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I want to write a novel about silence

Quote by Virginia Woolf: “I want to write a novel about Silence," he

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The Voyage Out, by Virginia Woolf : chapter16

and then no one takes a novelist seriously, thank heavens.” she looked meditative, and hewet, who had been talking much at random and instinctively adopting the feminine point of view, saw that she would now talk about herself, which was what he wanted, for so they might come to know each other. all you read a novel for is to see what sort of person the writer is, and, if you know him, which of his friends he’s put in.

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“i want to write a novel about silence," he said; “the things people don’t say..Foreverfreo liked this inmypockets reblogged this from wnq-writers freshouttathegape reblogged this from inspired-dom synaesthesiast liked this freshouttathegape liked this inspired-dom reblogged this from the-redheaded-harlot aportablequoteable reblogged this from megagreendaylove megagreendaylove reblogged this from eachwildidea eachwildidea reblogged this from missreverie78 thehoundsofjustice reblogged this from hiitsmekevin thehoundsofjustice liked this noidontthinkso liked this ryderhonor liked this ambruises reblogged this from hiitsmekevin alissa71 reblogged this from hiitsmekevin alissa71 liked this im-a-jane-bond reblogged this from hiitsmekevin beingnamedtree reblogged this from hiitsmekevin pick-the-seams-out reblogged this from wnq-writers xdistantx reblogged this from hiitsmekevin crazie1224 liked this smackdownunicorn reblogged this from hiitsmekevin hiitsmekevin reblogged this from wnq-writers broughthomeroses reblogged this from wnq-writers stefygo liked this designsbymackay liked this mai-troppo-tardi reblogged this from supernatural-ghoul mai-troppo-tardi liked this furfurwithapen liked this emgoetz liked this a-littlejoy reblogged this from ellenpompeos laziest reblogged this from seattle-speedball laziest liked this commafera reblogged this from seattle-speedball gold-cartridge reblogged this from seattle-speedball seattle-speedball reblogged this from colachita-chismosa cornerstorepress liked this southernblackprincess reblogged this from wnq-writers turtletimewillis reblogged this from glass2mirrors ravensandmintleaves liked this alyceinfandomland liked this coma-kidd liked this tremendouslyminiaturestudent-a8c reblogged this from jishwa-exe tremendouslyminiaturestudent-a8c liked this wfargo liked this interns-rule-radio liked this allaboutthatdrummer reblogged this from wnq-writers nomsyuhada liked this beingmemm liked this wordsnquotes posted this show more notesloading. all her rages had been against them; it was their world with its four meals, its punctuality, and servants on the stairs at half-past ten, that she examined so closely and wanted so vehemently to smash to atoms.

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"I want to write a novel about silence. The things people don't say

but there’s an extraordinary satisfaction in writing, even in the attempt to write.“i want to write a novel about silence,” he said; “the things people don’t say. related topicsvirginia woolfquotespeoplei want toa noveli wantvirginiathe o'jaysnovelspoetry quotesquotes sayingsquotationsfaith quoteslife quotesbook quotesquotable quotestruths sayingsquotes xoxforward"i want to write a novel about silence.

That Kind Of Woman — “I want to write a novel about silence. The

these other people,” he indicated the hotel, “are always wanting something they can’t get. Woolf — ‘I want to write a novel about Silence, he said; “the things people don’t say.“what i want to do in writing novels is very much what you want to do when you play the piano, i expect,” he began, turning and speaking over his shoulder.

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