is a great way to regain the control of our body after a physical trauma. in the last 6 years, my children lost their father unexpectedly, and my life long mentor, who believed in me that i could change the world, and who was changing the world himself, was killed in a head on collision in kenya. we’re honored to have you in our marietv family. impossible dream is to build an online network of volunteer opportunities for musicians across the united states. wow lora, thank you for sharing your passion and calling. after 15 years and going to one modality to the next i met my mentor in 2008 who guided me on this amazing journey where i recovered my health, which took 4 years. impossible dream is to rid my country of illegal moneylenders and unscrupulous legal moneylenders, start a cooperative where individuals who arent able to take on a personal loan from banks are able to take on loans with reasonable interest. dream is to help inspire others on a daily basis and help them recognize what their true purpose is., you are remarkable- thank you for being true to who you are and for sharing your work so we could be inspired by you. i’ve also been more vocal about offering assistance to others who could use it for different reasons (at work, in relationships, feeling disconnected from the world in general, etc. “understanding that a dream is not just a dream” i would love to do this travelling the world offering assistance and support to those less fortunate, i would love to be able to give back by seeing another smile! that was the power of her courage and support for me. yes he has some great doctors working on his side, but your mental state can have such a huge impact on your life, and i felt at the time that if he had any hope of survival, he and everyone around him needed to shape up their attitudes, pronto. you for sharing adam and his experience and for always sharing your positivity. i want everyone to be able to tap into the the (spirit) guides that we all have who are here to help and support us on our journey. our agency has now switched to adoptions in bulgaria and working on getting programs in ukraine and kazasthan. god bless you and every school, child and pencil that is a part of your program.[11] gum tree gully closed to make way for the world's first wiggles world which opened on 10 september 2005. impossible dream, is something that i recently accomplished which was having my own eco fashion event. i believe that we are of most service to the world, when we are living our dreams., as usual u have delivered incredible inspiration thru your program. always go to marietv to get inspired, motivated, encouraged etc. impossible dream is to give parents the power that is theirs., for my impossible dream (nothing to do with my business dream, that is figuroutable, i am a b-schooler now! dreams are to help people change the way they deal with their rubbish (garbage i think in the us) and to also help them understand nutrition. mothers are the strongest leaders of our world and they have so much influence, more than they know. and thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your gifts with the world and today even your tears. vision is to start a fair trade for-purpose and profit business making hand made health and beauty products the finest ingredients and botanicals sourced from around the world. look forward to being on marie tv one day sharing my passion and mission statement with your amazing followers.’m deeply grateful to watch your authentic, open heart, marie, and to adam for choosing to honour not only his ancestors, but how their labours have grown into the inspirations and capacities of his own life. this was an inspiring interview (and you’ve done a few) but his watershed moment, his ability to trust and connect with his own intuitive ability to ‘read the signs’ including the graffiti of “become your dream” was spine tingling. with an overwhelming feeling of wanting to crawl in a hole and hide from life this morning, i saw your e-mail with the video link. then, i’ve become a mommy and my dream became a lot clearer: i wish to help women (and myself! want to step into the risk and into the world of my truth as a theater producer, director, actor, playwright and facilitator and release the safeness of the un-me. starter dream (to eventually become global) is to create a school/camp for kids that teaches us (i say us because i believe that by being a teacher, you are also a student, or at least that’s the only way to be a great one) how to live a life aligned with the needs of the planet and to encourage them to nourish their natural talents from a young age so their dreams are clear and their path is set for success. one in which we are all living to fulfill our greatest potential and inspire others to do the same. this is the plan of the filth which rules this world today these evil people are responsible for every war financial loss to suit their agenda. the violence, darkness, hatred, and cruelty of the past brought the precise contrast we needed to send out unified rockets of desire for a new global reality of love, regardless of our political leader’s agendas. the b-school course is totally supporting that shift, thank you! i was also about to lose my mom because of her poor life choices and although we never had a great relationship she was pretty much the only family we had left in the world. i have taught thousands of people in my thirty years as a somatic educator and hopefully enabled them to live their dreams. if we’re going to put ourselves in such day-to-day situations, we should learn how to make ourselves better for it. just found this video and it was released just today 3 years ago, at that time i didn’t know who you were, i’ve been receiving your emails for over a year and i love watching your videos. each of us has the ability to do something in our lives now. i teach french, german and english to students from all over the world, but have never really been 100% sure about my path and how i could really make a difference to others.. let me be a “travelling teacher” to the pencils of promise schools as part of my own and your ‘extraordinary journey”. your teachings, philosophy and your spirit have directly impacted my journey and gave me the balls to get it going. big dream will be to make the difference for the environment, to make people change their mind about their style of life. on this journey with her i have only described her to doctors, therapists etc. adam’s amazing…your connection and support is amazing…i’m inspired beyond words here. may seem impossible, but i know if i do my part, others will do their part, and together the world as we know it will be recreated. you both for shining your light on the world and inspiring so many with your words today. i want to inspire people to dive in to fuel their bodies with real food here but, more importantly, find a way to bring real food to those in need anywhere in the world. your video with adam was the highlight of my day , week , month , etc etc . i have been inspired to design girls clothing around the theme of our earth mother and share the profits with educational projects in third world countries with my friend who is from india. and, of course, we will always travel with a parcel of hand made cards with messages connecting kids across the world. i was so excited to hear your and kris’s voices!. just like “the promise of a pencil” a facility would be built to provide a community environment that provides the resources needed for anyone wanting to reach their highest potential in their mind, body and soul. from madagascar roller coaster in the madagascar madness section of dreamworks experience (rugrats runaway reptar theme pictured). keep us posted on how things unfold with your school! my “possible dream” is to reach out to people all over the world with my recipes and inspirations of living a pure life to help them live their life in great health and happiness from the inside out! i have kind of already started my dream because i have started a photo project featuring lgbt families with quotes from them about what they would say to the world if they could and i enrolled in bschool to get the tools i need to make the rest of it a reality.!i'm marie you have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there. thank you for the scary opportunity to put my dreams out there! don’t believe my dream is impossible, i have spent my lifetime preparing for it and i am a bit excited about the opportunities that will present themselves going forward. i supply taught this morning; i searched for an activity to burst forth the curiosity, the spirit of the 32 grade 10 students – i went to tedtalks to a favourite…. is this not the most important and greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world? it was an amazing experience – but incredibly time consuming; i typically brought on two interns to find and coordinate with hundreds of hospitals and nursing homes each tour. and your blog/marietv have become a weekly inspiration for me and i thank you for that.: make your million dollar idea into a reality, joining a toastmaster’s club to help become a more confident speaker and taking a drawing class to help with design ideas and overall creativity. went back home and took the opportunity to sponsor a couple of kids through world vision. not many are addressing the root cause of our imbalances in an easy to understand way though. the universe will absolutely support you if you follow your heart. maybe one day i can get both of you to invest in our next generation of entrepreneurs and world changers with me. im buying this book to help me remember the gifts i have been given to share with the world! i am a personal stylist, and fashion blogger who talks about body image as well as fashion who had a dream to have a website about 3 years ago. whatever the mixture make sure the formula always includes they pay somehow so you aren’t wasting your time. and it isn’t about “trying” to be anything special because of course we all are. immigrated to new zealand to chase my dream 7 years ago. i am in the process of writing a book on walking of all things, not for exercise, but for life, because i think it is one small “step” we can take to make our lives better. i joined b-school last month, and i am going to make this dream a reality, one student at a time. thank you for sharing your beautiful selves so i may have a richer life! i love how adam has taken what happened and made something great of himself and helped the world with it…what an honor for all of your ancestors! perfect culture, social skills, i had the opportunity to study in one of the most important universities in my country, and i worked in a corporate world for around 12 years. and through my passion for designing beautiful things without wasting/destroying/exploiting our planet/people/ and animals, i know i can contribute something meaningful towards that bigger goal. signed up for the womenexpo, i bought “pencils of promise” and marie i congratulate you for always be so clear in your speech and intentions. i have a passion to build a journal your vision community and share the tool of a vision journal, as i can clearly see how it touches and inspires people to practice self love and set positive intentions for life! my dream is to make a kinder, more compassionate world for the voiceless – children and animals – and he has inspired me to do so much more. this is sort of my “coming out of the woodwork” as i have watched your show for a couple years now and this is my first comment. i was young, this was my impossible dream: change the world, for the better, by helping people. inspired my adam, i am going to ask for guidance and help from ‘the source of good and positive energy’ (i’m reluctant to call it ‘god’ cos that has overtones for me of the religions i reject, though all respect to others, if that’s what helps you) in finding and fulfilling my purpose and meeting my needs. had been offered a job, practically his dream radio broadcasting job, but it is in a tiny, remote town about 450kms from the tiny, regional city we currently reside in, on the very southern coast of western australia. to provide food sourced from local farmers that are trying to save our planet with their earth-friendly practices even though it is more costly and labor-intensive than their big agro competitors. it’s made me sit back and think about my grandmother who was hugely influential in my childhood and education, wondering if i’m making her proud with what i’m doing in my life, wherever she may be in the world beyond ours. the point made by adam to refer to your non-profit work as for purpose really struck accord with me. if they have talents or skills that don’t meet your needs enlist &/or trade them off to those others. episodes and interviews remain a driving force in my journey. never expressed my gratitude to your precious work before but you are a gift to us all and i am very thankful for the difference you make in my life and all the other persons who feel inspired. dream is to help turn around monday’s bad rap and go from significantly negative images to significantly positive. everyone deserves to feel beautiful because everyone contributes their kind of beauty to this world. of course the house would have a daycare section for the children!, i will start by helping one new client jumpstart their healing journey and i will write the core principles that will be the foundation of my upcoming new venture! green world kids is an australian-based social enterprise developing youth education programs to enhance wildlife and environmental conservation efforts. we will also provide training to any mom and give them the tools to succeed with in our company and/or beyond.’s come at a time when i really am at a cross-roads, knowing that i want to do something amazing in our world and make an impact that will not just change my life but as many lives as i possibly can. dream is to spark positive, constructive energy in concentric circles around myself and around as many other people as possible so that there is a huge, ever-expanding number of people feeling better and doing good in the world. currently facebook does not charge membership & although we will have “free” voters, our “paid” voters & non-profit nominee’s will cover costs of all available services provided, overhead & salaries. i love children , they are our teachers , they are our future . in other words, just keep moving, with guidance and purpose and your body will follow. i opened my mind and my heart, understood more, even made some educated guesses, and forgave myself and forgave them for so much that couldn’t be outwardly expressed during our time together. i dream to revolutionize the american school system and support students in a way that empowers everyone.

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your boldness and your spirit is what i admire the most. you are a beautiful soul and the world needs more people like you. your message of the power of simplicity and following your heart is what all students should be learning in school, every day. 1974, john longhurst, the father of the future australian water-ski champion and two time bathurst 1000 winner tony longhurst, put his dream of building a theme park into practice and purchased 85 hectares (210 acres) of land beside the pacific motorway in coomera. i poured my own money into it, sold framed photos from moments i captured while traveling, and more to gather funds for these developing countries. i cant wait for the day that i too will be in a position to give something back to the little angels that light our world. i have had to be patient as this journey has been necessary to put me in a place where i can realize my vision. from that space, i see myself having an international show to inspire people around the world, leading by example. and i made the decision to reinvent my life and trust my instincts and “become my dream. finding your videos on youtube about a month ago, was a mere coincidence and i am grateful for it. impossible dream: to create a television or short documentary series highlighting all the good being done in the world. you both for being who you are in the world, which are two very bright lights that cast a glow for others to follow and find their way. impossible dream is that more and more people will come to understand how their parents, their families, and their society have influenced them in ways they may never have even thought of before. understand you perfectly yvonne 🙂 thank you so much for your beautiful comment, and for getting “man in the mirror” in my head. this in turn will bring out their own creativity and will inspire them to change the world creatively in their own way by allowing their own unique feminine spirit to come out. dream is to create a forpurpose forprofit foundation that empowers kids through conscious movement, adventure, and wilderness rites of passage, and builds a network of mentors to guide these empowering experiences. i’ve known for sometime now that i am destined to do something big to create a more equitable playing field for children and women in the world through education and social transformation and i am surrendering to the universe and my inner voice to discover what that is. butterfly effect maui turns into a real butterfly effect world wide! my impossible dream: is to change people lives by improving their health and in doing so shifting the health of my country, a country where there are a lot of people dying of hunger and malnutrition and at the same time a lot of people dying from obesity and diabetes…. i intend to work to help heal others by helping them find their passion and their courage to go for it! hollow opened with dreamworld in 1981 featuring the rocky hollow log ride. to show people there is good in the world in an engaging and entertaining way so they feel inspired to connect, act and share more love. as all 11 of us in the group are trying to reconcile our experience, and have such a passion for the small school there. it's motivated me to be even more resilient in my dream! i was hopeful leaving thailand that i would be able to “wave my magic wand” and peacecheese would reach the world as magically as it came into it. to be able to raise money through the empowerment and connection of introducing yoga for kids to make positive changes in their world and in ours. for your comment and i pray that learning connections holistic center will be up and successfully running sooner rather than later! i identified the five common stages people move through when making the shift from processed, empty food to real food … what i call the nourish evolution. cryotherapy is well studied and known in russia and many other countrys in a world but i latvia it is a such a long way till recognition of this method. dream is to connect those in need with the perfect partner in their healing journey. you for reminding me of the glistening rewards that invigorate your life and light your path when you say “yes” to the unknown and follow your spirit guides. i know it’s (at least part of) the solution to all this bulling bs that’s rampant in our schools! a business that someone has incredible passion for and also incredible passion for making the world a better place. our son was 15 months when we brought him home and started daycare 5 months later. i am so looking forward to being interviewed by you one day because of my beginning a teenage shift 🙂 maybe it will go worldwide and i can help with pencils of promise too! that said, it is recovering but with lack of resources; it seems as though there aren’t enough bridges being built to help the next generation cross into leadership functions in the business in cambodia. impatiently waiting for your book release here in uk and can`t wait to go though it. i watched the videos about “how to price your stuff” and then i had one of those electric moments. my incredible dream is to become a service dog trainer. “impossible” dream is… i’m happy to report, very terrestrial. my big dream is to publish a children’s book for children that grew up with a narcissistic personality disorder parent. historically, military spouses have been expected to support their military member and were actually discouraged from working. but i needed to watch this to realize its there, and i’m on the brink of discovering what this special thing is that i have to give the world (thanks marie:), and to just be open to the signs and messages. marie, hey adam, thank you both so much for your inspirational interview, i’m really looking forward to getting hold of adam’s book now. the act of writing and speaking the honest truth and owning our stories gives us power over our own narrative, gets the body out of a stress response, and allows us to truly heal ourselves and one another from trauma. our business is conducive to allowing us to give back to our customers and potential customers as a direct result of its success. my heart wants to share the truth that changing the quality of our health begins with choosing thoughts of love. i’ll revisit it later and sign up for your newsletter. the three dreams with the most valid votes are announced as the category finalists and each receive a ,000 grant. just what i needed today and glad i took the time out from our b-school module to listen! would love to embrace you tube, travel and change the world as i share the power of nature with the world. my dream is to start it all over again this time using my personal experiences to support people just like me. yet, it’s just so damn fulfilling to see how people’s mind, ways of seeing the world and interactions with others change when they start to think about their business (aka projects) as way to serve. i don’t feel that it will be an impossible dream i think it will be a possible dream. bags will be made in a fair pay member-owned cooperative in our community in north carolina using locally sourced, environmentally friendly materials (including recycled bottles). thank you marie & adam for sharing this and encouraging people to declare their ‘impossible dreams’. peace and love be present throughout each of your lives 🙂. asking people what they want pierces that bubble and makes the world a bigger, more interesting place. he was rushing to pick up our car, which had been in the workshop that day this was all on his mind and he was freaking out. and i believe peachy the warrior princess will open the hearts and minds of millions in the world making peachy’s time at the mill not a waste of time. i love the reframing of non-profit, and money isn’t the only exchange in the world. my favorite to begin with is to remind yourself to: take imperfect action every single day. each of the four grand finalists will receive an additional grant of up to ,000. there is nothing else we need to buy or to conquer to start reaching for our “impossible dream”. have been traveling an inner as well as outer journey for the past 44 years, filled with life teachers and lessons that i believe will enrich and guide those much younger to go through their stages with greater wisdom and happiness. my dream is to help the children with special needs in bali. magical creative being is leading by example and inspiration, not by problems, meaning that i create from childlike innocence visions of the world that we dream to live in, not the getting there, but the being there, the desired outcome, the space to come home to and realign with that vibrancy – also through the poetry of a loving elegant language, charged with the energy of love. founding my own organization has taught me that while i don’t want to make a career out of running a for-purpose, i do want to continue raising awareness for human rights and education by becoming an international journalist. action i am taking today is to work on one recipe that i can share with friends, family and one day at my vegan deli, that will inspire and be the embodiment of this dream. it has been a miraculous journey and i find myself constantly overwhelmed with an internal narrative that wants to yell, shout and scream with joy and let everyone know it is possible to overcome sadness, guilt and regret. we are into our week 3 of the group and it’s so exciting and moving to see how these individuals are really changing their mind sets and making positive changes. ago i wrote an essay about being exposed to a nonprofit endeavor and how i saw the purpose for both nonprofit and for profit companies in society. in the past i have done this by: initiating annual green business award categories at chambers, writing articles on green businesses, sourcing sponsorship and funding for “purpose driven companies” (love this! i teach beading classes for low income children at the junior high for their new dream academy program this year. we don’t have to change the world but by changing the lives of someone’s world, we do in fact change the whole world. know this dream is not impossible, and i am encouraged to pay attention to signs that lead me down the right path. well, just sharing a bit of the types of speakers there are our there, i am sure you will find plenty of resouces online. my dream is to have a business for a purpose to help people with any type of disability, whether it’s learning or mental. so encouraged by how adam started with just bucks — and i can’t wait to buy his book! i thought of what my impossible dream could be, the first word that came into mind is love. goal is to be as great as you guys, i wish to make this world a better place, where people car dare to be true to themselves and find true happiness through their beloved and most significant work. when i was a kid and people asked me what i wanted to do when i grew up, my answer always was “change the world. finding that thing, your niche, is such an interesting journey, and paying attention to the world signals around you is crucial! my ‘unrealistic’ dream is that all front line support workers (in domestic violence/ humanitarian aid/ drug and alcohol workers/ mental health support workers…) have access to regular good quality life coaching whilst doing their work. and i love adam’s courage to start small and move into his dream. being an older person we often find ourselves pushed aside out they way and denied any work opportunities. to take our fund raising money to this community on sunday! i haven’t achieved a university degree yet and i have absolutely no idea how to make my dream happen; i’d love to have some guidance along the way. when i returned to colorado, i met my husband, started a family, and, yep, quit my awesome job to pursue my dreams. just have to say that this is your best video ever. was so great to listen to your interview with adam.“a drop in the bucket of change has a ripple effect” –it’s what we live by and have supported mfs(doctors without borders) from the first moment our company was born. i don’t believe in taking a pill (prescribed or otherwise) or a drink to make me feel better, i believe, and know, that in those moments we make our greatest movements towards who we really are. need a world full of dreamers who are enthusiastic about having fun, treating their life like an adventure, and defying the status quo. "pilot in dreamworld helicopter crash does 'remarkable job' to prevent deaths". what an inspiring video – makes me that much more motivated to change my corner of the world in any way i can. and besides, even if they don’t get accepted to their dream school, they will have developed such a deep knowing about their skills and talents and passions that it won’t really matter. then, to scroll down and read all of the impossible dreams was an extra inspirational boost. was so amazing in fact i actually watched the whole thing which is rare when my toddlers love to interrupt me when i am watching something especially as important as your videos! my “impossible dream” is to work with people to bring out their inner artists and realize that they are creative.! i cannot believe how many people have this same struggle with the daunting idea and question about what in the world we were put here to do. the last 3-4 months i have started a journey to find myself and my passions (cliche sounding i know. we need more positive messages in the world like this!’ it is the platform and the scaffolding for any of our educational efforts and reform to gain authentic, purposeful traction. my one step toward living my dream i’d like to share is that i recently dug out my art supplies and old drawings i did almost 20 years ago before i got married and had my daughter. my dreams i see young children playing outside amongst the trees and vegetable patches. ~ she can be very nasty with me and we have had our disagreements, but, we have an understanding of love and forgiveness. sylvia has a model that works and moving forward is the only way to fulfill the dream! big, seemingly impossible dream is to help women feel beautiful in their own skin through the power of movement. but i used my newfound understanding of my condition to aid with my health and by taking baby steps i began to expand and multiply my ability to work and bring income to our family. year i took a self-empowerment course for the second time, this time it was to be a guardian to my older daughter who was taking the course herself. your advice i’m creating an inform, inspire and empower series of free information in the form of video emails, blogs and online marketing. 58 years old, i am intending to expand my teaching via the great internet and hopefully, through teaching adults, contribute a great gift to our children. my impossible dream is to reach more and more people with films that inspire and to inspire other women to get involved in film-making; be it writing, producing, directing or publicity and get our unique voices out there and onto the screen. nowget startedclick here to get your free audio training now. basically, i feel strongly that my purpose in life is to educate people who seem to have forgotten (especially in the developed economies) that diet has such a direct impact on your health and well-being and is the best cure, better yet best preventative medicine against all sorts and helps you to feel more in harmony with nature and those around you. i absolutely love adam’s stories, “survivor’s gratitude” and courage to take the road less traveled. #2, perhaps the weirder one: i had a dream last night that i was on a large sinking ship (like the titanic) in the middle of winter. i believe that many things happen to us and come into our lives for a reason. i have already taken actions to start “the foundation for courageous leadership” and it will officially launch on may 1. love this idea, maureen – i think now more than ever it needs to be brought to our attention.! your unique gifts have created a river of enduring love…from which may spring forth many, many more! was just a moving, touching, emotional, encouraging and inspiring interview. commit to attend to this by shifting completely the way i put my presence out into the world; from my social media and web content, to the people i allow into my space. i know that there are alot of for purpose companies that provide grants once homestudies are approved and to give families the financial means to have the funds for the full adoption but the next level is the costs for when your child comes home. healing can happen, and i’m so happy to have added a little drop to your pool on the healing side of things! surround yourself with positive people who are trying to better themselves as well. i believe that this will move me forward towards my passions and dreams. the dream is inventing 2 or 3 products (very specific) and generating incredible wealth, and then spending the rest of my life giving away this money through a foundation that would support artists through fellowships, support sustainable environmental projects to clean up and heal our planet, support projects that bring healing and tools to survivors of violence and war, in particular children, and projects that protect our waters and bring clean water to areas that don’t have access to clean safe water for families and communities, and funding projects that are community based that are generating local economies to end global hunger. “impossible” dream is for naturopathic medicine to be available to all citizens by achieving licensure in all 50 states. and it is connected to know who you are and at all moments making choices that takes you further, that contributes to a better you, a better world. i had just ended a special journey 2 months prior as a surrogate and was incredibly blessed and empty at the same time after the births (7lb twins). was a kind of coincidence how i run to youre page. dream for this world is that all of our children have a choice in the path they choose no matter what physical and mental hurdles they live with – period.!My impossible dream is finally taking a foot hold after three years.’m right now in the process of letting my fears go and getting clarity on how am i supposed to fulfill my pourpose and be able to provide my family (i have 4 boys) at the same time. it would be incredible if a concert hall could pop up in school yards across the country, empty parking lots, and host incredible world musicians providing free entertainment and access to witnessing their process in rehearsals as well as full on performances, and even inviting children who have perhaps never seen instruments like the ones they are playing to come on stage and interact with them. i also want this to experience a less competititie and commercialize world then that in which i live. contributing & being of service to those i care about — my community, & the world community — through sharing music (brazilian, jazz, r&b, sound healing, world, dance), & messages of healing & harmony. marie and adam, i am honored to be part of this community, where greater good is being incubated and ready to pour forth all over the world. i got chills when you talked about how the artist had painted the message right in front of your building. now have a specific plan to raise awareness and provide our clients the opportunity to choose which of the causes they want their purchase to contribute to. as a new b-schooler, i am seeing the “signs” that my passion and dreams can happen. my dream is to fill the world with happy women, one closet at a time…. i’m realizing that i’ve been taking some of my gifts for granted instead of appreciating them and using them to create some big change in the world. with the right video tutorials, i truly believe this could be one of your audiences, possibly even larger than a younger audience who feels comfortable with technology. you for sharing such powerful truth nuggets through your work. change the whole paradigm of economics and politics in the world. i’ve often said ‘but now i’m so struggling to pay the bills and keep my head above water myself, that i need to help myself first before i save the world.) and lots of blessings too for all the marie forleo community’s projects, that will certainly change the world and nourish our hearts 🙂. have a gift to help people tap into this source (my way is by opening your akashic records) and in doing so, discover and connect to your soul’s true purpose. it is common to apply your own ideas to that of someone else, like “who wouldn’t want a burger” yet many people in many parts of the world have not had a burger. one for yourself and others to give away to people you love who dream of using their life to make a difference. 🙂 i am having the time of my life, creating my life, and encouraging others to do the same! is a huge dream, to help children, teens, and adults heal their lungs and immune systems, but i know it’s possible for me to make a difference. i work in the advertising industry and we were doing a healthcare promotion with our hospital client. my purpose is to:Help relieve suffering and make the world a better place. those signs led me to begin the global autism project, and i've always felt fortunate that i was able to find and follow my 'impossible dream' at such a young age, but really – all i had was two eyes and an open-mind. commit to assisting those in need by all focussing our fundraising efforts together as a team each year to benefit existing charities providing freedom, ending suffering, poverty relief, education, nutrition and health care. dream is to build my creative business to the point where i can not only support myself but also hire a small team, thus providing other women with their dream jobs as well. insights that struck me most:* finding your purpose: purpose comes when you get out of your comfort zone. i am being lead to my life purpose and i am working on creating my website and working on a coaching program to follow my dream. thank you for prompting the unveiling of impossible dreams, and thank you everyone for sharing your beautiful visions… so moving to see what we hold in our hearts. i’ve been thinking about the font recently, so i will take your advice and change it. love your desire to draw kids back to the garden and movement. it took me 48 years to stand up and claim my space in the world. only this morning, i was walking down into centre of town here in bristol where i live and a feeling came to me just to say send your quite blessings and love to everyone you get in contact today. as christopher reeve once said “so many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.!The one small step i am taking now is to send an email out to my list about my vision: create an online school to help people with an idea, story, or message that can change the world write and publish a book about it. so first step is to really teach them how to dream again, dream big and create a version of themselves which they love. cannot forget our veterans, the real heroes of this country, and have them feel neglected or invisible. mission im”possible” dream is that i see a global tribe of at least 1000 – engaged, empowered and inspired human beings, who have contribution as one of their core values. am holding and creating the vision of a better more beautiful world, presented through imagery, literature, inspired poetry, muse-ic, and movies, even if i don’t know how to make magical movies yet, i know that i will create them. thoughts hold many of us in captivity from moving ahead with just small steps in achieving our dreams. that’s why i’m working on a book that aims to use a simple but profound approach to guide others to expand their perspectives of themselves and those around them, in hopes that their discoveries can lead to so much more clarity, awareness, and peace, within themselves and eventually within more of the world.

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the life of one person and the world will never be the same again…it is that powerful. we are for-purpose and changing the wording on our web site now! are about to vote for:Register your vote by entering your email address. your goddaughter might just grow up to help millions and part of that will be because you cared and made a difference. i am 46 and have two teenage boys who have also changed because of my unique healing journey.. in the same way our children are required to do math, english, etc. health is about the foods you eat of course, but it also lies in taking care of your mind and spirit to be ultimately happy. when chadd, the national organization showed an interest in what i was doing, i knew it was my sign that it was time to move forward with this dream. when i was in high-school, i had no guidance on what should i study next, and because i was in the philology department it all seemed planned, i should follow foreign languages or journalism, but nobody told me i could also do marketing, advertising and many more. it is my dream, to travel around the world offering this service and vibration. our first steps, putting together our website and creating video interviews with all different types of mothers, have incredibly amazing! what i love most is his message that he is an ordinary person, and that he is one individual that has had an impact and made choices that have changed the world. i knew then that the sense of satisfaction i may have searched for through external sources was always accessible within … and my perspective and priorities shifted dramatically. i have such a big vision for what i can do in this arena and now, because of your interview, i know i can and i will make this work. dream is to write and illustrate a children’s book series about a girl who sees fairies. is a beautiful and amazing interview, definitely one of your best! am working through it and found out that my path is not at all what i would necessarily “dream up” for myself. wait to get this book 😀 thank you sooo much for sharing this story and once again allowing me to share my impossible dream. the years i have had so many “impossible dreams” come and go, but thanks to this interview, i realize that i had one very recently that just felt so different than the rest. it’s so important and so many people do not feel good enough in their bodies 🙂 i’ve worked in the business world for 7 years now and i can’t believe how unhappy i’ve been even making a ton of money! from the entrance (in a clockwise direction) they are: main street, town of gold rush, rocky hollow, dreamworld corroboree, wiggles world, rivertown, tiger island, dreamworks experience and ocean parade.’m so lucky that i get to live my dream life every day 🙂 i have my own business designing party printable stationery. am just starting my journey to find out what my true purpose is and truly follow my heart. feel uplifted and encouraged and am happy i watched this as i’ve had a couple of difficult weeks. a girl, change the world w/ marie forleo & tammy tibbetts. this sounds simple, but i know from experience how hard it can be to maintain a loving consciousness when we are fighting our own negative thoughts, dealing with difficult interactions with others, and taking in the noise of the world. think my “impossible” dream is just to overcome my fears. inspired me to spend a few moments really imagining and the joy of my dream fulfilled, ‘imagining the end’ as it were. my “impossible dream” comes from my doctor’s appointment on friday. when i started touring nationally, i booked “bedside” performances in hospitals, nursing homes and schools. i am very excited, as i create my own life coaching practice and develop this program for our youth. we start to say at a young age that “our brain just doesn’t work that way. i continue to change my words, and change my worth, change my goals and dreams and impact others to do the same. most powerful beauty i feel is when we can connect with others from our hearts and see them for their essence and not by ‘roles’ that are carried forward. thanks so much for the inspiring talk today, and for the both of you for living your dreams, and inspiring me to do the same. ensuring that just 15-30 minutes a day can make a world of a difference in their lives forever. am able to change the world–i just had to change the way i viewed approaching the task. impossible dream involves training teachers in developing countries to make a living for themselves, their families and their communities. a student at the institute for integrative nutrition, an alumni suggested i look into your b- school. for purpose dream organization is one that would help families get back in the kitchen and guide them to a healthier life. i have partnered with doterra essential oils to live my dream out. my ultimate dream of helping people understand the power of healing ourselves through proper nutrition. dream is to make it easy and fun for people to live a zero waste life – where everything we buy or use can be used for something else. thank you, adam and marie, for sharing today and giving many of us a heart tug to seek out our purpose behind our passion. am absolutely passionate about this, as someone who has experienced how low self esteem can change the trajectory and flow of your life. by my own life, changed through my yoga practice, and watching my kids grow in a school system that crushes many of their innate abilities and dreams, i decided to “roll up my sleeves” and go do something, even if by myself. at the end of this 9 days i remembered my love and passion for jewellery as a kid, and how, because i had “too good” grades to stop the accademical road & i abandoned my dream of working with silver, gold, precious stones. ‘impossible dream’ has been to work in the field of peace activism and, at the same time, make enough of a living to support my family while helping make the world a better place. i want it to be a series of videos beyond our 8 week class. so for the most part of my life, my big dreams were always just dreams. one step at the time i’m creating the business and life that i love to share with the world! i only recently discovered you, and i am enrolling your next class. my big dream is to create a sanctuary for detox, meditation, reflection, bodywork, yoga and healing. after taking b-school last year and saw that you had successfully incorporated a philanthropic arm to your business i knew that i would do the same. want all moms (and women) to know their value as powerful world leaders and understand how to raise children and lead in their communities to make the world a better place. it is part of my journey to give love to as many as i can, and i cant think of a better way than to give people back to themselves. thank you so much for having adam on your show to share his wonderful story. supporting them buying machinery putting them on pattern making courses etc. impossible dream used to be leaving the world of network television and pursuing a meaningful media production company. it’s a reawakening, knowing who we truly are in this universe, to find our own voice and be the voice of those precious children who are a gift to this world but not given a chance to bloom. i am on the path to become a healer, bodyworker, and educator, but i know it will all quilt into place when i’m able to embody my gifts as a performer and singer, and to affect the world through storytelling and heart. it is easy to love people who love you back, your family, friends, partner. i firstly just say that you both seem like such wonderful people- the kind of people that the world needs more of, and i feel privileged to “know” you in the little capacity that i do. my tears of emotion were spilling right along with you but when you wipe your tears, make gentle motions from the outside in with your ring finger (your weakest finger for the most delicate part of your skin) instead of dragging your fingers from the inside out. it’s high time that we haman beings begin to (once again) take hold of our sixth sense abilities, and make ourselves better and more spiritual human beings and thus make our shared world on planet earth, a far better place than it has come to currently. and, i dream of sharing my music with the world to inspire hope. i am going to revolutionize our concept of motherhood and the working mom. honestly don’t know what that first step to that dream should be, but i do know i’d have to be the example. i plan to blog about literacy resources also in my upcoming new blog. this week i also will participate in a two day course to develop my acting skills so that i can live my purpose to maximum and have confidence in presenting my plans and selling my story. when we’re misaligned with purpose, there’s that gnawing in the back of our minds that won’t go away. the facebook group called “frederick county homeless students initiative” illustrates the inspired action of so many compassionate people in our community who have rallied around this important cause. us about your dream to help an australian-based charity, community group or not-for-profit organisation make a real difference in the community. has the highest rate of female alcoholics in all of britain, and we think it’s partly down to the stiff upper lip culture here – we don’t talk about our problems, we just push them down and drink to escape them. how by finding their purpose will not only expand their world, but the whole world. – find your purpose by getting out of your comfort zone! tough to organize your thoughts when you are so overwhelmed with emotions. i am taking steps in the right direction, a student at the institute of integrative nutrition and at b school trying to map out my vision because i feel like it is something big and i feel like i can accomplish anything i put my mind to in this world i just need a clearer vision. first step i’ve done towards my dream is to find a place where. i am in turning the corner mode and i have to say that your emails and offers have been oddly perfect in timing, accident! as a solopreneur, i need to remember that with every action i take in serving others and honoring them, i have the power to impart change, growth and dream building. at the beginning of each year i set myself targets that go with it and at the end of the year usually i look back and see that i did progress – even if it was not at the pace it would have been if i would only work on that dream. she is 27 years old now and has many dreams she would like to make come true like getting married and having children, singing for an audience (she has a wonderful voice) and publishing her poems. my dreams of touching people’s lives in africa and india i hope to make true one day – but i want to start with my children and get them over there and helping. i was young, i had so many hopes, dreams, plans and aspirations to do great things for the world. adam , you are a world changer in so many ways…. always – since i was a little girl – dreamed about world peace..This video was absolutely heart inspiring – thank you adam for sharing your story. am too nervous to think about my impossible dream 🙂 maybe i talk about it next time : ). i am putting a class together with a business partner in va for the beginning of may teaching people about how to clean up their credit and finances (this was already in the works as part of our business we are doing) but, i am adding a presentation or workshop that is going to look at helping people look at their fears and relationship with money. starting point is inspiring women to love themselves fully by tapping into god, and letting that wellspring of love ripple out to form a peaceful, joyous, and loving world.” oh, that question… if i could only choose one message to keep with me for the rest of my journey it is that i am not alone! my father passed away seven years ago my brother and i decided to start a foundation in his name to raise money to fund other pastors (my father was a pastor, community leader, and all around change catalyst) who wanted to change the world. according to the anita borg institute and a wide variety of other sources, not only is the pipeline of girls into science and tech severely reduced (compared to men) but the attrition rate for women in technical careers is twice that of men. with the start of this new year, i took the leap towards following my inner voice that keeps whispering to me that there is something more i can do to make a difference in this world, and joined b-school!´m full of tears … of joy, of sadness, of love, of humility … this young man is inspiring and encouraging and i feel that we take too much for granted and i take these interview als a remenber … electrificant in my heart, thanks dear marie and adam <3. my wife and i were in vietnam, visiting a fairly village an hour or so out of hanoi. ‘impossible dream’ would be to make a difference to many many lives, to be helpful, creative, inspiring and really make a difference …for many years i have said if i had enough money ect that i would build a big school and make it special for all, i would be the head teacher and all the children and staff would feel valued and appreciated…it would be inspirational…creative…. the park reopened to the public on 10 december 2016, without major thrill rides operating however dreamworks experience, abc kids word, wiggles word, dreamworld coroboree and whitewater world opened. of feeling like the whole world is against me, i now feel guided. believe in the magic of serendipity that somehow guides your steps. round is all about dreams that focus on health and well-being, and dreams that make life better for people in need. poor sanitation is the #1 cause of child death in the world. me, it took a pretty epic catastrophe to have that first “it” moment, but it was the moment that catapulted me onto a journey that just won’t quit! i always dream of the day that i will be so rich that i can sponsor training programmes and equipment for nurses and midwives in various regions to counter this problem. right now my impossible dream is to figure out what is my place in the world, find my purpose and combine it with my burning desire to help others, to bring joy, give love, and beauty to the world. thank you for helping our most precious treasures, the children. despite our different abilities we all have an opportunity to contribute and bring our gifts to this world – we all all here for purpose. and then, i would have no other choice but to step even further out of my own self-built fortress and explore the world even more. long term dream is to marry my passions: food and travel and one day to build a modest resort/hostel/b&b somewhere in the world that can use tourism to generate jobs for people in that small town. it impacts the world to make positive change i’m not sure but when adam mentioned the first girl he asked what she wanted and she said dance that was like a light going on to me! just read your response and i have to tell you – you are already there. i know it sounds like nothing but this will help me organize resources and inspirations. business is helping entrepreneurs start, launch, and grow their business through live events which in turn build relationships, but who knows what else i will discover on this journey of discovery. dream for this category could be about a charity that’s helping cure a disease or illness, a group that’s assisting people with a disability or a cause that provides food for the homeless. with the vision of one day bringing yoga into schools to make it easier on the kids and teachers to handle almost six hours of sitting inside a classroom daily, i set to become a kids yoga instructor. admire your work, so lovely to hear a interview like this.-or-nothing (aka: perfectionism) just talks us out of our dream. i want youth to know that where you start is not where you will end and that the area you feel weakest in is usually the area for your biggest breakthrough. i’ve got 7,000 games i would love to find a way to help you with your promise of a pencil organization. have been trickling into my life gradually over the past few months and i am suddenly starting to realise how much you are impacting the way i see the world. i have faith that i’ll figure it out if i continue to explore, discover, and dream. i have a huge lump in my throat as i write this as i wish every child could have the opportunity to education…what a world this would be. there came a time where i had to step away from the “borrowed suit” i was wearing to pursue my dreams. this event, known as screamworld, includes all of the thrill rides and a selection of children's rides. to provide them with the support, encouragement and information they need to make walking that path a blessing instead of the frightening, confusing time that so many feel it to be. my big, impossible dream would be to educate individuals, couples/friends and families on loving themselves and their experiences with others using lessons that develop skills in communication – through words, movement/dance and nurturing touch/massage. however, i like adam’s approach that you most certainly don’t have to wait until you have your life perfect to start making a difference. right now i just launched my website, which focuses on family relocating to orlando but my impossible dream is to help others in other countries and do the same and mind you i am not a realtor but being a single mom and striving to excellence to keep my home order can help stressful and overwhelming. i truly believe it is only a matter of time for my “impossible dream” to become a reality. i offered to coach (i am a passion test facilitator) any of my team members who also start a personal fundraising campaign, so that if they take the step to help our world through microloan finance, i will help them get clear on their personal purpose! the near future, we are looking forward to help out organizations that touch our hearts, such as adam’s as well as creating our own projects. inspiring and makes my heart ache to be fully living my dream. i am in my early 30’s and have never played any instrument, nor ever sang, but it is my dream to make a living from playing music.):“everyone accepts, respect and celebrates differences of skin colour, culture, habits and believes of anyone we come into contact with”. together we conceived of a dream business & life that we will someday love.’ve gotten a start on my dream by earning my kids yoga teacher training and starting classes at a local studio. i’m still not sure how or what but think it will be in an area i’m passionate about (nutrition, counselling, natural therapies, harmony with our environment). ‘impossible dream’ is sharing the message with every young woman that she is amazing – not because she’s lived up to someone’s (society’s) expectation, but simply because she is born. would love to work with or create organizations that seek to find, educate, and apply sustainable methods for making “life work” for all inhabitants of this world. i’m still waiting for my epiphany but until that moment, i’m still engaged and moving in the direction of my dreams. words can give a good nudge and propel you towards your next chapter…. (while our web site is still in development, you can see some of kathy’s (my business partner) artistic creations on our facebook page – mountain bird designs. what would the world be like if every woman loved herself, exactly as she is, right now? adam’s story was like pouring a can of gasoline on my passion and purpose for life, for building my business empire, for finishing acupuncture school, for starting to make change now…. all food waste to those farms for compost or livestock feed – our practice run at an ecologically responsible business model. although i thought it would be impossible to attend school (i’m a flight attendant, and out of town/county many days), i found a school that provides online course. he leaned in close to me and looked me straight in the eyes and said: "don't worry lina, you're going to find out and it will change your life forever. i had a dream opportunity about 1 1/2 years ago to go to tanzania africa with a group to go on safari and to also go to a school in tanzania that they are partnering with to help build and spend a day with the kids. dream is to run an art school that supports creative people to pursue their artistic dreams in whatever capacity that is. this is my big dream:I want to help educate children about finance from a young age. you are a bright light that encourages so many of us to do the work that we know we are here to do. my now impossible dream coming true, is marrying that woman who invited me on the service path 5 years ago while simultaneously taking my career to the next level. over the last few weeks, i’ve had signs and confirmation that the decision to step away from my life long dream of working in the music industry pales in comparison to the purpose that has been divinely written for my life. dream: about a year and a half ago, i went to syracuse, ny to visit. impossible dream is to help save/heal children from parental alienation syndrome or pas.’m just 23, working my way into the online marketing industry and i work about 10-12 hours/day at least. my impossible dream is to have “one-stop-shop” wellness centers in the us and internationally, serving people who need support and guidance to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and loved ones. impossible dream is to become a spiritual channel for divine, loving guidance; to reach out with the message that our health is a reflection of our own thoughts; and to share the truth that when we begin to choose healthy, loving thoughts we begin to create healthy, loving lives. classes, courses and ebooks, webinars and mp3s and video clips in which parents and grandparents will learn communication tools which can be easily implemented into daily life which are non-violent, non-punitive, mutually respectful and which, through use, create space for enjoyment and love to surge back into the realm of raising our young. reading ignites imagination, imagination makes people think and dream big, people who think and dream big take actions to make those dreams a reality. of my big dreams will be to be such as a personal coach for every purpose. i believe peace in the world is through the education and support of women. it is a simple project called kids connect worldwide that has had some unexpected and major impact on some of the kids who have received the cards. you so much for your great inspirational videos and for introducing such wonderful people like adam braun. we get to choose what ideas we put into our heads. i know one day we will all perish but before i do, i want to achieve this dream. each child receives a sponsored copy of my full colour, interactive water safety guide to take back home and share the message with their families, which for kids who have next to nothing might just be the only book they’ve ever owned.*we use the latest web technologies on our site – please update your browser, or download google chrome for the best experience! i have no idea how i’m going to make my dream happen, but i’ll keep moving forward, and keep an eye out for those signs! possible dream is to change the lives of thousands of children suffering with asthma. impossible dream is to provide hands on healing to 10,000 individuals for free.” i have longed for a community, of women in particular, who are not only strong, but who are defying odds and showing that just because you have scoliosis, doesn’t mean you have to kick your dreams and desires to the curb. without realizing it, sometimes we hide our abundance and creativity underneath that which we most fear and the magical path unfolds when “you push yourself outside your comfort zone”, then realizing and embracing the beauty and passion which lies within the fear itself. i have an idea that by giving free group coaching, beauty therapy, self care, self love workshops and encouraging community support we may be able to reduce the negative impact of domestic violence.

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story adam told about his grandma moved me deeply and reminded me of my own parents and grandparent’s story; growing up or living through world war 1 and/or 2 in germany and struggling to do the ”right” thing.^ "dreamworld's thunder river rapids ride to be demolished after theme park deaths". episode and even better adam 😉 thanks for making world better place for life 😉. i have always queried what my life is to do for this world. please look into the “no more” organization as a way to leverage your “impossible dream”. want every child to be able to follow their dreams and be filled with self confidence and support despite their home life or parents’ income. i do believe that we all have a purpose and we have to keep our eyes open to see it. on my travels it would be my desire to capture the hearts of the world with inspirational snapshots of gratitude and passion in all aspects of ones living and life., this morning on a linkedin group for journalists that i belong to, someone posted an article about niche sites, which is a huge sign because journalists don’t traditionally talk about niche sites. i am truly happy to know that there are wonderful people like you who desires to provide selfless service for the betterment of the world. when you posed your challenge, what is your impossible dream? coming home was with new eyes, and a further itch to do something great in the world. loved your show about adam braun’s pencils of promise. agree that we should follow our heart and the signs. a long time i felt completely overwhelmed and helpless at the tremendous suffering in our world.! i’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! what she couldn’t know was that there is soooo much more in this video, even referring to the content of the show vision, and of what each of you shared, that what i received instantly expanded already, just watching the two of you share your radiant beings and interact and weave together what you’re each passionate about, which ties magically into my purpose and the fact that kids and i have more fun together than each of us alone would have had, and even adults love the innocence of my art and inspired poetry, and stories in rhyme form, but this show isn’t in rhyme form, at least not as far as i can feel. i want to work with teachers and social workers to find candidates, and then help each kid find their voice and share it with the world online. have had a recurring dream many times now in the midst of my life struggles, basically noting i would have a lot of trouble. i want to spread the word about how magical life can be once you take possession of your gifted mind and put it to use for something you care about while making a good living., i really need to let my possible dream simmer and take shape. i am to share my impossible dream then that would be to serve my parents till the end of me. my dream entails building homes for both working class people and second homes for vacationers in the catskill region of ny. impossible dream: a work in progress – to build a company that inspires the win-win philosophy in multiple areas of life, and do great good in the world. most interesting part about it – i believe we manifest these lives ourselves. this video, i’ve been in the incubation stage of trying to find exactly what i want to pursue that will change the world for the better. i feel it’s time to go bigger, so thanks for reminding me that my passion is a world purpose passion. watching this interview i wrote: live with courageous love and tapped it up on my desk., but also the digging deep into the emotions that drive our purchasing decisions and our upbringing/past that has determined our money habits thus far. i am sure it will really speak to me and help our development. i feel so honored to be here living my dream of supporting others (i´m an interculturalist and coach) to have better intercultural experiences and invited to help support the growth of this organization.! so i decided that my values and integrity was too important to jump into this world. dream is for humans to stop exploiting and eating animals. and so more of these sites are desperately needed to educate in the fundamental future health of our planet and can be geared to both urban and rural living environments. they teach me more than i teach them, and the added value is that by my own attitude and my experiences i can give my children a sense of hope in the world that with working hard and getting a good education all things are possible. rather than giving something up, i want to pay something forward that is of service to others, no matter how big or small, to encourage a ‘want’ in people to do the same for others. also, i think the earlier we encourage entrepreneurship skillsets the better their lives will be as they will likely live from a position of owner not victim regardless if they become an entrepreneur or not. world is based upon the popular australian children entertainers, the wiggles.! beyond providing fair pay, being kind to the earth, and empowering women, we now have a concrete plan on how to use our profits for purpose – contributing to causes that we believe in. if we do find employment, sometimes we are underemployed and/or not fulfilling our true purpose.! i’ve always been wanting to do something great in the world but i haven’t been able to tap into that power and release it. i dream one day that i can meet you all in person. 2003, dreamworld further expanded its wildlife offerings by running after hours "sunset safaris". paraphrase a famous australian singer and songwriter, paul kelly: from little books, big dreams grow. of course, it would be great if bono would hold the ‘and’ sign in all the pictures. i devoured your book on my kindle over the past couple of days. so much so that i’ll be making my first trip to nyc this year which is an adventure that i’d never dreamt would happen!’ve dreamt of becoming a fashion designer my whole life and made major sacrifices and overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles and after having reached that goal, i want to dream bigger work towards launching my own sustainable luxury brand of cruelty-free shoes for women like myself who have large size feet and have felt inadequate about that because it is sooo difficult to find shoes in our size and ones that make us feel beautiful. hampers or pantry collections which are made of locally produce farm produce at the same time encouraging people to think about giving gifts which can be used and have not travelled thousands of kilometres to get there. interview is so powerful, i perfectly understand brian about hit moment, follow the sign, for me there is so much in the world, and leave that way give your the true level of the incredible think that we are experiencing by living. many cultures that have encouraged their children and thus, adults, to live according to ideas and measures of success that have little to do with what their soul is meant to be doing. loved listening to you guys talk about living your life with passion and purpose. in all the hundreds of comments, i quickly scanned through, i rested on yours. but i added you, marie, a few months ago and look forward to your tuesday email. we just spoke over google chat this morning for over an hour, and she gave me this video to watch. and of course my mean girl stepped in and said “but you need a job before you can move. by sharing practical tips on how to monitor kids activities, tips on how to communicate, and share ideas on ways to communicate and stress the importance to our kids on what’s appropriate and not on social media/ “the cyber world”. dream is to step fully into my dharma as a yoga teacher, kirtan leader.),I felt chills down my spine as you were talking about your grandmother! and you have no idea how your help to just one can ripple out. need more people in the world like the two of you! no dream is too big, too small, too broad or too specialised – provided it meets our guidelines, of course. i also found 2 partners which are making my designs, had our baby in january, and finished a short book about the “voice” the instrument i have been teaching for the past 10 or so years. by remember myself everyday that is possible to make dreams come true and with that i elevate my energy and then i’ll be able to share with others. in the process i went to india with habitat for humanity, went to a first nations sweat, did yoga, went to a super intense work on every aspect of your life personal development retreat, and many more. my grandmother started a school years ago in honour of my uncle who was aboard the air india aircraft that was bombed in the 80s. it feels like an impossible dream because i am afraid that what i write won’t be good enough to be published. biggest dream at the moment is to raise greater awareness to childhood sexual abuse through my art. this enables those who rule over us through lies, to maintain their evil control on this world. my number 1 impossible dream remains the same: change the world by helping people. ultimate impossible dream would be to put my town back on the map. i took a leap of faith in dec 2012 by quitting the corporate world and my life has turned into a giant synchronicity since. as a passionate business owner that organises crafted life changing journeys to india and the wilderness areas and a tiger lover, i feel like my direction is heading in towards more community based projects, and like adam, i know some magical things are going to happen on this trip to india – so that’s my action. if you don’t have a minimum score of x or a cumulative gpa of y, the electronic filters screen out your application and your file never gets seen by the powers that be who would then, and only then, be able to review your application (in its entirety) and see the “full-package” and “distance-traveled” of an applicant. i have lost my faith in organised religion, however i still like the idea (as per what adam says) of somehow still being guided by a something, some sort of powerful source for good, both our own and that of the world. this space will cater to children and youth who have low economic power, but a richness beyond your wildest dreams. other dream is to become fluent in italian and spanish, right now i’m learning italian and living in italy, so progressing towards this goal slowly but surely 🙂. so i spoke with the preschool director about the snack program, a community health consultant about healthy snacks at soccer, a fellow parent about mental health resources in our community and a neighbor who trains folks in spark pe for kids. now i work as a motivational writer and speaker for hispanic community (i live in fort lauderdale), i started my project in 2009 but it was only in 2012 when i decided to turn it on in a permanent way and run to see my dream come true. you so much marie for your inspiration and, even though you’ve never met me, providing much needed encouragement. i have always been the person to dream big and have been told throughout my childhood, that’s a negative thing, that i could never be that person to make big changes in our world. step that i’m taking towards it was actually started just an hour before watching this weeks episode. we feel as though we have to clean out our cupboards, begin this difficult bland miserably boring restricting diet on monday, and work out like crazy maniacs in order to feel good about ourselves. anything to continually draw us, and children especially, back into much deeper awareness, in touch with our most pure essence, and the “presence of now” (eckhart tolle) is a truly wonderful dream. women need support to look inside to honor their deeper gifts beyond beauty to really impact the world. adam is an amazing human being:) my dream is that every child’s potential could be realized with the help of education – my gift to the world is an ability to create educational environments for small children where they thrive. i agree that even if you don’t know your purpose right now, it is important to keep taking action and moving forward and somehow you will find it. when things go great we learn very little about ourselves, it is when things are as dark as could be that we ultimately find our meaning, purpose, and power. i ask for your substantial support in “acting locally,” as we put the pencil of promise to the oh so deserving youngsters in our own backyards. on my vision board i created 6 years ago, was a dream to start an ngo in a developing country focused on empowering women and girls. i am moved to use my talents and finances as they come to start an “on-purpose” (love that :)) company to help woman with children maneuver through the complex and often corrupt family court system and to change the guardian ad litem guidelines so that children are indeed put first. i certainly want to help make other people’s lives better, and there are so many other causes like women’s literacy that i also want to contribute to, but i feel like we have such a responsibility to the wildlife around us–and our planet. 😉 but if i were to share a dream that some might find impossible…. interview with adam supports so strongly my belief that by organising this event, we are contributing step by step make the dream a reality! went to law school because i wanted to change the world. i don’t know exactly ‘how’ all the pieces will come together to make my “impossible dream” become a significant reality but i do believe that as i serve people daily i am walking towards it. dream is to make cryotherapy well known method for living healthy life without feeling any pain.’ve just placed the order for my samples of postcards today – a step towards gaining the means for my dream! thank you so much for sharing and i have no doubt that you’ll create a beautiful outcome for your children and the community. thank you marie and adam for bringing such an important message to us about following our purpose. thank you, marie and thank you for your action-evoking story, adam! journey to finding my contribution to this world began when i was 18 after we lost my brother to malpractice. impossible dream is create a short movie on one of my friend & colleague sagar. to empower girls growing up and women already in situations to know their worth, so that it’s not a male dominated world, but an equal one. don’t believe that this is an impossible dream as i believe nothing is impossible… just wish the time between now and being able to do it was a bit shorter…. one night i was out with my friends and while we were leaving a pub at an extremely late hour (maybe 2 or 3 am) i stepped out to see one of the motorcycle parking attendants yelling at the little boy and slapped him in the back of the head. marietv, which is fitting, because:One of my dreams is a creative sanctuary with many (! i wish i could clone you two and spread you all around – the world needs more of you all! it features the central station for the dreamworld express as well as the dreamworld cinema.[34] by the start of the winter holidays on 25 june 2011, all of the rides in nickelodeon central were renamed to a generic kids theme: kid's world. i have ditched corporate and am pursuing my dream, what i am working on is helping my husband find out what his dream is. you very much of your essential episodeepisodes it’s really helpful of i am speaking english. i have preserved a childlike innocence within my own heart, i have easy access to our higher consciousness as well as our subconscious and i connect with children and adults, seeing their highest potential and inspiring their magical being to light up and for them to live from that place where we play at life. am in marketing and business development, and my dream or “giving back” is to teach children how to be entrepreneurial and work for themselves. i am hoping by building a business of my dreams with life coaching, and usana health sciences, that i will get there again if not many times. sunny kids support moms in their special journey to motherhood. right now my dream is to encourage and inspire living life to the most purpose! so… my impossible dream would be to live in a world of peace, love and joy. (i have a suspicion that the entire journey might turn out to be the dream. however, my attainable dream is to create/provide an epic farm of sorts to not only cultivate amazing healthy food, but to cultivate a healthy community. by downplaying my work, i am downplaying give naked and missing opportunities to inspire people…which is our mission! it is petrifying and super scary to tell people that i want to make a difference and help make the world a loving place. i never knew about anxiety till four years ago i was in your words effected by it. am taking a leadership class & learning how to ignite – social change now with – off the matt & into the world:I posted this video in our discussion group, to get our conversation started. at the moment my business is just me, but my dream of dreams is to grow my business to a point financially where i can afford to use some of my time to create a pro bono program, for those who can’t afford to pay for my services. you for all that you are, for sharing your gift to the world and i look forward to seeing and hearing more of what you have to share. feel that learning to code is the way i can bring change to the world, and turn my generic ‘arts’ based skill set into the technical tools that modern non-profits need (wink wink, adam i’m looking at you with those developer positions you have on the pop site at the moment). dream is to be “the” yoga studio at a resort in nuevo vallarta. i want to encourage women to be comfortable in their unique selves, to use testimonies to bring hope to another who may be going through that same thing and just create an environment that strives on love and women working together and not against each other.) i have set up a business called tsuno- which sells your every day disposable sanitary pad made from sustainable bamboo fibre, and donates 50% of profits to charities working in international women’s development. we have already used our business to donate funds to the kortney rose foundation, for children’s brain cancer research. so, keeping it simple i want to make & share a movie on his life, his dreams & his attitude with the world. i drifted into a nap long enough for me to have a dream in which i realized that i had to sign up for b-school in honor of my grandfather. life/wellness coach because i feel these practices have had the most extraordinary positive healing impact in my own journey. we’re so glad that our episode was so in line with your focus this year – i always love those little signs from the universe!.he (malachi) has moved on…as a mother this is maybe our worst nightmare…its been so painful and i have also had such deep moments of despair…however i am with you sister…its our toughest experiences that become our greatest gifts…my sons passing has been my greatest gift…a gift he has given me…”live according to your dreams and passions now, life is short, make a difference to yourself and therefore others”…step out and live without fear…we are all divine…go for it glenda. i believe even african countries have resources and creative minds that can figure out how to create new markets that serve and generate substantial living.! i have been living my dream as a self-employed personal chef for the past 3 years, but now i want more. i am totally going to check out your website to read more! apart from the physical center, we will build a virtual library of health and wellness resources on our website including podcasts (motivational morning radio, mantras and meditation, interviews with self-improvement leaders, and so on), vlogs for cooking classes, and more to link you with local community health & wellness resources. i reflect on my dreams, i realize that they all distill into one great desire: to help others live a fully embodied life, while supporting myself to do the same. community has beautiful old warehouse buildings sitting empty and decaying, and people who need skills, or maybe a dream of starting their own businesses someday. i cried adam when you shared your story of you giving the pencil to the little boy in india. am recovering from a debilitating illness that took my healthy 25-year-old kick-ass little body and ravaged it for nearly four years. i hope to some day step into and work toward a more active roll toward this dream. my dream-goal is to empower kids who don’t currently have access to technology (there are such kids in every single country in the world, i believe), to create art and take it online. use photos or shoot a video, and give your dream every chance of winning. not surprisingly, you and adam have spurred me to find words for the overflow of passion in me for what i am meant to do in the world. i also love traveling the world and adam’s story put tears in my eyes. your dream is about helping disadvantaged kids enjoy physical activity, providing computer lessons for retirees or even helping your local sporting team travel to their grand final, this round is for you., my “i’m-possible” dream is to revolutionize the way that medicine is practiced on earth. a first step, i’ve finally taken the courage to go to the local chamber of commerce. impossible (possible) dream is to create a math education company that enables youth to excel in mathematics. ‘impossible dream’ is to have a ‘for purpose, for passion, for people’ art studio and classroom in which different art mediums are used as a portal for personal inspiration and creativity allowing us to see what is possible for each of us. "son saw sydney mother cindy low die in dreamworld tragedy". most of us are struggling to meet our basic survival needs, so it’s not particularly practical to be able to give up work for some higher purpose. impossible dream is to create a video series where i can travel around the world (or even just my country at first) to different places and play pranks on people but instead of just having fun with them by puling fantastic jokes and pranks on them, i want to create brilliantly heart-centred scheming story-lines where i can just do elaborate and unique random acts of kindness and give back in the way ellen d or oprah w gives to their audience…except it would be in real life, ordinary every day situations with unsuspecting people in various situations and places..) to figure out what i want to create in this world. now, the best step i can take is to educate myself, to establish as an educational leader and expert and connect to as many influential people in education here in romanian to make my dream possible. i also realized that i see the world, or maybe people, in a different way than others do. posted yesterday straight after watching the interview and ordering adams book and shared how i always believed as a child i would change the world and that i’d had visions of wrapping my arms around the world and sending all the love in my heart into it. especially for us working mums, we are often faced with the choice between a successful career or being present for our kids. had the inspiration – and shared about it to our friends – one of whom is a professor at the new school in nyc.’s been bugging me for awhile though, is the food that is served in our institutions, like nursing homes, group homes, juvenile detention centers, addiction treatment centers, mental health centers – it’s just appalling based on how healing food can be and it’s what our body and brain is made from! as a physician, my goal is to teach people that we are capable of taking care of ourself and achieving health and wellness within ourselves. each of us, depending on our environment and what or who we are surrounded by can be seen as either the solid, stoic and linear or the ethereal, connected and full of possibility. 1991, to promote the australian premiere of the simpsons on network ten from 10 february, dreamworld welcomed the characters of the american tv series. even if you’ve given up, you haven’t totally failed and you can still turn your life around. this is making me dream even bigger for my business/my dream. was so moved by this video and it made me reflect on what big impossible dream i want to make happen. my motivation to get better is not just so i can have a happy life (and my family) but also re what marie, you always say about “keep reaching for your dream because the world needs the unique something (what is it, can’t remember your exact words) that only you have” . spoke about that moment in your life and about following that moment with action. and, soon, we will live in a world where everyone is flourishing., our gifts are real and we take them for granted and we know that we make a difference in people’s lives, and yet, we do not see the impact of a word, an advice, a question, a smile or our presence. a chance decision to click the link for this latest interview with adam while cleaning the kitchen in the wee hours once again giving much needed inspiration to continue on baby steps in the “research” phase, and how great to hear the discussion on merging a service-focused endeavor with for-profit model… as i have been grappling lately with what type of model might work best… not to mention a whole host of other signs that are too lengthy to mention here now.

I Too Have a Dream: That Life on Earth Shall Not Perish, But Rather

for sharing with the world this show, your inner view of the world, your passion and your inspiration! my experience, a compassionate home that provides this type of environment is crucial to growing resilient children and supporting the personal evolution of your soul. dream is to be an architect–be the change i want to see in the world:I want to build a product i’ve been sketching out for a few years & a collaborative, deviant, socially conscious company. it’s not a big thing yet, but seeing our students happy faces, make me feel that i am on the right path. i have a feeling it has something to do with children – either in impoverished countries, or here is our inner-cities – because my heart is always with children who haven’t had the opportunities i have. 27 january 2016, zombie evilution closed to the public and would no longer operate as a laser tag arena, the attraction was still, however, utilised as a scare-maze for special events, such as screamworld. in 1983, blue lagoon water park opened[6][7][8] and dreamworld introduced belinda brown as the park's third mascot. body often jolts me with the reminder of my infinite potential to do great things in this world. i would also like to use adam’s book as a ‘dream diary’ which means after reading it and listing my dream/name on the inside cover, i would pass it along for the next reader to do the same who would then continue to pass it on thereby collecting dreams along the way. i usually talk about my skills as a coach, but now i am so convinced that i have to integrate my souls work our as well – loud and proud! i have recognized in my work that many people actually do not know anymore how to dream or allow themselves to dream.’ve been working on a project named “project perfect dayz” for over 6 years after waking up from a coma & having a near-life experience with bacterial meningitis at the age of 26 that re-set my brain (docs were surprised that i made it)…this was a serious “change of life” however it was also like being a newborn in high school socially… full of love in a f-it kinda world it seemed. it was a huge success bringing economic growth, tourism and local knowledge to a community that was devastated after the cod fishery collapse. even if you feel you have a long way to go, it’s so wonderful that you’re following the signs and changing the world through your art. work a full-time day job right now, but i will keep painting and moving forward on my dreams in the evening and on weekends. your challenge – i suppose my big dream is to do something about slavery in the city i live in. second dream is to have books in the hands of all children (it shocks me that even in the u. is still my dream to begin again, and make it to the point in my career where i can give big.!My dream is to teach man and woman worldwide respecting and keeping the sexual borders of another, getting aware of the own sexual energie and to live it in an positiv way. i sat down at my desk today, i came across your email…my heart stopped. there are some amazing dreams and ideas for purpose-based business described in the comments! i embarked on this journey years ago and day by day, slowly but surely, it’s becoming a reality. women are so labeled in our culture and then defined by that label., i guess you can come to your own conclusion on the spectrum of where my relationship is where with my mother. my impossible dream is that i will be able to connect with women, coach them, offer training and workshops and set up networking for women all over the world. i felt like it was such a positive and productive way to honour someone’s life, and then realized that education is key in eliminating so many social and economic problems that exist in the country. this natural environment is often described as a green world. when our attention, on a global basis, reaches critical mass on love peace joy happiness abundance wellbeing, we will witness it as common thought. i am a work in progress in this area but try very hard in my life to help and encourage those around me. i am working today with adults on this topic which is the right thing for me to do but i believe that the world needs to change from the basis which means we have to start by educating our kids in a different way which also includes different values and views on the world and how it works. when we live with this level of connection we automatically create a more beautiful, sustainable world and inspire others to do the same.’s a big dream and i take it one step at a time. perhaps your children’s books may one day grace the shelves of our research and education institute, ha! and my wonderful boyfriend and i have started our own business, straight out of university, called wild revolution, to help people regain control of their health. november, a friend of mine forwarded me an email about a 12-year-old homeless boy in our community who needed shoes because he only had the pair of flip flops that he had been wearing since summer. my dream is to use my creativity skills [i am an artist], to create a sustainable for purpose business selling a variety of elegant handmade home goods to support the small farmers in and around the nyc metropolitan area [and perhaps beyond] year round.'ve really enjoyed reading everyone's dreams – wow, so beautiful and inspiring 🙂 my impossible dream is bringing to life what i felt so strongly as a little girl…i always believed that when i grow up i will change the world! women who need to reconnect to the beauty and power of their divine feminine and learn to hold themselves in an empowered, confident way in the world. i, too want to focus on education, and my dream is to inspire and create more leaders through design and coaching. i believe that when one person changes their life, it has effects on the people around them, and the people around them, and the people around them,… i believe that world peace happens one person at a time. not only as a wife, mother, but as a person in the world with dreams. on the one hand, i wonder…can you have an “it” moment about a place to live and have that open your life path? when the world wide money crash comes they will be happy to accept the mark of the beast the radio frequency device which is planned to be put in people, you will be controlled shut down at their desire turned into robots. am currently doing b school and i have finally found the courage to follow my dream, after some years of “should i really go for it”. big dream is to help parents, teachers and other adults to realise the importance of recognising and nurturing “sparks” in children, especially during the ages 6-12. my dream is a community where one individual meets another and begins a conversation seeded on a willingness to know who they are and what they do. marie and adam,There are so many parts in your story that really touched me adam and marie, your compassion for adam and his purpose makes his message even clearer. action plus inspiration…i was brought to tears by the poignant story of the indian child asking for a pencil…we can’t help but be deeply moved by the mixture of aliveness, innocence, and incredibly harsh conditions faced by people who live outside of our comfy borders. if all of these amazing dreams come alive, the world will be oozing with love <3 and i want to be a part of that! biggest dream is to share my on-line wellbeing program – titled share with as many people as possible all around the world.’ve always had a dream of empowering people and changing the world through speech. convinced me further that music is indeed “universal speech”, it is borderless, colourless, limitless, boundless, free from any restrictions,And it should be enjoyed by all people of all races, as indeed were beethoven’s dedication and intentions, creating and giving “beauty and joy” as the greatest gift to mankind. dream, has been not the business i’ve built out of practicality to pay the bills.(btw, this is about my personal journey in studying a course in miracles and my “calling” is to reach out to others who feel lost in this world, and remind them that we are all one mind, trapped inside separate bodies, and all of the guidance we need comes from that higher self within). actionable steps i could take today to make my dream a reality? other teachers/practitioners who would like an opportunity to present a course or workshop they have created before taking it to the general public. ultimately, my dream would allow me to create a ripple effect that helps everyone live a healthier and happier life, globally. as you mentioned on one of your videos, i want to “sell what they want, give what they need”. i dream of women taking care of their bodies and their cycles in the most natural way possible, so that they feel comfort and ease in their bodies as they move through each aspect of their cycle. the local activism, my big dream is to produce a cd with several well-known musicians. impossible dream is starting my own company called, romar,” industrial development and decision analysis”. what stops you from achieving one of your biggest dreams? i want to help women be confident and resilient and pass that to their children so, someday, the entire planet will be healthy and flourishing. life full of gratitude, slugging away and never giving up as i listen to that wee voice which lies deep within my soul that one day i will be there sharing with the world of all that i was blessed with, what a day that will be. my dream is helping small handmade business owners being successful enough for breaking the system and make handmade products ( jewerly, clothing, art, food…) the new way of life. i am doing this by helping people remember how to deeply connect and love themselves, one another and the one, spirit, source, god (whatever word works for you to describe that force that connects us all to everything). ever since i was a small child i would stare at the television and watch world vision and feel compelled to help those children. one of the little girl’s arms was deformed and it was clear that both of them were physically ill and malnourished. he focused everyday on making the world a better place, practicing kindness, gratitude, and spreading love throughout the world. enough, i had actually instigated my first steps towards making my dream a reality tonight – before i had watched adam speak! your twenties are the time to both accept and fight your way into the person you’re destined to become. just this morning as i was working on some items for my business and simultaneously listening to the news 🙂 something was said on the program that made me think now is the time to start the philanthropic arm of my business even though i am in the building phase and all my financial resources are being invested back into my business. the world and being the change i want to see everywhere, one bite at a time! the ultimate vision is that health care becomes closer than a 4 hour walk to the local hospital. i have decided to reactivate the foundation we developed in my father’s name and start the process of helping women all over the world who are faced with challenges to gain access to resources and education in order to improve their lives and the lives of their families’, communities, and the world. so, my “impossible” dream has been to not only travel the world and make art about the beauty that i find in the people and places i meet and see, but to also give back to those people. impossible dream is to help people who experienced child abuse. impossible dream is to empower and remind nurses worldwide of their true power in making a difference in the world. i still have a long journey ahead, but have started with the first step. and yay to presenting your business in a powerful way! this is what lights my fire~ creation, mammalian interaction and connection and ultimately an exchange of empathy to feed our souls and learn from each other. in 1998, the world's tallest free fall ride, opened in the area. right after i call the new dog rescue i’m building an adoptables show for, i am going to search out this video of the 2 men, who in the last 9 hours, have driven the sign, yet again, firmly into my soul and into action! november i decided to take a bulldozer to my fears and negative feelings and align my life with my purpose with a simple mantra (which after watching the video i am altering a bit): change your thoughts (and your words), change your outcome (and your worth). i was listening to this radical interview, a thought returned to me about a concert hall structure my fiance and i dreamed of creating when we first met. and i feel i have realized part of my dream, and yet…. i was a stay at home mom for many years, with a dream of starting my own business. biggest step i am taking to get to my dream right now: after a couple months of debating, i signed up for b-school! but suddenly i was hit with a wave of faith and words began to pour on to my computer screen.! with our web company ( we will open the site the next april 1st) me and my boyfriend ( he is so artist too) work with all our artistic gift together. when adam was talking about the box with the sign saying be the dream, i was thinking: this video is ‘my box’, my be the dream. “sparks” are those creative interests and passions that can so easily be dismissed or smothered by our adult desires, busyness and expectations. many others have the same dream and we can end domestic violence and sexual assault. while we intend to expand our outreach in the future, we are starting with these three causes: 1) supporting organizations that provide shelters and other resources to those who have experienced domestic violence; 2) supporting and expanding resources for children and young adults who have been traumatized by violence and poverty; and 3) providing food to the ever increasing number of children in the u. but, i only did appetizers and did not really go for the full course meal–mostly due to several forms of fear and partly not believing in the “non-profit” framework (but, also not really taking any steps to change this as adam has wonderfully done). follow it anyways, when have you ever had that feeling in your body? i really admire adam for following his heart, his dreams and for making it his life’s purpose to enrich and change the lives of others. has a greatly creative way of phrasing and changing the dynamic of how you think about your own individual purpose and motivation. a ‘sign’ to pay attention to, aside from the video itself, are the many comments on this board discussing dreams of steering education (within the states and all over the world) towards this beautiful end. i have to continue on my dream, i know that i will learn from it and stop the blame 🙂. dream is that every child, woman, man, trans—any human— living with hiv/aids, has access to life saving, totally manageable meds (antiretrovirals). i came across “how to change the world & live your purpose w/adam braun”. despite what many doctors have told me, there has always been a knowing inside that tells me i can reverse it and that this journey is a big part of my purpose here in this life. dream is to help women unveil healing and self love to become the healthiest, brightest version of themselves so that they can bring their best gifts to this world. even though we can’t change the world at the snap of our fingers, we can continue to do smaller acts of kindness that will in turn help to change the world or lead us to something bigger. why can’t he come stay at our house so he isn’t cold? and of course their children need a kindergarten and a school to go to. we do have control and one way to take food control back is to supplement our diets with fresh food that we grow in our own gardens. take steps toward my dream every day living outside my comfort zone and i have my grandmother to thank for that for telling me at a very young age to “hold on to my dream”. i’m always thinking of ways to give back to the world but sometimes they only make the thinking stage. thanks for reminding me that honest smile and an open heart can make all the difference in the world. island opened in 1995 as one of only two interactive tiger exhibits in the world. impossible dream which god is making possible is to be a professional, touring musician/speaker. their innocence, curiosity and outlook on life is a true gift to the world. developed lch will be:For everyday consumers who can afford our 1$ monthly membership who struggle with charitable giving and/or who would like to be rewarded financially for engaging on such social networks such as, facebook, twitter, linkeding & pinterest (to name a few). i have always felt “helpless” in the plight of these children, as adam pointed out, thinking “i am one person, how can i change the world? and then i get out there and after few no’s (or better said much more no’s then yes’s) i get discouraged, the fear kicks in as i feel i/m not someone who people listens too and yet i only have their best interest in my mind…. the mission of sexy and successful mommas is to help mothers around the world realize their strength and their power to create the life that they deserve, for themselves and for their families. watch your videos every week marie and as much as i love and learn from them, i have yet to add a comment. my impossible dream is my company, insanitek r&d, which is designed to those working poor individuals that struggle to make ends meet, but have a dream of inventing and crafting a life and business of their design. i invite you all to share love, give love, live love, let that be your pencil to those in need. the video, it was incredibly inspiring and i feel so motivated knowing more and more people believe you can help the world and make a profit – that’s been a sticking point for me for years! month ago my next step to build my dream a reality was : be a part of the b-school program…i wasn’t able…. i was so sentimentally inspired and at the end of it i thought to myself ‘i was put on the earth for some reason and to die tomorrow is no different from dying 50 or more years from now if i follow my heart or go for my dream. and he is so humble about it too which really speaks volumes because for once i actually believe that he is a regular guy who had a strong belief he could change the world and that you and i could do that too. dream is to create a safe haven for neglected children, lonely seniors and unwanted pets. i want to empower people to realise that healthy food is not only delicious but also very simple and fun and not some punishment that you have to start doing just as a temporary bandaid to “lose weight” or worse wait for a horrifying wake up call from nature in the form of debilitating disease and just to start living now with boundless energy, happiness and purpose through a conscious and ethical approach to our food. i really want to read the book now because i love that he focusses on purpose and understanding the journey to get there. in the same way the mind will try to apply logic to a metaphysical experience as though it were our imagination)., my “go out and do something” now must be to continue to self-study, put out local feelers, and keep fingers crossed that it will be possible to fill one of the limited spaces in the upcoming online permaculture design course coming out of australia- with registration period to be opened on the 29th of this month. this video with adam braun moved me to tears several times, as i could fully relate to his comment that when you have a certain death experience or are facing the end of your life, you ask about your purpose in life. my big, seemingly impossible dream is to build women up and create community, versus compare ourselves to others and compete. he was a very successful entrepreneur and business man and that made it possible for him to help us out of financial troubles my husband and i got into early on in our marriage. impossible dream, the one out of many, would be:To change the way women and girls are seen, heard and understood. i feel more people wanting love, appreciation, cooperation, exponential growth, peace, kindness, health on all levels, happy living for all creatures–especially our incredible brothers and sisters in humanity. here’s my impossible dream: i believe i am destined to save the world, one person at a time. that adam’s book is both practical and inspirational opened my heart to the idea that it’s possible for me to do what i love (performing) and do it in a way that makes a positive global impact (by helping others move forward on their own hero’s journey), mixing how-to and inspiration. am still far from this (in my 40s), but what i do see in my immediate future is volunteering one day a week to work with young people and with people of low-income, to mentor them into empowering themselves, respecting themselves, showing them that you don’t need to “fit in” to be heard, don’t need money to make a difference or to take care of yourself, nor to help others, which is exactly what adam was discussing! “impossible” dream would be to ban the sale of animals in all pet shops and to shut down all puppy mills. impossible dream is to improve our maternal health outcomes in the us by improving women’s access to support and education and love after they leave their providers care at 6-wks postpartum. once they know they themselves are the creator of their reality, instead of indulging in negative actions, they will focus more on creating and achieving their dreams.! i love your videos anyway gorgeous lady but this one made me hit forward quite a few times! it is easy to believe we just shouldn’t try because how can we, as individuals, make a difference to the lives of people around the world? he was three and as often out at all hours with his sister who was four., is noted for being the location of the australian big brother house filmed at the dreamworld studios, since the program began in australia in 2001. thanks for listening and god bless you according to your god as you understand him! and now my world is the most colorful, vibrant and fresh that i have ever experienced.” i now share it with people all over the world, and with every sale i save a % towards the purchase of pianos, which will be donated to organizations that support and advocate for underserved and special needs children. when i look into her eyes and see the transformation — that she is full of her power and knows that she is worthwhile — i know with complete certainty that she’s going to change my world, and all of our worlds for the better! i joined bschool to help get clarity on how to move forward with this impossible dream and i am looking forward to making some real progress. the wellness center will also serve as a community center, thereby bringing in everyone and joining the patients with the outside world, the joy of children, and life.!I am a 78 year old woman whose dream is to publish my first book,Life changers: stories of a blessed life. now understand that, “to limit ourselves to smallness” may be the worst crime you can committ to yourself and others. favorite mantra: if your goals don’t scare you, you are not aiming high enough. i believe that those of us who are fortunate enough to not think twice about a simple purchase like a sanitary pad, owe it to those in the world who have to make the monthly decision between that same product, or buying milk for their family. months into my pregnancy, i know my purpose is to help women have healthy, flourishing pregnancies and raise healthy, flourishing children. especially while he was traveling, he still made everyone part of his journey. push through those difficult times and have faith in yourself and in god that you will make it to your dream and surpass it! in other words, to teach them that part of living their dream is failing and doing again with skills that support them on a vision. impossible dream began as a fire in my belly since about 2001; i have always had a burning desire for more in my life. i’m getting more into music licensing (for jingles, tv & film) & would like to go in that direction as well as getting my own personal project out there for the world to hear. so, to your challenge that you gave out from the video. after watching this incredible dialogue, it feels like a massive and true yearning to live my purpose is singing to the mountain tops (far above my cubicle walls) to change my reality and go toward my dream, full to the brim with fulfillment. sharing adam’s use of mantras in your video was magical and enlightening., my dream is to touch the lives and hearts of women everywhere… to show young girls that they have no limitations or barriers to success, and to be a role model for them to know that regardless of what they encounter in life – they can conquer the mountain. i call this campaign “changing the world one piano at a time. they will be ambassadors of the center and resources to those people looking to better themselves. quarter, six dreams will make the shortlist and the public vote for their favourite dream. my impossible dream is to somehow share that knowledge with others and support them along their own journeys back to wellbeing. i took your advice…”sell them what they want, give them what they need”. i’ve also sent an introductory letter regarding my intentions and vision for the center to our mayor who is very invested in the well being of the citizens of our city. you told me 6 years ago that i would ever willingly walk into a house with an aggressive dog, i would have told you that you were out of your mind. it seems a little of a daunting challenge to find funding, but i know i will grow and expand along the journey. pints of blood lost and sll organs failing and shutting down i was left with medical complications however i’m blessed to be here nevertheless i had to leave the corporate world and found myself depressed and with post traumatic stress as well as trying to complete an open university psychology degree. at 3:00 in the morning, four or five years ago now) and to creating a launch plan for this business to take off from!

A Short Essay On My Dream World - Speedy Paper

dreamworld also revealed that the precinct will feature the motorsport museum (featuring the 30 peter brock v8's) as well as six state-of-the-art racing simulators, a new f&b (food and beverage) outlet named grid burgers and sports bar, as well as a new retail outlet. marie and adam,Thank you for this strong and human conversation, i can see how sweet and honest you are both about your passion. i wrote my book, “a journey of self revelation” under my pen name, “joy”. team and i want to prove and demonstrate to the world that there is a better way. it’s my duty to always seek to affect the world in each encounter that i make. you for inspiring me even further to continue to strive towards my ultimate dream goal! i want to do this in a way that takes the negative subject into the light in a way that enlightens people but also brings support and courage to the survivors and help them reach up and find something to hold on to as they journey through healing. i want to see do more than just see the world; i want to understand it and everyone in it. always, thanks marie for your heartfelt inspiration and adam, for sharing your mission. i have always worked in nonprofits but have been chewing on this idea of the for and non profits worlds to merge. – your interview with adam couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. took action today by personally inviting some high vibrational beings that i would love to have attend, and posting our promotional flyer in several consciousness groups on facebook. we live our lives passionately helping and giving our all to others, and thinking very little of ourselves, mainly due in part to the idea that to think of yourself is selfish. i wrote from the time i was little perhaps have read 10,000 books and maybe written hundreds of thousands of words — the reading was so that no one could ever put anything over on me (i am still the most gullible person in the world today) check guinness (j/k -does that mean just kidding) ? my dreams are very big and i am not sure exactly what the road will look like, but i have abundant faith in god that it will happen., my efforts to provide the instruments and music lessons to the children failed as children’s requested, due to lack of funding into our organization, and for the most part, lack of understanding and belief of the corporations that classical music would bring positive changes and inspire, encourage lerning for the children of african-american communities. she was a yogi and a beautiful writer who survived being a refugee during ww ii and cancer to bring my mother, and, by extension, me, in this world. one of my many was to release a first interview, based on that dream i had years ago. my dream is for humanity to realize the simplicity of that message and to embrace it. as a nutritional therapist i already work in my dream of helping people heal their digestive and mental health issues with a therapeutic diet called gaps. losing the job gave me the opportunity to acknowledge the extent of my misdirection and was actually the greatest step forward in my personal journey. having that feeling that i’m meant to do something big in this world burns deep and it’s often hard to think past “how can one person make a difference? it is my impossible dream to provide a similar scholarship opportunity in universities around the world for young women. for today i will not give up and offer my gift of “seeing your beauty” to each girl i come in contact with, whether it’s in a workshop, a class, or a coffee shop. yesterday, i and my accountability partners through bschool had a discussion on the topic of our vision of the world we would like to creat. and all those beautyfull people that making,love,light and a differends all that’s alive on this beautyfull world!’ll buy the book now and let us cheers to what adam said, “i prefer to live in a world in which i feel like i’m getting guidance. a nutshell, i want to help women recognize and reveal their inherent beauty by creating healing sanctuaries/spa that nourish the body and soul, naturally, holistically, and with love. and my even bigger dream is to help create a world that has a culture of compassion. it really does change the way you perceive things when you call it “for purpose” because it is so much more relatable, and i believe that each one of us feel that way about our lives, that we all do want to or possess a strong sense of purpose. i had my little dream, the b-school scholarship process wasn’t over yet. i’ve already walked away from the career that controlled my world, and sold most of the meaningless possessions that cluttered my life. i need to venture into this new world of business, working online to serve more people just as my grandfather did something totally new when he started. i know it’s long, but here is something i wrote that really sums up my dream:Before i even allow my pen to kiss a piece of paper i am thinking of the audience. my dream is to help create a new path that teaches children and parents not just how to be employees who work long hours just to pay the mortgage and the car note, but how to create a life that is guided by their spirit and deepest core desires. round is for energetic thinkers and dreamers who want to make the world a better place for sporting clubs, recreational causes and anyone wanting to learn new skills or teach others. you have encouraged me and pointed me towards resources all along the way and this is the first time i’ve ever commented on your tuesday videos. just read an article about how the longest-lived, happiest people in the world, elders, just seem to “forget to age”. there is nothing so beautiful like the encouraging words of a friend or family to get you by and make you propel into your desired destiny and dreams. impossible dream is to travel the world educating and empowering catholic women and faith leaders to recognize and end domestic abuse. a few quotes that stuck out to me are “just have faith & keep moving forward, convergence will happen” and “the world needs that special gift that only you have”. and we start changing the world around us (in our family, our work, our volunteer work, etc. i think of our active and sometimes ailing aging population, women who, like myself, have gone through cancer treatment and experience how chemo and radiation therapy can dramatically impact daily movements, even years after treatment has finished. since we were challenged, my ‘impossible’ dream is to erase the concept of foreignness from people’s minds. am in process of building my dream and creating a health & wellness practice that will empower people to live their lives to their fullest health potential. before a trip with our then ten yr old daughter to peru to visit machu picchu, i realized her grade school class was learning spanish, but had no understanding of how that language is really used by kids their own age in a spanish speaking country. impossible / possible dream is to offer a comfort button for every women in the world. “impossible dream” is to use my business to make a difference with everyone i interact with. i was just reading about this cause and lo your updated episode came along with more information. my ‘impossible’ dream is to create awareness around awareness, accountability and responsibility for our own health, mind set, emotions, words and life circumstances. simply by taking the first step and following the guidance i will be given along the way, my dream will become true. long as you are still breathing, you can still accomplish your dreams. impossible dream is to apire and empower families to be able to become healthy and live the life of their dreams disease free. step #3, opening up that separate account on wed 3/19 to begin funding the dream into reality! now i will continue, even if it is over my dead body, i will stop at nothing to preserve the world my grand kids inherit. lets make the world shine bright, through the day and the night ! i also have the deep dream that my husband and i can do this together, and still have children , but this is the work that calls me and the work i want to do while still raising a family. an iin student this video was part of our additional learning – it moved me to tears as well. i love what both of you are bringing to the world! 3 highest values are:And i love immersing myself and others in joyous creation and imagination and give people back their own golden keys, so their innate worlds of wonder yet can blossom and take fruit. impossible dream is to change the worlds thinking of how exercise is supposed to be. i will donate the money to world vision to bore the well. purpose is to create generational advances in medicine now through a world-wide seminar called 25th century medicine. only is your permission slip idea memorable, a perfect book title, it’s the cornerstone for an all encompassing brand identity. as my coach once said to me “if you had the cure for cancer, would you keep it to yourself? my dream is to have a zen like home that has the vibration of a sanctuary and to have these women over for tea and offer counsel in this intimate setting. changing my thoughts of my words, does definitely spark a more loving and caring attitude towards myself on my journey. all that said, i look forward to reading your story, adam. there is such a magic that happens when you follow your heart — even if you don’t exactly know where it will lead from your current vantage point. the green tail on our ribbon is what we are truly about. immediately went to my journal your vision fb page and posted the link with the following introduction:“talk about setting your intentions and following your dreams! you for being such an inspiration to so many people, the world need more amazing people like you! we want to take what we are doing to a whole other level — that’s my impossible dream now. was devastated, but had no choice, but to close our organization, due to my own lack of business skills and experience. i truly believe that the more of us that find peace within ourselves, the more at peace the whole world can be., if you can have a for purpose company that started with , a pencil and a dream, then i’m sure i can build a company too. i watch all of your videos to find new inspiration, strength & guidance to not give up & continue persevering on my journey to become part of the next generation of for-purpose leaders.’d love to start a scholarship program or writer-in-residence program to help other authors follow their dreams on the way to being published–without having to worry about paying the grocery bill. i happened upon a quote from wayne dyer in a random magazine that says, “when you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. i saw my life transform just by changing my thoughts, it has been amazing journey and life is more beautiful and precious to me by the day 🙂. so, i am beginning my journey to work hard with inspiration and heart on my dream that i had stashed away for 10 years. on the iin program is part of my steps towards turning my dream into my purpose (or mission): to reach out to, and to be of service to, as many people as i can. at this point, about 5 mega companies own the lion’s share of our seed supply. i was scrolling looking for business cards, colors, logos, meanings, blogs etc (i missed your b-school this year but will try next year). but because of our grief and our lives getting busy we dropped the dream of following through. we didnt get that opportunity with my brother, and while i whole heartedly believe that “every soul has their journey,” i also believe we have the right to live our lives exactly the way we want to, and we are only able to do this if we are healthy. i want to help people truly love themselves so they can love others in a deeper and fuller way exemplified by “love your neighbor as you love yourself,” and thus usher in a more stable loving world. i have a couple of dreams though, for my family, for the unemployed people in the philippines, for parents to understand the importance of loving their children so that eventually they will become useful citizens, for the people to learn the importance of respecting the environment, to alleviate the sufferings of old people based on what i’ve been witnessing from my work. i do not know “how” i am going to go about getting all done that i feel i need to do, some of which is helping to bring about television shows to shift consciousness away from greed and more to ‘the-will-to-do-good-for-others, with no thought of our own selves. my dream is to help teenage girls build confidence and high self esteem. i have a dream that this is the way of our future. through that time i was speaking to groups of women and hosting workshops and retreats and coaching on the side to help women really live the lives they were born to live so that they could in turn change the world. we are a very small group in a small town trying to save a scenic local landmark set on a provincially protected wetland that runs to the magnetawan river (or otherwise known as pegg’s mountain in burks falls, on, canada) from a mega quarry development – rape of the land is becoming the norm around here and we need to raise funds to pay our lawyer and planner and all the other expenses that go with a struggle of this kind. i was incredibly inspired reading three cups of tea a few years ago and learning of the extreme lack of education in so many parts of the world, and i’m thrilled to learn of pencils of promise. have a great day and thanks for your words of encouragement! your ideas are magical as well as the guests you interview, especially adam. as a result, i am drawn to movements that endeavor to move resources where they’re needed — like, heifer international and kiva. impossible dream is to spread hope and inspiration like it’s contagious–to share the message: “never doubt the world needs you”. i will look for the signs, follow them and become my dream. your dream is beautiful and i’m so glad you won! if i were to follow an impossible dream, i’d reform my daughter’s school lunch menu in a non-threatening and educational way. i bought your book on the power of that alone.” talk about your light bulb/lightning bolt moments, there it was! all war and conflict in the world will end, communities will heal and unite and we will naturally want to protect the diverse richness of everything that exists on this planet. i came across your website quite by chance – at a time when i was feeling down. want to help children around the world to build their confidence in creating their own sources of income and to encourage them to become entrepreneurs. dream is infiltrating the public school system with subtle yet powerful positive lessons through the use of powerpoint games and resources. as we created these visual maps of brainstorming our passions and potential project ideas, we shared with each other experiences, impacts, and appreciations. since some people are slowly awakening to seeing non-human animals as our brothers and sisters, soand other people are taking charge of their health, trying to heal disease, and find physical, spiritual and emotional wellness. please let me know, it’s my dream to serve with my music…. i guess my impossible dream is finding a way to get clear around how exactly to bring that all together. i shared this option with my team members, i contacted my store leadership to have a screening of living on one dollar to help spread awareness and inspire our whole store to make greater change. i make colourful jewellery cause it makes me happy (and i am learning that it makes my customers happy). i know in my soul that i am destined to share my special gift that only i have with the world…if adam’s book will help, i’d love to get my hands on one—to enjoy for myself and to share with others.. may you both have continued success and thank you for shining light in this world the way that you do. and the result will be that we will have so many more adams in this world. single step towards my “impossible dream” (that i just did) was start a new twitter account. "air safety investigation into crash of dreamworld helicopter finds it did not have sufficient fuel". it’s part of our nature to seek for someone to love us and care for us. i’ve been holding onto my dream of making movies for the last 25 years, and have been debating launching a kickstarter program to fund its inception. i am so inspired and this came at a time when i am ready to take the next step and figure out what the dream is! dream is to develop a comprehensive approach/response to a single needy geographic area by coordinating the efforts of multiple foundations producing a powerful synergistic sustainable result. ‘impossible dream’ is to create a type of show, and act in it, which makes people love more and be closer to their family and learn more – to show them how they can re-invent themselves in their lives, regardless of circumstances. i feel inspired to take the next step toward it by working on it now and enrolling in that writing course! i don’t believe this is an “impossible” dream, but it would take a good amount of human and economic resources to bring it about. is a social network that inspires and equips women entrepreneurs, worldwide – through (1) education, (2) mentorships, and (3) partnerships (business partnership and access to capital). my ‘impossible’ dream is to work with orphanages in providing healthy nourishing foods to the children of all ages in there, not just for the body but for the mind and soul as well. it will have such a positive impact on the youth of the world! (sometimes, they are your video arriving to my email on tuesday). i love giving business a face the world can see! having resources like that i’m sure makes it a lot easier compared to someone with zero connections and resources. i let them know i am ready for that career change to work at a school (even with less pay) to be somewhere close to my “dream”. that would obviously be easily extended for any other part of the world under similar circumstances. it has inspired me to keep going and not give up on my dream., here i am, learning and working to achieve my “far to be possible” dream. a mother of 2 children, born in china and adopted by us, i actually started to feel a strong connection with the biological families in china after we adopted our daughter and son. you actually featured me in your 3rd anniversary special and gave me the “great-grandmother of the year award” (thank you so much! journey before was the hardest, now i have great resources like you and great inspirational stories and mentors like adam, so i can only thank you and praise you for sending me this sign that i am going to make. dream (that i’m working hard to bring to fruition) is to personal growth a part of regular high school curriculum just like math and science. these, i’m a chair(wo)man of a cultural association in our village, with which we organise a lot of events and camps mainly on folk tradition (dance and music), and i’m a founder and chair(wo)man of another association, with it’s main goal of helping mothers get jobs or starting an own business after having a baby. first step – is actually writing this crazy and far-fetched dream down in public. essentially a niche site, spirit and sass, a guide to soulful living in modern times that features posts about mind, body, spirit and travel, supported through affiliate sales, books, and potentially courses. adam and marie, you two sparked some great energetic interaction to enable so many more in this world. and, as you start to take baby steps, you will soon realize that dreamy goal is not that far after all. dream of a world where green juice flows from pop machines, and organic, local food is accessible for everyone. and thank you so much for showing us how quickly a dream can grow into inspired action by just taking the next right step.[45] four passengers were ejected from the raft, while the other two were trapped. and the idea of dedicating our work to our families. i attended a workshop recently and we were talking about our why. impossible dream is for everyone on this planet to have at least the basic of necessities as there is no reason for anyone on our resourceful planet to have to be and go without. my passion is called the joyful peacemaker and it is about empowering women and young adults in third world countries, especially latin america to become self sufficient and knowledgeable in creating their own businesses and bringing themselves out of poverty.!Tiffany you are amazing…i am so inspired by your courage to accept and love rather than fight – i mentioned in response to glenda’s dream that my son malachi passed on a year ago. dream is to build a retreat center in a tropical beach, with waterfall, where we come together to play with abandon like kids, we grow, harvest, cook and eat fresh food together, in direct contact with nature, where we meditate, move our bodies and eye gaze, where we speak about sex, intimacy, relationship and love in a fun, safe and respectful way. i don’t know where to start but your establishment gives me inspiration! i know that my impossible dream is not unique, but it is the source of my deepest pain and it pushes me to take risks every day. they need to understand there are children in the world with bigger problems than they have and maybe they will be inspired to go out to impact their world. love that you feel the power of your voice as well. my impossible dream was born…i need to start a camp for kids in maui. the comments above, people looking for their dreams, working in fulfilling jobs, and wondering what to do, i too have a challenge. impossible dream is to have financial education as a regular part of the school’s curriculum; i. it breaks my heart that the american beauty paradigm is based on pure externality and cultivating/encouraging commonality. inspiring ones~~my impossible dream is transforming our world into a safe sacred sexual space for all. ever since my journey has led to you, i have been more motivated and more inspired to keep at my dream. live in asia and have travelled to many neighbouring countries where i experienced poverty first hand, beyond my own comprehension. anyways long story short thank you id reached a point where i thought i am just fighting a loosing battle but this has really inspired me to carry on with my dream, get the book and just maybe re figure out some business models. my dream is to provide a platform that celebrates and spotlights women’s work in the film and television industry and provides opportunity and inspiration for aspiring female filmmakers. “impossible dream” is to re-craft the way that people think about what they consider to be trash. i dream of a usa where a college education does not cost a parent’s 4-year salary! i firmly believe that food is not just nourishment for our bodies, but for our souls and is meant to be shared as a community. i want to have a better education in culinary skills (which i am currently working towards), so i can educate others on the best practices in our culture. impossible dream is to create a business, where i can be profitable and have major impact on issues i deeply care about: i want to rid the stigma of mental illness and i want to be part of creating a positive development in eastern europe, a part of the world i’ve “adopted” and love with all my heart. coincidentally, we have been dealing with town budget and school funding issues, for our town school here in the states, where we have two daughters in attendance. i also have another clear vision in my heart which is to help bring awareness for young kids in the third world countries. dream is about helping kids or adults who come from dysfunctional families to find access to their own healing powers, so that they can take their place in the world without being eaten up by the void inside of them. to make a huge shift in the consciousness of the world, one drop at a time.

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from the people you are to the messages you share with the world – changing people’s lives is an understatement for you both as is thank you for me. two weeks ago i stood in front of a room of about 150 people and pronounced (through voice breaking with emotion) that what i am up to in the 12 week seminar we are in together is to rising above the chronic, debilitating illnesses i’ve lived with for 20 years (i was bedridden for the first 6 – 8 years – in my mid to late 30’s – was in a wheel chair, then a walker, then canes – just to give you a taste of just how debilitating it has been), i am aiming to get myself off the disability income i’ve been sustaining myself on for these past two decades, (that part is “the impossible dream” as you called it at the end of the show today – and that part i do not anticipate competing in the next 12 weeks! someone has a feeling that the world is falling apart needs just to come here and read these dreams! dream of a world where care is put back into healthcare. that, i’d like to rephrase slightly to say i have two ‘i’m possible’ dreams:1) educate, inspire & help as many people, organisations & communities as possible that they can choose to live happy, passionate lives by learning the right happy habits. i believe getting yourself a copy of adam’s book is a great start (links are above! however, this helped me look up again and remember that i need to keep my big, longer term dream-goal present in my every day thoughts.!I know it’s much later but i just saw this video and of course, timing is everything. i dream of our children growing up knowing their love of self, knowing that they can do anything, and knowing that they are not alone and they are being guided. i am very purposeful but seem to keep leaving pieces of my dreams unfinished. i dream of a nigeria where you are not held back a whole letter grade and prevented from going to college because the test system was corrupted and they found 3 students in your classroom cheating. consider your dream realized and continue to be consistent rebecca because we women and men need it to be! dream is for homeless people to feel noticed and valued.… and children and other new creative leaders around the world. adam’s story reminded me of my mom’s journey from vietnam to america. my dream is to help as many people as possible through my books and writing. help them with their promotions, many do not use social media, and programs such as loyalty and reward programs, that get their messages out and encourage residents to shop local. my cousins were in class, i remember asking my mom why the paper wasn’t white in their notebooks like it was in ours back home and my mom simply replied, “vietnam is very different. i too have traveled to india, brazil, and around the world. you do not believe that you have the ability to be who you want to be right now, understand there will come a time when you have finally have tried everything your not and the only thing left is what you want. anyway, i want to thank you so much for just being who you are and reaching out to the world! you marie and thank you adam for supporting and encouraging us all. this is my 5th year working with my mentor and following her guidelines i am working on creating the life of my dreams.* members are to be paid (monthly as described in revenue source) for social content creation, social interaction, promotion & new introductions.’ve always had the following vision since i was a teenager: me, much older, with long white hair, outside, in a beautiful area with trees and flowers, surrounded by many people, all sharing and learning and exchanging on how to better ourselves and the world around us, with me guiding the conversation and imparting my knowledge and receiving from those around me. i have led the group as my way of giving back to the world in some small way. it shouldn’t be so hard for girls and young women to create their dreams. i don’t have that crystal clear ‘aha’ “convergence yet; it’s still a vague concept of what i most care about (getting kids out of child labour and prostitution) and the general geographical area of latin america and love and knowledge of the spanish and portuguese languages. you’ve mentioned marie in previous episodes that most start your own business books advise not to donate or give before turning a profit. believe that basic education and self-awareness education are the legs with which our society can stand tall, get a better view of our environment and take us to the rest of the world. really want to be a part of global education throughout the world within my limits., i am so proud that i can take part of these initiatives but i feel the dinners come and go and over the cooler months, it’s easy forget about our farmers who work hard and long hours year round. the world is full of possibilities and we just need to act! impossible dream – i want to connect with people on a large scale like you do. i want to share this message and serve to assist in our enlightenment–our transition to loving, nurturing, healthy (physically, spiritually, emotionally) families and communities. appreciate adam’s acknowledgement that just because we get a vision of what our purpose is, it doesn’t always translate immediately. if als-illness does not stop her for fulfilling her dreams, i certainly will keep on working on with mine. of course, i was already crying from the story of his grandmother and the experience with the child and the pencil. who knows where it will lead and i just love the journey/adventure. they then follow their life purpose, follow their dreams, without anything holding them back. i find that courage though, this has inspired me to be more aware. keep sharing with us these ideas and this feeling that we are a lot of people trying to make this a better world! big ‘change the world’ vision is one in which, instead of taking a pill to “heal,” we all have the knowledge that a powerful healer exists inside each of us, and we can use it to heal ourselves everyday! me a line if you ever want to chat & believe in yourself as your uniqueness will drive you forward 🙂. show them, and everybody how great tool each of us have in our hands ,that can help us and change our life :)) thank you for reading ! the delight, when your courage kindled,And out you stepped onto new ground,Your eyes young again with energy and dream,A path of plenitude opening before you.[30] on 7 april 2011, dreamworld announced that they would be adding a family thrill ride in june and a major thrill ride in september 2011. to learn the skills of being in a body so that they can navigate the world with their feet on the ground and gain the awareness to lead them to utilize their creative brains while integrating their hearts. i hope to spread worldwide peace and happiness across the rest of the globe so we can live in a much better place., thank you so much for being such a guiding light in our world,And adam, for being the messenger from heaven, and a leader of courage and fearless actions, as nelson mandela dedicated his entire life to, both of you light up our world with big hearts and teach us to give love, and more love, and teach us to be fearless of becoming our true selves, freeing ourselves from the “conventions”, as in deed, the great mandela did. but what i came to realize most clearly was that your thoughts and beliefs determine your world – the eating disorder really brought that into stark relief but it took many years of work and collision of coincidences before i could see that – and it nearly killed me in the process (in one night of metabolic imbalance induced hallucination i thought i had died, not once but twice), that’s how powerful my thoughts and beliefs were. my joints kept “popping” out of place and i spent hours in physiotherapy trying to build up the muscles around my joints, so that they could work in place of my ligaments. of my biggest dreams besides achieving career success, has always been to increase awareness regarding animal cruelty. i watch a couple of your series, “what to do when you doubt everything & just want to stay in bed”; and another about feeling useless i don’t recall the name exactly but it was a q&a from ajah. am a dreamer and so it’s difficult for me to give you one single answer but when you confronted me with these questions my immediate thoughts were:I’m at a place, in my life, where i truly believe that there is no such thing as impossible dreams and i feel blessed about this 🙂 how can i make a difference in the world ? my dream is not impossible because everything is figureoutable yo!’ve always known that we – as a planet – have enough resources to go around, but we – as people – just haven’t gotten the distribution thing worked out. big part of my reason for becoming an entrepreneur and building my own business has been so that i can build schools and acupuncture clinics in third world countries. i want to encourage women to move from putting so much of their energy into finding a man to take care of them financially and focus on their internal gifts that have inside. thank you, marie for continually providing resources that get me closer to living a life with purpose! i want to teach people how to have beautiful skin by using ancient traditional methods such as dry brushing and how to make your own natural products from scratch in your own home. there is so much more i could write as i continue my life journey and start making a difference and impacting the world in a positive way. dream comes from the observation that we have built grey, hard cities. in 3 weeks our “funk-a-delic fairy tale wedding” happens, all while i make massive movement toward transitioning our business in a bigger and more sustainable direction. whack, i know…but looking around me, there’s not a whole lot in this otherwise crazy, meaningless world that isn’t…so why not? to work in favour of helping and making difference to the world. my mission is to bring time-tested, traditional, farm-to-table foods to our most in need! believe that how you leave this world is just as important as how you live in it and i want terminally sick child orphans (as many as i can help) to know that they were loved by someone – even a stranger like me, and they don’t have to leave this world feeling like they never existed and never mattered – because i believe they do. my “something,” i feel incredibly passionate about transforming the way the world eats and about opening the eyes of the masses to the incredible physiological and spiritual wellness that results from switching to a plant-based diet. i believe this would make women happier and what they create will help to benefit our world. i started 8 years ago by taking my own leap of faith and starting a jewelry design business after working in a high-powered corporate world for over 20 years. for over ten years i have wanted to change the world through love. these are two populations who struggle with finances so i am looking into grant funding sources. i can feel at a very deep level that that’s where i need to be to move forward with nourish, and i can’t tell you how much that helped. i went for my run, and actually started thinking about my dream (and then made some unprecedented progress). – my dream right now is to send love and health thru food by partnering with loco’l, a new healthy, fast food restaurant in the poorest areas of la and san francisco. dream is to educate young girls and inspire them to blaze their own trail in science and technology. i dream of a community system centered around physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness and sustainability. my soul recognises your souls and honours the love, light, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me. big, impossible dream is to save all the horses that have become victims of neglect and abuse. while im still growing through the signs and in week 2 of the course which i know will help me towards making progress……i am certain that i will live on purpose with intent, clarity and confidence to make a difference in those i am honored to serve. and thanks for the children of the world for not giving up on us, till we finally get it. children need to have interaction with others in a fun learning environment to open their eyes to new things in the world around them! while we are in the early stages of meeting our “impossible” dreams we have no doubt that we can do this. love to you, marie and adam, for your great work! have a clear vision of drop-shipping the products i handcraft (holistic herbal skincare, stone ground functional organic raw chocolates, and superfood + herbal extracts) – and potentially other life-enhancing epic goodies – around the world to families (especially orphans) in need via my private jet (that i have yet to acquire) called edible goddess which is also the name of my business. means awakening to a kinder way of being:With yourself (self-care). my impossible dream for the past 3 years has been to help women struggling with everyday stress and digestion issues to feel better physically and mentally through gentle guidance and support.“i prefer to live in a world which i feel like i’m getting guidance” – just love it! you mentioned in your video about being stuck in the rut that we are in. the results are staggering, but we have so far to go, and that’s my impossible dream. had a dream to provide a place for people to escape where they wouldn’t be bothered by the kids, the boss, the spouse, or the phone…… to get lost in a painting, a clay pot, a journal or even their thoughts., all the projects i’ve developed in the past three years have that in mind: help others and bring more compassion to this world. this is moving me towards further exploration of the world. love the brilliant late joseph pilate’ quote, “you’re only as young as your spine is flexible”. on the other, it’s simply your mind knowing what to look for. my dream is to build a successful business through my spiritual work and inspire, heal and counsel as many people as possible. i joined subscriptions to various websites like yours including prolific living, power of pinning, and others. and exercise is not only good for your body but for you soul, and brain as well. at least i know i have done everything in my power to make a difference in this world in the way i know how., i’ve never seen an interview create such an overwhelming response in your audience, myself included. i recently just got introduced to your videos and it has been such an honour to watch you as i have been struggling trying to launch my dream into the greatness it is to be. i hope to expand eventually and source products made by independent designers and local artisans in different countries around the world. being a parent with two kids in grade school, your words are so refreshing! i just can’t believe how some people still neglect that very important aspect of life – specially when they are your direct influence-rs. whether it’s through my raw food business (40 below fruity), the power of health and mindset, or my effort to help our oceans with sea shepherd conservation society i’ve always known that my voice is my greatest asset. my dream is that i can help enable “for purpose” orgs to embrace video as the incredible marketing and educational tool that it is, in an affordable manner, which will help their orgs grow, develop and therefore create the change they seek to do. no idea yet on what maincourse to cook for him, any suggestions? often times as a mother, we are focused on taking care of our kids and household and career that there is no energy and time left for ourselves. we pay women and men to work on open source projects for the summer; no degree or age limit. impossible dream is what actually led me to marie’s website in the first place. vision now is to empower one million vulnerable adolescent girls and the communities they live in, thereby creating a dramatic improvement in the world’s health, economic stability and environment. i already see the movie and have painted many of the pictures before i knew that they are holding place for the book and the movie, both of which i am now dreaming into existence, merging the magical and the mundane, the energetic and the physical – and co-creating masterpeaces to mesmerize and poetize the world, yet also to cell-ebrate fresh perspective on life and creative manifestation. i’m starting with a blog (in progress this very minute) and will write books, open community centers and change the world along the way! thank you for sharing your hearts and encouraging me to keep at it one day at a time. – so lovely to see your post and to have you share your incredible story with more people! round is for our injured, endangered, abused or sick animals and causes that help specific community groups like women or refugees. but my impossible dream that feels so insurmountable is the dream of revolutionizing the education system. now understand that listening to your heart, following it, “doing” what your heart, not the head tells you, is the ultimate “true” way of being and becoming the true success of yourself and fulfilling the purpose of your life. my journey is a long one but i will give you a quick version. am literally crying my eyes out aj because your story sounds almost exactly like mine. i’m so humbled and honoured to have supported their work. thank you for sharing the deep wisdom of family constellation here and may your dream of a show sharing the dynamics of family constellation therapy become a bright and healing reality! dream is to be able to somehow guarantee access to valuable education and creation of critical sense for people in my country, so they can stop believing in these corrupt politicians who are destroying the country and any chance of a different future. i appreciate your platform and what you do for so many people, you’re a true blessing marie 🙂., i sure have a dream, a vision, a mission and it is not impossible ! you for everything you do to make the world a better place! possible dream is to infuse the fashion industry with positive messages…to empower women to define beauty for themselves…to encourage women to embrace who they are and use fashion to shine the light on their unique personalities and share it with the world. it’s certainly the hardest i’ve ever considered and i still haven’t found the leading edge that will take me in…but it’s there, i just know it – and your segment with adam shone some more light, provided another little piece of the puzzle, about how it becomes clearer over time: thanks! and i have always felt that i had to do something to connect these 2 worlds. my learning practice hasn’t stopped, in fact i am taking your advice of getting a bridge job – bjs. dream is to inspire latino children with a love of reading by reading and speaking to them, plus giving away books for children, including a notebook to inspire them to write their stories and their dreams. possible dream is to help girls and women to take control of their lives and their destiny. i’m going to borrow that, and give you credit of course!.Just start, and the ripples in the lake will lead you to victory over your own fears and doubts. impossible dream is to create amazing support for women with mental illness…a foundation, treatment centre and retreats that offers free or low cost acupuncture, herbal medicine, hormone testing and yoga classes for women with mental illness…post partum, pmdd, menopausal…. with this information we can also prevent our good vision from going bad in the first place. short – a healthy happy balanced life, utilizing my skills & talents to create something good & beautiful & peaceful in the world ~ that is my “impossible dream”! impossible dream is to find my purpose & to put it out to the world. for a deep well for a community in a third world country that has no sanitary water. marie and adam,The theme in your videos about finding your purpose is great. so with pretty much just what we had buried in our closet because i have no spare money to speak of as a single parent right now…we created “courage cards” on facebook. ultimate dream is to create emotional literacy programs for young elementary students that could be implemented in the public education system. video- my dream is to run multiple businesses so i can focus on teaching children around the world. i want to thank you both for your generous hearts and words of wisdom that cut through all the b. i am now headed to uganda in july this year and i have committed to personally raising k to support and empower more women to gain a voice, education and resources and transform the lives of their communities and future generations through acquiring skills, creating healthier families, increasing income, agricultural projects, ending corruption and ensuring punishment for rape. impossible dream is to teach kids the essentials of self esteem, confidence and caring for themselves, others and the environment through “visual songs. the focus of these books were changing your thoughts and manifesting your desires. cannot articulate my dream, it’s so big, and it overwhelms me. big dream of mine is to speak on stage, share my story, and inspire others to see that no matter what cards you were dealt with, you can make your dreams possible.” ever since then (two years) i have been following the signs and committed to finding my passion to change my life and add value to the world. i want people to know the signs of addiction, who is more likely to become addicted, release the stigma of addiction, and show people that it doesn’t make you uncool to be responsible with your health. i am also very passionate to support organizations such as adam’s, to build schools for children as well as give opportunities to women and kids in the countries that are not as fortunate as ours here. “impossible dream” part though…the wacky part… is that i have felt moved to start work on a likewise “impossible course” of learning, the product of many years of earnest study into a mission which has slowly evolved and which i’ve only actually become aware of it in the last 18 months or so. only problem i have been having with making this dream come true is that i am helping my family start a business and don’t have the finances to just drop it all and dedicate my days and nights to it. impossible dream is every tween girl in the world knowing her inherent value and worth. i need more time in the day to read, reread, listen, watch, re-watch and soak in your stuff!, that wonderful electrifying moment when you have finally felt all the past years of all your experiences in life and work- not sure where it has gotten you as you have now stepped into the realm of primarily stay-at-home-mom for the time being- now all fitting nicely into place in that big picture (studies in anthropology, sociology archeology; national park service resource management; a touch of not-for-profit executive directorship; small-currently inactive-llc officially established for jewelry/crafting sales that is ripe for taking in this new direction, a passion to create in all forms- photography, hand-crafting, arts, graphic design, and writing; love of god, love of nature and wanting these things to play a fundamentally intimate role in my boys’ upbringing; and a deep calling in service to god, others and the planet…) ahhhh… permaculture! i believe very strongly that education is the key to overcoming poverty in the developing world, and i somehow feel it is my job to support education — especially primary and secondary, and extra especially for girls — in not only tanzania but other developing countries as well. long story short, i did find a doctor who really listened, who told me i was one of the “sickest” patients she has ever seen, but she committed to helping me along this journey. that is why i am dedicating myself to helping students in our country, south africa reach their full potential within their studies.[1] it is a registered zoo with 800 native and barnyard animals located within the dreamworld grounds. journaling, connection, exercises, yoga, dancing, and experiences that elevate people to their next level. the impossible dream for me is my vision to create retreat centers around the world for all ages that allow people to experientially let go of the blockages that prevent them from being their highest, loving, and most powerful selves. i want my clients baggage free and then living their dream. can you imagine if each person, after watching, made a decision to do as adam did (and marie also), to follow your soul’s calling? you marie for your heart felt desire to help people live their dreams. my current job, for about a year, i worked for a company that lead teenagers on trips through different countries all over the world, and i lead trips through china. dream is to raise confident, tolerant, balanced, resourceful and resilient kids, so we can have a chance, as a species, of survival. impossible dream is to help others discover their vitality…to help people see that health and wellness is within them. do my money teachings to women entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries. i do this because our maternity care system is suffering and as a result so is our population of women and moms. i am in the job where i though i wanted to be forever and forever, my dream come true, as adam was with bing, and i feel like its a soul-suck for me. i took the first step last november by filing the application for our articles of incorporation which were officially approved in january after having an “it” or lightening moment. i’ll have to throw that in as a bonus for them 🙂 i had an it moment the moment i came up with the idea for big dreams bootcamp, it was the covergence moment you are talking about!

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last summer, at 43, pregnant with our 3rd child, after spending most of my life teaching and making music, i decided to start a new business, a jewellery one. second, that he was aware of a choice he was making, and that not everyone sees things that way: choosing to live in a world where i get guidance. so many mom’s feel trapped that they don’t have choices or options to live a fuller life so they don’t even dream it. including that the cyclone will be renamed "hot wheels sidewinder" after dreamworld entered into a partnership with hot wheels. there are always signs guiding us to our purpose and the work we were put here to do. the original dreamworld logo with a generic log ride hut, paddle steamer, single loop coaster, main entrance building, wooden style coaster and train pictured. “impossible dream” is to change corporations from within one-step at a time by demonstrating, training and educating future managers on-the-job in ways of putting people back at the center of our design, development and marketing process. dream and deep desire is to help others to do what my parents and grand parents, and millions of others, had no real chance to do: to face there own suffering in a whole-some way, become whole again and live a life of inner freedom and deep connection with themselves and others. thank you for introducing adam & pencils of promise into my world. dream to do good – that’s a powerful message and one i hope to be able to pass on. standing at 119 metres (390 ft), the giant drop accelerates riders at speeds of up to 135 kilometres per hour (84 mph) in a matter of seconds., adam, thank you for all that you’ve shared; the wisdom and the encouragement to follow the signs, to take that first step to knowing what your purpose is in this world. impossible dream is this:I’m currently enrolled in b-school and taking action on a brand new business- creating an online education course for twenty -somethings to teach them how to manage their money. it’s been so long, and each time when i think about my experience back then, i feel immense guilt that i was able to come back to a first world country. i somehow found encouragement to pursue good and i love encouraging others—opposite of my mother. i have a new dream that just came up this year 2014. i want to document the character, stories, and dreams of young people on this earth who believe in changing the world, no matter what their external circumstances are. am so truly inspired and touched by people like adam and yourself who give back to our communities and realize that we can change the world by sharing our gifts. purpose of the documentary will be to inspire others to be remarkable, change the world, and live a life they will never regret. people who live and create from that place, honor the sense-a-tivity in themselves, in children and adults and the sacredness of all life, and i truly believe that most of the problems we have in this world, are there because most of us were cut off from our own higher creative being, our sense of awe and wonder, and the remembrance that…. it is my dream to expand my project so that more kids learning languages in ‘bubbles’ here in the us can connect with kids their own ages in sometimes heartbreaking circumstances who use the language the kids here are learning. formy other projects, i have named them pro companies because of the language of not which also drives contradictory behaviour. since reading that book, creating a business like this has become my dream (amazing how quickly things can change). i am on the final course for my dream i launch this year, it’s secret because it’s like a little seed i have nurtured for a few years finding snatches of time here and there around my kids and “work”. through a lot of perseverance and taking chances, i now work for an ngo as a social media marketing manager, and get to spend my days working towards ridding the world of nuclear weapons (which is, in reality, my ultimate ‘impossible dream’). you marie for sharing this video and making me to become more clear with my dream. i decided to use my extraordinary journey as a means to empower others. i recently stumbled across your channel on youtube while surfing for ways to muster up the strength and motivation to not give up on my dream of becoming a physician-activist. we need to continue our drive that’s in us together and live our life.“i have found that sometimes the subtle difference in our attitude, which of course can make a major difference in our future, can be as simple as the language we use—the difference in even how you talk to yourself or others… consciously making a decision to quit saying what you don’t want and to start saying what you do want. first dream is to successfully teach my children how to live healthy lives, both emotionally and physically/nutritionally. i really believe children and animals need our help—it is ultimately up to us to bring peace into their lives. i’ve been watching at least 1 or 2 of your videos regularly *everyday* for the last few weeks. of my soul sisters called me the mother of dreamers, because as an expert dreamer and visionary guide and initiator, i envision this world to be a safe space for all dreamers to come out and play and co-create and imagine the most awe-inspiring things. you very much for your inspiration and bringing this worhwhile subject to the masses. you, marie and adam, for the work that you do in the world. thank you to you both for really hitting the nail on the head with your collaboration. this was a business mistake and why i am blogging or sharing with your followers here rather than our usual correspondance.!But that’s also been hugely helpful, this time away from my norm is really helping me frame my new stance – see, i want to go home to ireland and start working my way towards my own dream job so that i can create the financial freedom to support my dear friend here and make what she’s taught me a reality at home too. interview with adam with all what it was: your questions, your sensitivity and your openness as sell as adams story was an actual example for this song and it will motivate many people around the globe. i’ve been struggling to figure out my impossible dream my entire life; and, i’m not standing still until i figure it out. i want to use photography to make childrens books that inspire our youth to revel in natural goodness…to see how magical life is as it is already. i believe it’s the big difference between whether our kids grow up into “world changers”, or end up stuck, like majority of adults who live a life without ever knowing their true purpose. 25 october 2016 at 2:20 pm aest, four people were killed in an incident on the ride, on approach towards the unloading platform. would wake up in a world where i could be who i am & not feeling ashamed about my apparences and body…where you don’t get valuated for your body which happens not to be “perfect”…yes that would be a beautiful dream …. after sustaining brain injuries several years ago, the frustration of muddling through a legal system that left my then 11 and 13year old children to fend for themselves while i embarked on a journey where i realized(whenever i remembered) how little support or understanding is available. you, marie, for all your insights and support for those of us just starting to navigate the waters. the last year couple years have been an incredible journey for me. impossible dream is to become a modern, holistic pop star who eradicates the suffering of others by bringing them wisdom, compassion, kindness, and laughter through performance and music. singing together and children growing up with a keen desire for and a deep sense of music as a source of communication;. however, my little dream has had some snafus this year, and i am needing to make some big decisions. imagine a world where everyone can tap into that source that is bigger than us, and make decisions from there! paris for the philippines, it is our goal to attract businesses and individuals we come into contact with to live life on purpose, and in the process, rebuild villages that were devastated by typhoon haiyan, last november 2013. the last card my mother gifted to me before she transitioned, states…”the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’s story is amazing, and it only strengthen’s my resolve to live out my dreams. most of us are waiting for (and don’t even realize it) is a big pink permission slip to live our lives the way our hearts are leading. me add, my impossible dream is to change the world for greater good for all!’m on the second module of b-school and sooo excited about all the possibilities and, listen to this, marie, after our first office hours call last friday, i conceived an amazing and very fun (! i hope one day in the near future i could be on one of your episode’s on marie tv. i dream of working with a missionary or an organization that helps keep dreams alive and make into a reality. so much for what you are doing – you are literally reaching the corners of the world! yea camp, we order flyers from different organizations doing great things to put on our literature table to introduce our campers to, and this year we will be adding pencils of promise’s materials to the table! then literally within 24 hours i will receive tangible confirmations via an email, a quote, a line in a movie/ted talk/webinar/online class, a line or entire chapter in a book! start with a dream (and i have multiple ones) but i never know how to get to the next level. i’m currently working in the prison system, helping to develop a very valuable emotional intelligence program for inmates and with a local university to help them move their courses online and buid moocs. call that a divine clue that whispers of your purpose. impossible dream is to be a classically trained fine artist who makes a living doing what i was born to do and while being able to focus on my family and serving others. heartfelt thanks to you marie and to adam and all the other amazing men and women here who have shared your dreams…. perhaps for now it’s only a dream, big dream …but who knows god willing someday it will…. my favourite bit is is the “for purpose” company, which is actually such a simple yet amazing perspective. parade is the largest themed area at dreamworld in terms of attractions. i have yet to get all of the details figured out but i feel so strongly about this mission/dream/goal., i’ve always watched your episode as soon as you posted it, however, for some reason, this is the first week i didn’t in a whole year! also how to exercise and the best way to nourish their bodies with food. i hope to offer people the feeling of freedom we get by traveling around the world through tuning into our own inner wisdom. impossible dream is to setup an organization for the sickle cell foundation of ga. better yet, you actually have the time to do what you want and follow your purpose. believe that what our world most needs now is truly awake, alive and activated human beings. i have such a burning passion for the youth of today and for them to conquer their dreams. your empathy and caring is beyond incredible and so inspiring + the desire to make change and not just sit by and hope for things to be different. i watched all your videos and then called in on your conference call. marie and adam,It is an amazing story which shows the reality of this world. you don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. with the words that i purposefully choose to use during our weekly health and wellness seminars, i get the opportunity to remind them of who they really are! to bring our curriculum, positivity, and the examples of so many young people making inspiring differences in the world to schools (we just had a pilot elective course at a public school in denver! your video today has inspired me to really make the time and get this project going. impossible dream is to be paid for photographing shelter animals. i donate to a local rescue group, i am this rescue groups rep in our town and am responsible for going to the pound to collect dogs who are about to be put to sleep. adam, your story has definitely sparked so many things that i don’t want to wait to start. being a jersey boy myself i also appreciate and love the style of how you present your material marie.’ve just taken an impossible dream step and booked a flight to eastern europe to attend a sold-out conference (in which i don’t have a ticket)– but i feel its exactly the place i need to be to reach the people i need to reach to make my school a reality– time to start learning serbian! i was happy to have made a small difference in the world for somebody. i stop, look up and on the bumper of the car in front of me, i see this: you can’t achieve million dollar dreams, with a minimum wage work ethic. i began searching for additional help through linkedin, found a lady, fellow canadian, who is a virtual assistant … and… we discovered our connection/coincidence is that we both follow marie forleo 🙂 together we are growing this thing and it will help many people. thank you marie for this talk, your emotion during this interview was beautiful.^ a b c d "dreamworld & whitewater world park map" (pdf). the thing is, i’m a big dreamer, a perfectionist and a modern “add” multi-passionate individual. is a condition that affect women and men around the world and i would love to be able to spread the word and work of the incredible functional medicine researchers and practitioners that are helping to control and in many cases arrest the progression of many autoimmune diseases not just hashimoto’s. you for allowing me to share this with the world right now and on a side note, i am loving bschool. a more specific dream/way to do this would be to have a huge museum benefit gala with an auction. really resonated with me, as i had one of those lightening moments this past weekend, and i’m moving steadily towards the dream. happily, we will be in our beautiful new home in april, but the lack of stability has been an ordeal for all of us, and has definitely negatively impacted my kids in school.! talk about a sign that i need to follow my dreams…. have to gain some clarity, but i know i want to help children fulfill their dreams without finances causing a problem. impossible dream is transform medical environments from sterile, cold spaces to warm, peaceful places, that include art, music, nature and warmth. and as adam shared his story, i began to think that maybe i could actually be like him – just an ordinary person who achieves something extraordinary for the world. impossible dream is amazing, delicious relationships that expand the capacity for love in the world. those of you waiting for a sign of your own – here it is! “impossible dream”, which i like to think of as my mission, is to save history. my very best,My dream is to be a singer, to create beautiful uplifting music that raises my own energetic vibration or frequency, and also uplifts others.” i know there is a way we can engage our customers with purpose, so they too feel the powerful impact they make. my dream is to do this with both personal and online teaching. all time ultimate dream is to write childrens books that incorporate personal and spiritural growth in the both the child and the person reading the book – through story telling we can really draw a picture of what is truly possilbe in our hearts and minds. with all the pollution and nasty stuff in our food, water and air, more and more children struggle with breathing… each breath is a miracle and so many now gasp for air! you so much for sharing this extraordinary story and introducing me to adam and his great service to all the people around the world who are not ( not yet ) able to live a life they love so easily. so, here it is, your italian side and my spaniard one, together is a guarantee of fun moments, authenticity and a lot of hard work. health is the foundation that we build our temple of dreams upon. i am now getting a professional to re-do it, but i would love to get your opinion on my new site if i could? this systematic approach to life directs us to a path for the wrong reasons; to accumulate possessions, and status for ourselves and for the ego. ‘impossible dream’ is to have an snl type of show, but with spirituality and the dynamics of family constellation therapy.*all the materials (lesson plans, resources, etc) are developed and are free. you never know – that ‘sign’ you need could be right infront of your face, but if you aren’t open to accepting what the universe is trying to tell you…. 16 february 2011, ardent leisure announced plans to have an easter promotion where lions would be on temporary exhibition from national zoo & aquarium who are renovating their facilities;[29] this was later revealed by dreamworld to be "the lair". to help heal through nourishing body and soul with food and spiritual practices instead of pharmaceuticals. you for your positive input it has really woken me up 🙂. people we will choose to employ in our network will be located through methods including & never limited to: contact with local college instructors, non-profit fundraising sources & online outreach. all whilst stressing about logistics, cost, missing our children (and me of course)! you for this interview – hearing adam explain the power of describing our businesses in terms of what they can do completely resonated with my purpose in life. imagine the shift in consciousness in a world where our dreams were cultivated as children, where we came together in unity, and knew that we can, we will and we are co-creating a new paradigm that is uplifting all beings. longhurst spent two years, working 12-hour days, to excavate what is now known as the murrissipi river. i will really feel fulfilled if my dream job will be also chance for others to realize their life purpose! outside my office at an old wooden picnic table, watch the shadows dance and the leaves above me glow holding a pen that is caressing the paper are just the first steps to telling myself that this doesn’t have to be just another dream. not everyone will be ready, and they are traveling their own journey. don’t ask for permission, just go for your thing and do what your life mission is. bring it out big and make your dream a reality! big dream is to help kids and student unlock their potential in terms of education and creativity. i dream of being independent again but have encountered many roadblocks. then we have systematically addressed countless obstacles (in my family we call them “opportunities for growth”) and just this year i began my own business, found and grew an amazing relationship with a mentor, and even enrolled in your program, marie. big impossible dream is to make the world a healthier and happier place. keep up the great work, continue following your dreams and take good care!, i have joined b-school for the first time this year and i’m sure i will find my way to get this out into the world. my book will be the book on how finding your own natural state of balance doesnt have to be difficult, or boring, or take a lot of time out of your day. my ‘team’ will have the ability to work as few as hours as they need and from anywhere they desire. it’s all about empowering and inspiring women to go beyond themselves and impact their world. then, as i became more and more sporty and really became serious about playing football (my 2nd impossible dream- to be a professional women’s football player! where we could all have the opportunity to make something out of ourselves, receive the necessary education, not live for making profit to others. it reminded me of my own mortality and the legacy i wanted to leave the world.’ve had a dream since i was little – to change the world with my words. we reached out to the community again and were able to gather donations to extend her stay at the hotel, provide warm meals, help her navigate through community resources and give her some breathing room so that she could move forward. she has already shown so many people how the world is in need of more love and understanding and acceptance for one another. to you, marie, for providing a platform for people to accomplish their dreams.’ve always kept this quote close to my heart, because i believe that with authentic sharing and deep listening, we can create a more peaceful, collaborative world. do believe its a possible dream, not an impossible one. you for that inspirational and honest interview:) i am so aware of our individual power to change the world, and it’s even magnified when we team up with people who have similar visions, so kudos to you both! in regards to the dream, i’ve been in broadcasting for 10 years and have a dream in my heart to start a ministry, and much like you and adam, change the world one person at a time. but what do you do when there are just too many others relying on you to allow you follow your dream? of core desired feelings, my “non-profit” volunteer work with a grassroots organization in in, usa created to build a library/resource center in the ontulili community of meru, kenya, and your shared conversation and i am furiously taking “start the right business” steps to map out the possibilities for viability, the module one exercises and oh, my goodness, wanting to connect with someone to share this ‘lightning’ moment with! i want to serve and help others and make a difference in the world., we’re so glad to hear that this episode was just what you needed — just the sign you were hoping for in your heart that you’re on the right track. it sounds like you’re really listening to your inner wisdom, and we’re thrilled that the marietv episodes you mentioned have helped guide and confirm what that inner wisdom is telling you. have a dream to help women and girls everywhere become their true authentic self—honest with their words, proud of their intelligence and confident in their bodies. dream is: i would like to be able to find a way to fund or get financial aid to the majority of women that come to our clinic, who could be helped by the doctor’s program, but do not have the money to pay for it. this interview with adam was one of your best yet and was just the sign i needed to stop feeling sorry for myself, and get back to work studying for the mcat and pursuing my dream. i have been blessed with so many signs and am leaving corporate world to take action. first step toward my “impossible” dream is to continue my volunteer work even it’s not paying me. by this i chose to head over to a pencil store to get some markers for my artist daughters to colour their life and for me to finish off my children’s book the purpose of which is to empower kids to dare to be individuals, think for themselves and take action 🙂. second dream is to build a network of people who shed limitations in order to live purpose and show them how to support each other. you marie for providing your viewers with such amazing content.” i challenge you to check it out, and encourage your growing audience to support the thirty plus chapters across the country currently in place, and provide the backing essential to expand to many more cities. i was moved to tears and more importantly, reignited to stay the course and go for my dreams. so the real impossible dream is to remove all the bad choices that impact our earth. i’mpossible dream is to create an arts and cultural center where every day young people are reminded that they are beautiful & brilliant! i pride myself on the fact that i have helped my parents deal with some serious issues in dealing with my troubled cousin who we brought into our home 7 years ago, but despite their never-ending support, i feel as though i have let them down. i already ordered the book and am inspired thinking about what is possible with the new-found knowledge and empathy i have gained from our difficult housing situation. impossible dream is to be an inspirational/motivational speaker, author, pianist, photographer, and health coach.

and i just noticed that i jotted down a note from the interview that really stood out, (loosely quoted) “i prefer to live in a world that shows me guidance. thanks you marie for your dedication…you freakin’ rock, sista’! i’ve had the vision for a few years now, created a website, but have over the last several months lost fuel and felt like i needed to let the dream “die. its a matter of changing the world tomorrow by dedicating myself today. in december 1999, dreamworld added a variety of kids rides in a new themed area called kennyland.: i love a man who is a family man, being a single dad, i know what it means and the value we bring to our family! met him for the first time last year (he is 94 years old), and was so impressed with this most charming and humourful gentleman. idea is to change the world through design, to design for a purpose and create a platform for ideas of products that can help solve challenges of today. a long time it has watched your desire,Feeling the emptiness growing inside you. you two are amazing and you really just helped me clear up a lot of the confusion about what my next steps are in this journey called life! first step is to write it down : my mission & to write a offer i can give as a yoga teacher / coach to make a difference in the world. don’t want to call it an ‘impossible dream’ because to just dream it, it’s possible – right? our world is full of so much disconnection – i want to teach the power of connection. a community that encourages and teaches young women to live happy and healthy lives by also offering yoga workshops for small groups and building a strong online community where i can offer health and yoga tips and positive inspiration. i have been certain for awhile that i am meant to do something that brings greater good to the world we live in but am struggling to figure out what that is and where i can best utilize my talents . it was — our bags can make even a bigger difference! there are far too many people out there that are malnourished even here in our “first world” countries. pared back to only what can be verified by the individual as real, it will precipitate a death-rebirth process that can only lead to a superior, streamlined psyche and ultimately a better world, based on intelligence properly grounded in firsthand knowledge instead of secondhand superstition. i can’t wait to share it with some of my family and friends who like so many people believe they can’t do what makes them come alive, that there is no point in dreaming, and that living one’s life purpose+ passion is impossible especially if you come from ordinary circumstances. am a dreamer of many dreams and ideas so it is hard to settle down to any one idea for me sometimes. was also blown away by the fact that he has already made a part of my dream into reality, so now i know who to consult when i’m ready to build my school in cambodia 😉. one step i can take right now is to take what i’ve learned just since the beginning of 2014 and sort out what i want to keep and do to propel my dream into reality. my goal has always been to capture the magical light of everyone’s smile and create online albums and photo books that will inspire my clients to believe that they are worth something and special to the world. i have only recently come across your site marie and have subscribed to marie forleo tv. two things really stuck with me about adam and his journey. in some reflective space last night i realised that my dream felt so impossible and so grand that i couldn’t even formulate it into words to share here with you all…so instead i shared the little bit i felt comfortable with and pretended not to know what the biggest vision of it was yet! impossible dream is making a living out of my music. impossible dream is to train teachers to teach children in developing countries basic and potentially lifesaving water safety and swimming skills. i am also on the journey to become an inspirational public speaker and coach.!It is mine and my best friend/ business partners impossible dream to cure the binge-drinking culture in the uk and help 20-somethings to cure their quarter-life crisis – a big problem here, and in many western countries, we are finding. i was drained of all energy and unable to work on my own business and dreams at all. by my own son’s diagnosis at age 3 and after my own “lighting” moment, i set out to change the world!! your words are your worth – i so loved that one, no wonder, i’m a word weaver also to bring poetry and beauty back into how we communicate with one another. you so much, marie and adam, for giving me this opportunity to write down dreams and goals. i truly believe that when people reach the land of nourish is when they’re “full” and eager to reach out and change the world. even though when their children were born with a disability (some with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, fetal alcohol syndrome) they took what was given to them and ensured that their kids were included, had the right medical care, got to play sports, helped them open their own business, encouraged them to make beautiful art, sent them to college, taught them to speak to a crowd, and just loved them unconditionally. impossible dream is to get more people (esp in south east asia) to eat a more plant based diet and find a way to build a business out of that so that i can do my part to end world hunger and protect wildlife. when i open your email and read that you have adam braun on marietv today, i just about shizzle in my pants! i’ve come out on the other side stronger, wiser, smarter, more confident, and all of it has guided me on my spiritual journey. that would be my impossible dream, and i am going to open a bank account to also start that and make it a goal. the pilot and four taiwanese visitors to the park suffered minor injuries in the crash. then dreamworld has constantly evolved adding new rides, themed lands and characters. so-called impossible dream is def not impossible… it is a reality every day. dream is to open a vibrant, engaging, welcoming community center centrally located, accessible by anyone and everyone in the city of buffalo. i am getting your book today to read and to give to my 11 year old son because he already has said he wants to help children of the world and i’d love for you to be a living mentor for him. in april, blue lagoon was closed[6][7][8] due to its planned replacement by whitewater world as a separate gated complex. what an amazing story and journey you have lived adam. an air of dreams, purpose, possibilities and the desire to give back. that we life the secret, stigma, and silence with vulnerability, courage and connection . the message adam shared, what i loved the most was finally seeing where your heart is at and what you care about, in your moment of vulnerability, i warmed to you on a level i hadn’t before, and it was the first time, i have connected to you, aka that was cool, don’t be afraid to show more of that side of you. i love how god will use everything in your life to point you in the direction of where he wants to use you and make a huge difference in individual lives all over the world!! thank you for exposing me (and all your viewers) to adam. i became a happier, more content person and i have a life that i didn´t even dare dreaming of. dream… to contribute to kids and schools in some way. watching this special video i’m going to spend more time with our courage cards ministry…to get the word out about what we do…and hopefully build a stronger connection with those who have similar aspirations, love, and passion. we may never know the full effects of our legacies when that day comes, but we have the choice to know that we have done our best to provide the world with reflections and actions out of love. penny lane just didn’t have the resources to do too much. not only am i inspired to live each day to the fullest, but also at peace knowing that my journey–the good and the ugly–holds the key to unlocking my purpose. it is my way of fostering connection and awareness in a world beyond oneself and keeps my passion of connecting across cultures alive. impossible dream is to help other women like me who have thought that their dreams are something of the past once they have kids and a career they cannot leave. in your interview, adam talks about “it”–that lightening rush–and i’m telling you, watching his google zeitgeist speech for the first time was “it” for me. week i was accepted to study my msc in nutritional science, and this is a huge blessing for me – already an impossible dream come true.! i've had moments across my life where i've had visions of wrapping my arms around the whole world and breathing all the love i have to give into every corner of the planet. so, i am finally moving out to achieve my “impossible” dream!” and 2: “if the answer is yes — or even just maybe — and you sit back and do nothing and things don’t go well… will you be able to live with yourself? saying ‘for purpose’ reminds me to get back to the roots of why i’m doing this- i wanted to work in film to bring dreams to dreamers and dreamers to dreams because it was a film that provided me with my own ‘lightning moment’. i think that all dreams are possible, you only need to believe in you, in the dream, and start them one day 🙂 i make my dreams true every day and keep strong when life shows me signs i don’t like at a first glance… i think we can learn everyday and make possible everything that we promise if we really want it! now that i’m in b-school, i’m working on building an organization that *teaches* peace leaders and organizations how to ‘market’ their causes to gain more ground and support in the modern, social-media focused world. i’ve been to india, thailand and a handful of third world countries. thank you for throwing your heart over the bar and being an ordinary person making extraordinary things happen! adam’s story gave me such happiness; made me cry and smile in a way that give you wings, if i can say that, and made me remember hopes and dreams from when i first arived here, in usa. although my dream is on such a smaller scale than anything adam was talking about, his words resonated with me. and i am willing to accept my fear, feel my fear, and go after my dreams. jessica did not think she was going to be able to afford to go, but since i shared that the school i am going to has a 50% off coupon because they are filming a dvd series for that class, she was excited and decided it is a lifetime experience after meeting and talking to different people in the yoga world such as teachers; i realized that even though i am not certified, i have so much more experience in the spiritual world that they lack and strive to learn. “impossible dream” is to bring your message to germany, so that more woman here live their dreams, make a difference, support each other and bring each other up instead of down. it’s interesting when other people seem to so clearly see your purpose (and talents, skills, etc.! i met you for a quick moment at the marianne williamson event in nyc and just want to say thank you so much for giving me a small piece of your time. my dream seems impossible because unlike adam, i don’t have the fancy network of new york city and bing employees. it’s my journey and for now, it’s starting with helping curve the type 2 diabetes epidemic in children by creating school workshops and parent assemblies on the topic of food education. my dream is unfolding, as i delve into b school with marie (my 2nd week in), but i tell you this here and now.’m gratefully starting down the road to my ‘impossible’ dream, but the one action i took today was to completely flip the script (pun totally intended since i work with films![2] on several occasions during the year, dreamworld remains open after dark. your email address to stay updated on the dreams we're making come true. people are dead long before they die, because they have lost their visions and dreams and meaning of life, or their passion… so, by finally seeing and acknowledging the great power of my gentleness, my imagination, and the gift of visualization and idea generation – and sharing that in co-creation – i give children back their future… and re-ignite the pilot-flame of passion in people, so they, too, can be a new role model for how to lead a creative magical life and contribute to others by doing what brings you so much joy. children have a light that shines and makes the world a better place for everyone they come into contact with. love the way you phrased the impossible to “possible dream”., you never cease to inspire with your stories and perseverance. i was watching the interview i had the inclination to draw, so when marie said to write down what my impossible dream was, how can i make a difference in the world, and what my first action step was, i came up with this: i have already established that i am going to create my business with the goal of spreading awareness and curing mental illness spiritually. for my dream, which i wrote out before beginning to watch marie’s episode with adam is building {gosh!, in honour of walking my talk, i will email 5 people who have made a huge difference in my life, and offer them an akashic reading. many of us have been taught – wittingly or not – to give ourselves over to outside forces for our survival, rather than to source from within, from the body, in order to thrive. my dream is to change the lives of millions and change the world by seeing the world for what it really is and by discovering who we really are. think of what an inspiring story you’re about to live, for future tales – to others facing your predicament. in other words, through whichever creative, artistic class you choose, you find that through creating your art, you can connect to and discover your own intuition, dreams, passions, and highest vision. your thoughts, change your world, change the world…one person, one thought at a time. dream: i want to live in a world that values all work for the potential it holds to sustain each of us, contribute to the world, and strengthen our best human capacities in the process. my dream is to help girls, women train for leadership positions. goal is to travel and encourage and bless families with clothing and items that they might need. i failed twice before i picked up real momentum and realized how to apply my business acumen to this dream. passion is promoting businesses that are making our world a better place by operating in ecologically and economically accountable ways. impossible dream is that we would live in a world that revels in the well-being of others because there is more than enough for all. i’ve done that before with other people’s words so it really means the world to me to hear that you’ve done the same. to say, i’ve learned some great lessons on patience and the importance of setting small, manageable goals to create big world change. thanks marie and adam for giving us inspiration and hope that we can do what we dream! beautyfull people,it’s alway’s a true honor with full of respect to read your beautyfull comment’s knowing that all of you making allready a great,loving and beautyfull differends to all that coming on you path of life,and i believe that you all, and everybody who’s reading this,are on the most beautyfull journey of there life. eventually i’d love to support journalism around important cultural issues, like the link between overwork, overstress and health problems. for your inspiration adam and for all you do marie. my dream is to improve worker health and workplace practices in the white collar / tech industries. i’m so glad you’re living your dream and doing it in an amazing, sustainable, zero-waste way. informs me that we can all do more than we think we are capable of to make a difference in the world. (not so impossible) impossible dream has always been to be able to employ independent seamstresses instead of going the way of a large production house.!My dream is to teach man and woman worldwide respecting and keeping the sexual borders of another, getting aware of the own sexual energie and to live it in an positiv way. is my absolute dream to bring individuals, families and little kiddos together to learn how to grow their own food, how to cook and share it generously with their loved ones and community. am on a journey to find my true purpose and know that i want to make an impact on the lives of others in a positive way. this feeling inside is so intense i know i will achieve my dreams. the aftermath of the thunder river rapids incident, dreamworld spent just over a month closed to the public to enable audits of all rides, shows and infrastructure. revenue from advertising & sponsored/featured post/videos/articles will more than cover our cost to acquire & maintain new customers. forgot to write the dream that fits here most: we (i. i am living my dream, but am in the process of taking my game to a whole new level so i can impact and inspire thousands of people and agencies. i became a student of current b-school to learn about how i can tell everybody in this world about our ambitious i dream of some way to get uni students to visit as part of their pract. ‘impossible dream’ is to look back on the tragedy in syria 5 years from now and not think “where was i” when this happened, but rather think fondly of the memories of bringing not only essential resources and services, but also a smile and hope to a population who is a victim of senseless hatred. but i am proof that one can easily transform one’s diet (i’m creating a cookbook of the easiest, most delicious plant-based recipes to show the world how easy and delicious this way of eating is) and experience unbelievable health and vitality. taken the class is easy, creating this ministry seems like an impossible dream. i am most grateful for the note about how we find our purpose by getting out of our comfort zone, reading the signs, and taking action toward what makes us most come alive. (seem) impossible dream is to help motivate more asian women to be more confident and become leaders in society. live and design their dreams and their life and not allow someone else to designed it for them. so many of us don’t listen to our inner voice and are in denial that we have an inner voice. i truly believe that i can have both, now i am on the journey to find that truth and hopefully empower others to do the same. there is a huge unemployment rate (over 3xs the national avg–and that’s just the reported stats) in the military spouse world because of the nomadic life we lead. marie, the first email i saw in my inbox this morning read, “how to live your purpose and change the world. dream is to see our earth thriving:Fruit trees lining the streets. and adam and the rest of the amazing people who are living their dream, taking themselves to the limit and beyond…striving to make a huge difference on the often sagging-with-crisis planet. i have shared it already with a good friend who i had an intense conversation with during the weekend about these “it”-moments (i love this epxpression) and about how you find the courage to follow these signs. i am truly encouraged by all of the above comments. and my inspiration comes from both your humble spirits, marie and adam, as well as the deep and beautiful desires of everyone who posted already. i want to use what i learn in your program to empower my team and inspire and encourage them so together, we can work to provide proper nutrition to others who don’t know how to do it or have limited to no access to this kind of knowledge while achieving our own individual dreams. my dream is to do this full time, not just for family and friends, but for anyone in my community who needs it – people in care homes, people in pain, people who have given up hope. i notice the way light drapes itself over plain objects and makes them beautiful without realizing that i’m looking at a picnic table and i listen to the melody of the world around me not thinking that the underlying hum is an air conditioning unit. have worked hard to make my “impossible dream” a reality. ten years ago i thought i was embarking on my dream of owning a coffee shop.” she signed it, “you are in my thoughts and dreams, love mom. we need to be reminded that if we are not being nourished, we are being depleted. challenge is to contribute to build softer, colorful and free environments, which allow us to “feel” ourselves and others, and invite our human side to unveil. on my list of impossible dreams: gigantic new paradigm for family fun and interaction. my dream and vision somehow keeps me going and working on building my message and programs. get it through your head that failure is not an option.! that was so inspiring 🙂 i can completely relate with adam’s story, mine began after being diagnosed with cancer when i was four months pregnant…my path has zigged and zagged but the divine forces were always there guiding me along the path, helping me to be mindful of the signs along the way. there’s more…because of people like yourself, marie, who keep us going and staying in our essence, i am ready to promote my services outside of my local area – going national – reaching more people. i am in my first year of b-school right now and this interview coupled with our lessons from week one is priceless. i believe we are here to make a difference and a better world and both you and adam model that in your work. i discovered you marie because i follow foodbabe and saw her video on your show. forced to live in misery and to never know our true self.’m still struggling with that, i’ve travelled privatly so many countries besides of 3rd world, also worked as a flight attendant for several years intercontinentally (i myself live in switzerland), where i had this clash of having lived in small cheap rooms, being in touch with the locals to suddenly resident in those 5 star hotels. dream is to be able to teach women, young & old, how to love and accept their body exactly as it is. want to travel the world with a professional film crew and create an incredibly inspiring documentary. i’d love to inspire other young women and show them that you can achieve your dreams. i’m a multi-passionate entrapranuer, i have a few dreams that are in the works. dream is to share my story of poverty and a mysterious chronic illness coupled with crippling anxiety and depression that almost caused me to totally give up on my dreams. we live in the illusion that we are too small and our idea is too big…that we can’t make it alone…that we are powerless and up against an immovable wall.! thank you marie and adam for who you are in the world. impossible dream is to inspire people to live more fulfilling life by letting go of any fears that may be holding them back. dream of having a successful healing and counseling practice working with women who are very much like my mother vibrationally. not being a person who believes that anything is “impossible” with enough resolve and support from god, i began my new journey into holistic health. clicked on your site and it looks really nice except i feel as though people are more likely to read your thoughtfully crafted words if they weren’t all in caps. dream has to do with a voice which due to my catholic beliefs i attribute to god that asked me for this: “go help others. step toward making *that* dream a reality, was enrolling in bschool this year. for over a year now i have wanted to create an online hub where people can not only sign petitions and find movements happening near or far, but also can contribute their unique ideas to some of the biggest problems our world is facing. so much for inspiring me to dream big marie, and adam for zooming in on the idea of taking one step at a time. my dream is to raise enough money to fund a school there. every penny we have ever had is tied up in our 4th generation family farm, not to mention more blood, sweat, and tears than most people could imagine. don’t believe in impossible dreams because i’m clear in what i want as my dream (thanks to danielle laporte) but i always struggle with the first step to take and have the financial support for this. you so much for all of your inspiring videos, they have been so helpful to me! i certainly believe we are all guided by our higher self and by divine helpers and all we need to do is ask for guidance, listen and trust that we will all be guided in the right direction. i experience as an artist when i shape my characters is such a powerful process that i think the world needs to know about it and take part in it.

want to… live in a world of love, community & high-vibration. so here goes – my impossible possible dream is to create a for-purpose (love that adam) global foundation that funds humanitarian and ecological projects that globally impact humanity and our communities and protects our precious animals and this beautiful planet that we live on…phew – there it is and i haven’t been struck down by lightning yet! love listening to your tips and sometimes want to get advice on how to move forward when you feel frozen, i assume with fear. when i was younger (and still now) my dream was to become a teacher but i lived of life of just work and paying bills. this will be done through mentoring i am setting up my website very soon and through coaching and i am working on my coaching certificate and not to forget the valuable lessons that i have learned through my life journey. coming from a third world country myself, i know how much this is needed and i want these young kids to grow up knowing that they can choose and create their own destiny. just when i think you can’t out do yourself, you do. i see myself developing preschool initiatives with arne duncan, secretary of education, but most of all, i see myself working on preschool policy around the world, starting with botswana, a country i was able to visit, and i vowed i would go back there and support early childhood in that country.! make connections to further this work and to not have to do it for free and on my off hours. some days we are ready to conquer the world and get closer to our dreams, other days we are knocked down to our knees and don’t think we can make it through the day. i want to run mini retreats before my online programs so i can meet my clients and build a support group before we start our online sessions. how does one come home after that experience, and make sense of our culture here? as a human factors psychologist in a high tech company, i’d really love to find a way to facilitate this new path among girls/women and broader mainstream understanding of its financial and social benefits in the corporate world, among entrepreneurs and beyond. it is a way to get to know yourself and live out your emotions and in the end your potential. dream is to fully blossom while still having time to be a good mom. and it is more worthwhile and sometimes more challenging to live our true nature of altruism, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. similarly to you marie, i am striving to inspire people to start living their dreams and to become empowered and present- to ignite their passion. impossible dream is to teach unemployed people and those on low incomes in poor countries how to create free wordpress websites and to use social media marketing to market their skills to the world. here’s my new tag line, “healing hearts, calming minds, and changing the world…one breath at a time. and in four short years, my dear friend adam braun has launched a global revolution. “everything is figureoutable” i have shared your videos with thousands of people over facebook.’m here because i dreamed a dream, which started with a mouse. my dream project is to find a way to make people read more.!I’m turning 30 this year and ever since i was in my early 20’s i have known that my life mission is to create a foundation to care and help for orphan kids from all over the world (the name will be ‘davidovic foundation’). this goes for you too because when i think about my dreams i know i’m with the right person for love and support. you look amazing (duh) but tugging your eye skin to the outside eventually create wrinkles! i was constantly in pain and nauseous from my illness and i had given up wholeheartedly on my dreams ever coming to fruition. if we could all just love ourselves for what we are right now, imagine the possibilities of the things we could achieve?) and, thanks so much to you both for your inspirational examples. now i go forth into my world with a new gem my pocket. this means that without that magical mcat score, no admissions committee member will see that i was valedictorian of my masters program in cell and molecular biology, or know that i am a walking diversity program who is bursting at the seams to make her mark on the world in healthcare -with emphasis on the care.: ardent leisure1981 establishments in australiaamusement parks in queenslandamusement parks opened in 1981buildings and structures on the gold coast, queenslanddreamworldtourist attractions on the gold coast, queenslandzoos in queenslandhidden categories: pages using web citations with no urluse australian english from december 2012all wikipedia articles written in australian englishuse dmy dates from october 2016pages using deprecated image syntaxcoordinates on wikidataarticles needing infobox zoo. last night i realised that while i’m hiding my dream away in fear – fear of judgement, fear of the thoughts that tell me “who do you think you are”, fear of “how far up your own backside are you to imagine that”, fear of blah, blah, blah – i’m doing a huge disservice to myself and to mankind (feels kind of weird and kind of exciting to realise that! i live quite a ways from any book store so will have to wait for the next trip to the city to get it, but wow, cant wait, already super duper inspired by this guys words, his message, and his gift to the world.), while making a huge difference in the world in a new blue ocean – and i’m in awe about what was streaming in. in my strange sleepy state i sat bolt upright in bed, ran to my office and drew 3 coloured circles, with my kids crayons and wrote in the middle of the biggest circle, the yellow one, my new business name…i knew it was the name my business had to be and so it now is! interview, marie, was one of the most amazing and awesome interviews ever done on your channel. are a global sisterhood and our sole beneficiary here in china is the shanghai cancer recovery center, where 12,000 men and women join to recover from cancer. my for-purpose dream is to change the world’s perception of and relationship to what education is. i downloaded adam’s book last night and had to force myself to stop reading it so that i could savour adams words for one more night. i am currently re doing b-school for the second time and i hope to realise my dream. i started my wedding business with the goal that weddings would support my photojournalism work. “impossible dream” is to radically shift the mindset of the average person to consider how soul impacts every aspect of their being. serendipitous that i stumbled upon your interview with adam at 4:46 p. after running 150million tests, and being told i might have cancer, i was finally diagnosed with acute adrenal fatigue syndrome, and of course, my life changed again. watch all your videos but i must say this one with adam struck a chord. for my impossible dream…i’ve always been able to connect with people emotionally through my music. every morning, when i first wake up, i use these lines from course of miracles.) the same group of students will also learn about the inequalities, poverty, discrimination, and lack that most of the world lives with everyday. adam, thank you for sharing your story and being another witness to the extraordinary-ness of people when they choose it. impossible dream (which all of a sudden doesn’t seem impossible anymore) is to help the aboriginal community of australia to rebuild an empowered community., thank you so much for letting your emotions shine in this video. so i started asking him questions… what’s your name? my dream is not just to build a school but to build an establishment that teaches our generation to think “for abundance and opportunity” regardless of the environment so that they can create and innovate. i share this because anyone with a sense of passion and determination can start small and bring goodness into our world. dreams i know will come true if i believe in myself. i’m impressed that you made that a purpose of your original journey, and from that this amazing organisation and purpose has evolved. i have been instructed “to help the invisible children of the world to heal. i knew i was making an important contribution but i also knew that i had to make a change (much like your experience, adam). my vision now is to link women from developed countries with those from developing countries, sharing wisdom, skills, love and support in community so we really can radically change the world. so the action i took was to share this video on the facebook group for the members of our india trip have set up. you for the nudge,My dream is to teach people how to build “work optional wealth” so they have the financial freedom to pursue their purpose!: excuse mistakes in grammar, synthax, spelling: english is my second language – but our hearts/mind settings speak the same language, so i believe you will understand what i meant to say 🙂. am a bschooler and watch your interviews every week and love them. (actually, that was the first time i saw marie and following your since then). when you cannot see a purpose for your existence you can fall into a state of hopelessness which could in turn lead to physical and mental health problems. i thought it was an odd dream, given that the last time i was on any ship was 6 years ago, and so i couldn’t figure out where it came from. every quarter, i would like to take this students on a different adventure to see with their own eyes how so many in this world lives (including the us). did not know there were people out there who are so impassioned and driven towards reaching out and grasping for their dreams. i have always queried what my life is to do for this world. dream is to reduce infant and maternal mortality in africa. an international relations and diplomacy grad, i found it so difficult to get into the non-profit (for-purpose ;)) world, and make the difference i so felt i am meant to make in this world. i know that we have enough resources in the world to help all people live a happier & healthier fulfilled life. shared your video on “pencils of promise” to my dear friend and neighbor pete, who was the willing participant and gracious giver of himself during my very first expressive arts therapy session ever! it is crazy how in our own communties that we live in people do not participate and get involved. my “impossible” dream (i put it in quotes because i don’t believe anything is impossible 🙂 is to inspire the world to realise that food is our greatest medicine and to take control of their health and well-being by embracing whole, natural and real foods over processed, refined and artificial foods, the latter being a very unfortunate result of industrialisation and so called “progress”. sharing with us, thank you for your support, thank you for educating me. i never thought that these are the kind of teaching i will learn in b school, so deep, its more of helping us realize that beyond our personal dreams and aspirations in business world, there is a deeper sense of commitment in serving others and making a difference in someone’s life, one step at a time in order that we find meaning and sense in all that we do. beautiful expression of light and divinity…adam exemplifies what we can do when we open to spirit and allow our guidance to flow freely. the really (seemingly) impossible part of all of this is that i want to create online programs that teach these tools and principles that can be offered to children in public and private schools so that our next generation can grow up even more equipped to be powerful creators of a world that works for everyone. be strong and dream of having a safe home for everyone. video made me feel so humble about all the privileges i enjoy living in the western part of the world and it also made me think about what has been truly important in my own life and how i can pass that on. and deep blessings for inviting me to share, and for holding this dream on your site. late 2010, dreamworld announced that they would begin celebrating their 30th birthday by holding the summer funomenon over the summer school holidays. dream is to share the stories of others to inspire, educate and touch the hearts of those seeking answers, when they have found none. impossible – possible – dream is to teach parents and families that small shifts to their actions…their language…their thoughts, can make profound changes in the lives of their children – and in the world. my dream for me is still unfolding; i’m halfway there, meaning i’m back in my dear homeland finland. once in a while something comes along and opens your eyes, and shows you that the walls and trenches you live within – inside which beauty and pain exist on a daily – are an illusion.! i was afraid to find a way to share my dream outloud. we are facing enormous challenges globally and it will take resourcefulness, resilience, persistence and tolerance to overcome them, especially for the younger generations. i have this impossible dream to send deserving and less fortunate students to college and build a playground for all poor children in the place where i grew up in the philippines.. after listening to your interview with adam braun, i decided to take your challenge tomove out of my comfort zone towards my dream goal..I’m going to weather the storms,Because my dreams are big.’m an artist and have just begun to, finally, create my dream and put together my own website. exciting – i always buy organic & completely agree with your viewpoint. as a b-schooler who knows they want to change the world and is still working on the dream part, this was so inspirational. my ‘impossible dream’ is to improve the lives and social standing of women and girls around the world through education and empowerment and, with you as a mentor, i think perhaps this is not so impossible any more.’m currently doing b-school, behind on my modules then i listen to this whilst in heavy traffic driving to work and this rocked my world and gave me my it moment! some day i hope to be able to go out into the world and offer gifts of early education to more children:). i feel greatly connected to adam as i share a similar dream of providing a revolutionary true education for little children who are on the downside of advantage. it inspires you to fight for your dreams even when you feel you can’t do it. you for reminding me of my own gaining momentum dream!’s the first time i’ve said that “out loud,” so that’s my one step forward in the journey. “impossible dream” is more like a “possible dream way off in the future that i would need a lot of help on and a lot of money for”. would love copy of adam’s inspiring book — i know it will inspire me and give me the courage i need just when it all feels to overwhelming. it has been a dream of mine since 2005 when i experienced my first yoga class at a ymca in wilson, nc. i can’t wait to share it with my husband this weekend over our coffee date. today i have a very busy day and when i sat down to eat breakfast this morning, i thought i’d watch your latest video on marietv. braun’s mantra ‘change your words, change your worth’, which has lead to a profound change in my life in recent years. this challenges me to be the best grandmother that i can be, encouraging my 3 fantastic grandchildren to express themselves with unconditional love. it has been 3 years now i started learning about personal development and boy did i change my world! i wrote this song because the lyrics relate so well to what you talk about on majority of your shows and also relates to our everyday life. i haven’t even watched the video yet, hah – but your comment jumped out at me and i just wanted to say yes, you will get there! want to help built that state of mind in children – to stay creative, think and act outside of the box and look for new ways to fulfill their dreams and ideas. “impossible dream” is to create an online community where everyone can “make a difference” every day. feel this note is jumbled and long, but having it out there in the world is going to keep me motivated! skylarbrook is dedicated to the intellectual and emotional growth of under-served youth by extending affordable access and full scholarships to attend a variety of camp programs, providing families with ongoing educational resources and offering scholarships toward higher education. i have been gorging on your social media and videos for almost two years now, am in my second round of b school- and i think this is the first time i have ever had the guts to speak up. just wanted to add that i call it everyday enlightment because it is in our everyday lives that we discover the thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back, causing us stress, making us unhappy, unfulfilled and preventing us from living as beautiful and enlightened beings. i think that is what you, adam, myself and so many others are doing when we express love and work toward creating a kinder, gentler world. have many impossible dreams because like you and everyone else, i’m multi-passionate, but overall, my impossible dream is to leave people better than i found them. during the immersion program i attended for 3 years at an energy medicine school in massachusetts i worked through the ‘vows’ we take in each of our chakras and the vow i took in my 3rd chakra, starting at a very young age was ‘i am not worthy’.) but because i know that by writing my dream down i am on the first step to achieving it. living life on our own terms and working on our wee little venture to change the world! impossible dream is to become a best selling author writing fiction for young adults. story, it parallels mine in some respects although i’m just starting my journey. but i will help her make her dreams come true and i would also love to help other people who have gone through child abuse as well make their dreams come true. one year later the giant drop, the world's tallest freefall ride, was added to the dreamworld tower. listening to adam’s story i saw a reflection of myself and i now know that everything i dream and believe i can achieve. i continue to watch for signs, believe in my abilities and know that i’m supported along this adventurous journey called life! my dream is to create spas that genuinely nourish women, inside and out. think that we all have a purpose and that it is our duty to find it and ultimately follow it wherever it may lead us. appears to be likely in many, many other places abroad where “permaculture” is for the most part not on the radar yet, i believe there is an incredible niche in our beautiful lakeshore cold-climate midwestern town for the demonstration of passive solar home building design/renovation and modern-day rural/urban land-healing sustainable homesteading— a demonstration site which would in time set a solid foundation for a future educational outreach and local food supply/charitable food-aid enterprise (by way of an eco-business, non-profit, combination of both, partnering locally, as well as strongly promoting- through training/mentoring opportunities- a wide range of related niche-filling local business start-ups)., i so much admire your investment of time & energy into creating/guiding successful interviews. my impossible dream is to buy old homes, rehab them in a “green” way and re-sell them. i desperately wanted to take b-school this year, but i already have plans and a down payment to attend dharmashala, india for a 200 hour yoga teacher training in september. you don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. partner and i wish to help people access education in impoverished areas around the world and provide business training and resources to women in those same areas. impossible dream is two-fold: (1) to create a world where people and businesses create interdependent relationships (as opposed to dependent or co-dependent relationships whether in the business/personal realm); and (2) have more millennial women interested and involved in politics/progression in canada through targeting women’s-based issues as a platform for education and civic engagement. then…i stopped believing in myself and instead started to believe that the whole world was against me. while the enrollment is closed for this year, i figured i could still learn and watch videos that would help embrace my journal at iin since i am not sure which path i am going to take. i have always known i am meant to do something significant with my life- a higher calling- and i am very passionate about our food supply becoming healthy & non-toxic. my true belief is that the world needs women to stand in their power, to stand up for each other and to create change in the world that is based upon the power of love, compassion and healing. if so, i share your concern about the health issues. i’m only able to do in locally right now but hoping one day i can make this project worldwide. barrier free play structures, places to let your geek flag fly, proud and free, video games, board games, art studios, chemistry labs, sports fields and even more. i’ve made a promise to myself to really commit myself to making my dreams a reality.’s extraordinary to see the result of believing in yourself, being committed and taking an action; even that which is small.’m a spiritual believer and i rely on my god to lead the way which he does wonderfully but i only see the signs when i’m clear in the mind and focused … you both are 2 beautiful young souls encouraging and following your path which has been founded by your signs … awesome ! today, i commit to taking a baby step to realising this dream. i can’t thank you enough marie for having adam on your show!” it resonates with my goals, dreams, and my challenges – and my love of dancing! early 2015, dreamworld teased that two new big attractions would be coming to the park in 2015. i then became a school librarian because i knew that if i could get the right books into the hands of students, i could surely help them follow their dreams. are all here to learn, grow, evolve and share our inner desires. i have certain dreams and feelings for many years; feelings that i’m here for way bigger things in life. one of my favourite sayings is: there are so many people in this world who will tell you that you can’t. dream is to combine new age spiritual teachings with yoga teachings and bring it to the main stream but particularly to schools in america. “possible dream” is to spread the word about emotional and physiologically abuse, because it is so “hidden”. up until now, i have offered sessions at an hourly rate. my impossible dream is to help other women achieve the life that live today. my dream is to create resources that empower thousands of organizations to feel that they do have the power to be the change they see in the world, right at their fingertips. not only is this something i believe in with my whole heart, not only is it a mindset that we can use to help other people, but it’s a mindset that we can use to help ourselves. thank you marie for your weekly emails 🙂 they really brighten my day. i do not have an impossible dream to share – simply want to say thank you for your commitment to making our world a better place. my dream is to bring mindfulness and other contemplative practices into your schools, and all other schools around the globe, in order to help make the vision of the dalai lama a reality. you, many blessings to you too and your projects (so excited to know pop exists and thrives! dreamworld has retained a section of track and at least one train in the park's back-of-house areas. that is my impossible dream and someday i hope to do just that. this video is an encouragement to stay in my dream path. is the first time that i have written about this and put it out there in the world…and i am shaking, tingling…its electric. i guess we all are on a search for meaning in our lives and it’s great to see that more and more people are following their heart and creating difference in their lives and the lives of others. i’m currently a sophomore at dartmouth college studying economics & anthropology with a dream to a career in the food industry. ultimately, i want all of my work to be about motivating people to achieve their dreams and create a more fulfilling life – even when they are scared. i too like to live in a world where i feel like i’m getting guidance!

Green world our dream world essay

so our communities can get the mental and emotional support that they need to cope with our social ills. just spent 30 minutes reading through the comments of impossible dreams and i am–again–inspired. is the first time i am commenting for your videos. i have learned through my healing journey that i was conditioned to follow the beliefs of the culture which did not serve me on a spiritual level. maybe someday i can spread that art to places in the world that don’t have what we have here in america. a vacant raft had become stuck and the following raft, carrying four adults and two children, collided with it.) and, as well as encouraging, educating and inspiring parents and grand parents to be the best they can be (please see paragraph below about what i am passionate about – the short list! to both marie and adam for sharing your lives and vibes and for the positive influence and direction you bring to so many! i’m going to show her this episode, because i know she’ll be encouraged and make a donation to her organization, because every bit counts. so when you consider the massive loss to the planet by how viciously girls voices are silenced, it’s a devastating loss to our progress as human beings. as we clear the clutter of over committing to other people’s passions, we want to combine our skills, strengths and passions to make this dream a reality. now, living in the land of nourish, i feel an ever expanding desire to help others change their lives for the better. you for sharing this video this morning and having adam on your program today. impossible dream is to make my message of courageous leadership available for all middle school and high school students so that they are able to go beyond their fears and shame to stand up, step in and speak out for other in moments of need, like bullying. watching this episode, i know i can make a difference in the world and i’m going to keep going for my dreams! “impossible dream” has always been connected with the relationship between men and women in the context of violence. i quoted several ‘marieism’s’ to her and even scheduled a brainstorming session where to try to help her become clearer on her goals and achieving her dreams. today the injustice has arrived at my personal backyard and i am fighting worlds’ largest corporations for my very life. immediately went online to my library and put myself on the list for your book! anyway, we have been researching and reading about semester at sea for the last six months, and my husband and i had already talked about how we wanted both of our kids to have an experience like this. but the truth is, that although it has been an incredibly difficult journey, i have made it to the other side, and i can honestly say that i’m glad that i got ill. hope i could reach my impossible dream and meet adam, marie and amy and tell them that “you guys rock! dream is to develop self-awareness education together with the basic education system at our townships. went into the schools to perform, demonstrate, interact with the kids about the composers and their music, how, why, when and the wonders of the sounds(architecture of sounds) to inspire and open them to the possibilities of the world through the beauty and joys of music. current dream is to develop a media/video package for “for purpose” organizations. so appreciate you, marie and adam, thank you for your worlds of wonder. to my dream i am still refining my business focus. having written it, i am now in the process of living my dream speaking at high schools and colleges about entrepreneurship.. when i reach my goal, i will be contacting you in reference to a possible release to be used of your site in one or two scenes. wrote it down, but then was hesitant as to how to connect, but know now, after having seen this video, that this wants to go big… and how it brings together your passion for video, animation, education, even b-school (! a combination of suspense, wild humour, adventure, authenticity and heart rolled into one is what this series will contain…a young twenty-something year old who’s motivation and greatest joy is to give from the heart in unpredictable and grand ways. after four years of wishing and wanting to move to the city of my dreams, i finally got the opportunity. for the under-dog to conquer the world with quirky creativeness and heart! believe the most severe disease of our times is the lack of faith in oneself and his/her potential. and i thought this dream was so hokey, so silly, so completely impossible. i have a dream of helping women that have a creative dream or have a desire to start something and have no idea how to do it. my dream is to educate everyone on how illness can be eradicated via spiritual practices, i. between the mantras and the stories and just seeing someone live out their purpose, i am ready to be an ordinary woman taking steps towards changing the world in the way that i can and love.’s amazing what he has to share in this interview, especially about his grandma and how god really has had a true purpose for adam and his family and life, thank you so much for contributingt o the greater good of the world with your schools,and thank you for sharing this powerful interview ! a difference in the world is as simple as choosing to follow the footsteps of those before us. my own dream, if i could have anything i wanted, would be to afford to go overseas to do one of the best master’s in conference interpreting, then spend my life travelling the world as a conference (and business meeting/site visit) interpreter, a combination of ‘for profit’ and ‘for purpose’. my big dream is to inspire young people to love who they are, truly love and respect themselves, and believe in their dreams. in fact, i knew this even when i was young, but it took me nearly losing my life to finally have the courage to walk in this knowledge.’ve always felt called towards peace activism, and being able to do it, as a single mom, and still put a nice roof over my children’s head is an absolute dream come true. but through my own experience and evolving transformation i came to believe deeply in the importance of the transformation of our own suffering. however, they walk out of our door feeling helpless to do anything except keep going to their, health insurance covered, doctors for more drugs that are just barely masking their symptoms but not truely deal with and correct the underlying cause of their thyroid disorders. in short, i believe our purposes are to be of service in the place where we are now. be your self, bring value to life and good to the word”. my hope is to teach that healing can begin by learning to treat ones own body with love and kindness through the nourishment of healthy foods and restorative yoga. yes, i have a dream of owning my own photography business…but those seem selfish in the face of my situation. we don’t need to make ourselves crazy busy to prove anything to anybody. all of my friends and family now talk about you like you’re our sister. would like to also give my two daughters the credit for my big jump of faith as i realized that if i don’t live my dream how can i truly teach that message to them? we’re not sure how we’re to do that exactly but we’ve been leaning toward starting our own non-profit. is my dream to start a “for purpose” organization that educates prospective parents about adoption and to raise money that will be used to fund grants. i hope to one day make a difference in the world with the wisdom and examples that you both have given me and i hope to continue learning and growing with you. an eduprenuer and coach, i’m currently manifesting my dream to bring about an innovative school that challenges traditional schooling in the us. when first getting started, it’s possible you’ll play shows to literally no one but the bartender, and leave a gig or city feeling dejected and discouraged. i’m throwing myself to the world as an artist.” thank you for sharing how the signs the universe gives are the encouraging silent words i need to press forward. years ago, making the change to a nourished life saved my life. *impossible* dream is to help thousands of high-achieving brilliant women that secretly believe they’re not good enough to untangle themselves from the “what will they think” worry web and do their thing in the world – unapologetically and with a big smile in their eyes.’m not even sure of how the dream actually looks, but i do have many options. i am so hesitant…stalling (scared) at putting my dream into writing! and then in this state having divine inspiration pour through us unobstructed, guiding each of our own unique “secondary purposes” that manifest in our daily lives (both in big and small ways), creating beautiful, magical synergy with others on similar paths. toward dream: making choices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions- can be simple like changing light bulbs to energy star products, powering down electronics, use water efficiently, and reduce, reuse and recycle, green power, be green in the yard and spread the word. i am grateful in ways that i cannot express with the words we have available in our verbal language., marie, and thank you so much for your interview with adam! was by far my most favourite episode of marietv yet! this would be similar to the we are the world cd from the 80s or for the children from the 90s. business opportunity has fallen on my lap today and has made me question what i’m doing…almost like a test to see how much i want my impossible dream. big impossible dream is to inspire a generation of remarkable dreamers to lead extraordinary lives. i enjoy and benefit from your tuesdays, i have never felt the need to comment on any of them…until now. first – the adults also need to recognize the value and need of listening to music, have music in their lives and in the world. i can feel that your intention is to give, give knowledge, give positivity and hope. in 1997, the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster tower of terror opened. dream, and i truly believe it’s possible, is to help create a world where we all live with love and respect for one another and our beautiful planet. it didn’t just change my life but changed my hopes, my dreams and my goals. this is confirmation that joining b-school this year was a step in the direction to discovering my purpose and sharing my message with the world. it is stories like both of yours that keep up my momentum. i feel, welling up in me every time i see a video like this or talk to someone about my dreams … the undeniable call to bring people back to body-centric living. i was so moved by your heart and the way you’re not afraid to show what speaks to you. in effect i said i would remember this my whole life and said i could take all the hurt in the world but please jesus don’t ever let me hurt anyone at all especially like i have been and i promise i will always be good no matter what!^ a b "dreamworld unveils spectacular end of 2011: new world-class entertainment alliance with dreamworks animation". no message could have been any clearer:If you wanna make the world a better place. it’s not easy, but i think it *is* really important to believe in yourself and your own potential to contribute something to the world.[1] it also features an internal, park-hop entrance to whitewater world. thank you both for having the courage to follow your dreams and be an inspiring example of what is possible if we follow our soul purpose. thank you so much for sharing experiences that inspire us to share our gifts with the world. it helped me realize that people are very similar all around the world, and it helped me discover that i wanted to help people-although at the age of 19 i wasn’t sure how i would help people. i’ve discovered in most unexpected way how it feels like to live your life’s purpose.! it seems like an impossible dream to generate this type of support and advocacy, but when i see a girl who three years ago could not bear to look me in the eye, now standing in front of her peers, speaking into a microphone, and teaching others the empowerment skills she’s learned, i know that it’s worth the effort. point: honouring, celebrating, and redeeming human sentience pre-birth and during birth and infancy. you for sharing your friend and his incredible achievements with us. and i am busy how to write my book about my incredible journey called my life. my grandmother used to remind me from a young age how lucky we were because there are children starving all over the world. dream is to become a young adult writer and publish many ya books. believe the future of our income depends on people who take initiative and move things forward. but first you have to discover a purpose beyond yourself to make any lasting difference. dream is to encourage patients with auto-immune diseases to investigate stem cell therapy. it shows that anyone can do something make a difference to the world. had a similar experience to adam when i was in india, which got me thinking about how i was going to contribute to the world with what i love to do. as the closet guru, my mantra is “love your closet, love your life. impossible dream is to have a business set up to bring in large amounts of $$ 24/7 so that my husband and i can spend most of our lives bringing positive change to the people who are suffering the most in the world. for example, each of your small actions have somehow led to your encounter with each other, resulting in more signs to follow and more actions for a greater purpose..those who spread those words and thought’s to be there for all that needs the light on the path of there dreams. throughout the early months of the year, rumours circulated as to the reopening of the eureka mountain mine ride, however these are not yet confirmed by dreamworld. impossible dream is to learn how to program and contribute to open source projects, and get to the point where i can teach others … as we speak i am completing this tutorial. i’ve also found myself taking steps towards my dream without even realizing it. i can connect with it on a lot of levels but the crazy thing is i was already dismissing the possibility of accomplishing similar goals because ‘that’s too big of a dream’. and much gratitude for all the comments and dreams – such great passion here! i dream of an india and a haiti and a multiple of other countries where a child is not denied education because they cannot afford the uniform. unfortunately, most of the conversation around this problem involves encouraging female students into the the hard sciences and engineering, which excludes the sciences that are both most interesting to women (the ones they self-select, like sociology, anthropology and psychology) and those most relevant to substantially improving technology for real people. we have run 5 major sold out events here, one of which we pursued kris carr to be our keynote. no expense was spared when longhurst employed some designers who worked on disneyland and walt disney world to design the park. new hospitals) around the world – which of course would be 1 store at a time. thank you for being you and an extended thanks to the awesome folks in your group. (and i’m one of the “just one more course and i’ll be ready! since then, i moved to singapore and now i am back in france… i feel that i am needed here, but i also have big dreams and i am very ambitious. your comment and clearly our worlds overlap because i do an empowerment program for tween/teen girls and their moms called “motiv8: 8 ways to rock your own world”! deserves health and happiness – my dream is to help others achieve it through preventative medicine, storytelling, connection and love 🙂. i’ll be here until june 2015 seeking to build the initial business plan and raise funds to make this dream happen. it took me a bit longer to find my dream–that is to teach natural eyesight improvement, and to proliferate change in our cultural and societal view that we don’t have to just get contact lense or glasses, but in fact that we can improve our eyesight naturally. and blessings to you all,My impossible dream is to influence change in current u. watching your videos, and this one in particular, over the last few months has helped me start to work through that self doubt and take tiny steps to start to move forward. i do it to help my gorgeous husband to feed our family and keep our kids active and doing things they love. i want to give them that perspective so that in turn, i can help them to manifest and create their own impossible dream and find inspiration to change the world for the better in their own ways.’ve finished my first book on creating your dream wedding that will be published soon and already decided on my second on marriage. dream is to create a safe space where children can come dance~get down and boogie and express whatever sensations they are feeling!’s my time to put my ideas out in the world. my impossible dream is to learn new languages and travel with my 2 boys and show them how different life is in other places of the world. adam and marie – your messages would be so powerful in the high school classroom where young budding entrepreneurs often don’t realize how valuable and important and attainable their dreams are (message coming from ‘mom’ just doesn’t do the trick! course, i had gone through a multitude of occupations throughout my 12 or so years of life. you for your great work marie and i’m off to get adams book. since i’m a lady and a singer i got really curious and checked out your site. i moved abroad, traveled the world, took many different jobs in service but then last year launched my own coaching business. years ago i learned about purpose and my purpose and how is connected to my personality and i dream about teaching others about their purpose. i have been thinking about how i can, in the short hour i have to teach, tell people about the “big picture”. please don’t let our giveaway stop you from buying the book now. i’ve learned humility, patience, the power of perseverance, yet the courage to change paths should something not be working. plans to enforce & strict code of conduct among our security faculty force. my challenge has been working long hours at my job in beauty and feeling uninspired at the end of the day – something i think most people can relate to. i want to teach people (dr’s included) to think differently in terms of the way our body heals, and really listen to what our bodies are telling us, and rely less on pharmaceutical drugs and “what the dr says” more on “food as medicine” and being their own best advocate and taking ownership in their health. dream is that by sharing these stories that have expanded and deepened me, others will be inspired to live more loving, authentic and contributing lives. work serves on many levels, leaves no part of you or the world impoverished, is restorative and self sustaining, challenges you and re-establishes your relationship with the priceless qualities and experiences you want in your life and work. dream is to see animals recognised as sentient beings capable of feelings and emotions like humans – thus legislation being created to protect companion animals from mistreatment, exploitation and abuse. which in turn leads them to spreading the same love to the world. i have always known i was called for more, but didn’t have the courage to get started. your influence is like my daily dose of guidance and orientation as i progress in manifesting my purpose into realization. project beth, where do you see your program being located? i recently quit my job to start a “for purpose” organization on the other side of the country, a marine education center that encourages communities to highlight their own local life and look beneath the surface. thanks for sharing your passions and giving soooo much of yourselves 😀. so often each of us lives in a bubble that assumes the everyone sees the world as we do. i hope you don’t mind but instead, i will be sharing my possible dream. you so much for inspiring me to live out my dreams marie. would he still be here to share his gifts with the world. we will concentrate our efforts toward those from ‘disadvantaged’ life circumstances. finally i met this morning with my regional contact about my own career path and my interest in healthy eating, and how i might be able to spread that message as our company grows in the next few years and be involved in my local community right now. i have learned that my purpose is to help everyone discover the world beyond what we actually see. impossible dream: after that trip so many things happened in my personal life that made me changed in so many ways. focus for magdalene’s child will begin with helping survivors of sex trafficking, taking my tip money from my private massage practice and donating it to one of four organizations i’d like to support, lifeway network, magdalene house, the american himalayan foundation and love 146. i was able to find my purpose by reading my signs and i am at the beginning stage of my journey, ready to be set free from my job within this year. big dream is a world filled with women who are deeply connected to their feminine cycles in a sacred way… a world where every woman is in right relationship with her cycle and even loves her cycles because they make her woman. we just have to pay attention and trust our inner voice. upon a time i experienced being a very young single mother for four years. however, all of dreamworld's opening day attractions are still operating to this day. you marie for your inspiration and your so very enjoyable personality!. to share my dream and continue to avoid saying “if only”, but tell myself that “i will”! be of service, to the best of your ability where you are, and i believe that you grow into your service; that you grow into your purpose. one day i was in a craft store and decided to take a cake course. impossible dream is to make my business at a level i can create my foundation around art, art give inspiration, it’s a fuel for life, for emotion, it can you give you the keys to open your hearty when everything is broke, and to fight illiteracy, for me it’s the beginning for everything, when you have the power to understand the world and access to knowledge, no one can break you,you can stand up on your feet, you can share to the world what you have inside. i could dive into a different world, different stories in books. i have been very down, mourning my mum’s death (4 year’s ago), which has made me mourn afresh for my dad (20 year’s ago)., i am completely thrilled and grateful that i have come in contact with your work. i want to create illustrations and along with words of encouragement, and how god has helped me through this.

we are going to hold fun, girls’ nights featuring unique, locally made items to raise money for foster children in our area. but being surrounded by nonbelieving educated professionals all day who chalk everything up to logic/rational reasoning/coincidence, it sometimes makes me question myself and i don’t often hear other people speak about these experiences — so i loved how adam talked about experiencing and acknowledging “signs” and feeling guided by something otherworldly. i’m excited to now be a part of your fb group now and also be able to help and share with others when needs come up and get posted. my impossible dream is to teach youth and young adults to become entrepreneurs and world changers.’ve always wanted to make the world a healthier place. hope for myself, hope for others, and hope for this world in general that can sometimes feel like a lost cause. both of you are such profoundly inspiring people in your own ways. “impossible” dream is to show people that their dreams are never impossible! i am inspired by the dalai lama saying, “western women can come to the rescue of the world”. it is a dream to be able to have that opportunity again. not only was adam’s story so impactful to me but it was the first time that i saw your essence come through-all the way through and straight to me. even though i got my ged and have taken some college courses for the job i have now. i went through cancer a couple years ago so my body is still fatigued and it makes it hard for me to really imagine living my dreams.), was to start a summer camp for teenagers who want to change the world. i struggle with that sometimes, because i lose sight of the fact that it is an ongoing journey (rather than a final outcome). i dream of doing exactly what you and adam are doing. the time, i thought i was going to be a jazz musician who would change the way everyone saw the world. impossible dream response:I am a life coach and i help others overcome self-limitations and discover their purpose. impossible dream is to educate the world on addiction and that it is preventable.’s story is so inspiring because you don’t need to have abundance of wealth to make a difference in the world. seems like pipe dreams to others feels like a purpose and something to work towards to me. impossible dream has always been to move to kolkata, india and help the poorest of the poor overcome the strong diversity that surrounds them. never quit till you get positive results for your effort. i will use brilliant colours, textures, patterns and silhouettes to achieve the boldness of making a statement without the uncomfortable baring of too much skin. looking back i realize, that dreaming and practising the piano, choral singing, playing the recorder, violin, saxophone was my way of surviving/thriving in a school system that didn’t recognize potential (i later learned as an adult, that i am gifted and highly intelligent – but that’s another story). from diagnosis to death it was less than two years…but he chose to live…he chose not to define himself as a cancer patient…we had the most amazing magical journey full of pure joy those two years…life and death are but one…we as souls are eternal…i am forever grateful. in 2001,, semi-retired from my career, have two wonderful sons, now divorced, and in agony to succeed start up it business, to bring the wonders of classical music to all mankind in this world. as i write on youtube my dream is to create a storytelling school in areas of conflict, as i was born in such area. impossible dream is to create space for women, and a few good men, to fully experience joy and healing despite life’s hardships. my impossible dream is to help women over 50 feel excited and joyful about the best years of their life to come, to get them healthy, eating the right things to prevent auto-immune diseases, to help them connect with spirit on their journey. i believe that if people can approach knowledge and wisdom as something they can attain and embody and cultivate within themselves through many different channels at any age, as opposed to looking at education as something outside of them that they have to join or conform to, they could use the tools provided by traditional education models to create amazing things in the world without being dependent on them or imprisoned by their ideologies. have been missing your interviews lately for inspiration, so was happy to see this in my inbox this morning. impossible dream is to have a “transition” home for terminally-ill child orphans (in nigeria, my home country). everybody could benefit greatly from the information that took me twenty-six years to gather and condense down into 20 hours of easy to understand and highly valuable content. i have always been thinking, if i had the money of a bill gates or richard b, or an arab sheikh, what incredible things i’d do for the world: build shelters and schools for victims of child sex trafficking, build wells in villages, set up adult literacy programs, to name what comes immediately to mind – with a focus on latin america, because i am passionately drawn to that part of the world (no idea why). opening an etsy shop, reading every book we can get our hands on about marketing and business and connecting with a community that also breath that same air. i truly believe in investing in our children and in education. to start, my dream would be to have a center focusing on entertainment and the arts for children, youth and adults. i will turn this dream into a vision that will one day become alive!^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t "dreamworld history" (pdf).’ it’s true, i do need to get my $#@ together financially and my poverty does not make the world a better place. thank you very much marie and adam for the encouragement and inspiration and emphasizing that each and every one of us has some purpose to do in this world to make a difference. meeting adam and hearing his story and learning of your passions related to it are truly a redeeming experience. it is encouraging and inspiring to see others live their dreams 🙂. came across pencils of promise last year and i loved this interview to understand more of adam’s journey. am a first year b-schooler and i am amazed at how the holes and gaps in my dream keep getting filled and closed through the work i am doing and the information i am receiving. many women live in dangerous and abusive situations because they do not have the financial resources to leave. and i just love to be a believing mirror for others that their dreams are the birthing place of what we call ‘reality’. so my dream, my continuing mission, is to share my hacks and theories which can bust through our nature/nurture/cultural norms and enrich our lives on the most fundamental level. but i’ve found that when i’m tuned-in to my heart – it becomes easier to see and hear the messages being presented to me, as i progress through my journey. my thought is lack of faith and i pray to encourage as i have said millions! am grateful for your work, your passion and your dedication.* allow more “time” & “resources” to further benefit the purpose of their individual cause. than that, i can’t wait to show the world what i’m capable of accomplishing. watching this video, i called the bbc radio who had expressed interest in our work after seeing a big feature on us in a national newspaper yesterday. you for connecting your followers with such inspirational people like adam braun! people need to wake up and understand that the world is in control by very evil people who have no souls but soon will be removed from this earth by god. listening to adam describe his journey with such clarity, i know it will be possible to accomplish my impossible dream…for now, here goes…. our focus remains businesses and projects that support life, ecological systems and sound economic practices. dream is to have this be a successful business where people transform and elevate every day! have been pursuing my purpose to tell meaningful stories through documentary filmmaking – after a career as a journalist where i’ve not felt it to be my ultimate calling – and haven’t yet had the ‘convergence’. this is what sometimes feels like the “impossible dream” for me. i have a strong desire and dream to help other educators help redefine education in the states. not to in any way denigrate the powerful message in braun’s inspiring global outreach, there is such a desperate need in the underserved inner city schools across america, many already in a crisis triage mode, that my dream is to serve in marshaling the considerable, but widely underutilized, resources that must be brought to bear upon this multifaceted urban time bomb. my impossible dream is to become a motivational speaker empowering women entrepreneurs principles, tools and strategies that they can effectively applying to their business and personal life and create the successful results that they desire. my impossible (possible) dream is to see girls learning from amazing women around the world in mathematics coming together in the summer for math camp/ retreats feeling inspired and capable. love that everyone is sharing ~ especially deeper aspects of their own journey. dreamworld announced via facebook that the park was not under any immediate threat and that back burning to protect it from any damage had started just outside the big brother complex. dream: that every person on this planet comes to know he or she matters, is integral to life herself carrying on. also dream of being a healer – working with energy in a more profound way than i currently do now. also this twitter account is the absolute first step i just took to work on my dream project. met this women the other day who has been helping build schools in india and around the world, her purpose is called pace ( promise of assurance to children everywhere). i also believe, even in my personal experience as a dancer/fitness newbie and cancer survivor, that movement can change our story, either in mending, retelling or repurposing the meaning of events in our lives. great grandparents came to canada as a displaced family after world war ii where my grandmother lost all of her family. “i’ll chalk that one up to temporary insanity,” is what grandpa used to say, “because i know you know what happened to your great uncle silas. i’m working all these crazy hours and weekends and it’s taking me away from my family and it’s been stressful for all of us. as i grew up, i started to understand more about peace… being at peace with yourself, with others, with the universe. aim to build a theatre and community that is a noursihing, safe, growthful ‘playground’ for kids to explore and express their unique gifts. i believe that every single person can make a difference and i want to inspire women to go for their dreams and reach for the stars. this evening, i’m reading through my rss feed and spot this article on mindbodygreen: 3 essential steps to uncover your purpose & become unstoppable. big dream is to teach and help people to make life more simple. what i like a lot is that adam has had some great education of learning to live in the corporate world and using that for his own purpose. my impossible dream is to cancel all negativity moving towards positivity and to facilitate his full recovery reaching his life highest potential. you’re always the real deal – approachable and relatable, but i especially loved how adam’s story brought you to tears (as it did for me) and showed your passion for helping others. i get too caught up in the day-to-day business and your reminder to help others is so hopeful. it’s not an impossible dream because it has just begun. my impossible dream is to take my company to the next level… i want to be a for purpose company like adam spoke about and through the sale of my products i want to give back to my community by supporting woman’s health issues. as a copywriter, i admire the “our story” part of the organization’s website so incredibly much that i actually use it as a teaching example for how storytelling can be so potent in writing for our businesses (because it tugs on our heartstrings and transports us instead of “selling” to us). watched your meaningful and so powerful video,marie, and then spent the next hour reading all the posts of the many dreamers and doers who are following you, like i am. to answer your encouragement: what i feel like i am meant to do, and what i want to do, is to make people know and feel that we all have a heart of a lion, and we can do so much and live our best life if we trust our own strength. would have to say that my dream was and has always been to be in a place financially where i can give at the spur of the moment and as much as i want… even if it is just to change one persons life… example… a few weeks ago i was at the grocery store and their was a family in the queue in front of me… they had two little boys and in their trolley was a packet of wet wipes and a 5l bottle of water… which they probably use for cooking, cleaning and drinking. rather than keeping people on the edge of their seats through suspense, i desire to keep them connected through fascination and otherworldly visions. dream ( i don’t believe in the word “impossible” anymore……. i recently quit my job to tackle my impossible dream of traveling across america and volunteering in each state with a friend. later that day, dreamworld again announced via facebook that the blaze was under control thanks to firefighters and that the park would re-open as normal the next day. we invited them to carnegie hall free of charge, to our concerts and benefit-events, most of whom, had never been out of the tough realm of their neighbourhoods, never having experienced the world out side. name is oriana ramirez, i’m 19 years old and i was born in venezuela,I can proudly say i follow your advice and after seeing the video i went out and i gave something to my college community. even if you have humongous obstacles in your way that seem immovable and insurmountable, my message is. aaa encourages people to take an active role with their recovery. i wake every morning and look for all your videos in youtube or your website, but this one, really shocked me. we all have the capability to be artistic and bring beauty into the world. i always believed in educating women as ms oprah taught me thirteen years ago to create a better generation with their children in order to create a better world. watching your video, i’m realizing that i know exactly what i need to do. you and adam talked about the message outside his apartment, i got a thrill of recognition, courtesy of the universe. i’ve been dreaming of this world full of passion, peace, and discovery. you marie for another great video, for being you, and for supporting my beliefs that my dream to help others live theirs is entirely possible. answer your challenge marie, the one step i will take as a result of being inspired by adam is to set up visits to various charities while i am in south africa next month with a view to understanding what they need and how i can directly help. am deeply touched by adam’s story not just because of what he is doing since i traveled for years and met a lot of ‘i’m going to save the world’ folks, but his connection and respect for family, history, that he listens to his inner voice and intuition, overcomes fear, and turns an idea into a miracle – these are all things we can be inspired by, and propel us into action. after hearing this i am determined to push through the fear, and begin our ” for purpose” origination and continue on. why should we slave our lives to pay rent/morgage for a home we’re barely in?[2] the area originally was home to the vintage cars which have since been relocated to dreamworld corroboree. i’ve had moments of revelation where my path has seemed clear but as you described in your interview marie, i’ve talked myself out of acting and have ignored the moments of clarity i’ve had regarding my career and path in life. maybe, some day, i will be able to get musical education to the children and places in the world that need it the most. i don’t know how i can contribute to the world but i do know that i want to and i will get adam’s book. well, like you would say, i`m a multipassionate writer especially on “helping topics” like make the world a better place or be good to others and so on. i actually signed up for b-school and am going through for the first time right now so that i can realize this very possible dream! i am done waiting and ready to allow my dreams, my message and my purpose to present itself and i am open to those guidances from the universe, the divine masters, angels and people who are giving the signpost to see it along the way!’m not sure what my dream is but i know i’m closer to it after my early life crisis.’s a huge honour to be given access to you wonderfully inspiring people, that we can all lift each other up into our rightful creative potency! haven’t, and i got lost in those different kind of worlds not knowing of how to put that all together. marie, when i hear you speak, and especially when you bring on guest speakers like this gorgeous man (ps, how cute is he, by the way, oh wow…some serious eye candy as well as having a beautiful heart and soul…), i know that the work you do comes from such a loving place and genuine desire to make the world a better place, not just get rich. truly believe that with more political involvement and interest, we as a society, through discourse and progressive advancement, will be able to better foster this sense of interdependence (in personal relationships between spouses, in for-profit & for-purpose business relationships etc. your conversation today with adam was indeed another sign for me to continue to take action on my own ‘lightning bolt’ moment. i have the need to do something more life changing to create a bigger impact in the world. action i was inspired to take by your challenge was that right after i made my pronouncement to create a viable business for myself at the seminar 13 days ago, a young man in the audience offered himself as a support person in anything web-related! in the past 3 years, i’ve also had the privilege to teach young men and women in guatemala how to be nourished.! this morning i woke up to your email with the interview with adam. i am buying adam’s book and if anyone else knows of any great resources for obtaining grants, fundraising, starting a for purpose organization, i’d appreciate any feedback. on 25 october, dreamworld posted new information on their website regarding the motorsport precinct. if you 2 ever have time with your busy schedules i would love to know more how i can help to make a bigger difference in the world! one hour ago i got off the phone with a client who wanted to purchase several event images from me and was giving me ‘nuggets of wisdom’ since she herself, a retired 77 year old business woman wanted me to succeed with my business. i also read some of the comments and you have so many amazing people commenting, it’s inspiring to read there dreams and what some are already doing in order to give back and make this world a better one. mantra that resonated for me the most is ‘change your words, change your worth’. it is heart breaking to me that in the usa, and now many other developed countries, we are so impoverished when it comes to our health because of our over abundance of everything. want to make the world a better place – i have a dream that i ride around on my motorcycle and talk to people and help them see their dreams – give them tools to accomplish them and carry on – like johnny appleseed plants trees, i want to plant seeds of hope and inspiration. we often limit ourselves in a way that says if we are good at reading and writing we can’t be good at mathematics.!I am now living my dream – after experiencing severe anxiety back in 2011 and asking the universe for direction. the imax theatre was renovated to become the dreamworld cinema. and there, the first job appearing was the exactly job in the firm i had dreamed of for so long. i greatly appreciate what you both do to change the world. my impossible dream is to bring radical forgiveness & conscious leadership to all latin american countries.! thanks for all your inspiration, motivation and love, love love. i am so inspired by adam and your interview that i plan to share it with everyone. adam, thank you for sharing your powerful, magical experiences and doing the work that you do. my dream, to make this viral and hopefully earn a living through writing (it’s what i love! my dream is to run my own business and when my children have children of their own to be the type of grandparent i was lucky enough to have. there would be more people doing things in line with their soul’s purpose, people would be speaking from their hearts, there would be more authentic conversations, we would live in the ‘we’ perspective and not just the ‘me’ perspective…really, in living life this way, the world would be filled with more peace and love. there is so much drama in this world that i feel the comfort of a blanket or quilt wrapped around you can some sense of hope or security to people that are hurting. thank you for encouraging people to be themselves and not be copycats of everyone else. where to begin…thank you from the bottom of my soul for being so generous with your energy, time & bright white light, which you share so freely with all of your viewers and fans throughout the world. marie says, the world needs that one special gift that only you have. adam you are a gift to this world and i thank you for this so much. my “impossible” dream is to live in a world of conscious consumption, holistic education and empowered individuals. impossible dream: right now i am that crazy multi-passionate person, with so so many dreams. opening day attractions included the imax theatre, a baldwin locomotive (now known as the dreamworld express), model t fords (now known as vintage cars), rocky hollow log ride, australian koala theatre and the captain sturt paddle-wheeler. wanted to say i love reading through your blog and look. you will be home in a new rhythm,For your soul senses the world that awaits you. took your challenge and called a local domestic violence org in my area to ask if i could give them some free coaching sessions. video again marie,I really want to be able to conduct my nutrition coaching with people around the world and eventually be able to go into places that are impoverished and share how nutritional changes can make a huge difference. dream is to make a comfortable living helping dogs, and their owners with extreme behavioral issues (such as aggression, separation anxiety, food guarding etc. dream is to start an organization that will partner coaches like you, mastin kipp and others to mentor and coach survivors of trafficking and trauma., i commend you for your awareness about what to be for or against, fight or love your way through, the choice is up to you (meaning each “you reading this”). my stories reveal a path from dark emotions toward light and fulfilling your purpose in life. this was of course a trick to keep me busy while he cut the grass. please bring your passion for education and youth empowerment to the world! this one idea is turning into a new source of empowerment that will influence both men and women and i’m so excited! it helped inspire me to truly live the life of my dreams. i agree that traveling, and getting outside your comfort zone is a great way to learn about yourself and find your purpose. and i am grateful for what i am learning from you and your guests. i wold love to share my story with you,and my dream. it is in this more loosely structured, fantastic environment that issues surrounding social order, romantic relationships, and inter-generational strife, which are a prominent part of the "city world", become resolved, facilitating a return to the normal order. this video is giving courage, i can’t really explain how exactly so for now, just: thank you both!, i love what you said, as my ‘impossible dream’ aligns with yours. some motivational speakers harp on more about how to attract riches and get fancy cars and houses, etc (hey, it’s good to be prosperous) but your’re focus is get prosperous and successul in business and life for yourself, yes, but also and equally important, so you can make a real positive difference in the world. you maria, your segment with adam brought up so many mixed emotions.

many many blessings to you, marie, for all you do to help us all, as you help yourself. on 9 february, dreamworld welcomed two female white tiger cubs from kagoshima city, in japan. i’m an artist who paints the relationships in nature to help heal humanity’s relationship with the natural world. as you, marie, were describing people who feel they were born to do something great for this world but who just can’t seem to find that “something great,” and who feel that even if they were to find it, they probably couldn’t make a difference, i felt like you were describing me.’ve just signed up to your site after finding it through another site as we do. have never considered my dream impossible, but i do feel like it is far away. i’ve watched timid, troubled kids absolutely flourish with love, security and support. we are in the process of changing our name and rebranding. by even tweeting, sharing on facebook, conversing with a neighbor or friend who feel they have had a ‘shit sandwich’ today… you can make a world of difference with your attitude. from my experience: it is all about the amount of energy and love you put into a project, relationship, situation that makes it flourishing and successful (no matter how you define success). all my life i have day dreamed of ways to help…from building bridges of love, prayer, hope…prayers for peace…to teaching agriculture, irrigation, health and healing, to radical ways of fundraising…my deepest dream has been to spread peace, open to love, healing, and uplift each other globally. am an english teacher and translator in greece and my dream is to have my own translation/publishing company. thank you for being who you are because so many of us can look up to your courage and know that we too can do it. since we began the facebook group in early december, we have identified needs in the community and have been assisting families with needs in navigating the resources available to them, securing proper documentation, applying for resources, advocating for more permanent housing, receiving proper food, clothing and other necessities. “impossible dream” is to co-create a transdisciplinary educational system for the next generation of youth that is oriented around new perspectives of what it means to be human during this incredible and potent time in evolutionary history (the new company name is “mythic systems”). mi actually finally took the steps to contribute to the change i want to see in the world. i have had those lightning moments of inspiration and i have dreamed of the “impossible”, but hearing adams story it has become my impossible reality. – can i translate your book into greek or portuguese – or both? (what i once thought was) impossible dream is to build an eco-plaza. said, my impossible dream is to bring more kindness and beauty into the world…for it to become a greater voice. then i heard adam’s story and it touched my heart and i started to cry because in one of the poorest parts of the world all the little boy wanted was a pencil. my name is chelcee pullam, and i just wanted to send you my song “fight for your dreams”. thanks so much for this interview and all your amazing work! its rich in every kind of resource possible from oil, gold, diamonds, human resource etc, yet at the same time so poor! i don’t know yet hoe i would work in favour of creating better world by helping women and children but yes,i’m waiting for my message to appear to me,as adam said. can’t wait to read adam’s book — and marie, thank you for being this red hot spark that ignites us to act on our dreams, now! i was given your interview with adam braun by a friend/colleague of mine. impossible dream is having more (all) people question the chemicals and ingredients that they put into and onto their bodies, and to stop buying products and foods just because they are branded, celebrity endorsed and sold in an exclusive store. just to want to thank you deeply for everything you do… your commitment, your passion, your sacrifices, and your time. of my favourite poems of zenmaster thich nath hanh ,“walking meditation”, ends with those two lines: “ earth will be safe when we feel enough safety in us. after spending the entire day yesterday stuck and confused and without purpose, this video made me realise that it’s a journey and i don’t need all the answers now. journey started about 20 years ago when i became a single mom with 3 small kids to raise . marie, you have helped me tremendously, first of all simply by “being here and sharing to assist everyone you can, with your own brand of bright and shiny, energetic pep-talk and deep seated faith., as i was watching this video, i took out a new journal and started to make a list of ideas for creating my dream. went through b-school for the first time last year, but to be honest i lacked courage to really move forward with a business idea of my own. i suffered with a fibroid in my uterus and bleed for about a year and half but the journey was amazing because it made me who i am today., about an hour ago, i’m so freakin’ tired, i just want to crawl into bed, but no, i decide to make some headway on my overflowing inbox. they are actually our very distant relatives… they are the most lovely creatures who only want to enjoy life – we probably all have a lot to learn from them 😉. i see this model of a school as a means to giving people a purpose for living and working thus enabling them to make a worthwhile contribution to their community, their country, and ultimately their world. problem is not that i don’t have ideas, or that i doubt my ability as a writer, it’s that my dreams for the words are too big and they overwhelm me. thank you so much adam for following your heart and your guidance , thank you marie for this powerful video . feel such a connection to adam’s goals as my dream is so closely linked to what he’s doing. know that i have already made a difference in the world and it’s visible in my work throughout years of caring for children, helping raise many children, and through my philanthropic path. we are no longer the person we once use to be, we have changed, and now it’s time to find ourselves again; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. yes this involves healthy eating and living, but more than that it takes a dedicated, concerted effort to identify and route out the negative programs that keep us from living our highest truths and achieving our versions of success. would love to be a speaker and travel all around the world inspiring others to dream big and to help them realize their potential. it’s true that our lives are much fuller when we learn to be sensitive to the “signs”..” thank you for your energy and thank you for the adam interview. too often our life path and goals are hindered by the comfort within our daily jobs, and routine lifestyles. you for the ways that you both articulated this for yourselves. journey as a media consultant specializing in serving ‘for purpose’ (love that term! my impossible dream is to start a life and career coaching business that helps clients break-free from their limiting thoughts and beliefs and find the courage to define and design a more meaningful and happy life <3. appreciate your dream of making women feel confident with presenting their website to the public. people will buy tickets from all over the world to watch my students perform and showcase their talents and creativity. i was moved when adam said ‘you have your own extraordinary journey to live out’. i have so many dreams and so many goals but i am still trying to figure everything out as i am getting my life back in order. b-school answers the “how” by providing the necessary tools and strategies needed to accelerate your progress in both business and personal. for me children are like the angels of the world. purpose in life has to do with education too, now i am working with adults in an enterprise but my dream is to work with children too. months ago, i relaunched my company with the purpose of empowering people everywhere move along their nourish evolution, and am on the cusp of launching a book and program to take them step by step. i believe that our communities feel helpless to control what is put on our foods, how they are prepared, and how they are grown (pesticides, herbicides, “fake” foods, etc). it became an investment in a better world for all of us. made me realize that i focus so much on the ‘impossible dream’ that i usually get paralyzed with analysis and fear before ever taking a small step towards achieving it. taking some of his advice to ‘change your words, change your worth’, my *possible* dream is to make a huge change in the world by supporting amazing charities doing good works around the globe. in the end of the last year me and my family, meaning my fiancé and our 2,5-year-old girl, came back from india as we were went there to practice and study yoga. our costs will be covered by the registered voters, non-profit nominees, philanthrophreneurs/celebrities/authoritative figures. to the above & ammendment to the comment of wasting your time: not just a waste of your time but theirs as well. i am still searching for that exact “lightning bolt” moment, however, have come across further signs which have aided me in the journey. his authenticity was so refreshing and his stories of revelation inspired me to take an hour to focus on what really gets me going. i don’t think i’ve ever been so moved by one of your videos – and i’ve watched and been moved by a lot of them! you for not only an incredibly inspiring interview, but a place for all of these warriors of change to post their dreams and ideas for the world. i found very important for myself is that i keep pushing and working on the impossible dream – but that i am tolerant with myself with regards to the timeline. impossible dream (the vision) came from a bolt of energy, universal download and following the signs for the last 2 years as my family and i rebuild our lives. i believe from self-awareness, stems self-empowerment and we can all change the world by changing our thoughts and views about ourselves and the world. is what i love about you, marie: digging out people like adam who are so special and incredibly inspiring that i just want to hop on my table and start right now to make this world a little better![37][38] the first phase was the temporary summer show, the dreamworks holiday shrektacular. it all starts when we’re kids, and if given love and nurtured these children will blossom and create more love for themselves and in this world. interview has re inspired me to follow the dream and to believe it can be birthed into this world. the last week, it’s really hit home that i have maybe 5 good years while my kids are home that i can really spend time with them and have influence on them in a way that i won’t when they go off into the world. adam and marie you are changing the world, and i am so excited! an example of the sort opportunities that open source gives people like me who are newcomers. you always receive more than you give and i would like to help others experience this by encouraging people to find a cause they are passionate about and to commit to supporting it with no strings attached.’m calling it “sell yourself short”, and because of you and adam, i’ve written the first hundred words. i emailed her today about upcoming projects after watching your video. you and adam for this perfect timing of your interview for inspiration to follow my heart and dreams. they tell a story from loneliness to a state where you shine your own light and light the light of other’s. i also dream about setting up a recycling business in that beautiful country to clear up all the mountains of soft plastic, piling up everywhere. we are trained as doctors that can diagnose and treat and due to our extensive training in natural therapies, we are able to educate patients on all of their healthcare options. my dream is to become known as a freedom expert — to create a thriving coaching business to help my clients create a live that allows them to be themselves, make money, and feel free.’s story was so moving…and he confirms that the world really does need that special gift that only each of us has. i would call this my im-possible dream, because my history would not allowed me to dream it if i had not landed in the work by complete accident. after years of this type of self-abuse, when our kids are all in school, for example, we are all left with an empty feeling, not knowing who we are, what we like, what our dreams and passions are. who can resist a live concert when it’s in your own backyard? coming from the preschool corporate world to now having barely enough to cover my bills and tons of college debt, i still get up every morning and do things towards my impossible dream. mother started her own music school in the basement of our house and invited the kids of the neighboors, family and friends to join in. so of course i sent an application and crossed my fingers. i am currently working on a book that is an accumulation of testimonies submitted from women around the world who faced difficulty, yet from their experience chose to be someone.! stephanie, we can totally feel your heart beaming, and love that your binge watching marietv, leaving comments, and most of all feeling loaded up with inspiration. i want to serve as a mentor to the leaders of the next generation, teaching them how to discover their own individual gifts and how to bring them to the world. thank you for being a major inspiration in my world! my action on my dreams and purpose today was to set a date for the writing of chapter one in the book!“if we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility. you so much for what you’re doing in this world marie!’ve had my online business almost a year and now we are sponsoring an event to support my dream – stop violence against women!! so many great dreams listed here and such a moving an inspirational video! i said, this dream, to me, is like giving birth. now i need some extra courage to follow it through! and god bless you marie for having “giving” be an integral part of your program in every facet! in our affluent neighborhood, we take it for granted and even think it’s normal to run all around town for the perfect 0 backpack (for elementary school! there it is, my impossible possible dream… love you all x. possible-but-incredibly-far-reaching dream is to help millions of people believe in themselves, embrace their uniqueness and take inspired action in their lives. addition to my vocation, my impossible dream is no more homeless pets, first in kansas city, then in exponential concentric circles surrounding until animals worldwide have human respect. my family and i spent five years living and traveling in the third world in asia and have a different understanding of what matters than what the modern world would have us think. running a volunteer organization ‘for purpose’ is a big job and at 58, i can sometimes feel torn between “getting up in the morning and wanting to change the world and enjoy the world”. believe we can all live in this world, not always at ease with each other, but that we can create this deeper love that comes from trust and forgiveness of ourselves and others. i had almost lost touch with my impossible dream until i heard this and thought, “yes! dream since i was a little girl with pen pals all over the world was to be a personal bridge to connect cultures and hearts. now i am truly ready and all set to make the difference in the world. marie, i love watching you, you are a beautiful person and i love your authenticity. just then, adam spoke these words: “you have your own extraordinary journey to live out, but first you have to find your purpose, and you find that by getting outside of your comfort zone. that’s what i did when joining b-school, to work my way to the life i should be living, and i hope that’s what i do everyday by opening their eyes to the world.) & encourage people to prioritise happiness instead of ‘delaying it’ to weekends, holidays or retirement. “impossible dream” as you call it is to wipe out a poverty mentality and specifically with regards to mom’s. just this evening i said to 3 girlfriends how it’s hurt my soul to see all those childre who grow up withour love…. dream is to help military spouses gain confidence in themselves to become entrepreneurs. i know, firsthand, from these experiences, how quickly everything can change, and why we need to make our difference in the world, beginning today. at this moment i am in the process of partnering with an other woman and we are looking at how we can bring the tools and philosophies’ we have learned in our energy leadership/life coaching training. you for giving me this little box to share this big dream. you for sharing a large part of life with, “us”, your viewers. to your interview has really encouraged me and taught me that also ordinary people can change the world. when i was adam’s age many moons ago ì had similar thoughts of making a difference in the world, i dabbled and double dipped in various for-purpose organizations–even joined the peace corps. so if a mom has only 2 hours a day, she will be able to login for those 2 hours right from home to work and get paid. when you’re provided with great information you’re able to make more informed decisions, thus guaranteeing your success. what is the point of improving education for the children of our country but neglecting to teach them such a valuable life skill? grass roots efforts not only provided immediate relief to those in need, they ultimately helped create a movement in our community. once you really dig in, it’s amazing (if not horrifying) how many subconscious programs we all have floating around in our heads, and it’s the combination of the body and mind working together that either create barriers to our happiness and success, or else propel us towards whatever success means for us. i want to teach them that they are never too old to dream again and to find their purpose. i have a vision for people of all ages & incomes to buy healthy, non-toxic foods to nourish themselves & their families, whether at home or on the go. wonderful interview with adam has made me feel brave enough to actually sit down (promise-filled pencil in hand) to write down what my impossible dream really is. forward to your episode with adam braun and as i’m listening i look below and read he is the author of the promise of a pencil……………tears filled my eyes because last night when i was looking for ideas i came up with that last blog name, “calculation of promise” from something i read briefly that said, “pencil of promise” or “promise of pencil” and look at me here now listening to this interview that has to do with this. adding so much meaning and value to a world that is craving it, deeply. really made me enjoy my life more and re capture the joy of our life. i have no idea how it got there but it was a beautiful sign and representation to keep following my dream to build a business that helps save the lives of more homeless pets. on 12 may, dreamworld announced that wiggles world would become a shared kids' world based on the characters of the australian children's television network, abc kids.[2] one year after opening in 1982, the thunderbolt opened as the world's longest steel double loop roller coaster.’m already taking strides toward living my impossible dream, although it’s definitely been a mix of exciting and terrifying! my position didn’t even exist before i marketed myself to this organization and let them know how and why they needed me and, since then, we’ve launched an entire social media campaign around the movement and have been quite successful – we even raised k in 48 hours several weeks ago. multi-purpose business centers on providing a product that supports the values of eating healthy food, that will nourish and not make us fat or lead to disease. your work is one of the greatest catalysts and inspirations of my life, and i am so grateful to you. my dream is to work with sex trafficking survivors, especially children that have been exploited and trafficked, but i don’t know what that means yet. world is a literary concept defined by critic northrop frye in the anatomy of criticism. i am doing this through following signs in the universe, which are leading me to my life purpose and of course taking action as needed. it is so easy to get in our grooves (or ruts) where we go to work, stay home, watch tv, and tend to our personal and professional wounds with our heads down in confusion. i believe i am on my path to giving the world that gift that only i have – not even squidding. just a few days ago i finished blake mycoskie’s book, “start something that matters” which is in a similar vein to adam’s book; starting a for-purpose business that affects so many lives around the world. got a big dream and purpose in life very similar to adam. based on my skill set, knowledge and passion for teaching, i believe that i can run a successful organization that will uplift children around the world. a great take away from this interview is the mantra “change your words, change your worth”. by connecting families, we could connect generations and strengthen our future. i forwarded some of your materials about social media to my naturopath wife, who is getting some traction in her own “impossible dream” (much more practical and interesting than mine: organic skincare, tailor made to an individual’s skin. and it seemed incredible selfish to embark on a journey into my own suffering. hope one day i can truly realize what my real purpose is and have the courage to follow the signs. i’ve been working in the non-profit industry for five years and when you described talking about it with people in the for-profit world, i got chills. we are looking to build a forum in which latina women can leave their mark on the world by letting their life speak. as i watched this video just now, my world opened up. if you guys feel like helping out right now, i invite you to get to know my organisation, it’s mission (bringing transparency in the world of volunteering) and work. not tomorrow, not some day but how can we take courageous, loving action now.[35] on 17 september 2011, dreamworld opened buzzsaw – a maurer söhne skyloop roller coaster. it is a guide to opera with the twist that you get to know the roles, the women, their emotions and stories in a way that involves yourself, your own emotions and thoughts about what you experience when you listen to and watch opera. not just for some of us, amazing work is for all of us and it’s the hope of our world. one step toward my “impossible” dream is to start a blog and youtube channel in order to put myself out there, take risks, and invest in myself and my passion.! thanks so much for sharing him with us marie 🙂 i actually just wrote out a little description of my impossible dream yesterday, cause i was thinking of sharing it with some friends in the hope that i might find a group of women as passionate as i am about creating a supportive community for entrepreneurial mums and their children. i went along with my morning and now i watch this interview with this wonderful man adam who has come and cemented the sign that i received seven years ago when my father died, that i received this morning while watching the news, and frankly that i received when i was a child who wanted to be a ballerina who changed the world. am so truly inspired and touched by people like adam and yourself who give back to our communities and realize that we can change the world by sharing our gifts. now that i am an active blogger, my dreams have expanded to become a fashion designer, who focuses on creating stunning dresses and tops for business and everyday wear for women who want to be covered but still be stylish.
2011, two separate incidents were reported of handlers at dreamworld's tiger island attraction being bitten by a nine-year-old bengal tiger and requiring hospitalisation. over the last few days i have been rattled with the concept of giving up my project sustainable beauty day that i have spent thousands of hours on over the last two years. i am currently a stay-at-home mom, hairstylist by trade, and dream of making a difference outside of my own little home and world, someday somehow. to go to a country foreign to you with nothing, but your son in tow and not knowing the language or culture is brave. the long range view is that we shift our societal focus to support and empower mothers to have more widely accepted options to combine their desire to work and contribute to society while raising strong families. i guess that is my dream and passion as much as having an online business, sort of a means to an end so i will be able to donate more to these causes that are so near and dear to my heart. within 10 days, i had over 400 simple hand written cards made by students in our local schools using the spanish they learn in their classes that we gave to children in a hospital for the poor in peru. am a dreamer and always has been and i know that dreams come truth. i appreciate the help that we all have an opportunity here to have a tool to help us get one step closer to our goal. huge dream is to travel the world and having gorgeous debates with amazing people.’m so honoured to hear of your stories, marie and adam, and i hope the light you bring will enrich, rescue and empower many individuals for our lifetime and for generations to come. dream is to take this brilliant change impact model to tanzania. “impossible” dream is to become a published author and life “coach” (don’t really like that word, but don’t yet have a better one). impossible dream would be no child without an adult who loves her/him. all of the attractions in dreamworks experience have been refurbished from their operation as rides in kid's world and nickelodeon central., your videos have been inspiration to keep pushing forward for sure! and finally, deep down in this valley, i found the courage deep inside me and just quit my job to build something big. have a dream to launch a “for purpose” company to use adam’s words…. i dream that our children change the world to a more peaceful loving place. and yet we have restricted their space, introduced alcohol and upset a balance that existed for longer than our minds could imagine. as long as i can remember when anyone ever asked me what i wanted to do when i grow up i always said i wanted to change the world. now i’m a ways outside my comfort zone and finally angling towards my own “impossible dream”, via a consultancy i’ve since started that helps organisations transform their learning programs into engaging educational resources. thanks for the great interview, your immense respect for each other really comes through! some call it finding your bliss, i call it “finding your bless. i think that when we develop our own consciousness (i am an ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher) our world really changes, we see and notice different things, we are attracted by other feelings, values, moments. i was little, i dreamt of being an artist, teacher and joining the peace corps. loving yourself, loving the other, loving the tree that shades us on hot days, our pets that always greet us with such joy. i have so many ideas and things i want to do to make the world a better place!’re in concept phase and are currently working on creating our overall strategy whilst finding associations to partner with so there is a broader reach. however, the best way to honour them is to live my life to the full and contribute my talents to making the world a better place. i found this quote by martin luther king, jr that seemed fitting for our group as well as all of the other wonderful compassionate efforts that everyone is talking about:“we may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now. i am 4th in line – and your book is “on order” at the vancouver public library! i dream of uniting my art business, teaching passion (both adults and kids) and color inspiration books together into a series of on-line videos and courses so that i can help others develop their eye for color from home. anyway, i heard about your b-school through one of kris’s emails., contests, giveaways, & other cause based promotions will be added weekly from participating “cause based” sources. is so lovely, kathy — thank you so much for checking out our episode and leaving a comment. to remind me to infuse the love of spirit with courageous action every day. story helps keep me moving forward to my dream of helping others help themselves through movement, meditation and energy healing practices. revenues from our partnerships with businesses included in our cause based marketing efforts, philanthropists, & other fundraising sources. i read things like:“do not neglect the spiritual gift within you”,“take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all”,“persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers”. yes, i’ve had big dreams of building schools and churches and wells in africa.!) but…my dream is to not only heal my local community from the inside out…. i live my life full out every day inspiring others to go after their dreams because i live and lead that way in my business. feeling like your best self can be made practical, and within my practice, i work my ass off to find ways my clients can incorporate balance into their busy lives.’ve developed an empowerment program called “motiv8: 8 ways to rock your own world” geared toward teen girls and their moms! i heard a voice (the good one, you know)…it said “put your work here”…. they ask you to hang tight and not allow your faith to waver. i’m not sure how i’m going to get this up and running yet but adams beautiful story of finding his ‘become your dream’ artwork really moved me and i know this is where i’m heading. loved listening to you guys talk about living your life with passion and purpose. there is the macro view looking at the potential of turning our area in to the midwestern organic/permaculture/sustainable food production mecca and how this could potentially serve as one model (among others out there) to struggling cities and towns elsewhere. many years in the corporate world has seemed to kick the fight out of me. keeping my expenditures low will enable me to focus on this journey 100% of the time. don’t know what my impossible dream is, probably to help kids in africa read and have the chances that we have in america. because what the world needs is people who have come alive. we have almost 1k likes on facebook from around the world. whats more, everytime i help somebody, my daughers smile and cheer and become happier because they feel there is promise in the world.^ "dreamworld rapids ride: 'miracle' that girls survived queensland's worst theme park tragedy, police say". means the world to us to hear that, and we’re excited for you about the path you’re on!’m currently a reproductive acupuncturist, and my dream is to continue my work and help as many people as possible build the family they want (the majority of my patients are trying to conceive). we should be able and believe we are able create our lives and often children these days don’t feel this way, they don’t see the bigger picture,,they don’t believe…. we are now talking to over 10 different cities around the world to start their own ‘mini aquarium’s’ and bring about ocean conservation and community sustainability. in my opinion, this would have a significant influence on worldwide peace and well-being. you two young beautiful souls gives this middle aged mom hope for the future of our society. are so powerful…and as adam said, defining ourselves by what we are instead of what we are not can be the real key to affecting change in our lives. always tell my children dream big, it’s the only thing in this world that is grand and free. being part of the education system there, and seeing the impressive progress a developing nation like china is making, made me want to achieve my dream even more. i am living this dream running a montessori community for children under 3 years old. my dream is to become a global leader who inspires the poorest of poorest people in the world to come out of their challenges and to be the core part of global human society. “impossible dream” is to (help) end humans’ maltreatment of animals by inspiring people to act on and expand their compassion. one way is to help people see that they are way more creative than they think – to help people to dare to dream and think outside the box and be proud of what they create, in spite of being brought up to think that they were not creative or artistic because they couldn’t draw in a certain way.’ve added the book to my wish list and will buy one in due course. when he said he chooses to live in a world where he receives guidance, i lost it. i sat and began writing a wellness book which i practically finished within four days. many of the member including governments around the world are evil. my “impossible dream” is to teach the world the power of personal responsibility… a passion that was sparked during our time together in mastermind. i hope to sit in your interview chair one day and talk about this defining moment. we can begin by being the kindest person in our neighborhood. i have learnt that we often get caught up in societies rules of following the herd, when all we need to do is step back and start living life on our terms. but my soul and heart are drawn to educating and empowering girls and women as i believe as women, we hold many of the answers to the worlds most pressing issues. i was younger i had dream where i, go into other peoples bodies who were unhealthy and stay in them long enough to influence healthy habits bring their weight down and build muscle tissue. years ago before meeting you marie i was inspired by a dream to create a platform that would highlight stories that inspire. dreamworld has seen this action used a great deal of times, with many attraction closures, replacements and expansions. the world is so small and i can see those ripples! i have a big heart and an even bigger mission to bring hope and healing to the invisible children of the world, through this big idea for the sounds of freedom project. love you both, love your message, and keep up the incredible work! thank you both for keeping us on our paths of living our dreams and being of service to others. you again for sharing that video, it meant the world to me this morning. is the first time i have had the pleasure of witnessing your contagious combination of commitment and enthusiasm, just as you profusely expressed your admiration and gratitude to adam for his compassion and contribution(s), i offer heartfelt appreciation for the sincere zest you manifest in sharing your personal passion for motivating others to faithfully follow their unique dreams, and thereby hopefully make their unique difference in an increasingly turbulent world. impossible dream is to have this organization be my career. are so many ways to get started taking steps toward bringing your idea to life. as adam said when you view things outside your own world it can change your life.. not just giving the fish, but teaching how to fish for self-empowerment); providing life-enriching curriculum in science, math, history and home economics with grade-school, high school and local tech schools “edible school yards- permaculture style;” providing outreach to all age groups including troubled youth with self esteem-building programs, as well as families dealing with the stress and anxieties (that i have also experienced myself) with learning more and more about how seriously our natural environment is in crisis, and the implications for that on both our and our children’s health– and to be a compassionate resource for those feeling helpless either economically and/or knowledge-wise in how to navigate to a more self-empowered existence with regard to some of our most fundamental needs (nutrient-dense foods, clean water, etc etc). sincerely thanks you for your work and people which are working with you, it’s a great time to listen to you ! help children and families around the world heal from trauma, improve self-esteem / confidence, discover a new passion, develop creative problem-solving skills. having never had self esteem or a mother who gave any positive encouragement…(just negative comments all the time) i spent a lot of time cowering in the corner and resenting even the sound of my others voice. yes i had to self publish the book, yes i empty my savings account to do it, yes i have no idea about marketing, but i enrolled in b school and i have a huge desire to see a world free of abuse. i know today ,i have self taught myself and even though my dream for studying and getting to be the best in the medical world did not happen, i still (through lots of trials and error) found a way to get out of the ghetto and move out of africa into europe where i plan on finding a way to generate the resources i need to change the poverty conscious history of my family background and so i can be able to go back home and create an institution that trains youth and adults education that helps them become self sustaining adults.” to remind people to that living within the laws of nature actually is quite easy, that health is attainable by simply learning how to listen to your body, that everyone is different and needs to be addressed individually. dream is to create a sea change in the way we teach our high school students to think about what it means to be successful. thank you for the interview, his book – and for asking about my dream! if you can dream it, and it meets our guidelines, you can enter it in round 1. as someone who struggled with severe skin problems for 20 years, i know what it’s like to put your life on hold as you struggle through the endless (and often misleading) skincare resources available to us today.“become your dream” such a simple message but hits my heart in many ways. my bigger dream is to lead health retreats that will open women’s hearts and eyes to the world outside themselves, thin an effort to find the world within themselves. have experience as a dog trainer at the seattle humane society, and i’m currently taking an online course to obtain my veterinary assistant certification. inspired me to write a response – to answer your question – what is my big life dream? as a newbie in b-school this year i’ve taken all these words to heart and thank you for this conversation 🙂 you’ve changed the course of my day already & what you do matters! action i can take right now is to research having the book translated into the other 10 of our 11 official languages so that children can interact with the material in their mother tongues for greater impact. ever since i was little and sincerely believed i could fly, i have never stopped letting my dreams consume me. the stories are wonderful and i very much admire you all to live your dream as this what we should. i believe that by transforming our own suffering there is a real hope to transform the worlds suffering. we attended a school budget meeting the saturday after our return. hard work doesn’t scare me, but allowing fear to overtake my dream because i have self-doubt does scare me. it’s going to take me a while to get it up and running to full speed but i finally know that it is no longer my “impossible dream”., i am currently working at whole foods market and a juicing company, and my impossible dream is to transform not only my own personal health, but the health of my family, community, this country, and the world… to bring vibrantly vitality to as many people as possible, and in doing so to feed and nourish this earth! that failure has made it so hard for me to dream big. dreamworld have also revealed plans for an extensive motorsport attraction, expected to be a new v8 supercars attraction to either complement or replace v8 supercars redline. dream is to create dinner/dancing events for singles over 65. email me i would love to hear more about where your at and how i could offer some ideas or resources! your interview with adam in today’s video was so inspiring and gives me hope that i’ll have a lightning moment about what i’m supposed to spend most of my time on. impossible dream is to inspire people through my writing and photography to truly live their lives and pursue their dreams instead of just drifting through and hoping something good will come to them. through our watt-for-watt program, we donate one kwh for every one purchased, as well as donate up to 50% of our proceeds to our non-profit partners.. sometimes i feel 1 in a million who has such a wildly big dream, and this is reinforcing me to continue to go for it with all i’ve got even though it feels so far out at times. but seriously, many of us in the western world learn that “good girls” don’t swivel and sway their hips – and they definitely don’t “shake it”! i see the first steps into that dream being retreats, where i can immerse 10 women creative leaders to begin with. my life journey has been a unique one especially coming from an south asian background and having to deal with the unconscious beliefs and the cultural upbringing. first is to show the world and lgbt families that we are just like everybody else. amazing work is created by developing dormant internal capacities you may not know you have: artistry (your personal brand of creative expression), excellence (the source of innovation and collaboration), and service (the source of resilience and dedication to something you care deeply about). in as my friend adam and i talk about how to live your purpose and change the world — no matter who you are. self- awareness, mindfulness, and then how to challenge the thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your life. magic is already within us, so take out your magic wands and go create miracles! i majored in broadcast journalism and always wanted to be a reporter. i am learning as i go, and this dream most definitely feels impossible at the moment.. the very active intellectual community – teachers, craftsmen, parents – here) are planning to found and build a high school of art, with official graduation, here in our village, (only 8 km from the city). am at my best when i am serving people,sharing information, encouraging, like in a health food store. i also will be writing a backpackig artist journal for later publishing. much love and the biggest blessings to you both as you uplift this planet in your own inspiring way! my dream is to find someone i can work with in this country to start but i would love to do it someday in my homeland. i also believe that a person should not be restricted to “shift work”, whereby a person works the same hours every day – straight. a woman, i really believe that we all are role models for our little girls who look up to us and i want to show them that we can all achieve our dreams if we set our minds to it. when we get to this point with our animals, all living beings will benefit too. “(im)possible dream” is to add beauty, love, abundance and peace to the world through my heart of joy mala beads. but i have always wanted to open up one large house maybe more houses, for 10-20 young entrepreneurial single mothers and have the entire house focus on start up entrepreneurship, raise funds, educate through online courses and basically just have every day focusing on inspiration, learning and giving single mothers the right tools to dream beyond circumstances. their story was about how they are encouraging their children to live their lives to the fullest. one day he told me that,”abhishek, when i talk to you i look in your direction but as a matter of fact i do not have any idea how you look like.” our society doesn’t accept a “i just can’t read” comment from students but when it comes to mathematics for some reason it’s ok to limit our potential.“i (too) prefer to live in a world where i feel guided. hope that strb served you and i know that the future is going to bring such amazing things for you and your organization. the effort of gathering shoes for the first middle school student, to the work that we did with this mother of three children and her family and the other families that came after, it was clear that we needed a way to help other children in our community who were facing homelessness. impossible dream is to sell my work at galleries and at fine art shows around the country. as a side note, thank you also for reinforcing the idea that your path does not need to be immediately followed. i’m going to pick up a copy of the book, and have already reposted your tweet and posted on facebook and linkedin! i wrote in my journal this morning that i need a sign the size of a billboard, please… i would take a piece of cardboard with some graffiti on it as well. that’s a half hour i might have spent randomly net-surfing or watching some reality tv. a step towards this impossible dream, i have started to educate my friends (and their children) about the basics of money and personal finance by starting an investment study group & cash flow club. i have connected with her and am seeking means to co-create turning this dream into reality! throughout school, the one dream i have carried is my passion for helping students who struggle to understand the material being taught the way it is presented in the classroom. come june 1st i will be building and developing my dream fulll-time – an ordinary individual creating extraordinary change.) i took you up on your challenge to take one step towards my (im)possible dream and secured the domain names for my inspired dream: “the soulful woman’s kick-ass life academy. an absolutely stunning & inspiring story amy – god bless you & your community for your love & kindness x. it is my dream to create a theater school and company that incorporates meditation and yoga, as well as original devised ensemble theater to teach people how to powerfully tell their stories and how to heal themselves and others with collaborative, physical theater. his story confirmed that i’m on the right track and encouraged me to keep going strong. some signs are right there in your own head, talking away. not sure at this moment what my “impossible dream” is, but i am confident that there will be a lightening moment in my future and i will be seeing the signs to be ready for you! surprisingly, my own life experience is the primary informant for this dream. you again marie, i am forever grateful for all your hard work. i really love adam’s message that we can all make a difference, wherever we are, right now, without having a zillion dollars or our lives in perfect shape. years ago i travelled to tibet and nepal, regions of the world deeply spiritual and simultaneously poverty stricken. purpose in life is to create insightful stories about humanity for kids and educators – to inspire a journey towards happier familylife and the wellbeing of children. you so much for this beautiful interview and for reminding me about my big dream. it was very gratifying to watch a child grow up from afar and know that our help was making real change and opportunity in her life.!My “kind of impossible” dream is to abolish regular slaughterhouses. would give to every child on their birth something that will say: you name of the child have a purpose in this world, you are unic and possess a special gift that only you have and you can make a difference in this world. it would be a major dream to be able to build a school that is comparable to a top education program in the country costing thousands of dollars per year. when i left to go to ghana, west africa with a family who had a child with autism, someone handed me a small piece of paper that said, "you have many passions and many talents, trust that light will illuminate your path and follow it.

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